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A BBC fantasy gone awry

We thought we were fulfilling a white couple BBC fantasy.
My husband and I are in our late thirties. I'm Hispanic, petite and stand 5'2". My husband, Donnie, is black and has an athletic, stocky build. He stands a little over 6'0". We both try to keep ourselves physically fit.

We have been in an open relationship for a few years now. We'd been married for over ten years before we decided to live out our sexual fantasies.

My fantasy was to be with a young, fine white boy who could put it down in bed. Donnie's fantasy was to watch me have sex with another man. Donnie says I'm pretty loud and I put on a show whenever I climax. I'm multi-orgasmic too. At first I was reluctant to have sex in front of Donnie, because I didn't want him to be mad at me if I really enjoyed myself. When I finally allowed him to watch me it was a great experience for both of us.

The first guy I let my husband watch me have sex with was great in bed. The guy's wife was in the room too. Donnie and the wife sat back and watched as my lover and I put on a show for them. That first time was a great start for us and it's something we will always remember.

A few weeks ago we had a chance to fulfill a young couple fantasy. Cathy and Jon were a young, white couple in their mid twenties. We met them at a swingers club. Cathy and I hit it off real quick. Cathy was a short, chubby brunette. She had an outgoing personality like myself. I honestly didn't care too much for her husband Jon. He was tall, gangly and look like a big nerd. He was very shy. I could hardly get a word out of him. I even flirted with him a few times just to see if he had a pulse. I got nothing out of him. The more he ignored me the more I flirted with him. How dare the dweeb not acknowledge me. If we were anywhere else I wouldn't give his listless ass another look. Cathy didn't seem to have a problem with me messing with her husband.

One night when we were home I started telling Donnie about my conversations with Cathy. I told Donnie that Cathy's fantasy was to be with a black man with a big cock. Jon's fantasy was to see her with a black man too. I asked Donnie if he wouldn't mind being her first big black cock. I also felt sorry for the poor girl. I could tell by looking at her skinny ass husband that her sex life was dreadful. It was obvious that he couldn't satisfy her in bed. She was a big girl with a lot of curves and poor Jon couldn't handle all that in bed. A woman wants a man that will take charge in bed. Jon wouldn't take charge in bed even if you told him to. 

Donnie agreed to do it and told me to set up a date. I told him I knew he would agree so I had Cathy get a hotel suite for tonight. Donnie asked, "What will you be doing while I'm having sex?"

I told him I would either leave the room or put on my headphones to listen to music. I wasn't interested in seeing my husband with another girl. I was just going to sit down and try to ignore what was going on. I definitely wasn't interested in what Jon might be doing. There wasn't a chance in hell I would do anything with him. I would be wasting my time messing around with his frail ass. Jon probably wouldn't know what to do if I threw it on him anyway. I'm attracted to very fit, handsome guys. So I wasn't attracted to Jon at all. I told Donnie that I should bring Jon a pad and pencil so he can take notes. He might just learn how to please a woman tonight. 

When we got to the room, Cathy answered the door wearing nothing but a smile. Jon took a seat on a chair at the end of the bed. I took a seat on the queen bed next to the bed Cathy and Donnie would be using. I put on my headphones to listen to some of my workout music.

I tried to ignore what was happening on the bed next to me, but Cathy was making so much noise I had to look. Donnie was really giving it to her good. He made sure to put on a good show for Jon too. He knew this was just as much his fantasy as it was hers. He wanted to make sure he didn't disappoint them. Plus Jon need to see a real man fuck a big girl like Cathy.

I found myself getting very wet as I watch Donnie fuck Cathy. Whenever Cathy had an orgasm I let out a big "woo-hoo". I looked at Jon and said, "Now that's you fuck a girl." The idiot just looked at me with no expression on his face. Donnie fucked Cathy in different positions. Each position I encouraged him on. I talked loud enough so sorry ass Jon could hear what I was saying. 

