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A Beautiful Day In The Park

Husband and wife spend the day at the park but run into a eighteen year old kid

It was a beautiful spring time day and my husband had the day off. I said, “Why don’t we go hike in the park and enjoy this beautiful weather.”

He said, “That is a great idea. I had bought a bottle of wine the other day and we can take that with us.”

We packed our little cooler and grabbed a blanket and headed for the park. I was surprised that the park wasn’t very crowded but it was a weekday. We travel down a path until we came to a clearing area. My husband said, “Why don’t we set ourselves up right here?”

It was a great spot as we had walked quite a long way down this trail. I opened up our blanket while my husband got the bottle of wine out of the cooler. We pour ourselves each a glass of wine as we snack on crackers. It was just a gorgeous day for early May. We laid on the blanket for a while as we slowly drank down the bottle of wine. I had begun to feel pretty buzzed as my husband went over and grabbed our camera. He walked over with it and said, ”I want to get some naked pics of your beautiful body.”

I said, “Honey, somebody may see us?”

“We will be fine. Their is nobody anywhere around here.” he replied.

I thought about for a minute and decided what the heck. I slowly lifted my shirt up off my petite 38 year old body. My nice looking tits were now exposed as my husband took several shots of them. He wanted me  now to take my shirt off. I quickly looked around to see if anyone was coming. I then removed my shirt. My husband was getting very excited as he snap picture after picture of me. He then said, ”Baby, how about taking you pants off for me?”

I looked at him with a very surprised look. I said, “You want me to removed my pants right here?”

He replied, “Yes, nobody is around.”

If it wasn’t for the wine I would had never even thought about doing something liked this. I know my husband loves my petite 5’3 and 120 pound body, so I thought I decided to do it for him. I slowly pulled  my jeans down as I watched to see if anybody was around. I slipped my feet out of them and I only had a pair of thong panties on. My husband started to take several more shots of me as I stood their worried somebody was going to see me. ”How about taking off your thong?” My husband replied.

I was feeling kind of daring now as I pulled my thong panties down to the ground. I was completely naked as I looked in all directions to see if anybody was coming. I did several very seductive poses for my husband as I laid on the blanket. I couldn’t believe how good it felt being totally naked out in the woods as a nice cool breeze blew across my beautiful body.

My husband said, “I want to get some pictures of you over looking the river?”

I said, “How far is the river from here?”

“It isn’t very far. All we have to do is go down that hill over their and it is right their.” he replied.

I wasn’t to sure at first, but I then agreed do it. We headed about a couple of hundred feet from the blanket as my husband lead me down a hill where we could see the river. It was a beautiful place to view the gorgeous river and my husband wanted to take some shots of me. I ended up doing several poses for him including one shot where I stood spread eagle over looking the river.

I said, “Honey, I am heading back up the hill.”

I started heading back up the hill when all of a sudden I got the surprise of my life. Their was a young kid standing at the top of the hill with a camera in his hands. He had a very excited look on his face as he seen me.

I yelled to my husband, “Honey, we have a problem!”

He walked up and says, “What is wrong?”

I said, “Look up the hill.”

“Wow!” he replied.

I said, “What are we going to do now? I am sure he got several pictures of me. He also knows who I am since my name is all over the cooler.”

My husband replied, “Let me go up and talked to him. I am sure we can work something out?”

I stay right where I was at as my husband headed up to talked to him. I knew this wasn’t a very good idea, but I let the wine and my husband talked me into doing this. My husband had now talked to the young kid and headed back towards me.

He said, “I made him a deal.”

“What kind of deal?” I asked.

“All you have to do is sucked him off and he will erase all the pics he had taken of you.” He replied.

I said, “O’ that is great! What the hell kind of deal is that?”

My husband replied, “He is an eighteen year old kid. He thinks you are very gorgeous looking. ”

I said, “You are going to owe me big time for this stupid blunder you got me into.”

I slowly made my way back up the hill. This young kid couldn’t take his eyes off my body as I walked over to the blanket. I told my husband, “ Walk over by the trail and make sure nobody is coming.”

I then tell the young kid, “Come over here on the blanket and lets get this over with.”

