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A Family history Part 1

My family history goes back almost sixty years. In the 1950’s nudist resorts were known as a place for “sun enthusiast.” This was a place where people gathered together to soak up the sun on their skin free from the restraints of society.

I t was in one of these camps in the mountains of east Tennessee where my grandparents, on both sides, met each other. The club was Sol Solis Licentia (Latin for sun freedom). This club was like many that did not promote free sex between its members, but it did not discourage it either.

Every Friday night the camp held a dinner mixer. The point of the mixer was to introduce yourself to other couples and families at the camp. My father’s parents entered the hall and were greeted by the hostess. They were nude just like everyone else in the room.

“Welcome to Freedom Hall, your names please?” the hostess asked.

“Jim and Pat Ryan.” He replied

Jim was a fit man. He stood 6’3” and was of muscular build. He and his father were partners in a construction and development firm. Jim oversaw the onsite duties of the business, and was tanned except for the area covered by his work shorts. His cock was a very respectable six inches long while he was soft. Pat was a house wife that spent much of her time sunning herself by the pool. She was 5’8” with small breast and a toned body. She exercised regularly, and was very fit as a result. Pat was a natural red head, and did not trim her pubic hair. She sported a full ginger bush of red pubes that drew the attention of many of the other members of the social mixer.

“Here is your table.” The hostess said, “These are the Patrick’s.”

At the table sat Steven and Beth Patrick. Steven was an older man. He was probably in his later thirties. He was six feet tall with thinning brown hair. Beth, on the other hand, was a slim woman with ample breast, and obviously still in her twenties.

“Welcome to the party. I’m Steve and this is my wife Beth.”

“Hi, I’m Jim and this is Pat.” My father said as he pulled out his wife’s chair.

“Are you regulars here at the club?” Pat asked.

“Yes, we built a cabin here a couple of years ago. We spend a lot of weekends here and plan to retire here when that time comes.” Beth answered.

“We’ve talked about building a cabin here too. “

The dinner party went on for several hours. The couples talked about their lives outside of the camp grounds. The men talked about their careers and the baseball. While the women talked about life as housewives and wanting to start families. After dinner the bar opened and the couples continued getting to know each other. They drank, laughed, and danced with each other. As midnight approached Steve offered to show their cabin to Jim and Pat.

“Why don’t you and Pat come back to the cabin? You can see what we did and see if you want to build one it.”

“That would be great! “ Steve said, “Lets collect the ladies and we will head out.”

They found their wives on the dance floor. The two ladies were having a great time dancing with each other, and the occasional man that asked to cut in.

“Steve has invited us back to the cabin to see what they have built. Do you want to go over to their place dear?”

“That would be great.” Pat said. “But is very far? Because I really need to pee.” She said quietly to her husband.

“We would love to join you back at your place, but Pat needs to visit the lady’s before we leave.”

“Oh, I use a visit myself.” Beth stated.

“OK, we will meet you out front then.”

The two men finished their drinks and walked outside to wait on their wives.

Beth and Pat entered the lady’s room and Pat entered the stall. She was a little taken aback that Beth stood in the doorway of the stall and continued to talking while was sitting on the toilet.

“I think you will really love our cabin. It’s right on the lake, and we have a boat dock with a wonderful deck. You can sit out there and watch moon and the stars.”

Pat overcame her shyness, and her stream started to flow. However, her embarrassment returned as she thought she would never stop. Well over a minute later Beth commented, “I guess all the drinks have had an effect on you“she said with a little laugh.

Pat stood and said “Well let’s see how they affected you.”

The women exchanged places and without hesitation Beth let go with an equally long and powerful hiss. After a few seconds Beth opened her legs and Pat could not help but look between her new friend’s thighs at the stream into to bowl. She may have been a nudist, but it was the first time she had watched another woman pee like that.

Beth stood and two women exited the lady’s room. As they crossed the club Beth took Pat’s hand. She placed her other hand on Pat’s arm, and rested her head on her friend’s shoulder. They walked across the floor and out the door as if they were joined at the hip.

They found the men standing outside having a smoke as they continued to talk sports with a few of the other men. They walked the mile back to the cabin they all felt the drinks warming them from the inside, while the night air cooled their skin. They walked in silence. Each man arm and arm with his wife.

They finally reached the cabin. It was a beautiful log cabin with a front porch that stretched all the way across the front of the house, and continued around the right side and around to the back of the house. As the ladies toured the house, Steve showed Jim the game room. It was complete with a bar, pool table and poker table.

“Boys and their toys.” Beth said as she entered the room. “Let’s go out on the dock.”

“Great idea honey. Jim, grab that pail and I’ll get us some beers and ice.”

