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Trouble From The Start

Dan knew she was trouble from the start, just not how much

From the moment I first saw her, I instinctively knew Mary-Jayne was trouble. She can't help it, she exudes sex. 

When they first started dating, I wondered if my stepson worried about her dressing like she did. To call her attire daring is an understatement. And my wife, who is broad-minded, couldn't understand why her well-mannered, soft-hearted little boy, as she often refers to him, chose to marry someone who dressed like she was constantly on the prowl. 

On family vacations, Mary-Jayne wears revealing dresses or the skimpiest of bikinis, and everywhere she goes, heads turn. Although I understand my wife's objections, I'm still a man and, to be honest, that young woman certainly has a body worth flaunting. 

Tall and curvy — a beautiful rack and narrow hips — she's slightly heavier than the general conception of the healthy American girl next door, but the overall effect is a joy to behold. If my stepson enjoys having his wife parade herself around, despite his mother's objections, who am I to worry about it? I just lay back and admire the view as the saying goes. I'm too old and wise to get myself embroiled in arguments like that… at least, I thought I was. 

If my wife ever found out that I ogle our daughter-in-law, I'd be six feet under in a New York minute. Does that stop me being stupid? Hell no. To make matters worse, Mary-Jayne, the dirty bitch, seems to take a perverse pleasure in making things uncomfortable for me, every opportunity she gets, especially after catching me looking up her skirt a while back when she was sitting opposite me.

I'm not proud of myself and I know it's my own fault, but she doesn't have to rub my face in it. Maybe she likes the idea of me looking. After all, when she caught me, instead of getting angry and putting me in my place, she winked and spread her knees further apart. Jesus, I had difficulty keeping it in my pants that day. 

If the truth is told, I think she gets turned on when guys lust after her while hubby is only a few feet away. It gets her motor running. Whatever, I really don't care, I was just glad she never called me out or made a scene. 

If only it had stayed that way…


"Dan, don't forget Mary-Jayne's coming round this evening to cut our hair. She's doing mine first so that I can go to the church book club, then she'll do yours. Shouldn't take too long, you haven't got that much to cut." 

"Okay, doll," I grumbled from behind the newspaper while my wife cleaned the breakfast table.

"Are you listening to me?" She annoyingly poked the paper to get my attention. 


Grabbing the paper out of my hands, she made me repeat her instructions, checking to see if I'd really been listening. "And don't you dare think about going to Smokey's for a couple, otherwise you'll be there all night and Mary-Jayne has better things to do than wait around on you." 

I nodded absently and reached for the paper again. Seemingly satisfied I'd understood her, she busied herself cleaning the kitchen before she, too, had to leave for work.


The beers had tasted just fine, like an angel peeing on my tongue, especially because they were drunk in defiance. But, to ensure I wasn't totally in the dog house, I didn't stay too long at Smokey's. No point in pissing off the old lady for nothing. Anyway, as I stepped out of the pickup, I saw the little Nissan parked next to our station wagon and knew I wasn't too late.

Entering the house, I heard my wife talking in the kitchen. At the kitchen doorway, I saw my wife getting ready to leave and my daughter-in-law was sitting relaxed at the kitchen table. She greeted me and I had to admit, she looked good. 

Her hair was tousled, a style I find irresistible, and her small halter top was having difficulty containing her bosom. Considering she wasn't wearing a bra, it was no surprise. A pair of short, denim cutoffs looked like they'd been sprayed on. They emphasized her figure perfectly, allowing a dirty old goat like me to admire her shapely legs without any trouble. The smile she flashed, could have meant nothing or anything to anybody else — but the mischievous glint in her eyes told me enough. 

"Hi Dan," she said, waving enthusiastically, her unrestricted breasts quivering beneath her top. I took in the sight but pretended not to for the benefit of the old lady. I swallowed. My mouth felt suddenly dry and blood raced to my loins. 

"Howdy, MJay, been waiting long?" I said, noticing the empty beer bottles on the table. I moved toward the fridge to get one for myself and saw her shake her head. 

"Want another one, MJay?" I asked while the old lady finished packing her bag. 

"Sure, why not, Dan? Lord knows it's hotter than a stripper's crotch today, and another cold beer sounds just fine." 

I smiled at the euphemism while my wife stared at her with something akin to disdain. I decided to play with fire.

"Now, now MJay, you know ladies aren't supposed to talk like that." I glanced at my old lady. She was regarding me venomously, so I looked back at the younger woman. Then we both laughed. 

