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Worth The Money

She's the barmaid, he's the customer. He wanted to pay cash, but she can't return him the change.

The old bar was empty when Chad arrived. Empty except for the young barmaid.

Not quite the way he remembered it, he thought. The barmaid as well he couldn't recall. Hardly possible, for she didn't look as if she had been born before he'd left this godforsaken hellhole – the place he had once called home all these years ago.

This thought made him realize once more he was about to hit forty – not a pleasant number looking from below.

He sighed, hoping this alone would help his rather depressing train of thought set a more enjoyable course and sat on the barstool right in front of the barmaid.

“Our first customer tonight. What can I get you, Mr...” the curvy, young girl started.

“It's Chad,” he answered, “and I'll have a pint of whatever draft you got.”

“I'm Lara. Pleased to meet you Chad,” the barmaid replied while filling a fresh pint, “guess you know this place from an earlier time. Long enough ago for me not to have ever seen you. Not many strangers make it to this sleepy chaff from outside.”

Chad chuckled, and said, “don't you talk to me like I was that old, kiddo. Is at least the warm piss good ole George dared to call beer still the same?”

“No, Chad, I'm sorry,” she apologized, handing him his pint, “got a new provider a few years back. Beer's been halfway drinkable ever since. Still, not that much of an improvement, if you ask me.”

“Things sure tend to move when time passes,” Chad sighed, “I can see, though, that good ole George's good taste in staff hasn't changed a bit, much to my delight.”

Lara blushed a bit at the compliment, but not enough for Chad to see in the dim light. He saw, however, taking a closer look, that the barmaid had not bothered to contain her young breasts with more than her tank-top.

“Used to be a damn lot more crowded here,” he stated, lifting the glass and slowly pointing to the seated area of the saloon, “that was during my time anyway. Guess some things are subject to the ravages of time, huh?”

Lara smiled wryly and replied, “that's my fault, I'm afraid. Our guests prefer the other girl who's not around tonight, the oh-so skinny Sandra.”

“...and I can't see why. You're just like a donut, sweetie, all sugar and curves, just the way girls should be,” Chad nonchalantly cut her off.

Lara tried to hide her coy, yet joyful embarrassment.

“Oh, stop it, silly,” she said, placing her tender fingers on Chad's forearm, “I'm just too fat for the boys in town, you know. Wouldn't want to trade places with Sandra, though. They're practically drooling all over her, these immature snotty boys our age. Good bargain for the bar, though. The boss naturally won't complain about it either.”

Chad sighed, shaking his head, and rolled his eyes before speaking again, “when I was your age, we were all over girls like you. We didn't like these skeletal bag of bones. Bones are for dogs, we used to say. What's happened to our youth?”

“Things change. Change affects everyone, so deal with it. Can't say I'm unpopular with the gramps, though, or that I don't enjoy the attention – and maybe even more – I get from them, but I don't see any wrinklies like you here, now do I?” provoked Lara.

“Yeah, rub it in, will ya?”

“Guess, I hit a sweet spot, huh?” Lara sneered, “let me fill that pint up for you. On the house, gramps. Hope you'll forgive me my faux pas.”

Chad grinned and commented, “atta girl! Guess I won't need to be spanking you and giving you a lesson in conduct after all.”

“Bummer,” Lara sighed, biting her bottom lip, “and what if I asked you to?”

“You, girl, don't look like you have a lot to offer to a wrinkly like me. I've been getting laid by chicks who have more experience than you're old, kid.”

“That's where you're wrong, old man, but you'll never find out if you don't try,” saying this, Lara leaned over the counter, pressing her ample bosom together, allowing Chad a close look down her cleavage.

“Tell me, girl,” he started, cleared his throat, and proceeded, “what does good ole George think of his barmaids giving away his drinks and offering their bodies – if he's still around, that is? Are you even old enough to serve these beverages, let alone drink them?”

“His son Tim took over the bar, but don't worry, it's still old Georgie who's pulling the strings – and yes, still serving drinks to kids my age. Always been his best customers – his only ones even. Making enough sales to bribe the authorities on this town's youth alone. It's him who hired me, actually. Has the same taste in girls as you do.”