As they walked outside, Steve opened the windows and turned the radio on.

“Wont the neighbors complain about the noise?” Jim asked.

“No, we are the first to build in this area, and I own the plots on either side of our house.”

They found their wives on the dock dancing to the music coming from the house.

“Looks like you two are enjoying yourself.” Steve said as he lit the tiki torches around the deck.

The ladies giggled as they held each other close. Steve opened and handed out the beers and the men relaxed in the deck chairs as they watched their wives dance.

“Steve, I have to ask. How did you end up with such a lovely woman as Beth?”

“Well, I have a few side businesses. One of them is publishing. I publish men’s magazines. We don’t do anything tasteless or raunchy, but mostly nudie cutie type stuff. That’s how I met Beth. She modeled for us a few times, and knew I had to get to know her better.

“We only dated for three months before I asked her to marry me. Could you believe she said yes? Sometimes you just happen to find the one person who understands you.”

They watched their wives dance closely and their hands started to wander over each other’s bodies. Steve lit another cigarette and offered one to Jim. After a few minutes Steve stood and excused himself and walked to the edge of the dock. He stood there smoking his cigarette while looking up at the moon. With his other hand on his hip, he then started to piss into the lake. This caught everyone’s attention, and for the second time tonight Pat was watching as someone else relieved themselves right in front of her. She looked back to Jim and he gave her a look that said “don’t worry about it.”

Steve returned to his chair, looked at Jim, and said “That’s the great thing about being out here by ourselves. No one hide anything from.”

Pat looked back at Beth, who had a wry grin on her face. After their eyes met, Beth Leaned into Pat and gave her a careful kiss on the lips. Pat was shocked and frozen stiff. Beth finished the kiss and moved back. Pat’s mind was racing through all of the nights events. Was it the alcohol that was numbing her senses, or did she truly enjoyed it? Had Jim seen the kiss? Did she want to do it again?

Jim was not sure what he had just seen. Had he just watched his wife being kissed by another woman? The two of them had never had sex with anyone else. The beer was having an effect on him too. He needed to clear his head. He walked over to the edge of the dock and pissed into the lake like his new friend had. He wondered how Pat would react to being kissed by another woman.

When he turned to go back to his chair, he saw his wife locked in a deep kiss with Beth. Beth had her hands on Pat’s ass and was kneading her cheeks. Pat had her hands clasped onto either side of Beth’s face, and was holding on for all she could.

Jim moved back to his chair not believing what he was seeing. He watched as his wife moved one of her hands down to Beth’s breast and started to stroke and squeezed it.

“This night just keeps getting better.” Steve said.

Jim looked over and Steve was playing with his cock while taking a sip of his beer. The women broke their deep kiss a few moments later and shared a smile between themselves.

“I can’t believe I just did that.” Pat murmured to herself.

“I can. I knew it was going to happen back in the lady’s room. There is more we can do if you want, but I have to leave you for a moment.”

“Don’t go.” Pat mewed as she held onto Beth’s hips.

“But I need to pee again.”

“OK, but don’t go far.”

Beth took three steps back and squatted down. As soon as she lowered herself down she relished a torrent onto the deck. As she pissed she looked right into Pat’s crotch knowing that she wanted to taste Pat’s juices. Pat looked over to her husband, and was shocked to see him fully hard and stroking his cock as he watched Beth piss on the deck. He glanced up to his wife and gave her a smile.

With that smile all inhibitions were lost. Pat could hold back no longer, and began to piss standing there in front of everyone. As it ran down her leg she brought a finger up to her mouth and nibbled on it as she laughed to herself. Beth smiled as she stood up and walked back to Pat. As their lips met again Beth’s hand went straight to Pat’s wet sex and rubbed her clit.

She pushed Pat back to the picnic table and lifted her butt onto the table top. As Beth continued to work Pat’s clit her mouth worked its way down to Pat’s nipples. After only a few minutes of stimulation Pat cried out with a powerful orgasm.

As she came down from her release, Pat looked to her husband who was still sitting in his chair with his cock in his hand.

“Why don’t we move this party back inside? That way we can all get more comfortable.” Steve suggested.

“Agreed.” Beth said as she withdrew from Pat’s body. She walked over to her husband and gave him a deep kiss and took his cock in her hand.

Jim approached Pat and took her hand. “Are you OK?” He asked.

“I’m fine. In fact I’m great. I never told you but I have always wanted to try being with another woman. Are you OK with this? We can leave if you want to.”

“I told you when I asked you to marry me that I only wanted to make you happy, and if this makes you happy then I am fine with it.”

With that they kissed. Then they walked up the dock to rejoin their guest inside the cabin.

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