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A bit of a dare...

A loving wife accepts a dare and is rewarded...

My hubby has often suggested that I have sex with other guys as long as he was around to both watch and protect me.   I knew the idea of this excited him tremendously, but being in love I just couldn’t bring myself to go ahead with it.


Now Hubby’s penis is on the small side and having enjoyed more well endowed men before we knew each other, I have to admit that the idea excited me.   Hubby was big in both the idea and enthusiasm departments.   But when it came to the actual act, as much as I hated to say it, he left me a little unfulfilled.   In case you’re wondering how I define “small side,” we measured him once when he was erect.   And from the base to the engorged head (which is pretty good sized), he measured a total of four inches.   Let’s just say that we made liberal use of his tongue as well as vibrators and dildo’ s in our sex life.


Anyway, about three years ago it finally happened in a pretty spontaneous way and since then I have gotten very comfortable with it so we have had many more encounters.   This is how it started.


It was a hot summer's day and hubby and I decided to go for a drive in the country. We parked up a quiet dirt track off the main road to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside in the vicinity of a state park.   With the weather being so hot, he was wearing only a pair of shorts and a muscle shirt and I had on just a light summer dress.


After hiking around a bit, we returned to the car sat there with the doors and windows wide open making small talk.   After a few minutes he asked if I was game for a dare.   He suggested that since we hadn’t seen a soul about, we both strip off and have a bit of fun.   Knowing that we were remote and after looking around and making sure we were still alone, I thought, why not.

So he pulled both his shorts and shirt off and I hitched my dress up over my head, leaving us both stark naked.   Giggling I could see that his dick was already starting to twitch.   I was shaking slightly with excitement as I started to rub my hairless pussy which was feeling very wet.

I reached over and tickled his smooth balls and started to rub his cock.   He sprang to full erection and I pulled his foreskin back and forward over the head.

We’re both frequent masturbators and enjoy showing off to each other.   So we both sat there with him stroking his cock furiously as I rubbed my clit.   With a gleam in his eye he pushed my head towards his hard cock and, needing no encouragement, I proceeded to start sucking.

I was in the process of jerking and sucking his cock when he spotted someone walking towards us.   But instead of warning me he let me carry on gobbling his stiff shaft.   With my head bobbing up and down on his cock and oblivious to everything else around, unknown to me he had motioned to the approaching man to keep quiet and come over to watch.   He soon started to squirm about and I knew he was moments away from blowing his wad.   I pumped him with my fist and placed just the head into my mouth when he let go squirting furiously.

As I came up for air after taking the full load from his jerking cock (which was beginning to dribble down my face), I looked up to see the grinning face of a young man looking at me through the open car door.

He quickly started to run off laughing, no doubt to jerk himself off thinking of me naked in the car rubbing my button while sucking a spurting cock.

But hubby called him back and suggested that I might be willing to help him out.   Hubby looked at me and nodded.   So taking a deep breath I got up and leaned against the hood of the car bent over from the waist.   The young man eyes widened and he asked my hubby if it was really okay.   Hubby assured him that it was.


So he walked up to me and dropped his shorts.   Hanging between his legs was a cock at least twice as big as Hubby’s and much bigger than any I had had in my past.   For a first try, it looked like we had hit the proverbial jackpot.   He placed his monster erection against my opening and pushed.   After a brief struggle as I wiggled to accommodate him, he slid into me and started pumping.   At that point I was so worked up that it didn’t take long before I was spasming in ecstasy.   He must have been pretty worked up as well because almost immediately groaning loudly he also came.   As he pulled out, his cum dribbled out of me and down my legs.   But at that point he must have gotten nervous with Hubby watching so he pulled up his shorts and took off for the woods.   We never saw him again.


After the young man left, I gave Hubby a playful slap, pretending to be cross.   He just laughed and mentioned that with all the moaning and groaning I had done, I couldn’t be too upset.   Further, he wanted to get home so I could tell him how it all felt from my perspective.


In the end, I’ll say that it felt good enough that it was the first of many similar encounters we have had since.   Hubby and I are still in love and he still turns me on.   And now I know just how deeply he loves me because he wants me to be fulfilled in EVERY way…


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