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After the Reunion Ch 19-c

Saturday night, October 21, 2028

There wasn’t much sleep that night, the same as the Saturday before. That picture of Addie’s red lips an inch from Nick’s and my imagination of what followed were on a never-ending loop in my mind; the kiss, Addie’s words ‘if he makes love like he kisses’… and then that lovemaking.

The loop was occasionally interrupted by that ‘verry interesting’ conversation Addie had with her mom, that was driving me crazy not knowing.

And was she in bed with him now, naked, his cock inside her?

I thought about what Michelle had told us that night we met them; that most couples who divorce do it because of dishonesty. That, at least quelled my fears a tiny bit. There’s certainly nothing dishonest about what Addie’s doing. I knew full well what her intent is. Besides, I trust my wife. 100%. Almost.

Sunday morning, Addie woke me up with a phone call a little before ten; said she was going to be later getting home, probably around seven. I assumed it was because she didn’t want to tear herself away from her lover’s arms. Funny how when you don’t go to sleep at all during the night, you still get woken up in the morning. She didn’t give me any hints at all as to her night, other than the fact she wasn’t going to be home until so late. That in itself was a pretty damn good hint.

Nicki and Samuel stopped in at a little after eleven, acting like two lovebirds. Nicki couldn’t take her eyes away from him, and the attraction seemed to be mutual. Samuel said his flight home was leaving in two hours and he needed to get to the airport. “Matt,” he said, “I can’t thank you and Adriana enough.”

I wished Addie was there. This was her doing, not mine. “I’ll tell her when she gets home,” I told him.

Then it was just the kids and me for the rest of the day. We went to McDonald’s for lunch, then I called my dad to see if they were going to be home. We drove to Ontario and spent the afternoon with them, and the subject Dad and I talked about the previous Wednesday never came up.

It was a pretty uneventful afternoon, other than the fact that I was going out of my mind. The kids, Grandma, Grandpa, and I all enjoyed playing games together. They’d bought a new game, Clue Junior, and the kids loved it. It was almost a little too ‘old’ for Kev, but he’s a smart kid and likes board games. He caught on after the first game.

I suspected that Addie’s mom and my mom had probably talked after Addie met with her mom Saturday because my parents didn’t question at all where Addie was, only wondered what time she was getting home. When Mom asked that, I told her about seven, but it gave me an idea. I texted Addie and suggested she stop at my parents’ instead of going home.

Once again, the kids were all over Addie when she got there. I wanted to be, too but thought discretion was probably in order and only gave her a quick kiss. God, I wanted her! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the idea of her being with another guy, it makes me so fucking horny!

Mom cooked a big pork roast so we had dinner before leaving for home. It took all my will power to keep my hands to myself and not embarrass both of us.

Thankfully, Katie and Kevin were both asleep when we got home at ten-fifteen. They’d ridden with Addie. I carried Kevin in the house and Addie woke up Katie enough to walk to her bedroom. They were in their beds and back to sleep before I had Addie’s suitcase in the house.

“You ready for bed?” she asked me after I set her bag down in the living room.

There was so much I wanted to know, and I wanted to fuck her so damned bad. We kissed, both of our bodies shaking with excitement. Addie was just as ready as I was. “Give me fifteen minutes,” she told me, then went in our bedroom and closed the door.

Fuck! I was so hard. I paced, checked on the kids; they were both sound asleep. Good, I was afraid our bedroom could get noisy. Locked out of our bedroom for fifteen minutes; what the hell? This was new. Usually, she just went into our bathroom to get ready for bed. Fifteen minutes is a looonnngg time! If I had learned anything these last several months, it was how damned long a minute can be!

After what seemed like at least a half-hour, I checked my watch. Crap! I set the timer on the stove for the remaining ten minutes. Then, just sat on the couch with my eyes closed for the two hours that it took those ten minutes to go by until the timer finally dinged. I jumped up and started to open the bedroom door when I heard another ding-ding. Shit, I had to turn the frickin’ timer off.

When I opened the door, I was greeted by a sight I had never seen before. And my libido took another spike to the stratosphere. Addie was on the bed, naked. But not just naked; she was on her knees, spread far apart, wrists handcuffed behind her back. How the hell?

Then I noticed the rest of her. The blindfold she’d tied around her eyes; and the gag in her mouth; a red ball, about an inch-and-a-half in diameter, holding her mouth open, but filled completely, a strap around her head holding it tightly in place. She’d done all that to herself? Well duh! You idiot. Who the hell else?

I closed the door behind me. At least I was cognizant enough to do that. Addie’s cunt was gaping open, just waiting to be fucked and I knew just the guy to accommodate her.

