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30th Anniversary

My wife Terri and I celebrate our 30th with a road trip...
My wife Terri and I recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in grand style. Like other couples we have had our ups and downs. Like 5 years ago when she caught me chatting with other men about sex and cross-dressing, something I had already been doing for 5 years. She promised to let me experiment with my fetish as long as it was just with her. She also agreed to indulge another fetish I have and wear pantyhose for me when we had sex. We had managed to raise a son and daughter—both now out of college and leading successful lives—and we were doing okay financially. I had bought a red corvette convertible a year before so we decided to take a road trip out through West Texas and New Mexico in the vette, to celebrate our 30 years.

We agreed what happened on the trip would not affect our marriage and that we would just have a good time. We would stop at cheap motels on the Interstate and spend the night with both of us dressing up for sex. The third night we were in a motel that had a DVD with the television. So after we settled in, I drove back to an adult book/video store we passed on the Interstate for some movies. After dinner we “dressed” got in bed and turned one of the videos on, we had both had several drinks earlier. My wife doesn’t drink often, but when she does she loses her inhibitions. The video was about an older lady who was fucking her young next door neighbor—a well hung 19 year old. I was playing with her pussy through her hose.

“I bet you would enjoy one that big,” I observed. My shaft is only about 5-inches long.

All she said was “uh huh.”

“Maybe we could look for one.”

She shocked me and said, “uh huh.”

We finished watching the movie and had sex. We decided to stay one more night at this motel. The next day we drove around and see the countryside. Late in the day I stopped by the adult video store I had gone to last night and asked a guy in there if there was a place locally where a guy might hook up with a prostitute, he told me about a truck stop that was 10 miles or so past where our motel was.

We went back to our room and I started pouring the booze into Terri; I opted not to drink because I planned on seeing what I could find at the truck stop up the road. After we had dinner and Terri had a few more drinks, I announced, “Let’s go for a ride.” I told her to slip on some pantyhose and her white shorts.

We took off toward the truck stop and I started driving between the parked trucks to see what might be going on. I noticed that Terri had her hand inside her shorts rubbing her pussy. After a few minutes I spotted a young guy about 20 standing outside a parked truck that was a moving van. I pulled over and got out and went and started talking to him, found out he was moving a family to a town about an hour down the road but stopped for the night because he didn’t want to unload at night. I told him I heard this was a good spot to pick up prostitutes and asked if he was looking. Being a young good looking guy he responded like I figured he would and told me, “I don’t like to pay for it.”

“What if you got some free?” I told him about my wife.

He said he might be interested so we walked over to the car and when I got there I leaned in and obviously she had been watching and was interested because she had her shorts off. Her blouse was unbuttoned showing her big saggy tits, and she had torn a small hole in her pantyhose and was fingering herself.

“This is Jeff. What do you think?” I asked her.

“Is he interested and how big is he?”

I told him what she said and he looked around to make sure no one was looking and moved toward the window, unzipped his cutoff jeans and took his cock out. It was about 7-inches long. To my surprise I watched my wife take it into her mouth.

He pulled back and his cock emerged from her mouth with a slurp. “Yeah, I am interested,” he said.

I looked at Terri and all she did was nod her heard up and down.

I told him where we were and gave him our room number, he said his driving partner was in the truck sleeping and was it okay to bring him. “Tell me about him,” I queried.

“Greg is my age but a little taller and hung much better,” Jeff said.

“Sure, what the hell, we'll see what happens.”

Terri and I drove back to the motel—one of those where you can pull right up to the room. We were on the bottom floor. Terri pulled her shorts on but left her blouse unbuttoned. We got in the room I fixed both of us a strong drink and went to my bag and took out some black pantyhose, a sheer black camisole, and heels and put them on. I hadn’t told Jeff about this but hoped he wouldn’t mind.

In about ten minutes someone knocked at the door, it was Jeff. He looked me up and down, grinned and said, “Nice.” I asked where his friend was and he told me he had to park the truck in a lot around back. He looked lustfully at Terri who was on the bed with just her pantyhose on, playing with her pussy through the hole she had made.

He was undressed in about 30 seconds and climbed on the bed to feed her mouth his cock. She sucked for a few minutes and then he got between her legs and entered her. I could see pleasure all over her face, something I had never seen with my 5-inch shaft in her. He was thrusting hard and she was moaning.

“Give it to me, give it all to me fuck me hard,” she begged.

In a few minutes I heard a knock at the door and assumed it was Jeff’s driving partner, I opened the door and a black guy about 6’3” build like a Greek god stood in the doorway. Although my wife would act as if she didn't like black men with white women, I had watched her on more than one occasion get fucked by a black guy and she certainly appeared to enjoy it.

He was very polite and asked if he could use the bathroom. I nodded, then I got on the other bed to watch my wife getting fucked.

In a couple of minutes the black guy came out of the bathroom naked with the biggest cock I have ever seen hanging between his legs. It had to be ten-inches long and was big around as a beer can. He walked to the bed where Jeff was fucking my wife and just stood behind him like he was in line. My wife couldn’t see him from where she was.

In a few minutes Jeff shot his load into my wife and pulled out, spent. I could tell she hasn’t cum yet because she was still thrusting her ass up like she wanted him to keep fucking her. He got off the side of the bed and she saw the Greg for the first time. I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

Terri looked at him without ever looking at me. “You are going to have to take it slow and easy to get all of that inside me.”

He climbed on and started working it in an inch at a time and every time he would push she would moan, after she was impaled with about 8 inches the moans turned to screams but he kept it up until he got it all in and then he slowly would pull it out and slowly push it back in picking up speed every time.

Jeff came over where I was, stuck his wet cock in my face. “Get it hard so when Greg gets through I can go again.”I started sucking his cock in the same room where my wife was getting fucked by a young black guy—not something that I thought was going to happen on our trip!

Jeff had turned the lights off before he stuck his cock in my face so I couldn’t see my wife but I could hear the screaming, at one point Jeff took a pillow off of my bed and put it between the headboard of the bed Terri and Greg were on because it was hitting the wall making a loud noise.

I lost track of what all happened, all I know is I woke up around 7:00 AM as the sun was coming up, and I was sticky all over my face and chest, I assumed from cum. Jeff was in bed with me and I reached down and started stroking his cock—I still had my pantyhose on. He started to wake up and I heard a noise in the bed next to us. I turned and saw Greg on his back with my wife of 30 years sucking on his big black cock and balls. I thought what the hell so, I went down on Jeff. She looked over saw me and said, “Watch this you sissy slut.”

She had Greg hard by now so she stood up in the bed (with her pantyhose still on) and lowered herself onto his cock. In a few seconds she was sitting on him and I had no idea where all that cock had gone!! She started riding him like it was an amusement park ride, standing up and then dropping herself down on it.

I felt Jeff playing with my ass and eventually he tore a hole in my pantyhose, rolled me over on the bed and entered my man-pussy. I was getting fucked in the ass while my wife was fucking a big black guy right next to me.

It didn’t take long for both of them to cum. When Greg came my wife stood up and Greg’s cum was running down the legs of her pantyhose in big globs. Jeff’s cum was running out of my ass.

I have no idea how many times she got fucked that night. They got dressed and took off to deliver the furniture, I asked Terri if she wanted to spend another night at the motel and have them come back that night. “Yes,” she answered, but that is another story…

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