Donnie had Cathy lying on her side with half her ass hanging off the edge of the bed. He was standing up as he fucked her in that position. He grabbed her hips to pull her against him as he thrust his dick into her deep as he could get it. Cathy had a nice plump round ass that drove black men crazy. It looked like she really loved it when he fucked her like that.

Cathy kept looking at Jon and telling him how good Donnie's big black cock felt in her. Donnie looked over and saw that I was watching. He just gave me a quick wink as he banged my friend. Watching my man make my friend cum over and over made me so freaking horny. I wanted him to fuck me as soon as he was finished with Cathy. While all of that was going on Jon just sat there watching. No reaction, no nothing. He just sat there. What a dork. 

When Donnie and Cathy took a little break. I jokingly asked Donnie why he never fucked me in that position. I said, "Is it because I don't have an ass like hers?" I kept making remarks about how good he fucked Cathy in that position. I'm petite but I can hang with the big girls. I got in the same position Donnie had Cathy. I hiked up my dress dress to show my thong and tried to hang my little ass off the side of the bed.

I saw Dorky Jon taking a quick peek at me so I decided to have some fun. I told Jon that since I didn't have an ass like his wife that my husband must not think I have a nice ass. I asked Jon if he thought I had a nice ass. He stuttered as he tried to tell me his answer. I thought maybe if I flirted with Jon, Donnie might come over and give me what I want. I knew this was Cathy's fantasy but right now I needed a big cock in me too. I also didn't see any harm flirting with stuttering Jon. Poor guy needed to loosen up a little.

Donnie laughed and told me I might want to leave Jon alone right now. I looked at Donnie and said, "I'll leave him alone when I get what I want." I turned my attention back to Jon. I smacked my bare ass and looked back at Jon with a smile on my face. I saw he had a bulge in his pants. So I asked Jon, "Do you even know what to do with that little hard on of yours"? I may have gone too far with that question because Cathy stopped smiling and gave me a mean look. 

I kept making remarks about how I had never been fucked in that position. I got face down on the bed, with my ass facing Jon. I asked him if he liked my little ass as I swayed it back and forth. He just looked at me. Now I was determined to get a reaction from him, but what I really wanted was Donnie's big cock. I got back on my side and hung my ass off the bed. I had my back to them as I talked. I told Jon that I bet it felt good watching his wife get fucked in this position. I said, "I wouldn't know since I never had it like that." I said, "I bet you could really do some damage to a girl like this."

Donnie said, "I told you to leave him alone."

I had my head turned and was still teasing Jon when I felt Donnie's hands on my hips. He quickly pulled my thong to the side and slid his cock into my wet pussy. DAMN! my man felt good. He immediately started fucking me good and hard just like he did Cathy. My man was about to make me cum in record time. Maybe it was the new position or because I was so horny. There was no holding me back. I knew within a few seconds I was going to cum. For a brief second I thought about telling Jon that this is how you fuck a girl. Donnie was fucking me harder now. He was fucking me much harder and deeper than usual.

I felt myself climax when I noticed that Donnie was still in the other bed with Cathy. To my surprise it was Jon fucking me. He was doing a very good job too. I've never cum that fast in my life. Donnie said the look on my face was priceless. He told me that I just stared at Jon with my mouth wide open. I made no sound as I stared at Jon in disbelief. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. Jon was fucking the hell out of me and I didn't want him to stop. I just stared in awe as he gave me one of the best orgasms I'd ever had. I didn't think nerd would be bold enough to do what he was doing. I was past the point of no return. I wouldn't stop Jon if I could. In this position his cock felt so good. It seemed like he was easily hitting my spot.