Chad chuckled, “glad to see there still are certain things that don't change that much.”

He emptied his glass in one big sip to pick up the fresh one Lara had filled up.

“I was about your age – what's that? Seventeen? Eighteen? – when we were his regulars. I grew up in this hellhole, you know. Good ole George used to offer the only excitement in town. Always had the most gorgeous girls behind the counter – hasn't changed much either as I can see. As time flew by, however, I moved out to the big city. Had it with this place, with my parents, the girls, everything. Was barely twenty years old.”

Lara filled up her own pint, saying, “let me guess. It was the girls, mostly. Am I right? Broken heart and shit. As you so nicely put it: some things never change.”

“Wasn't so hard, was it, little girl? Didn't your parents tell you not to ask such impertinent questions to people their age? I'm about to reconsider that spanking, you know.”

“You wouldn't want to spoil that donut you were talking about earlier, now would you?” she cheekily asked.

“Got a point there. Would be a shame to mar that delicious tushy of yours,” Chad chuntered, wrinkling his nose. He checked his wristwatch, and sighed, “turns out I'll have to leave anyway. The check-in counter of the Old Town Inn will close in half an hour. How much do I owe you?”

“Lemme see... That's gonna be seven fifty,” replied Lara.

“Seven fifty for a couple pints? There's one more thing that's still the same. Good ole George doesn't seem to have given a single shit about the inflation of the past twenty years,” Chad explained, “but I only have that c-note. Make it twenty since you were such a nice flirt. That chat was worth this money. That'll still leave me with enough to pay the room at the inn.”

Lara took the bill winked at Chad, and commented, “how generous, old man.”

She typed the amount in the old register and, as the drawer sprang open, let out a questioning gasp of surprise.

“That's weird. There's no cash in there. Tim must have taken it out to count it and forgotten to put it back. No one expected anyone tonight anyway,” Lara told Chad frowning, “can't return you your eighty bucks, unfortunately.”

Chad sighed, “what are we gonna do about this? I can't leave without paying, huh, but can't go to the inn with no cash either. Last time I checked they didn't accept credit cards or has that changed as well?”

Lara nervously nibbled on her bottom lip, then placed her hands wide apart on the counter, and leaned over as if to conceal secret conversations from eavesdropping ears.

With a crooked smile, she nervously suggested, “how about you forget about the inn altogether? I live alone. My place is humble and my bed's not exactly big, but comfy enough for the two of us. I'll cash the c-note and I promise I'll make it up to you. Still gotta convince you I have more to offer than you've seen on first glance, old man.”

Chad laughed loud and heartily, “sure, girl, and what might that be? Teeth for a blowjob? How old are you, really?”

“Just turned nineteen. Wanna see my driver's license, Mr. Policeman?” she returned, rolling her eyes, “as for what I can offer: ever heard of pole dancing? I'll dance on your pole like no one's ever done before.”

Chad laughed again, louder than before this time.

“Wow, kid, sounds like you're really trying,” he chuckled between his bursts of laughter, “good one, but no, not good enough. What else you got?”

“Well...” Lara began, hesitant about whether she should continue.

“I'm listening,” Chad challengingly piqued.

“I don't know. Most guys I've been with think it's gross.”

“Come on, don't put me on the rack, sweetie.”

“Okay, so... uh... how about, uh, watersports?”

Chad grinned dirtily, “that's more like it. Always had a thing for squirters, but no girl ever squirted enough for my taste. Maybe a young girl might do me some good for once.”

Lara opened her eyes wide with a mischievous expression in her gaze and slowly stepped around the counter towards Chad.

“Oh, you're about to get properly waterboarded, mister.”

Chad took her hand, spun her around as if they were dancers, pulled her close, and leaned in, slowly moving his lips to hers.

Before their lips locked, he whispered, “I like the sound of that.”

Their two pairs lips brushed, caressed, and finally sucked on each other, then parted to give way to their hungry tongues. Lara wrapped her arms around Chad's body and pushed her bosom closer to him. He ran his hands over her exposed upper arms and let his lips wander over her cheekbone, down her neck towards her cleavage.

