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A Chance Meeting

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A chance encounter with an old online lover turns into an experience she will never forget
I walked into the pub down the street from my hotel just for a bite to eat and maybe just to get away from the stress of the week. When my boss sent me to straighten out the England office I had no idea what I was facing. Most of the people were very nice, but the manager was a total asshole who was not interested in any of my help. Three days of this was all I could take.

I called my boss and told him he would have to deal with him. The only thing this guy was interested in was my 44 DD's and it wasn't happening. Today when I was showing him how to use our new spreadsheet program he decided my leaning over his desk was an invitation to take both hands down my blouse. He was in my bra before I could pull away and get out of there. My boss said he would deal with it, just to leave and enjoy a nice meal and get some rest.

I didn't feel like resting, so I ordered a glass of wine and some fish and chips. I finished my first glass of wine while waiting for my food and started on the second when it arrived. The food and wine helped me relax and forget about my terrible day. As I was finishing, the waiter brought another glass of wine. I told him thank you, but I have had enough. He said it was from the couple at the next table. I smiled and mouthed thank you to them. What would it hurt. I'm not driving and I have nothing else planned but sleep for the night.

The man walked by my table as he headed to the restroom. We smiled at each other. I couldn't help but think he looked very familiar. But the only people I knew there were the ones from the office and of course the guy I had an online relationship with a few years back. I had met him on Lush and we really connected. Unfortunately, my husband had found out and I had to end things with him. I still missed him, but the last time we talked he was getting married so I didn't let him know I was going to be in his town.

The wife walked over and introduced herself. "I'm Anne. Nice to meet you."

"Thank you for the wine. I'm Kitty." I asked her to join me. She sat and we started talking. I told her I was here on business and would be in town another week. At that time, her husband walked up and I knew that it really was Paul, the man I had talked to for months online.

He smiled at me, then gave me a big hug. "I never thought I would know what it was like to feel you in my arms." I think I was in shock just a little. "I told Anne all about us when we met. When I saw you, I thought I was seeing things."

"I am so sorry how things ended, Paul."

"Shush," he said with a smile. I knew he understood, but I had felt very guilty about ending things so abruptly.

Anne suggested we go for a drink somewhere and get to know each other. "I really can't drink anymore tonight myself, but I would love to hang out with you all if you don't mind."

We walked up the street and ended up in front of my hotel. "I am staying here, if you all want to drink, we can just go to my suite. It has a small living room and if you are thirsty room service will bring you whatever you like."

Paul leaned in his wife's ear and whispered something. She smiled and nodded. "We would love to," they said.

"I hope you all don't mind, but I am going to grab a quick shower. Your drinks should be up in a few minutes, I'll be right back." They smiled at me, but I couldn't help noticing they were deep in conversation.

I couldn't believe Paul and his wife were in my room. I had dreamed of meeting him so many times. We had spent a lot of time chatting and some very hot moments on Skype. I just hope I didn't let him know seeing him made my feelings all come back fast. I needed to pull myself together. Just seeing him made me horny.

I was washing my hair when I heard the door open and was very surprised to see Anne standing at the shower. "I didn't mean to startle you." I smiled and told her it was okay.

"Paul has told me about your incredible tits and I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to see them for myself."

I was a little shocked that she was so forward, but I opened the shower door to let her see them.

"He told you about us?"

 "Yes, he also told me that he had shared his fantasy of having two married woman at the same time with you. Would you like to help me with that?"

Maybe it was the wine, the bad day or the fact that I really wanted to fuck Paul at least once I told her I would, "What are our limits? I don't want to get into it and you decide its a no go. Are you really sure you want this?"

"Yes, I want this. And there are no limits. Have you ever been with a woman?"

"No Anne I haven't, have you?"

"Yes I have, and I am looking forward to teaching you a few things."

I smiled at her and stepped out of the shower. "Does Paul know what you are planning?"

 "Yes, I think he figured it out when I told him I wanted to order breakfast from room service."

She grabbed my towel and started drying me off. Her hands moving the towel all over my body, She dropped the towel and started putting lotion all over me. At this point, my pussy was dripping wet. I've never been touched by a woman and I am really enjoying it. Anne took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. The door between the living room and bedroom was open and I could see Paul looking like he didn't know what to do with himself.

Anne pulled me into a kiss, Her lips were so soft against mine. I felt her hand rubbing my back down to my ass. Any doubts were gone right there. I wanted this woman and her husband.

We broke from our kiss and she asked me, "Are you sure?" I pulled her back to me, kissing her deeper. This .time my hands rubbing her body. I unbuttoned her blouse and started kissing down her neck.

Paul walked into the room and said, "Ladies, I think we are going to have a good night."