My hands were shaking and I started to unbutton my pants. I wasn’t even going to mess with my shirt, just get those pants off and… then my reptilian brain thought about Jonah. What would he do right now? WWJD, What Would Jonah Do?

I redid the button on my pants and stepped over to the bed, quietly. Addie was on the bed, softly moaning and in about the most vulnerable and lewd position I’d ever seen her. Well, other than suspended in that glass cage, naked with her legs tied apart and a vibrator in her cunt, a thousand people watching her. I guess that night won the ‘lewd’ championship of the world. But this was right up there!

I put my hand on Addie’s butt. She flinched. I don’t think she’d even realized I was there yet. My fingers worked down to her pussy. God, she was soaking wet and slippery. A couple fingers slipped inside her and Addie tried to moan around the gag, sounding more like a gurgle. I fingered where I knew her g-spot to be and she squirmed, trying to get my fingers inside her even more, along with her vagina muscles starting to contract around my fingers.

I quickly pulled them out of her and told her, “No, I don’t want you to come. Not until I say.”

I heard that weird noise from her mouth again. Addie’s face was on the bed, on one side, her eyes blindfolded and the red ball held tightly in her mouth. I lay on the bed beside her, my face close to hers and a hand underneath her, playing with a nipple, “Does this mean you’re a little turned on, right now?”

She grunted and nodded her head.

“He fuck you last night?”

Her head moved back and forth. I was surprised.

“You wanted him to, though, didn’t you?”

She left no doubt, emitting an “Esh” noise and nodded vigorously.

I started to get up, mumbling out loud, but mostly to myself, “Still wants to ‘get to know you’?”

Addie obviously heard me as she nodded her head up and down.

I climbed off the bed. God, I wanted to fuck her. But at the same time, the thought went through my head as to what Jonah would be doing… and how much Addie would love it.

“You’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you?” I sternly asked my wife.

She slowly nodded her head up and down.

I rubbed my hand on her bottom, savoring the feel of the soft skin of her bare butt cheeks. I lifted my hand and… smack. Hard! So hard that I surprised myself. It hurt my hand. Addie jerked and let out a loud whimper. I’d never done anything like that before and it honestly amazed the hell out of me.

I thought she’d probably roll over. There wasn’t anything stopping her. She didn’t though, although she started to straighten out her legs to lie down flat instead of up on her knees like she’d been. I stopped her, pushing her legs back underneath her. Jonah wouldn’t tolerate it. Another hard smack., maybe even harder than the first one. Addie let out a loud groan around the gag.

I left her, going out to the garage, looking for something. I found the section of rope we’d bought for some reason. It was a long time ago and I have no clue what it was; went back in the bedroom and cut it into three sections. I tied one end around one of her bent knees, to the corner of the headboard, then the other knee to the opposite side, making sure they were both reasonably tight; hopefully, not so tight to hurt her, but enough that she couldn’t straighten her knees.

The third went around the handcuffs, between her hands, then to the center of the footboard.

I stood back and admired my handiwork. Well, it wasn’t all mine. About eighty percent was Addie’s. I’d only added the little bits so that she was restrained in the position she’d put herself into. “I think,” I started to tell her, “that I don’t want you to come until I say so… you know, Jonah would threaten you with a major spanking, then he’d send you home if you disobeyed, wouldn’t he,” I rhetorically asked her, knowing she couldn’t answer.

Addie grunted and tried to pull herself out of the ropes I’d tied her with. “I guess I can’t send you home, cuz you’re obviously already home,” I told my Addie, “but I really, really don’t want you to come, so here’s what we’re going to do,” I thought I was being perfectly reasonable.

Addie was being still, listening to me, not that she could move much, anyway. “If you do, I’m going to leave you exactly where you’re at until morning… of course, I’ll probably fuck you first, but I wonder how uncomfortable you’d be by morning.”

Addie pulled at the ropes and groaned, but didn’t accomplish anything. While she was struggling, I went to her nightstand drawer and got out the little battery-shaped vibrator she’d bought in Virginia City. God, that had only been three-and-a-half months ago! Never in a million years would I have thought my Adriana would enjoy something like this then… but that was before Jonah!

Addie’s cunt was absolutely soaking wet with her pussy-juices. She was one turned-on girl! The vibrator slipped inside her pussy like it had been soaped.

I really need to get an easy chair in our bedroom, maybe a nice recliner. Sitting on her vanity table bench just doesn’t hack it, even if it is cushioned. Better than standing, though. I turned the vibrator on low, just enough for the little protrusions to pop out of it and begin to torment her with their long, slow vibes, kind of like the Chinese water torture. Except lots more fun! I left it that way for maybe… five minutes or so, enough that Addie was squirming, groaning, obviously struggling to keep herself from coming.

