A Family Matter

By angieseroticpen

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A Father steps in when his son cannot continue the family line
Jack stepped away from the taxi and turned to watch his daughter in law climbing the short but steep steps to the hotel doors. It was hard not to notice the movements of her shapely bottom under the tight grey skirt. He cursed his son, Colin, under his breath. Suzy was tired; she had been on her feet all day at the trade exhibition while her lazy husband was away playing golf with his friends. He should have been there helping out in the family business. “He didn’t deserve her.” He thought to himself. Jack knew exactly which hole he would be using his putter on if he had been in Colin’s place. “Fuck the greens,” he muttered to himself. “I would be rolling around on a bed with her instead!”

“You look shattered.” He told her as he put her case down at her room door.

“I am.” She replied as she opened the door. “I wish I had my foot massager with me.”

“Want me to massage them?” He said in all innocence. “It won’t be as good as that machine of yours but it will be better than nothing.”

She turned and looked at him. Her blue eyes met his and he suddenly realised that his offer had sounded suggestive. “That would be nice.” She replied.

“I.....I....I’ll drop my bags off next door first.” He stammered.

Jack could not deny that he fancied his daughter in law. She was very attractive and he did wonder what she saw in his son. It wasn’t so much that he wasn’t handsome but he could be lazy and quite selfish at times. Suzy on the other hand was very hard working and very unselfish.

Suzy sat on the bed and he pulled up a chair on his return and rested her feet on his lap. “Hmmm that feels good.” She said as she lay back and relaxed under the spell of his magic hands.

Jack looked at her lying there as he massaged the soles of her feet. His thoughts began to run riot; sexual thoughts; depraved thoughts; unspeakable thoughts. What he wouldn’t like to do to his daughter in law if he had the chance was nobody’s business!

“Are you going to be wearing these tights tomorrow?” He asked her. “I could tear them around the ankles and massage you better.”

She laughed. “They are stockings,” she told him. “I will take them off though.”

Suzy leapt off the bed and turned her back on him. “Fuckin’ hell,” he almost said out loud. “What a prick Colin is.” Carol his wife had worn stockings only once in her life for him and that had been on their wedding night at her mother’s suggestion. What he wouldn’t give to see a real life woman in stockings and suspenders instead of the magazine pictures that he had hidden in the garage?

Suzy turned to him with her stockings in hand. “Everything all right?” She asked him.

It wasn’t but he couldn’t tell her that he a had a raging hard on and that he wanted to push her back onto the bed, push up her skirt, pull down her panties and give her the fucking of her life! “I’m just a bit tired.” He lied. “Back on the bed.” He said as he patted his lap.

He was feeling flesh now; soft white flesh of her feet and ankles. Suzy moaned softly under his hand. She raised a knee for a moment and must have realised that he would be able to see up her skirt before putting it quickly down. Jack had seen up her skirt; Jack had seen her dark place of intimacy and desire, lit only by the whiteness of her silk panties.

Jack was finding it difficult to keep control. His huge erection was straining in his trousers and the fact that her feet were only inches away made it even worse. He cursed Colin once again. “You should be doing this,” he thought to himself. “You should be the one with the raging erection instead of making me having to suffer.”

Jack managed to stay in control though; managed to stay calm while he soothed his beautiful daughter in law’s aches and pains.

“That was lovely.” She told him. “I could sleep now. Thank you so much.”

Jack stood up. “Why don’t you have a rest before dinner?” He told her.

Suzy shook her head. “No, I will have a long soak in the bath.” She told him.

“Yes, I think I will do the same.” Jack replied as he turned away with thoughts of her lying naked in the bath.

“Why don’t you join me?” Suzy said.

Jack turned round immediately. He wondered whether or not he had heard right but her stare was fixed. He knew she was serious. He should have declined the offer; he should have laughed it off and walked away. She was his son’s wife; she was family; she was the daughter he had always wanted. He shouldn’t even be thinking of her in a sexual way.

“Go and get your things,” she told him. “I’ll run the bath.”