Before he could reach her tender orbs, she took his face in her hands, lifted it away from her chest, and looked into his dark eyes.

“Not so fast, old man. We wouldn't want you to drool over that donut and soak it up, now would we?”

He smiled and replied, “so take me to your place and show me if you're really worth the money, girl.”

They didn't speak much on their short walk to her place, only exchanged a few craved glances, sultry gestures and raunchy comments. The patience was unbearable and the few minutes walk felt like a never ending marathon, yet they managed to keep themselves together.

The door flung open and two love-drunk people burst into the small studio apartment. Lara shut the door behind them and pushed Chad against it. She looked into his eyes and traced her lips with her tongue before ardently kissing him. She sucked his lips and tongue into her mouth until a trail of saliva ran down her chin.

“You weren't exaggerating when you called your place humble,” Chad said, breaking the canoodling and pointing at the mattress lying on the floor right next to the small table.

Lara sighed, “you know, old man, not every customer gives such generous tips like you, sugar daddy.”

Chad shook his head and gave Lara a firm slap on her butt, making her wince and squeal. He then groped her bubbly bottom with both his hands and pulled her body closer to his again.

“A good lesson in conduct would do you no harm after all, I guess,” he said, “don't you ever call me that again, girl.”

She freed herself of his grip, turned around, and unbuttoned her pants.

“Call you what?” she asked, pulling down her skinny jeans, bending over and presenting her butt that was only covered in what would pass as dental floss, “sugar daddy? Please, teach me a lesson.”

She wiggled her round, toned butt. Chad landed another hefty slap on her soft cheeks, causing a firm wobble over her flesh which turned him on beyond self-control. Quickly, his pants and briefs landed on the apartment floor while Lara was still savoring the full bliss of the slap shaking through her entire body.

He slid her thong aside and probed her already glistening pussy with his engorged cock. She pushed her hips back to meet the pulsating head and used her hand to guide it into her depths. Chad grunted and drove his meat deeply into her love-aching wetness until his balls stopped further insertion.

“Oh, sugar daddy, give me that rock-solid dick of yours,” Lara moaned.

“I told you: don't call me sugar daddy, baby girl,” Chad commanded, landing one heavy slap on each of the cheeks that tightly jiggled with every impact.

“That's it, sugar daddy,” she encouraged him to spank her even more which he gladly accepted in his fiery lust, “spank that little brat I am. Teach me a lesson.”

Chad took his seven inches out of her sopping wet pussy.

“Suck my dick, slut,” he ordered taking off his shirt.

She turned around and hungrily licked her own sticky fluids off the meat she was offered. She looked him in the eye and gulped down his entire length before letting it slide out again. She left only the head between her lips and swirled her tongue all over the tiny slit on its tip.

Chad seized a handful of hair on each side of her head and pulled on it so she wouldn't take her mouth off his cock. He slowly stepped backwards to the mattress with her following him on all fours all the while slurping on his cock.

He lay down on his back and ordered her to turn around into a sixty-nine position. Soon, the room was filled with muffled moans of both of them; hers sending vibrations into his throbbing stiffness and his bubbling into the slow, steady stream of her natural lubricant.

While licking her clit from below, he allowed himself to brush her puckered rear hole with his thumb, causing her to encourage him with longer, deeper moans. He gently pushed his thumb half an inch in, and slowly circled it over the rim of her hole.

She let go of his cock and warned him, “if you keep doing this, I'm gonna...”

Chad didn't even let Lara finish her sentence before he pushed his thumb all the way up her ass while still licking her clit. She responded to his sudden assault with a moaned cacophony of increasing volume which climaxed in spasms of her entire body and a copious stream of clear liquid which came splashing with every twitch of her hips. He struggled for air during the entire length of her orgasm as jet after jet of her expression of lust shot into his face, almost drowning him in the process.

Once her seemingly interminable orgasm had subsided, she collapsed right next to him. Both of them panting, they lay next to each other, their lungs desperate for air.

“That's what I call squirting,” Chad cheered playfully.