I wanted just a little more, though, so turned the thrusting action on to about halfway between low and medium. Then I set the remote on the edge of the bed and watched… and enjoyed my wife squirming, her hips humping up and down, weird gurgling noises coming from inside her.

I let it continue like that for, I don’t know, another five or ten minutes, watching Addie’s pussy juices run down her thighs, listening to the whimpering noises she was able to make and decided it was time to turn both up a bit higher. I didn’t turn them on high, because after all, it’s not like I’m sadistic or anything like that. I only turned the thrusting to about half and the vibrate to three-quarters.

After a couple minutes of watching Addie bucking her hips and listening to the constant groaning, I wondered, WWJD.

I didn’t know what Jonah would do, and at that point, didn’t give a rat’s ass, but I knew what Matt was going to do. I couldn’t take it a second longer. My cock was so fuckin’ hard – had been all night! My pants came off, I turned off the vibrator, pulled it out of her pussy, untied the rope holding Addie’s arms (so I could climb on the bed behind her), and shoved my cock home; deep inside my wife’s cunt.

Oh yeah, I told her she had permission to come, too. It didn’t take long. I felt her pussy spasming around me and her body wracked with shuddering. My hands dug into her hips, pulling myself deeper inside her and jerked upright, draining my life deep inside her. I spasmed so hard, it didn’t feel like it was ever going to end, with Addie’s body spasming and her pussy milking me dry.

When it was over, I could barely breathe, it had been so intense. Addie, too, her body was hot and sweaty. I was a little embarrassed by the finger marks and scratches I’d left on her hips where I was gripping her so tight.

I was finally brought out of my reverie by a loud, “Mfffft.” At least it sounded a little like that, I thought. It’s kind of hard to make a word out of the noise that came from Addie’s mouth. I took it as a hint. I sat up and undid the strap behind her head, letting the ball-gag out of her mouth, then took the blindfold off her.

“Aah, ugh, get me a drink of water,” she begged me.

First, I thought I better get the ropes off her legs, then I went in the kitchen and filled her YETI cup with ice water. When I got back in the bedroom, she’d rolled over and managed to scoot herself up to a sitting position, hands still secured behind her back. God, she looked gorgeous; naked tits, still pointy-hard nipples, cum-streaked thighs, slightly protruding baby tummy.

I held the cup for her and she drank and drank. When she finished, the first thing she said was, “Well, that was fun, huh.” At least it didn’t sound like she was going to be out for my blood.

“Yeah, that’s an understatement!” I told her as I retrieved the handcuff key. She scooted around away from me so I could get at the cuffs. “How did you do this,” I asked as I unhooked one side.

“Pretty easy, actually.” Addie demonstrated by bending her wrist that I hadn’t undone yet and clicking the other one shut again, her hands still behind her back. I put the key back on the dresser and realized I hadn’t even taken my shirt off. I started to unbutton it when she glared at me and asked if I knew who Lorena Bobbitt was. I sort of took the hint that the survival of my manhood depended heavily on the speed with which I retrieved that key back off the dresser.

A little later, my private part safe once again, Addie told me, “Next time, your turn.”

I grunted, “NOT!” I told her. She laughed. Crap! Somehow, I thought she meant it.

Then she changed the subject completely, telling me, “Two weeks. I have another date with Nick on November 4th.”

“Guess you like him, then?”

“Uhuh, he likes me, too.”

I thought about that picture Addie sent me, their lips almost touching, “That kiss, was it good?”

We’d climbed under the covers, spooned together, Addie’s back to me. She rolled over facing me. “I told you last time. If he makes love like he kisses… yeah, good doesn’t even begin to describe!”

I felt myself starting to get hard all over again, “Guess he probably kissed you more than once?”

“Mmhmm, I have pictures… not going to show you, though. Use your imagination. Why do you think I was so fuckin’ horny tonight?”

Pictures! Use your imagination. Well, I was. At least trying to. I was on imagination overload!

Then she added, “He’s kind of like Jonah, except in erotic instead of hard-core.”

“So, do you want him to make love with you or fuck you?” God, what the hell kind of question is that to ask your wife?

“Mmm, maybe I want both. Pretty sure we’re going to do it more than once, you know.” This conversation had gotten wayyy out of hand!

She kissed me, softly, her tongue probing just a little, “Maybe I even want my husband to make love to me now that he’s fucked me.”

No more words. She snuggled up to me, we kissed, then we made love. Married person love, lots of kissing, nibbling and caressing; emotional, all resulting in Addie’s legs wrapped around me while we made love.