"Whoever said I was a lady?" Mary-Jayne retorted. "Sure as hell I never did," she added, giving my old lady a sly sideways glance. The expected reaction wasn't long in coming. 

"You two are as bad as one and another," she said, although the irritation was largely for effect. "Now you've both had your fun at my expense, I'll be off to my book club and I hope I never see you again." We laughed louder at the false indignation. "Thank you, Mary, for everything… and I'll leave you in the hands of… of…"

"Me," I interrupted, "your loving husband." 

Casting a beady eye over us again, she sniffed in disdain but couldn't keep a smile of affection off her face. Despite her objections to the way MJay dressed, she'd accepted her son's wife and loved her like her own child. 

She kissed our daughter-in-law goodbye and then straightened up to kiss me. "Now Dan, you behave yourself and don't give Mary-Jayne a hard time, okay?" 

I nodded meekly and flashed my best puppy dog eyes at her. She sighed in exaggerated exasperation and left. 

I sat opposite MJay at the table while we drank our beers, engaging in usual small talk with enough light innuendo to make the conversation sparkle without going too far. After finishing my bottle, I asked MJay if she wanted me to clean up or if she'd take me as I was. 

"No, Dan, no need to take a shower. Wait until I've finished and then you can wash your hair all in one go." I nodded and made to stand. "Besides, I don't know if I could resist the temptation of knowing you were naked only a few feet away. I might have to take a peek." The wicked smirk on her pretty face made me laugh. 

"And where do you want me?" I asked, raising my eyebrows. 

"Hmm," she cooed. "Are we talking about cutting your hair, or something else entirely?" We laughed heartily while I promptly shuffled one of the dining chairs away from the table so she could access me from all sides. She took another pull from her bottle and picked up the tools of her trade.

I'm not a wonderful conversationalist. Listening to her babble away behind me while she pulled my head back into her amazing bosom, I closed my eyes and thought about all the dirty things I'd like to do with her. 

Although I couldn't see her, I got an impression that she wasn't relaxed. She seemed to be having trouble keeping still, and I was aware of her fidgeting behind me. My head was constantly bobbing up and down and, for a moment, I wondered if she was able to wield her sharp scissors without injuring me. And then there was the question of how my hair would look when she'd finished. I'm not vain, but that doesn't mean I don't care. Nevertheless, thinking about her boobs jiggling beneath her halter top, more than compensated for a bad haircut. It certainly caused blood to flow to parts of my body that, in hindsight, didn't need it.

After about five minutes of my neck and head titty massage, she stood in front of me to trim my fringe. Now I opened my eyes. Why? I hear you ask. Well, the answer is simple. I may be a randy old goat but, when MJay leaned forward, I saw down her top. The image is burned into my brain and the sight of her breasts bobbing up and down as she hopped from one foot to another, made my cock thicken. 

Then it dawned on me that she wasn't doing this for my benefit. I realized something was wrong when she clenched her thighs together and wiggled and wobbled in front of me.

"Are you alright, MJay? Looks like you need to take a piss."

"I'm okay, Dan. Shouldn't have drunk that last beer, that's all." 

I was so mesmerized by her jiggly tits, it took a few seconds for the penny to drop. "Are you sure, MJay? My hair can wait a couple of minutes. It's not like I've got a hot date tonight." 

She responded with a giggle and another exotic wiggle. "Don't make me laugh Dan, or I'll surely piss my pants." 

"Oh," I said, raising my eyebrows. "I didn't realize you were wearing any." 

Another giggle. "Stop it, Dan, I almost did it."

"Did what?"

"Piss my pants, you stupid bastard." Another giggle and she stopped what she was doing. After a couple of seconds intense concentration she resumed cutting my hair.

"Listen, Missy, just because I clean up everybody else's shit around here, doesn't mean I wanna clean up yours," I grunted. "Now get that stupid ass of yours to the can." 

Mary-Jayne clenched her thighs together and did another wiggle. "I'll be alright, Dan. I'm almost finished here and then I'll rush to the John." 

"So long as you do, MJay, 'cause I ain't gonna mop up the fucking floor if you piss yourself."

"Shut up Dan, you're incorrigible." 

"I can be, MJay… if you play your cards right, I can be." 

Oh no, even to my ears, I sounded far too enthusiastic. I don't know why I'd spoken like it. Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was simply the effect she always had on me. But she knew I was looking down her top at her tits. Whatever the reason, what happened next blew my mind. 

Mary-Jayne took a step backward, one hand pressed apologetically against her sensual mouth while the other went straight to her crotch. She looked at me in horror and it took a second or two for me to realize what was happening. My jaw dropped in surprise. 

