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A Costume Affair

A Costume party with a twist
My husband’s thirtieth birthday was approaching, and it was my job to organize his party. His birthday just happened to be on a Saturday this year, and better it also landed on a Comic Convention. My husband is pretty nerdy despite his strong athletic build and I must confess I am also seriously nerdy despite my sexy curvy body and attractive looks. When I met him, he was so surprised when I told him how into science, fiction, fantasy and even gaming I was. A lot of his friends were shocked and jealous when they found out I liked spending so much time playing Playstation or watching Star Wars as much as they all did.

Deep down I think most of them wished their wives and girlfriends were nerdy and quirky too. At most parties I found myself surrounded by my husband’s friends, getting dark stares from their other halves.

I had finalized some details and decided that I would start the festivities at the Convention and then hire a separate ballroom for my husband’s party too. A way to kill two birds with one stone. I sent out the invites with specific instructions to the guests, specifically stating all participants must wear a costume.

As the date approached, I was sorting through the numerous costumes available for me to try. I knew my husband would love pretty much any costume, so long as it was sexy and revealing. It's one of the reasons I love him. He is not possessive or controlling at all and lets my free spirit run wild.

Well I didn’t want to disappoint him. I picked through various considerations, Wonder Woman, Lara Croft, even a cute Star Trek number I thought I could make a little more smutty. In the end, I decided on wearing the Princess Leia Slave costume from Return of the Jedi. It was perfect as I knew my husband wanted to wear a Storm Trooper uniform.

A week later and the special day arrived. I stood in front of the mirror eyeing off my handy work. I have a classically curvy pin up girl body, which only looked better in the skimpy costume. My light creamy flawless skin was in perfect contrast to the bronze eye popping bikini costume. I have naturally long gorgeous dark hair and had it matching Carrie Fishers in a long braid, but unlike Carrie, I have very full perky D cup breasts that just oozed out of the top. The bikini barely covered my hard pink nipples pushing through the thin material. I looked over my shoulder to see the dark eye globes of my husband’s Storm Trooper helmet staring in my direction. I knew the costume left nothing to the imagination and looked forward to cock teasing my husband most of the night.

My husband was sitting on the bed, wearing the stark white armor. He was more than happy to play his part, lightly tugging at my neck collar, by the slave chain. When I walked past him, I couldn’t help giggle as he groped my firm buttocks. His muffled voice calling to me, “Well baby I think you have outdone yourself. I can barely walk straight with my hard-on in this cod piece.”

I smirked and shook my ass just a little. “Don't worry baby, I have something special planned for you later tonight.”

Although I couldn’t see his cock under the large plastic protector, I could tell he wasn’t joking by his awkward shuffle as he stood up. I took his hand and led him to the car. While driving there he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. His hands were exploring my slender legs, sliding up my thigh and gently pressing my thinly veiled pussy. I was soaking wet by the time we arrived at the Convention. As soon as we got through the entrance, I let all the sights and sounds wash over me.

I love seeing everyone dressed up, and the crowd had outdone themselves this year. Some were wearing the usual affair, Star Trek uniforms, or something from Dr Who or even Battle Star Galactica. A fair few other girls were wearing equally skimpy slutty outfits too, steam punk or similar cosplay. Walking through the crowd, I could almost feel all the guys eyes on me and it made my skin feel electric. Walking through the crowd past the stalls, I got turned around and before long, I lost sight of my husband. I didn’t mind as I knew where the party was so I enjoyed the atmosphere as I walked from stall to stall looking at the huge range of collectibles. I couldn’t help but get moist between my legs, thinking off all those strangers wanting to strip me down and fuck me.

Eventually I found the ballroom and decided it was time to start the festivities.

As I walked through the doors, I was glad to see everyone had decided to play fair and wear a costume. All the girls were wearing equally smutty outfits, a few Cat Woman, costumes, a Wonder Woman, a really sexy Harlequin costume and even a very revealing Bat Girl costume. The room was darkly light and had various cheesy laser and spotlights flashing across the high ceilings and walls. The music was thumping from the D.J in the corner, and was packed full of our friends.

My gaze fell onto all the men in the room. They were dressed in revealing costumes such as the Spartan armor from 300, some in various superhero costumes and various others. I couldn’t help noticing the tight spandex outfits revealing the guys firm butts or large packages. As I went looking for my husband I got inundated with attention from his various male friends, all commenting on how hot I looked in my costume. After pushing through the crowd I thought I found my husband but he was standing with three other Storm Troopers in the room by the bar chatting with him.