I slowly lowered his pants to the ground. Hewas standing their with regular underwear on as I proceeded to pull them down. I couldn’t believe my eyes as his cock pop out on front of my face. It was pretty big and thick. It was also very smooth and it had a beautiful head on it. I began to licked his cock very softly. It didn’t take very long at all and it became very hard. I took all of it into my wet mouth and I started to sucked on it. I had only been sucking on it for a few minutes when I started to become very aroused. My pussy was getting very wet as I sucked on his big smooth cock. I quickly found my hands clinching his tight ass. I couldn’t believe how horny I was becoming as moisture from my pussy was now running down my legs.

I felt like a total slut as my body began to tremble. I felt liked I was going to cum as I sucked his cock very hard. My hands were squeezing his ass as I tried taking his cock all the way into my mouth. He had a beautiful cock and I was now feeling like I wanted him to put it somewhere else into me. I was totally buzzed from the wine and I felt totally out of control. I looked over and I could see my husband with a big smile on his face watching us. My husband had been wanting me to fucked another man for a while now.

I was on fire as I said, “I want to feel your cock in my pussy!”

I quickly pulled him down on top of me. I wrapped my legs tightly around him and dig my feet into his ass. I pushed his ass with my feet until his cock had reached my wet pussy. I can’t believe I am going to fuck this young kid right here in the park. I looked over towards my husband as I see his eyes light up as the young kids cock slips into my pussy. I started to moan out softly so nobody could hear me. I had no idea if he was a virgin or not as his cock felt so good inside me. He seemed to pick it up very quickly as he fucked me with everything he had. I had started to lose all control as his big cock pushed deep into me.

I cried out, “O’ Fuck! O’ Fuck!”

He had fucked me good and hard right now as I was getting close to cumming. I started to grabbed his back with my hands as my legs tighten up around his ass.

I yelled out, “Fuck me hard!”

He pounded his cock into me until I screamed out that I was cumming. It was one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever had. He was also ready to cum.

I cried out, “Please don’t cum inside me?”

I thought for sure he was going to cum inside but he quickly did pulled his cock out of me. He didn’t even have to touch his cock at all as he started shooting cum all over my tits and stomach.

I just laid their stunned. I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I quickly noticed his cock was very hard again and I could see by the look on his face he wanted another go with me. He grabbed my body and turned me over on the blanket. He pulled me onto all fours and I felt his big cock penetrate my pussy from behind. I cried out as my pussy was still very wet. He grabbed my hips and started to fucked me like an animal. I was so very horny as the spring wind blew across my beautiful body. He had fucked me hard  for a good solid twenty minutes. He had his hand sprints embedded on my beautiful ass. He wasn’t going to stop until he was ready to blow his load. I screamed out as I started to have another earth shaking orgasm.

He could feel my whole body shaking as I came very  hard on his big cock. I could feel his cock begin to swell up inside my pussy. I knew he was close to cumming. I pleaded with him, “Please pull your cock out of me before you cum.”

He grabbed my hips even tighter as there wasn’t nothing I could do to stop him. He moan out loud as he made several hard thrusts of his cock into me. I could feel his cum hitting deep into my wet pussy. I screamed out as I began to cum again on his cock. He thrust his big cock into me for a good minute as he empty all of his cum inside me.

I crashed onto the blanket as he got dressed. Their was nothing liked getting fucked hard while having a good buzz. The sun had now moved into a position that it was hitting my ass and I could feel its warmth as I laid their.

My husband walked over to me and said. ”How do you feel? That was great!”

I said , “You really want to know how I feel? I had just fucked a eighteen year old virgin boy right here in the park. I can’t believe what I had just done. Did you see if he had erased the pics of me?”

He replied, “I thought you did?”

“That’s great! I fucked this young kid for what reason?” I replied.

I got dressed and gather up all of our belongings. We headed back down the trail to the car. I tell my husband, “Next time you get a day off, we will go to the show instead.”

He laughed out, “O’ Good! Maybe we can find a stranger for you to fuck at the movies.“

I then said, “On second thought, maybe we should just stay home.”


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