The faded blue denim of her cutoffs was gradually turning darker. A shiny dark blue, spreading from her crotch, and then a yellow stream of piss started running down her clenched thighs.

"Jesus fucking H Christ," I yelled, "are you for real?" 

MJay just nodded, albeit a little ashamedly. "Sorry Dan, I couldn't help it. You always make me laugh and I couldn't hold it anymore." 

Although I was shocked, I was also aroused. I've always regarded women who buck the so-called polite rules of society in pursuit of their own pleasure, to be enormously sexy. Watching Mary-Jayne urinate through her knickers, was definitely in that category. 

Seeing me staring at her so intently, MJay grew bolder: she spread her feet wider and really let go. A powerful stream of piss splashed onto the tiled floor and my cock grew harder. I looked up at my daughter-in-law's face and saw I wasn't the only one getting turned on. The excitement in Mary-Jayne's eyes was matched by hardening nipples poking through her thin halter top. They looked pretty fine to me. 

"You're really into this, MJay?" I croaked, my mouth drying as she nodded. She'd undone the buttons of her cutoffs and was pushing them down her thighs, revealing her skimpy white knickers. Well, white isn't completely correct. There was a large semi-transparent darkened area around the gusset, and it shone under the bright kitchen lights as it expanded. 

She continued to pee and I stood there — flabbergasted and fascinated — as she pulled her thin cotton fabric tightly over her sex, causing the flow of urine to splash against the cutoffs bunched around her knees.

"I've done this since I was a teenager," she explained. "One time, Daddy was really cross with me because I was late home. He was ripping me a new one but while I stood there listening to him rant and rave, all I could think about was how much I needed to pee. Anyway, he kept me waiting for so long that before I reached the John, I pissed myself." She giggled. "Instead of being disgusted, I was horny. At first, I tried denying it but after doing it again — on purpose that time — I was so turned on, I had to finger myself." 

I saw her hand pressed hard against her mound, fingers subtly moving, and guessed she was manipulating her clit even as she spoke. She shifted her weight, one foot to the other, and my gaze was drawn to the tiny patch of dark hair between her legs, clearly visible through the translucent material, as was the outline of her soaking pussy. My cock was rock hard and I wanted her. 

"Are you horny now, MJay?" 

She nodded, biting her lip. "Uh huh," and her fingers moved in small circles on her clit. 

"Do you want me to fuck you right now?" Again she nodded, staring at my hand as I reached inside my coverall to adjust the raging erection in my pants. 

"I knew you were a real man, Dan. I just knew it. Let me see your prick. I wanna see how hard it is."

I stood and clicked open the shoulder straps of my coverall and it slipped down my body. Reaching inside my shorts, I fished out my cock and wanked it slowly, the foreskin sliding back and forth over my glistening dome.

"Is this what you want, MJay?" 

Her eyes half closed, she licked her lips and nodded. Her fingers were now inside her knickers, moving vigorously. "Yes, but first I want you to go down on me," she said. "No one's ever done that after I've peed my pants, and I've always wanted it to happen." 

"Does anyone else know you do this?"

She shook her head. Then I grinned. Of course, I would go down on her, not because she asked but because I wanted to do it. If I was going to hang, might as well make it all worthwhile. Besides, I figured I owed it to her for not ratting out on me about my voyeuristic needs. 

"Why don't you lie back on the table, Mary-Jayne, and let me make your fantasy come true."

Her eyes opened wide. The hope and longing she had, was obvious. As I moved toward her, she grabbed my head and pulled it closer, planting her mouth on to mine.



I might be a randy old goat, full of piss and vinegar and beyond my sell-by date, but I'm still a man of flesh and blood. When MJay's tongue entered my mouth, I naturally responded. Grabbing her butt and tangling her hair in my fingers, I passionately kissed her back. 

Mary-Jayne reached down and grabbed my prick, moaning softly as she pulled at it. Following her example, I removed my hand from her ass and rubbed her crotch, feeling the soaking wet panties press deliciously between her labia. Gently we shuffled backward until she bumped into the kitchen table. Luckily, the cutoffs had fallen around her ankles and as I picked her up, MJay kicked them off. 

I planted her heavenly bum on the hard wooden surface and watched her lean backward, supporting herself on her elbows, her expression one of longing.