Paul helped me take Anne's shirt off and started kissing down the back of her neck. I touch her breasts. They were big, not as big as mine, but very nice. Paul pulled her bra off and watched as she guided my head to her nipples. I felt Paul next to me taking her other nipple in his mouth, his hands were on my tits. It felt so good to have him touch me. I was so relaxed and enjoying the moment,

Anne pushed my head lower, closer to her pussy. I slid a finger into her, She was so wet. I licked my finger and loves what I was tasting. I spread her open and took my tongue across her clit, slowly at first, learning what she liked then going faster, from the top to the bottom. I slid my tongue deep in her pussy, fucking her with my tongue. She must have enjoyed it, because she started pushing onto my face harder and faster. I felt her getting wetter, more excited. Paul was undressed now, watching us and stroking his cock. He walked over to Anne and slide his cock in her mouth.

I felt her pussy start to tighten as she started to cum. I heard her moaning on Paul's cock, and she started cumming hard on my tongue. I kept fucking her until she could not stand it. I stepped back and watched as Paul fucked her face. He took my hand and pulled me to him. He started kissing me hard and deep. I knew tasting his wife in my mouth was driving him crazy. Anne pushed him out of her mouth and told me to lie down. She turned to Paul and told him to have fun, she was going to shower,

"Are you sure?" I asked her.

 "Yes, enjoy, I'm not done yet."

 Paul kissed her and walked over to the bed. I pull himed on top of me, kissing him deeply. "Do you know how many times I have dreamed of holding you? I asked him.

"Yes, I do. Now shut up and let's find out if its as good as we always thought it would be."

He was kissing me again, his hands were everywhere, Then I felt him slide his cock deep inside me for the first time. I think I came almost immediately. Paul was fucking me hard and deep. His mouth was on my tits when Anne walked back in. She sat in the chair watching us with a smile. 

Paul rolled me over on top of him pushing even deeper in me. I don't think Paul realized Anne was back in the room until she pushed me backwards and started teasing my clit,.first with her fingers, then her mouth. She was licking me and Paul, driving us both crazy. I only lasted about two minutes before I came hard on both of them.

Paul must have been turned on as much as was. He pulled out of me and put his cock in front of Anne. He shot his cum toward her mouth, but it didn't all make it there. He covered her lips and tits with his hot cum. I was so turned on from watching them I reached over and started cleaning her tits. "Paul, you taste as good as I always thought."

A big smile came across his face as Anne and I lay back on the bed, satisfied for the moment.

"Don't you girls quit on me now. I'm not done yet."

Anne rolled her eyes and said, "He has way too much energy!"

We both laughed and pulled him between us.

Paul smiled and watched as Anne and I kissed down his hips and moved toward his cock. It started getting hard again. We started kissing him from the base working our way up to the tip which was wet with precum already. Anne took his head in her mouth and started sucking her husband. I moved between his legs and started sucking his balls.

Paul pulled me up, positioning my pussy over his face and started licking me. I watched Anne suck him, then she climbed on him and started riding him. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me deep. It was the best kiss I have ever had. Paul slipped a finger into my ass while licking my pussy. His tongue slid back opening me up. I had never experienced this before.

"Oh Paul, that feels incredible."

Anne must have been enjoying watching us, she came hard on Paul's cock, making him shake all over. He slides a second finger in my ass and tells me he will have it.

I shook my head as he laid me on my stomach.

Anne moved over and pulled my cheeks open more.

"I think she is ready for you, Paul."

"I think you are right, Anne. Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

I was feeling so turned on, all I could think about was feeling his cock deep in my ass. Anne must have had some lube in her purse, because the next thing I felt wass the cold liquid being pushed in my ass and I heard Anne squirt some on Paul's cock.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes," is all I can whisper.

I felt his fingers leave and the head of his cock lightly push against my tight hole. Anne had my cheeks spread open wide and guided Paul into me.

He pushed just a little and his head slid in. I jumped a little from the shock of the pain, but I made myself relax. Anne came over and started rubbing her pussy in front of me Paul pushed himself deeper in, pulling me on my knees, opening me up as much as possible. He was all the way in me and slowly pumping me.

"Your so tight, baby, I won't last long."

"You feel so good in my ass, Paul."

Paul was pumping harder, filling my ass so full. Anne was rubbing her pussy harder. I pulled her closer, pushing my tongue back in her pussy. This took her over. She was cumming in my mouth. I felt Paul speed up, pumping almost more than I could handle into my ass. He let out a groan, and I felt his sperm shooting deep in my ass.

He lied down on top of me, spent. I heard his heavy breathing in my ear as he whispered, "Thank you."

"No, thank you both. I have always wondered what would happen if we ever met. Of course this was better than I ever imagined. Anne, thank you for sharing him."

"Thank you for letting me make his dream of having two women come true."

"Anne," Paul said, "should we tell her where we are going on our two week vacation this summer?"

Anne smiled and said sure. They are going to be about thirty miles from my city. I am looking forward to taking a few sick days while they are there.

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