Afterward, we lay in each other’s arms; satisfied and snuggled together.

God, I didn’t know if I could stand another weekend like this! Then I remembered the other pending issue. “Your mother, what was that ‘verry interesting’ conversation you had with her?” emphasizing the ‘verry’ like Addie had when she first mentioned it. She and I were spooned together again, my hand around her, beginning to play with her left nipple and my lips nibbling on her earlobe.

“My… mom… thinks your dad… is hot. She and Kristi have even talked about it…”

Oh shit, I thought! Is this even real? “And my mom? Your dad?”

She nodded, “Uhuh.”

Addie and I just lay quietly for a few minutes, thinking. I tried to imagine… what? Hell, I didn’t even know. Yeah, I did. It was just something totally outside the realm of possibility. Our parents?

“And you said you had an idea?”

She nodded. “I mentioned it to Mom.”

Dammit! She was killing me, making me drag it out of her. “What? You going to tell me?”

She giggled, “Getting a little feisty, are we?”

“Dammit, Adriana! What the hell did you tell your mother?” I was practically screeching.

“Well, since you’re asking so nicely… I don’t know if I’m even going to tell you.”

I rolled over on my back and stared at the ceiling. Women!

“Please…?” I asked, as sweetly as I could muster under the circumstances.

“That’s better. Okay… I suggested… that she and Kristi… give their guys a little fashion show. Maybe buy a couple dresses, one really sexy… a nightgown, maybe some lingerie; but not for themselves, for each other… things they’d never wear themselves. Maybe Mom and Dad could invite Kristi and Russ for dinner one night, not telling Dad and Russ what they had planned… and then just let nature take its course.”

I smiled, “Kind of like you and Kayla that night.”

Addie nodded, “Kind of like that… except I’d hope they wouldn’t quit where we did.” God, that brought back some memories, like the vision of sexy, long-legged Kayla in those tiny, sheer black panties and bra. And then Addie unsnapping that bra…

My mother? Could my mother do that with another man? Maybe even with Laura? Hell, I couldn’t even picture her doing it with Dad! And how would Dad react with Laura in front of him, naked?

I shuddered at the thought! “And? Are they going to?”

“She’s going to talk to Kristi. See if they’d have enough courage… Mom thought it sounded like a lot of fun, but I know she’d be scared to death.”

“You and Kayla did it. Were you scared?”

She laughed, “Petrified! And it’d be so much worse for them.”

Yeah, it would. This was our MOTHERS we were talking about! As far as I knew, neither had an exhibitionist bone in their bodies. Hell, maybe I was wrong about that, too. I didn’t think Adriana did either, until…

I laid in bed just staring at nothing, thinking. How would Dad react to seeing Mom, his wife of thirty-two years, naked – or near naked, in another man’s arms.

Eventually, I finally went to sleep. It had been a long, emotional weekend

The next day, Monday, I took the kids to school and Addie and I went about our normal workday as if nothing had changed. I knew there was something I’d been wanting to ask Addie and naturally, thought of it when she was at volleyball practice. I tucked the kids in bed and made a mental note to myself to remember to ask her when she got home.

Addie was pleased when she finally did get home. She’d gotten a chance to talk to Nicki and said she definitely had the love-bug. I was still curious about whether or not Addie had told her about hers and Samuel’s history together. None of my business, I figured, but I was still curious.

After we went to bed, I asked if she’d heard anything from Tanya. The last we’d heard, she’d been posing for two days, was horny, and afraid of killing Tanner with too much sex.

“She called me Saturday on my way to Kennewick. They’re finished with taking pictures.” She laughed, “Said that Tanner survived, but it was pretty rough on him.” Yeah, rough. Being fucked to exhaustion by someone as sexy as Tanya!

“She was excited, said she’s going to be in the December issue that comes out on November 27th. She and Tanner are going to be at the Playboy mansion that weekend.”

God, that was hard to comprehend. The beautiful woman who had become my lover and I had fallen so hard for was going to be a Playboy Playmate! And be at the Playboy mansion. I’d never bought a Playboy before, but sure as hell was going to be buying that issue! Probably subscribing on the internet, too, to see all the pictures.

“What about your mom? You talk to her today?”

“No. I think she’s going to have to get her nerve up quite a bit to even talk to Kristi about it.”

I hadn’t thought to ask Addie Sunday. “When you talked to her Saturday, did you tell her anything about us?”

She hesitated a little bit. “I did like you told your dad, about Tawns and Tanner… but not everything, either. I didn’t tell her about college.” She smiled, “Didn’t want to spoil Mom’s image of her little girl back then.”

