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Marrying Carol 7

The next day we went to the beach.

We woke up happy and horny the next morning.  The sun was streaming through the window and we could hear waves crashing on the beach.  We lazed around in bed and talked about yesterday's sexual adventures.

Carol said, "If you ever said stop, it would be over.  I love you most of all."

We showered together and fooled around but no real sex.  We went down to breakfast sitting with the same group as last night.  Everyone was either nude or wearing very little.  We were all sitting on comfortable towels.  Jack and Bill both told Carol that she was a cock tease last night, dancing with them and giving them erections then leaving them high and dry.

Carol said, "It was fun.  Who knows about today?"

Breakfast was fresh fruit, muffins and dark French coffee.  It was delicious.  Carol was sitting next to Jack.  She leaned over the table to get fruit and brushed her tits on his arm.  Her nipples immediately got erect and her chest flushed.  Jack noticed.  We all sat around and chatted about our plans for the day.  Carol and I decided to go into town, look around, buy some souvenirs and maybe some local weed.

Carol nodded,  "I'd like to go into town."

I was always up for an adventure.  The front desk arranged for an Uber to pick us up.  We met the driver, Jim, at the entrance.  He was a tall light-skinned Jamaican, wearing a pair of khaki shorts, bare-chested.  Carol was wearing a light sundress, pantiless and braless.  We got in the backseat and were ready to go. During the ride, I was caressing Carol's legs and lifting her dress up. The driver was watching in his mirror and grinning.

He let us off at a huge outdoor market.  They were selling everything: fruit, T-shirts, pipes for weed, nearly anything you could think of.  It was teeming with people.  We wandered around looking at everything.  

Carol tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, "All these guys have been patting me on the ass."

I asked if she liked it.  She smirked and told me she didn't mind it at all.  

We stopped at a stall selling weed pipes.  I liked the one carved with a nude Nubian woman.  Carol liked the one shaped like a big black cock; she could suck on that.  We negotiated a price with the stall's owner, Paul, for a while.  

I noticed a small crowd outside the stall all looking at Carol. I know she's stunning, but what the fuck?   I looked around and noticed that Carol was standing in a beam of sunlight.  The sun made Carol's dress transparent.  You could see all of her naked body: tits, ass, mound, everything. I thought about telling her but didn't.  Being the exhibitionist she is, she probably knew.  

We finally decided to buy both pipes; Carol could have her big black cock to suck on. Once we paid, Paul asked if we wanted to buy anything to put in the pipe.  We said sure.  He told us to go out of the market, turn right, walk about a half mile and meet him in his thatched hut on the beach in about a half hour.  

Carol and I strolled through the rest of the market and bought a few more souvenirs.  We walked towards Paul's place, enjoying the sunshine and the friendly vibe of all the people out on the street.  We got to his hut a bit early so Carol and I decided to enjoy the beach.  His hut was thatched roofed, with a small sand patio in front and an open wall to the ocean.

We started walking along the surf line, enjoying the sunshine and the soft waves from the ocean.  We saw a group of young men playing in the surf.  They were splashing and dunking each other.  When we got near them on the beach one of them filled a bucket with water and splashed it on Carol.  She gasped then smiled.  Her dress was completely transparent as if she had been in a wet T-shirt contest.  She stood there while the young men gaped at her body.  They started whooping and laughing, pointing at Carol.   

At first, Carol was embarrassed but as they kept pointing, Carol reached down and pulled her dress over her head and stood there defiantly naked.  They were stunned.

I grabbed Carol's hand and hustled her out of there before things got out of hand.  We ran back to Paul's hut laughing.  When we got there, Paul was standing on the dune behind his house.  He smiled at us and waved us into the hut.  He offered Carol a towel to dry off and hung her dress on a branch to dry.  Carol tried to wrap the towel around her but it was far too small, so she stood there gloriously naked. Her nipples were as hard as erasers and her face, flush with sexual excitement.  Paul looked at her with hunger in his eyes.  I was excited by the sheer eroticism of the moment.

I pulled Carol to me and gave her a heated, passionate kiss.  I sat on Paul's bed, took my excited cock in hand and pulled her to me.  My cock was protruding through her legs and near her cunt.  Carol turned to face Paul, slid my cock along her cunt and sat down enveloping my cock.  She slid up and down coating me with her juices.  She moaned.  

Paul got up and came over to us and gave Carol a hot open-mouth kiss and pinched her nipples.  Carol lay back on my chest presenting her cunt to Paul with my cock still in her.  I was trapped under her.  She was trembling with lust.  I reached around her and began pulling her nipples.

Paul bent down and began sliding his cock into Carol's cunt on top of my cock.  I could feel every ridge and vein as he drove his cock into her on top of my cock.  The sliding of his cock on my cock was sensually exciting in the extreme.  He was kissing Carol and fucking both of us.  I was in sexual dreamland.  His thrusting became frantic.  

I felt the first spurt of his cum on my cock and running down to my balls.  I went over the edge, slamming my cock into Carol and rubbing it on Paul's cock.

Carol moaned, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh my fucking God, cumming, meee."   

Paul collapsed on top of Carol.  Carol was in throes of orgasm aftershock.  I held her tightly.  Paul rolled off Carol and she collapsed on the bed, cum streaming out of her cunt.

We all rested for a few minutes.  Paul gave us the weed for free.  He took out his smartphone and got us an Uber.  Carol put on her still-wet dress and hugged and kissed Paul.  

We were both silent on the way back to the resort.  When we got to our room we fell on the bed and napped.  We got up in time for that night's theme party.


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