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A Coworker and Best Friend Part 1

A MILF makes and unusual request and we cross the marital divide
This is the first part of a three part story about a special couple of nights with my best friend.

Rene is a very sexy 40 year old woman who works for the same company and on occasion we travel together to the same locations across the country. Because of some events in our mutual past, she earned a level of respect and admiration that only a few people have ever earned with me. As with any other best friends we could talk to each other about any subject and know we would not pay a price for our openness. I think this is very unusual for people of opposite genders, but we somehow managed it. It has been very useful in helping us understand our spouses, because Rene would often ask me for a man's perspective of her relationship with Danny and I would ask her for a woman's point of view to help me understand Karen.

One evening after a business software training session in a midwestern city, Rene took me to a special place for dinner, to thank me for a big favor I had done for her and Danny and their two kids. I helped them qualify for a loan for a new house and saved them a lot of money by advising them in their negotiations. Rene had requested that I wear a jacket and tie, so I should have realized how she would be dressed, but I was surprised when I met her in the lobby that she was wearing a very beautiful and sexy little black dress that complemented her in every way. "Wow, Rene, you look stunning!"

"Well, don't get used to it," she laughingly replied, "You know I prefer pants and blouses."

It was true that she wasn't a girlie-girl. I'm not exactly a big guy and she isn't what you would call a big girl, but she matched me in height and she wasn't petitely framed. She was a pitcher on her softball team and that takes a little muscle and some reach. As we got to the car, she turned and made an unusual request, "Can you do me a favor and let me be the guy tonight? You know, let me open doors for you and order the wine and spoil you a little and all those guy things?"

"You want me to be the spoiled date? Sure, I can do that. But why?"

She said, "It's kind of important, but I'm not ready to talk about it." So she took me on a date and we had a good one. Dinner was superb and we had a bottle of fine wine. As we were having dessert, I could tell something was deeply troubling her and so I asked if she was ready to talk about it. She said something about Danny being a he-man and not understanding her very well. She talked about how she never got to call the shots in their bedroom. Then she suggested we continue the discussion back at the hotel bar.

We ordered wine back at the bar and she talked about how she doesn't mind playing the submissive role, but that she wanted to experience more. She also mentioned that he isn't very imaginative or open to new experiences except when he gets to play the "top dog". I made a crack about it sometimes being fun to be on the bottom and she said she wanted to show him the other end of the stick. I asked what she meant and she must have had one beer too many, because she started complaining about how he wanted to buttfuck her and she told him she would let him, but only after she got to do the same to him. She said he almost went for it, but he wouldn't wear the outrageous "slutwear" that he bought her and wanted her to wear.

I must have had one beer too many, because I said that I would have taken that deal. To put her mind at ease, I said that Karen was very traditional and consequently our sex life was more boring than I was interested in. Rene said that Danny was the same way. Except for the buttfuck, which she thought was just a power/ego thing, he was boring and rarely satisfied her. I told her that all my happiest moments were when I had just satisfied a woman.

I think she knew that I would do just about anything for her so she told me that she had a fantasy about dressing like a man and "wielding a dick" and teaching Danny what it was like to "submit to penetration". I got a mental image of her wearing a stapon and men's clothing and me wearing women's clothing and made the fateful statement, "Does it have to be Danny?" She smiled and said that since he wouldn't give his ass to her, he couldn't very well complain if she got a piece of ass elsewhere. I said that we could both get a piece without doing something we were supposed to reserve for our mates, so as long as we stuck with what we don't do with them, we could keep the guilt to a minimum.

Just to be certain, she asked if I really would dress in sexy lingerie and let her fuck my ass. I said that fair is fair and I would do for her what she would do for me. "But I need you to be submissive when I'm wearing the bigger bulge," she said.

"I'll be what you need," I replied, "but you don't need a bulge to be aggressive". I don't know how I knew that she needed that bit of encouragement, but the effect was immediate.

"All this talk is making me horny!" she blurted. "Does Karen suck your cock?"

Her question sorta startled me, because she had never spoken that bluntly before, but I told her that Karen quit sucking me a few years after we got married and also wouldn't let me lick her pussy. Rene said that Danny wouldn't lick hers so he doesn't get anymore blowjobs. "That's good" she said with a smile, "because it gives us something else to do until I buy myself a johnson."

We quickly settled our tab and on the way to our rooms, I stepped ahead to hold the elevator for her. Suddenly, I felt a hand give my ass a good firm squeeze and she said in a low predatory voice, "I'm going to love fucking that ass."
Since she was already feeling aggressive, I decided to try playing submissive. I let her fondle me in the elevator and despite the fact that I wanted to put my hands all over her, I confined them to her shoulders and hips. When we got to her room, she pulled me inside and soon she had me out of my clothes and laying on the bed while she hungrily sucked my rapidly expanding cock. She had all the moves and brought me to the brink several times. Eventually, I began to worry that she would tire before she got me off, but she seemed to sense that turning point and picked up the pace and suddenly had me pumping out the most powerful orgasm of my life. She swallowed my load and kept on sucking until I was limp. Then she smiled and said, "I forgot how great it felt to do that to a guy."

It was then that I realized she was still fully clothed and had rendered me powerless for the past 20 minutes. She stood and slipped out of her dress. Then she crawled next to me onto the bed and said, "Now your tongue has a job interview between my thighs."

I slipped my face between her knees and alternately kissed my between them and then down her stocking covered inner thighs until I reached the warm exposed flesh where the stockings ended. I playfully nibbled her soft skin as inhaled the bouquet of her pussy. I continued down to her totally soaked black thong panties at the intersection of her long legs and carefully bunched the satin between my teeth. I pulled her panties back off over her knees, helping them with my hands when necessary until I had them down and off and her feet. I kissed her feet and and ankles and calves and knees and back down her inner thighs until I was nosing into her soft folds. I licked slowly into her and tasted her delicious creamy wetness. My tongue found her clit and soon she was moaning and thrashing her head around and squeezing her lovely breasts while they were still in her black bra.

My tongue must have passed the interview, because about 20 minutes later, she was a puddle of spent contentment in the middle of the bed and she told me I was hired. That's how we went from being just friends to lovers. The next two nights took us happily back to being just friends again, but the best and most loving kinds of friends.

This is my first story so let me know if you want more.

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