I laughed a little about that, “Little girl? You were in your twenties!”

“What, you don’t think that Katie will be our ‘little girl’ when she’s twenty?”

I hadn’t thought about that. “Can we keep both of them locked in their rooms till they’re thirty?”

Addie laughed at the thought and rolled over to go to sleep. I lay awake thinking about the possibility of my mother and Laura going clothes shopping for each other… and what our kids will think about us when we’re that age.

Several minutes later, I had thought she was going to sleep. “You remember what Michelle said about the stores, that there isn’t one like ours in the Tri-Cities? Well, I looked all over Sunday before I came home. And she’s right. There isn’t, at least not that I could find.”

“So… you thinking about opening a store there? That far away?”

“It crossed my mind. Would want to decide with you, though. It’d be a pretty big commitment.”

Biggest thing, I thought to myself, is that Addie would at least start out having to spend a lot of time there… with Nick. Okay, I’ll admit, the thought made my cock jerk to life pretty significantly. I didn’t really want to even think about it then. “Talk about it later?” I asked her.

She answered by snuggling back into me.

Tuesday, Addie’s volleyball team was going to play the team that had beaten them on that opening Saturday. She was nervous when we got up that morning. She’s competitive and did NOT want to lose again.

Addie’s team won the match, three games to one. The last game went back and forth, one team pulling a point ahead, then the other until Addie’s team finally won it with a score of 35-33. The girls celebrated like they’d just won the Olympics Gold. No doubt, those two teams would be facing each other again in the league championship in December.

The next week and a half seemed to go by in an instant. The only thing of note was that our mothers had actually gone shopping together. Well, together, but separate, like Addie and Tanya had done that day so long ago, last June. Addie told me they planned their ‘dinner’ Saturday night. The same Saturday night as her date. I could imagine the butterflies that must be going through their tummies – and every other part of their bodies.

One other thing of note: The pool, deck, stream, lawn, and fence were DONE! And they looked incredible. There wasn’t any water yet, that was going to have to wait until late spring, but otherwise, we loved it! There was even a fire-pit in the deck, built up so that we could cook over the fire if we wanted. I hadn’t even noticed that on the plans Tanner had made. Trees were going to have to wait until spring. The only drawback was the check for $23,850 I had to write to the contractor. And that was only for the final seventy-five percent of the total contract. Between that and the car, our savings were becoming deleted! Fortunately, Addie’s stores were doing really well.

Friday morning, the day before Addie’s next date, I got a text from Michelle, “I know where they’re going to be. You might want to be there. Let me know?”

God, I’d love nothing better! Apparently, though, both our sets of parents were going to be ‘occupied’ Saturday. So, what to do with our little people? We’d left them with Joanie overnight a time or two before, but never with us being out of town. I trusted her, but still… Nicki! I’d be perfectly happy if maybe they could stay with her and Livvy.

I called the store in Mt Vernon. Nicki answered, and I asked if there was any chance she’d be able to watch kids Saturday and up to Sunday afternoon.

“I can, I’d love to as a matter of fact. But I’m in the store till five Saturday. If you want I could check with my daycare and see if they could watch two more.”

If Nicki trusts them with Olivia, so do I, “Sure,” I told her. She put me on hold a moment, then came back and told me where to take the kids, that they’d be expecting them.

I texted Michelle back, “All taken care of. Coming.”

“Good. You don’t want to stand out, alone. I’ll make a call, get you a date. Wear something nice.”

I looked at that last text, making a date for me? Crap, I wasn’t so sure about that! While I was contemplating, I got another text, “Wear something Adriana won’t expect. Dressy. Better if she doesn’t know you’re there.”

Dammit! That reminded me that I’d forgotten to ask Addie what I’d intended to a week and a half ago. We’d gotten to talking about other things: parents, Tanya, another store. But not what I wanted to ask her. This time I wrote the note on my phone and set a reminder to go off at seven.

After I made the note to myself, I thought about what Michelle had said about Addie not knowing I was there. That sounded hot as hell! But being with a stranger, someone I won’t even meet until that night? I’ve never, ever been on a blind date and especially, one like this, watching my wife with her future lover. I’ll be a nervous wreck before then!

The problem of clothes. I didn’t have anything particularly ‘dressy’ to wear. I assumed she meant a suit or at least a sports jacket and slacks, either of which I had a sum total of zero in my closet. My concept of ‘nice’ was a shirt from Costco and new blue jeans. And I usually let Addie pick those out. How the hell was I going to find something by myself?

