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A Family History Part 3

The deal was sealed a week later. Jim and Steve closed the sale with Cubans on the dock.

“Have you talked to the cabin builders I referred you to?” Steve asked.

“Yes, they are drawing up the plans now. Once we decide on a design, they say it should take about six months to build.”

They sat and smoked their cigars and watched the sun set behind the island.

“We are going back to Florida soon. I am going to miss these mountain views, but it will be nice to get back to real beaches,” Jim said.

“When do you think you will be back?”

“I don’t know if we will be back before the house is finished. I have a new subdivision to get started outside of Tampa. Those things always take forever to get off the ground.“

“Jim!” Pat yelled from the doorway, “I think we found one that we like. Come see what you think about this design.”

Steve and Jim joined the ladies in the dining room. As Pat showed Jim and Steve the layout she and Beth had selected, Beth started to prepare dinner. By the time Beth finished the meal, the plans had been chosen.

“It’s a great floor plan; I think you will be happy with that one,” Steve stated.

“I think so too. I will call the builders on Monday and tell them to get started,” Jim replied.

They ate their meal and talked about the future their families would share together. After dinner they retired to the sitting room for drinks. Steve made martinis and Beth turned on the radio and asked Jim to dance. As they danced Steve joined Pat on the couch. He put his arm around her and rested his hand on her shoulder. They sipped their drinks as they watched their spouses dance.

Beth started to bite at Jim’s ear, and her hand dropped to his butt. Jim’s hand found Beth’s breast and he began to pinch her nipple. He turned his partner so that he could see his wife. He looked her in the eye asking for her approval. Pat smiled as she bit her lower lip and gave him the nod. With his wife’s consent he moved in for his first kiss from his new lover.

As they kissed he looked back to Pat; she had started to move her hand up and down Steve’s shaft, and as she turned her head her lips were met by Jim’s mouth and he kissed her slowly. Her hand continued to pump him to full hardness. When their kiss broke she moved her head down and opened her mouth again. Only this time she was going to put her lover's cock in her mouth.

Steve sat enjoying the treatment he was getting from Pat. At the same time he watched his wife kneeling in front of Jim and giving him the same attention. Steve lifted Pat’s head from his crotch and drew her closer for another kiss. Their lips met and he placed his hands on either side of her body. He lifted Pat up and moved her and hovered her above his lap. Pat moved her legs on either side of Steve. Once pat was in place Steve moved one of his hands down to his loins to position his dick like a pike for Pat to impale herself on.

Pat felt his manhood placed at the entrance to her body, and she lowered herself onto it without hesitation. He filled her completely, and she relished in the ecstasy of the union. She started to move in rhythm with Steve’s hips as he rotated his groin to try and maximize her pleasure. His hands worked her breast as his tongue probed deeper into her mouth. His tongue redrew from her mouth and Steve bit lightly on Pat’s lower lip.

Jim watched as his wife tried to throw her head back in pleasure. Held back by the limitations placed on her by her lip being held in Steve’s teeth, her motion was stopped by the pull on her lip. Jim pulled Beth up from her knees, and he placed his mouth onto hers. He turned his lover around so that her back was to him.

Jim walked Beth forward to the couch. Beth mounted the couch on her knees. She was right next to Steve and Pat. The thighs of the two ladies touched as Jim pushed her head forward. She was fully exposed to Jim as he looked over at his wife. He took his wife by the head as he pulled her to him. He kissed her as deeply as he ever had. At the same time Steve pinched her nipples, and Jim entered Beth.

Jim released his lips from his wife as he started to pump Beth in earnest. At the same time Steve began to stroke deeply into Pat’s sex. Jim felt his orgasm approaching as he pumped into his friend’s wife. Steve was feeling the same thing while he looked on as his wife was plowed from behind. He knew how much she loved to be taken from behind. He could tell that she was going to climax soon, and she did.

Beth screamed out as her orgasm hit like a wave of heat building from between her legs and moved out to cover every inch of her body. Her whole body shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure moved over her. With Jim’s cock still working like a piston in and out of her she reached her second spasm. Jim could hold back no longer and he sprayed his semen deep into Beth’s pussy.

His back arched as he sent rope after rope of sperm into her. Beth reached back and placed a finger on her anus as he dove into her. As his last thrust reached its deepest point, Beth shoved her middle finger deep into her ass. With the final penetration her body shook again and her third and final climax moved over her body.

Jim looked over to see the woman he fell in love with bouncing wildly on Steve’s cock as he grabbed her butt and held on of her nipples in his mouth. He could not help but to kiss her again. As their tongues met Pat reached climax. Her body writhed in pleasure as her husband probed her mouth and Steve pounded into her pussy.