“Now, let's take care of that flagpole of yours,” Lara said, pointing at Chad's ever so stiff cock.

“Sure. I wanna see what that pole dancing you've been talking about is worth,” he chaffed.

“Oh, you'll see, but first, pound me good, old man,” she ordered, sitting on the mattress, spreading her legs and parting her labia with her fingers.

He knelt between her legs and slid his entire length through the swollen, slippery folds of her labia, brushing her clit with every stroke. She rocked her against him and tensed her pelvis to squirt a few more smaller bursts of her liquid onto his cock and balls. Covered with her juices, he slid in with one slick motion and only came to rest as his base hit her vulva, thus making her moan his name in approval.

“I think we should plug this leak before you flood your entire apartment,” he joked.

Her legs wrapped around his back to support his every thrust. They fucked slowly and shortly paused after each deep push, enjoying the intense feelings they were sharing. Their tongues lustfully danced around each other and their moans filled the small room.

After a while, Lara pushed Chad aside, making him lie on his back. She straddled over him, holding his glistening steel between her legs.

“Now I'll show you what pole dancing really means,” she said, positioning the tip of Chad's cock at her rear entrance, “I guess it's slippery enough now to take it in here.”

Indeed, his cock slowly slid into her butt effortlessly. He felt her exercised sphincter give way to his girth and clench around it as though not to let it go again. Once he was fully inside her, she paused and allowed her butt to adjust to the intruder before her hips started moving in circles as if she was lap dancing him. He approved of this treatment with lewd, guttural curses surging from the depths of his throat.

“See, not so bad after all,” she said, with one hand running through her hair and the other caressing her breasts, “only because I'm half your age doesn't mean I can only give you half the pleasure, old man.”

Chad enjoyed the view of her curvy body dancing on his lap with his cock buried deeply in her back door and the faint wiggle of her young tummy every time he rose his hips to drive his cock deeper into her. He placed his hands on her breasts and her face, his fingers on her lips for her to suck on as his body slowly writhed from the pleasure he was experiencing. She knew exactly how to send him to the brink of a toe-curling orgasm only to keep him there and denying him his final climax.

“Oh fuck, Lara,” he moaned, almost desperate for his ultimate relief.

One last time, she tortured him and let his cock slide out of her right before he came. Disappointed, he looked at her, a questioning expression on his face.

“Don't worry,” Lara explained deviously smirking, “I'm just making sure you'll really be enjoying this, old man.”

She turned around and slowly lowered her gaping ass on his cock again; this time in reverse cowgirl position.

Once impaled on Chad's manhood anew, Lara seductively wiggled her penetrated butt for him and ordered, “sit up and play with my clit, will ya? I want you to feel my gush all over your balls.”

Chad did as ordered and slid his hand between Lara's legs. He spread her pussy lips and found her erect little nub between them while she was rocking her hips back and forth on his hardness.

“Yes, old man, almost there, and don't you remove your hand from my cunt. I want all my juices to flow on your balls, you hear me?” she encouraged him.

It didn't take Lara long until the first waves of her orgasm ran through her pelvis. Chad felt her sphincter clench around his shaft tighter and tighter with each of her convulsions, and soon his hand was sprayed with spurts of her love juice. He himself was close to his impending orgasm, but only when he felt the copious, hot stream of her liquid run down his balls towards his own backdoor, his balls twitched and his cock shot rope after rope of his semen right into her rectum.

Her room was filled with love cries indistinguishable from the painful screams of a medieval torture scene.

Once their orgasms had subsided, Lara stood up out of breath and spread her ass cheeks right above Chad's face and said, “look at what you've done here, dirty old man.”

He didn't hesitate to bury his face between her fleshy buns and lick of the thick stream of his own cream which dribbled down from her puckered hole. He lapped all he could with his tongue and had Lara make out with him to share the taste.

They parted, both smiling, and satisfied from their carnal relief.

“Care to join me under the shower, old man? There's just enough space for the two of us,” she suggested.

After a quick shower, Lara got her purse and grabbed a few crumpled banknotes.

“I know you hate this word, Chad, but here's your change.”




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