My only worry was the expression Jon had on his face. I was starting to think I went overboard teasing him because he was relentless. Whenever I have an orgasm Donnie's stops whatever he's doing so I can catch my breath. Jon didn't know that rule. He was fucking me so hard you could hear the sound of our skin slamming together. Jon obviously had a good size cock because I felt him go deep inside of me. He was giving it to me me hard and deep. I was cumming again. Jon still had this mean look on his face. I couldn't believe that I had to ask stuttering Jon to stop fucking so I could gather my senses. He sent me into sensory overload.

A few minutes ago I thought Jon was the weakest man I had ever seen in my life. Now Jon had made me a quivering wet mess in the middle of the bed. I asked Jon to wait a minute so I could process what just happened. I thought maybe Jon just got lucky. He couldn't possibly do that to me again. Maybe I was so horny that I would have cum no matter what. I didn't know what to think. Jon stood at the end of the bed waiting to fuck me again. I still needed a moment to think about what just happen. I looked at my husband and he said, "I tried to warn you." Cathy and Donny had a big smile on their face. It's obvious that they were laughing at me. I felt myself getting mad at them. 

When I was still trying to get myself together Cathy said, "I forgot to mention that my husband's other fantasy is to have sex with a hot Latina." Then she looked at Jon and said, "Fuck her good, baby."

I felt a tug on my ankles and the next thing I knew Jon had them on his shoulders. He started pounding me into the mattress. I looked at my husband as he watched me being fucked into oblivion. He just winked as Jon went to work on me. Donnie said I looked at Jon as if I was wanted to say to him, "Who told you about that spot?" What I was really thinking was I couldn't believe how good he made me feel. I felt another orgasm coming on as I begged Jon to keep fucking me. I couldn't believe the words that are coming out of my mouth.

Jon now had my ankles next to my earholes. He had me folded like a lawn chair. He ground his long cock into me. I was cumming again as he held my ankles into the mattress. Somehow through the fog I remember hearing Cathy and Donnie laughing at me. Usually I would be mad at them, but right now I didn't give a damn. Jon went down on me. His tongue quickly found my clit. I felt my orgasm go to another level.

I pulled myself out of Jon's grasp again. I needed a minute to recuperate. I turned over onto my stomach wanting to calm down a little. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My face was flushed red and my hair was matted to my sweaty face. I felt Jon touch my leg. He was ready to start back up, but I wasn't ready yet. My clit was throbbing and very sensitive. I had to do something to keep him off of me for a minute. I got off the bed and got on my knees in front of Jon. I gave him a good long blow job.

Jon just looked at me as I blessed his long cock with my mouth. A smile finally came across his face. Jon led me to a desk that was in front of Donnie and Cathy bed. He had me bend over the desk and he started fucking me while we both were standing. I had my face toward Donnie at first, but I didn't want him to see me enjoy myself that much. So I turned my face away from him when I felt myself about to cum again. I still worried that he might get mad at me. Jon was hitting my spot again and I felt as if I was about to lose consciousness. Jon grabbed my head and turned it to my husband. I was in ecstasy as Jon slammed his long cock into me. I vaguely remember seeing my husband looking at me with a big smile on his face.

The next thing I remember when I came to my senses was Jon fucking me doggystyle on Donnie and Cathy bed. Donnie says that I remind him of the pornstar Cytherea whenever I cum. I go through all the body trembling movements, but without the squirting. Well after Jon did what he did next I would have made Cytherea proud.

When he was fucking me he started massaging my clit. That took me to another level. My friend Cathy let out a big 'Woo-hoo' as her husband worked me over. Jon had the perfect pressure on my clit as his long cock went deep into me. I was cumming so hard that Jon had to stop fucking me. I don't remember to much after that. I do remember looking up at Jon as he looked at me with a big grin on his face. I have to admit he made me his that night. 

The night was supposed to be about my friend Cathy getting her first taste of a BBC. I ended up getting taught a lesson. Cathy and Jon thanked us for a great night. Nerdy Jon actually apologized for doing what he did to me. Donnie told him not to apologize. He said I deserved what I got. I think I have to agree with my husband.

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