As Pat came back to reality, she felt Steve withdraw from her pussy. He pushed her down to the floor as he stroked his prick. Pat opened her mouth awaiting Steve’s release. She felt the first drops of his lotion fall on her lips, but the Steve pointed his cock down and unloaded on her breast. After he finished his release, Steve stroked Pat’s hair like a lover and husband. He looked down on her with such love that she felt as if she were being welcomed into a new marriage.

Pat moved up onto the couch between her lover and Beth. She took one in each arm, and kissed them both alternately. At the same time Jim moved between her legs and started to lap at her still soaking snatch. Jim licked his wife to her second orgasm, and as her convulsions eased, Beth took him by the hair and pulled him up to his wife’s tits. As his mouth came to rest on his wife’s nipple he was met with a new sensation. He had tasted his wife’s nipple on his palate for years, but he had never known it with another man’s semen on it.

He licked every inch of her breast, and lapped up as much of Steve’s load as he could. Just as he finished cleaning Pat’s breast of Steve’s load, Beth suggested the two of them take a shower to clean themselves. They left the men. Steve was sitting on the couch, and the other man sitting on the floor.

Pat prepared the shower as Beth sat on the toilet.

“Your husband really knows how to make a woman feel good,” Beth said as she relived herself

“Well Steve knows how to please a woman too.”

Beth stood up and entered the shower. She was soon followed by Pat. They soaped and caressed each other’s bodies as they washed off the sweat of the sex they had enjoyed moments before. When Pat reached to clean Beth’s pussy she felt the creamy reminisce of Jim within Beth’s love canal.

Pat moved her lips down to Beth’s opening to take her husband’s juices into her mouth. She licked and sucked at her friend’s pussy as it gave back the juices her husband planted within her lover. When there was no more to withdraw from Beth’s pussy she rose up to meet her in the eye. They kissed again like newlyweds.

The two women exited the shower and dried each other off. When they walked out of the bathroom they were surprised to find Jim sucking on Steve’s cock. Steve’s hand was on the back of Jim’s head as he smiled like the Cheshire cat.

“I only asked him if he liked tasting me on his wife, and he said ‘yes.’"

“The next thing I knew he had me in his mouth.”

They all watched until Steve climaxed in Jim’s mouth. Nothing was said between the couples, and Jim and Pat retired to the guest bedroom.

Jim woke the next morning to find his wife stroking him. He quickly began to nip at his wife’s neck as he plunged into her. It did not take long before he climaxed into her.

The couple showered off the morning sex and joined their host for breakfast. Nothing was said about the night before, but they all knew a threshold had been crossed. They talked about the on coming winter, and how long it would be before they saw each other again.

“So when do you leave for Florida?” Beth asked.

“We have to leave today,” Jim answered. “We break ground Thursday on our new subdivision. Pat and I are going to build our new home at the crest of the cul-de-sac. You know Steve; you could give me a lot of my money back and buy a lot next to us.”

“I might just take you up on that. I would hate to leave a lovely lady like Pat just to you,” Steve replied. “But I don’t know if I want to leave Miami just yet.” The two men exchanged business cards and said their goodbyes. Before Jim turned away Steve gave him another Cuban.

“Smoke it and think of us,” he said.

The couples left each other’s sides for the first time in a week. Jim and Pat went back to their room, got dressed, and set out on their trip back to Florida. They took their time and made it back to Tampa two days later.

When they reached their apartment Pat ran inside. She reached the bathroom just in time as she vomited into the toilet. Pat’s morning sickness became a regular fixture in their lives for the next few months. They both waited on the day when they would welcome the new addition to their family.

Spring soon came and Jim received word from Steve. He wanted to see Jim and Pat at the camp. Jim wanted to see how the construction was progressing on his cabin. He also wanted to try to have another go at his lovers.

Jim and Pat arrived at the camp in early March. They checked into their room, and Pat was given special treatment due to her condition. It was clear to all that she was close to giving birth any day now.

After putting their belongings away, Jim and Pat made the walk to the Patrick’s cabin. As they approached Jim and Pat could see that the work on their cabin was nearing a completion. They looked over the main floor and the deck around the outside of the house. The second floor was under constructions as they oversaw the construction.

They were happy with the progress of the construction of their cabin. Jim and Pat moved over to the Patrick’s cabin to welcome each other back to the camp grounds.

Jim rang the door bell, and Steve answered with big grin on his face.

“Hey lovers,” he said as he answered the door.

“Why the big smile?” Pat asked

“Have I got a surprise for the two of you?” Steve replied

Just as he said that Beth walked into the room just as pregnant as Pat.

The couples exchanged stories of what had happened over the past few months.

“Congratulations Steve, It seems we made honest women of our wives at the same time.”

“Well if you will remember, I never unloaded into either of our wives. I shot on your wife’s breast and in my wife’s mouth.’

“So what are you saying?”

“That my wife is going to have your child, that's what I am saying.”

The news struck Jim like a ton of bricks.

The two women gave birth within days of each other. Helen and Chris were born within hours of each other. They were brother and sister.

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