The only logical answer came to me. I wasn’t. Kayla. I called Kayla and asked if she could take an hour or so away from the store to help me with a small project.

I met her at noon. Addie had been up-front, honest with Kayla about what’s going on. But, obviously, she didn’t tell her about the fact that I, too, have a date, since she didn’t know it, thought that I’d be home watching kids, waiting for her. I told Kayla about the texts from Michelle, that I needed a nice, dressy outfit, something that Addie wouldn’t expect me to be wearing.

Between that night that Kayla and I had spent in the hotel together, plotting a fun story to tell her husband; then the night that we actually did have sex together, Kayla and I had become much closer friends and felt much freer to be open with each other. Besides, I was really looking forward to a repeat with her.

We went to Nordstrom’s in Towne Square Mall. I’d been in it with Addie a few times before, but always looking for something for her. Kayla led me to the men’s suits. She picked up several; blue, grey, tan, black, holding them up to me and frowning with each one. Finally, she held up a cream-colored, silk and linen jacket and a big smile crossed her face. “This is it!” she said, “you’ll look terrific in this… and Addie wouldn’t believe it was you if you stood right in front of her.”

I gave the sales guy my size, but he measured me, anyway. He went in the back room and returned a few minutes later with a jacket and pants for me to try on. For all he knew, Kayla and I were married and she went into the fitting room with me. When I pulled my pants down, revealing the hard-on I’d developed from being with Kayla, she wouldn’t stop her damned giggling. I know I had mentioned in chapters quite a while ago that Kayla pretty much always dressed provocatively and today wasn’t any exception.

She had on a light-blue silk blouse; low-cut, and a darker skirt, several inches above her knees. It was professional-looking, but erotic as hell, too. Then I’m undressed in front of her, in the middle of the store, her giggling at my erection. “Want me to suck it, make it go away?” she asked in-between giggles. Yeah, that helped!

By the time we left, I had a jacket, slacks, tie, silk underpants, brown and white shirt, and gold/brown loafers. The bill was over six-hundred dollars! A little more than I had planned to spend for a single, one-night date. It was probably more than I’d spent on clothes in the last two years combined.

I hadn’t wanted to wear a tie. I told Kayla that I didn’t even know how to tie the damn things. On the rare occasions when I wore one, it was a clip-on. And that was at Addie’s reunion dinner, four months ago. She laughed at me and told me that wasn’t going to work, but I WAS going to wear one! Those things made my jaw drop when I looked at prices. They went up to over three hundred dollars!

The one she picked out was silk, striped gold and brown. With the colors kind of fading into each other, for $49.99. I thought that was bad enough. Right there, in front of the whole world, she put it around my neck and tied it. Then pulled my face to hers with it and kissed me. Short, but with that other comment, excited my cock all over again. Then she pulled it loose and over my head. “All you have to do is put it on and pull it tight,” she said. Embarrassing!

I took Kayla back to the store, thanked her profusely and told her that I owed her, big-time. She kissed me and smiling, told me, “You do. Hopefully, you can think of something to pay me back,” at the same time as she was lightly fondling my little man that had temporarily gone down to normal. That little tickling reversed that in short order, though. Her meaning on ‘payback’ seemed pretty clear… and I certainly had no objection!

It was nearly time for Kevin to get out of school so I waited in the school parking lot, then picked up Katie and we stopped at Dairy Queen for a turtle-pecan blizzard, ice cream cone, and Dilly Bar. You can probably guess who ordered what.

Addie got home at six-fifteen. She had split her day between the stores in Ontario and Nyssa. Well, that and obviously some other places, too. Her nails were all freshly polished, trimmed and beautiful. Her hair was brushed out down her back, soft and glowing. She looked radiant and beautiful. What a freakin’ moron I was to be sending my wife off to a man she was falling head over heels for. MORON, MORON, MORON! That’s what happens when your little head has so much more control over yourself than your big head does.

The kids were watching a movie, Despicable Me 2. Addie had brought home two roasted chickens and potato salad from Costco for dinner. They make the BEST roast chicken ever! We fixed two plates for Katie and Kev and let them eat in the living room in front of the TV.

Addie and I ate at the dining table. While we were eating the buzzer on my phone went off and I looked at, seeing the message I’d written earlier, the question I’d wanted to know the last three weeks but kept forgetting to ask. “Hon,” I asked, “what did you tell him about your husband?”

She put down the bite she was about to take, “You’re in the National Guard, training. You won’t be back for at least another three months… I told him… that you suggested I have a lover while you were gone… maybe even after you got home.”