I walked into the middle of the group and felt one of the Troopers grope my butt. I turned around and winked as I lightly elbowed my husband, “Jeez, you better keep a tight hold of my leash, wouldn’t want to mix you up and fool around with the wrong guy.”

I could hear his muffled laugh in response. “Yeah, I wouldn’t want to miss out on that.”

I pushed past the guys straight to the bar and started drinking various cocktails. Before long mingling with all the half-naked people and letting my inhibitions fall away I decided to ramp up my flirting. While sitting on the stool at the bar I could see my Trooper 's dark eyelets staring up my legs and fall onto my moist bronze panties. Seeing as he was by the bar, I turned slightly to face the bar in his direction and raised my thigh. I let my hand fall down between my legs, and pulled my moist bikini bottoms to one side to flash him my cleanly shaved pussy lips. I could feel how wet they were and slid my middle fingers into my hungry pussy.

Well it had the reaction I was hoping for as he walked straight up to me and took hold of my slave chain. “Hey, mind if I take that for a little spin?” He gruffed.

“Sure thing sailor.” I let him lead me through the crowd lightly tugging at my chain. My head was spinning slightly and the cocktails had really hit the spot. As we swam through the people I couldn’t help laugh as a few of his mates grabbed a cheeky handful of my tight ass on our way through.

He pulled me up to a photo booth in the corner, and lightly pushed me through the curtain. It was a lot larger inside than it looked with a double set of stools, and a big screen monitor. I saw my Trooper feed the machine some coins, which light up the screen. He sat down on the stool and pulled me down onto his hard armored knee. I started to flick through the various settings and settled on a sci-fi themed photo shoot. While I was pressing the control buttons, I could feel his hands roughly groping my breasts. Before I even realized it he had released the clasp at the back of my bikini top releasing my full breasts. I turned towards him to take his helmet off but he stopped me by lightly holding my hands. I could barely hear him as he gruffed at me, “Let’s keep it kinky, and see how you like it.”

I pulled the bikini top off over my head and let it fall to the ground as his gloved hands gently massage my hardening nipples. I smiled cheekily at the Trooper and let my hands glide down to his cod piece. I undid the two clasps and removed it revealing the hard cock being restrained by the black spandex. I whispered in his ear, “Wow honey, you must be enjoying this, your cock looks a lot bigger than usual. He was only lit-up by the glow of the monitor, but I could clearly see his head nodding as I pulled his cock out through the Y front opening and gently started stroking it. I knelt down and let my lips run the length of his hard shaft, looking up at him as I sunk his shiny purple head into my mouth. It was definitely harder and bigger than usual and must have been about seven inches long.

I started slowly, working just the head of his cock, savoring the taste of his pre-cum. I slowly moved back into the corner of the booth so that I could get a better angle to feed the whole length of his cock down my throat. I used slow easy strokes letting my tongue roll around the tip of his cock every time I rose up for a breath. I could hear him moaning as I sunk down on the depth of his cock. Before long I was getting a good rhythm going bobbing up and down on his hard cock and loving it.

Suddenly there was a bright flash as I looked up. My trooper had pressed the ready button and taken a quick shot of me sucking on his big cock. I had to stop and laugh. While giggling I felt him pull me up off the floor. He pulled down my soaked bikini bottoms. I stepped out of them and was pushed up onto the stool, facing away from the monitor on my knees. I was bent over and propped up with my naked body fully on show except for my chain and neck shackle. He wrapped the chain around my hands and then pinned them to a coat hook on the back wall of the booth. I could still hear the party just behind the curtain, and the thought of being caught only made me hornier.

I looked back over my shoulder and watched as my Trooper slowly started to rub my engorged pussy lips from behind. I was so wet I could only imagine my juices soaking through his thin gloved hands. He was slowly working my puffy clit, rubbing it in round circles. His other hand reached in front of me and tightly pulled on my exposed nipples, making them stand at full attention.

He was really working me up and before long, I could feel my legs shaking at every stroke of my erect clit. He was slowly pulling the hood of my clit back and forth and I felt flushed and tingly all over. The combination of the clit play and the nipple pulling was pushing me over the edge. I was shaking uncontrollably and couldn’t hold back. I could feel my orgasm building and was letting the warmth wash over me. I suddenly felt his fingers pushing into me grinding into my g spot. I was already soaked but this new pressure on my g spot only made it worse. Harder and faster, his digits pushed into me until I let the pressure go cumming and squirting all over this gloved hands, and dripping over the stool. I was shaking pulling on my bound wrists as I looked over my shoulder my face contort in ecstasy. The whole party was drowned out in that moment.