"I wanna watch you, Dan," she said huskily, spreading her legs wide. I smiled as I dropped to my haunches, my face inches from her fragrant sex. Grabbing an ankle, I licked up the inside of her thigh, tasting the tangy flavored residue of her pee. Unsure of what to expect, I wasn't grossed out by the taste. In fact, the salty bitterness was a pleasant surprise and, grabbing her other ankle, I repeated the process. 

I felt MJay tense as my lips moved closer and closer to her sodden gusset. The hidden folds seemed to be begging me to continue, so not wanting to disappoint, I pressed my mouth against the saturated slither of cloth and blew warm air onto her snatch. 

Immediately Mary-Jayne tried grabbing what hair I had while she thrust her loins upward to my mouth. "Don't stop. Dan, make me cum all over your face," she begged. 

Pulling her gusset aside, I plunged my tongue between her welcoming folds and a stifled cry filled the room. The sight of her peeing her pants had landed us in this situation, but what she now secreted was pure pussy nectar. Like a man who'd just crossed the Mojave desert, I lapped up her delicious offerings, drinking in all she had to offer. I guess MJay wanted this very badly because it didn't take her long to reach orgasm. Locking her shuddering legs behind my shoulder blades, she held my head against her bucking hips and began whimpering. Her stomach convulsed powerfully and her cunt flooded, nearly drowning me. 

I mentally counted to ten and then stood, letting her legs fall down my sides while I took hold of my dick. Lying on the table in her wanton state, she never looked more attractive and I felt the bloodlust pumping through my veins. I jerked my cock against her pussy, rubbing it against her clit, and watched her muscles tense as shocks of ecstasy rippled through her body.

"Fuck me, Dan, give me your cream," she urged. "Give me your delicious creamy spunk." 

Yes, I'd known she was trouble from the first moment I saw her. She couldn't help it, she exuded sex, and as my prick entered her, I'd never felt more alive. I've not got the biggest prick in the world, but I hadn't heard any complaints and as I surged forward, MJay said, "Oh my fucking God." 

Her juicy snatch swallowed me easily and I felt her tighten around my flesh as she crossed her ankles behind my back. Then she grabbed the edge of the table and ordered me to fuck her.

I tried, I really tried, but not being a young man anymore, I knew I wouldn't last long. The whole crazy situation was too much, too hot for me. All I wanted was to shoot my load, so I fucked her as hard as I could, and the room was filled with the sounds of bodies slapping together and the kitchen table legs scraping the floor.

Mary-Jayne pulled up her top and offered me her titties. "Bite them, bite them hard," she said, pushing them together. I fell onto those puppies like a starving man, taking the erect nipples between my lips. She obviously knew her body because as soon as I started nibbling her swollen teats, she bucked hard against me. It was truly heavenly. If I could have chosen the time and place of my deathbed, then this was as good as any. 

I felt my balls tighten and heard my wheezing breath. I knew my salvation wasn't far away and I made one final dash for the line. MJay must have felt it because her hands glided to my hips and she began encouraging me to give it to her hard. I pounded that sweet little pussy with all my might but she just kept coming back at me with equal intensity until I reached the point of no return. I thrust once, and then again, and finally ground my pelvis into her sex. 

I groaned loudly, my prick buried deep inside her. It expanded momentarily and then erupted, flooding her silken tunnel with hot, thick semen. I closed my eyes and continued ejaculating, again and again, shuddering as each spurt impregnated MJay with spunk. Finally, I collapsed on top of her delightful body, resting my head on her chest. Her fingers traced patterns through my neatly trimmed hair while my cock wilted. 

I stood and stepped backward. MJay grinned at me. "You were fucking awesome, Dan," she said and winked. That's when I experienced my first creampie. Spunk and cunt juice dribbled from her pussy forming a small pool on the table. Quickly, she thrust two fingers between her crinkly folds, then retracted them, holding them up for me to see. 

She spread her middle and forefinger and I watched our love cocktail form gooey tendrils between them before she sucked them, one by one. Her eyes twinkled as she tasted our juices and she smacked her lips noisily when she'd finished cleaning her digits. Then she stood, grinning like the Cheshire cat. Next, the pool on the table was cleaned away, her eyes sparkling like diamonds as she licked up the last drop.

"I can feel it trickling down my legs, you dirty bastard," she said, giggling. We kissed and I sampled my own salty flavor. "You taste delicious, Dan. Next time, I'm gonna drink it from the source," she said, tapping a finger against my nose. 

She rearranged her knickers and picked up her cutoffs before kissing my flaccid manhood. "Hmmm, I don't know if I can wait until your next haircut. Still, there's another book club next week, isn't there?"


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