I closed my eyes and my brain went off into never-never land. Three months… and then, ‘maybe even after you get home.’ My cock was instantly hard. We hadn’t made love since Monday, a long time for us. I think that we both wanted Addie to be more than ready by Saturday night. Nothing was said, it was just a mutual understanding.

And now I knew the extent of what Addie intended with Nick; at least three months, maybe longer. And if we did decide to open a store there?

Addie tucked the kids in bed, read each of them a story and told them she was going to be gone again tomorrow night. They didn’t fuss about it. My biggest regret was that they seemed to be getting used to Mommy being gone quite a bit. If I didn’t have a hundred-percent trust in Addie, there was no way I could do this. When Addie came in our bedroom after tucking them in, I was sure I saw her wipe a tear off her cheek.

She came out of our bathroom several minutes later wearing a long bathrobe. Standing at the edge of our bed, she told me, “I thought you’d want to see what I intend to wear to bed with Nick tomorrow night.” She looked down, untied the sash around her pregnant tummy and slid the robe off… revealing… her totally naked body! My cock responded exactly as you’d expect. Like I said, we hadn’t made love since Monday and between the anticipation of tomorrow and Addie’s naked body sliding in bed beside me, I was sure I was going to have a maxi-stroke from lack of blood to the brain.

My hand was completely uncontrollable, tracing around the soft, bare skin of Addie’s pussy lips. She spread her legs apart and put her long, feminine fingers over mine, pressing gently, forcing my fingers between her slippery, wet lips and moaned.

After a moment of rubbing my fingers into her wet slit, she pulled my hand away, up to her lips and sucked my fingers in her mouth, licking her wet juices off them.

I felt sure that lack-of-blood-to-the-brain stroke was going to hit any second.

Then Addie was kissing me, soft pliable lips, her tongue in my mouth like she was exploring totally new and wonderful territory. She pulled away, rolling over and scooted her back and bare butt into me and pulled my hand over her, intertwining her fingers with mine and pressing our hands to her breast. We went to sleep like that. At least, Addie did. I lay awake, savoring the feel of my naked wife in my arms, thinking about the man whose arms she’d be wrapped up in, sated from their lovemaking, in one more night.

Addie was still asleep when I woke up Saturday morning. She was on her back, the covers down around her tummy and I couldn’t resist. My lips just happened to find their way around a nipple and I sucked it in my mouth. My sleeping wife let out a soft groan, stretched her arms wide and thrust her chest out for me to suck it in a little deeper.

When I was sure she was awake, I pulled my lips off of her and admired my handiwork; that nipple engorged and anxious for more. But instead of more, we both climbed out of bed. I knew it was going to be a long day ahead and an especially frustratingly, libido-enhancing evening.

Addie’s suitcase was already packed. She set it on the bed along with her garment bag containing her dress for the night. She asked if I wanted to see it. I did but thought it would be more fun to wait. I had no doubt it was sexy. I think she planned to knock Nick’s socks off tonight.

Addie fixed breakfast for all of us. The kids got up shortly behind us and were at the table, kind of bleary-eyed from the night. While Addie was frying some bacon, she asked if we had any plans for the day.

“Nope,” I told her, “we’ll think of something fun, though, won’t we kids?”

“Can Livvy come over?” Katie asked.

I had to smile at that, given my plans for the day that I was hiding. “I don’t know. Maybe we can check with Nicki later.”

That seemed to satisfy them. Addie finished cooking, bacon, fried taters, and eggs, health food. What was the joke I’d heard not long ago? “If you had to give up bacon or sex for life, which would it be?” The answer: “Hickory smoked or apple smoked?” I know, dumb. I thought it was cute, though.

After breakfast, I told Addie I’d do up the dishes, then carried her suitcase and garment bag to the van for her. She kissed the kids, then me, with a searingly long, hot kiss; got in her van and drove off.

Once back in the house, I told the kids, “Guess what, guys, I’ve already talked to Nicki. How would you like to go stay with her tonight?”

“Yeah, Yeah!” I heard in chorus.

“Okay, how bout you stay with Livvy today while she’s working, then Nicki will pick up the three of you when she’s off work tonight? It’ll be an adventure.”

They went running into their rooms to throw some clothes in bags. I cleaned up the kitchen, then checked on their progress. Kevin had six pairs of pants, four shirts, and no underwear or socks stuffed in his backpack. I suggested to him that he take two of each, including undies and socks. Katie’s backpack was packed pretty well when I checked it. Maybe a little more than she’d need, but it was fine.

I packed my own for the night ahead. What I’d need for the night was already in the car, so I packed some extras for wearing home tomorrow ‘just in case’. I figured I could wear home what I wore over but had an extra of everything in case they got dirty. Then my little overnight bag with toothpaste, razor and stuff like that. I wasn’t used to doing this by myself and was pretty damned nervous, anyway.