Suddenly another flash.

I was breathing heavily catching my breath, resting my weight on the taunt chain restraining my arms. I looked back at my Trooper, smiling, “God baby, you have outdone yourself.”

I looked down to his hard cock, lightly throbbing in the gloom of the monitor. “Maybe you should fuck me already.” Without hesitation, I watched him as he guided that magnificent hard cock into my waiting pussy. I felt the pressure of his tip pressing at my entrance. I was soaked but he was not in a hurry. He was teasing me lightly rubbing my fully engorged labia with his cock. How ironic considering I was meant to be teasing him. Then he started to feed that hot cock into my soaked cunt. First, it was one inch at a time, slowly withdrawing it before pushing just a little deeper. Inch by inch he invaded my soaking lips, the hardness of his cock grinding into my g spot. I let out a sharp gasp, as I felt him bottom out, pressing me in the depths of my hungry cunt.

I pleaded with him, “Stop teasing me and fuck me!”

With that, I felt his hands grip my hips and he started thrusting into me deep and hard. He was bottoming out into my pussy and I could feel the hardness of his armor slamming into my ass cheeks forcing me against the booth back wall. I was already so worked up from before but the new onslaught of his cock on my g spot was sending me over the edge again. He suddenly pulled out to edge of my pussy, leaving just his cock head in my pussy. He pulled around slightly, and then another flash.

I looked back over my shoulder and winked at him as I called back to him. “You're making the most of this aren’t you. But wont you fill me up with that hot cum already?”

“Are you sure?” his muffled reply.

“Come on, baby, you know I want it.” Suddenly I felt him push me back against the wall. He was thrusting into me deep and hard again. The pressure on my g spot felt amazing, and I felt his right hand reach between my legs from the front and gently rub my engorged clit. His hand was pushing my clit in time with his furious thrusts and my already soaked pussy was only getting wetter. I could hear the wet sloppy sounds of my pussy swallowing his rock hard tool. He was getting harder and thicker with each stroke stretching my pussy lips open and filling me completely. It felt so full.

I could feel my orgasm building up again, but this time it was even more intense, starting as tingling in my extremities and then the growing warmth flushing from me. I could feel him picking up pace and could hear his gruff moans with each stroke. I was shaking all over again and then suddenly I was creaming on his cock, coating his big fuck stick as I lost control. He pushed deep into my depths and I could feel his balls emptying into me, throbbing with each squirt of cum as he filled me up. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and was whimpering loudly as he filled me.

He suddenly pulled out of me with a plop as his cum was streaming out of my used hole, running down the length of my thighs. I was on mute. Lost in my orgasm but after a few moments I could just make out that the music had stopped and someone was giving a speech.

I was haggard and wrecked hanging from the chain, my exposed red raw derrière exposed to the monitor as the last flash woke me from my reverie.

I finally caught my composure after what seemed like ten minutes. My Trooper had already re fastened his cod piece and un-chained my hands from the wall hook. “I'll see you out there,” was his only muffled response when he pushed through the curtain, leaving me to get dressed.

I re-adjusted my costume, using the small mirror to tidy my disheveled looks, the cum still pooling into my bikini bottoms as I walked out of the booth quickly grabbing the photos from the collection basket. I walked out into the crowd when my attention was suddenly brought to the small stage where the D.J. was.

There was my husband, standing with a microphone in his hand, his helmet under one arm wrapping up a speech. “Thanks to everyone who had made it, I have been having the time of my life. Now where's my wife, I have hardly seen her all night. Oh there you are, come up here and give me a kiss.”

I was shocked, I had just let an unknown man, fill me with his cum, and now I had to stand on stage in front of all our friends and kiss my husband as the strangers cum was leaking out of my pussy. A set of photos in my hand documenting the whole deed.

I gave him a quick pash before moving off to the corner to look at the pictures. The first photo showed me giving the lucky stranger a blow job, my ruby red lips devouring his hard cock. The second photo showed me tied to the wall, the stranger’s fingers stretching my pussy open just as I was squirting. The third photo had the stranger feeding his hard tool into my stretched ruddy pussy, my face twisted in pleasure. The last photo showed my swollen pussy lips exposed with the strangers cum dripping from my pussy, and running down the inside lengths of my thighs.

I suddenly had a naughty idea, and as my husband was getting off the stage, I tucked the photos into his hand. I whispered in his ear, “Maybe it’s your turn now?” I walked off back to the booth seductively, looking over my shoulder and seeing the astonished look and grin on his face.

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