The dogs! I’d completely forgotten about doing something with them. The weather forecast was good, in the fifties, so I made the executive decision that they’d be fine with access to the back yard through their doggy-door. I filled their food and water dishes, told them to be good; made sure the bathroom door was closed so they couldn’t tear up the toilet paper and the garbage can lid was down. They have a tendency to get mad and want to make a mess when we leave them alone.

We loaded up the car and headed toward Mountain Home. Nicki had texted me the address of her daycare, and sure enough, she was expecting us when we go there. There was Livvy and two other kids, plus Katie and Kevin made five. I gave the lady, her name was Susan, my phone number and asked how much it would cost until Nicki picked them up. She said fifty dollars so I gave her three twenties and told her to keep the change. By then, Katie and Kevin had already disappeared in the house with Livvy so I hunted them down, hugged and kissed them and told them to have fun, that we’d pick them up tomorrow afternoon.

I stopped at my barbershop in Ontario. It’s where I’d gone since I was a kid and wasn’t about to change. I asked him for something different, telling him that I had a hot date. Naturally, he assumed my ‘hot date’ was with Adriana and I didn’t tell him anything different. He suggested a ‘Mohawk’, wondering if it’d be ‘different’ enough? We both laughed and I suggested maybe not quite that much different. Instead of my usual tapered cut, he blocked it and cut the top so my hair stood up on end with some hair-goo. It didn’t look half bad, but sure as hell was different! He sold me a tube of the goo and gave me instructions on how to use it. It even felt weird!

Then I drove to Kennewick, Washington. Four more hours. I had made a reservation at the Best Western. Once there, I checked in, carried my new clothes and suitcase in, then texted Michelle that I was there. She texted back the address of my ‘date’, her name and that we had a reservation at seven at Michael’s, an Italian restaurant.

She gave me the restaurant’s address and the name and address of the nightclub, suggesting we try to be there by nine. I was at the hotel before four so had a little time to pace and wrack my nerves up even higher. This was a whole new experience for me; a blind date with a woman who I just barely had learned her name, then being there, in the room, with my wife and guy who were on their third date, neither knowing I’d be there. Crap! How the hell do I get myself into situations like this?

My heart rate was already in jet-engine mode and I was scared shitless! What if, what if, what if! Hell, I didn’t even know what-what if! What if the woman didn’t like me but was stuck for the evening? What if I couldn’t take watching Addie? What if they weren’t there? I turned the TV on, then back off when it was driving me batty. I plonked myself down on the bed and counted ceiling tiles. How many feet was it between sprinkler heads on the ceiling? If they went off, would they drown me?

I started getting dressed at five. Those clothes were completely outside my realm of experience. The jacket and pants felt silky and had a soft, smooth lining. It was a damned good thing they were twenty-five percent off the regular price. Addie will probably kill me anyway when she finds out how much I spent. I forgot the tie. After spending fifty bucks on it, I was damn sure going to wear it. I took the jacket back off, then put on the tie like Kayla had shown me, pulling it tight around my neck and making sure the shirt’s collar was down over it right.

When I was all done, I realized I’d forgotten to shave and brush my teeth. Shit! At least I’d remembered to shower. Off came the jacket, tie, and shirt, then a shave and tooth-brushing and put them all back on.

It was six-fifteen when I was ready. I looked in the mirror and had to admit that I thought I looked pretty damn good.

Michelle had suggested that a bouquet of flowers would be nice to greet my date with, so I stopped at Safeway and explained to the young lady in the floral department that I was picking up a blind date. She suggested a dozen red roses.

While I was there, another idea hit me broadside. Clark Kent! I checked out the reading glasses section and found a pair that looked decent and didn’t obstruct my vision enough to worry about. Hey, it worked for Clark Kent, it should for me, too. Anything to make myself less noticeable to Adriana.

I left with the roses, a pretty hourglass-shaped vase and a disguise.

A few minutes later, I pulled up on the street in front of the house. It was actually in Richland, not Kennewick. The towns are connected so that you can’t tell when you leave one and enter the other. I sat in the car for a couple minutes, trying to calm my nerves, at least enough so that I’d be able to walk. My pounding heart was jackhammering in my chest like it was doing somersaults! I was damned glad for the tip of the flowers. At least, it was something to hang onto.

I finally developed enough courage to walk up her sidewalk and stood looking at the door, then held my finger right in front of the doorbell button, trying to get the courage to actually push it.

Thank you very much to cbears52 and kiteares for their editing and proofreading. The help is invaluable.



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