He turned to go.

“Don’t forget my room key!” She called out after him.

Jack stood outside her room for a few moments, his back against the wall as he contemplated what he was about to do. He had never been unfaithful to his wife in all their thirty odd years of marriage. He had thought about it; he had often been tempted but he was of the old fashioned school that believed in the sanctity of marriage. There had been times before when he had been offered it on a plate and though sorely tempted, he had always managed to pull himself away. This time it was hard though; Suzy was a beautiful blue-eyed blonde and he just couldn’t turn her down. Minutes later his trembling hands were sliding the room key card into her door slot.

She was in the bath when he came into the room. “I’m in the bath.” She called out as he tossed the key card onto her dressing table.

Jack slowly stripped, laying his clothes over the chair, before stepping into the bathroom. Suzy was up to breast level in hot, soapy water. She looked up at him, her eyes fixed upon his erection and she smiled as he stepped forward and slipped into the water at the other end of the bath. He was taller than Suzy and had longer legs so it was difficult at first deciding how to arrange his legs. In the end he settled upon having them either side of hers.

“My feet feel much better, thanks.” She said to him.

Jack cleared his throat. “It was a pleasure.”

“Like me to give you a rub down?” She asked him with her sponge in hand at the ready.

Jack was speechless and just nodded. Suzy got up onto her knees and got close to him between his thighs. He could see her nakedness now; he could see her perfectly rounded breasts with nipples fully erect and he could see her mound amply covered with light curls of hair. His state of excitement was clear for all to see as his cock stood upright over the waterline.

Slowly and silently she ran the sponge over his hairy chests and down over his stomach. The back of her hand brushed against his erection on its way down to between his thighs. It was then that Suzy released the sponge and cupped his balls in her hand. Jack moaned softly and then groaned loudly as she took his erection in her other hand.

As her hand began to move up and down she looked him right in the eyes. There was almost a cold and deliberate look in them that told him that she was knew exactly what she was doing. She wanted to pleasure him. She was going to pleasure him. Jack didn’t put up a fight; he didn’t even t try to stop her; he never even said a word. Jack just closed his eyes and lay back.

It had been many years since a woman’s hand had gripped his cock and he could count the times that a woman had masturbated him on one hand. Jack had lost count of the number of times he had masturbated himself but he could remember the times that he had cum at the hands of a woman. There was also something special about the way that a woman masturbates a man. It is so different from a man’s way. Their grip is so different; soft, gentle but firm. The hand movements are different as well. Men do it furiously but a woman does it more slowly and yet more deliberately. When a woman sets out to pleasure a man in that way they can rest assured that they will remember it for a long time to come.

Jack knew that he was going to remember this one. Every time he opened his eyes he saw Suzy’s looking into his. It was almost as if she was looking into his soul. But Suzy did something that no other woman had done before; she gently pushed her finger down to his anus and entered him. No one had touched him like this before. To him that was a no go area but he found himself pushing forward to meet her gentle thrusts inside him.

He found himself groaning with pleasure; he found himself telling her how good it was; how good it all felt. Suzy responded by increasing the speed of her hand strokes and Jack soon found himself responding with his cum. He could feel it rising; he could feel it slowly building like a vessel about to boil over. He cried out as the first spurt of cum shot from him. Suzy missed it; it hit her on the chin. But she did not miss the next and more voluble one; her lips had folded over the tip of his cock and she caught the full force of it.

Jack heard her gulping it down; it was almost as if she was quenching a thirst; satisfying a hunger deep within her. Her hand movements and sucking did not stop until every last drop was drained from him. He opened his eyes and saw her looking down at him smiling. “That.....that....that was so good Suzy,” he told her. “You don’t know just how much I needed that!”

Suzy smiled. “I do know.” She told him as she leant forward and kissed him on the lips.

“Colin doesn’t know just how lucky he is.” He told her.

Suzy did not respond.

Jack reached under the water with his hand and found her cunt; found the warm pink lips under a bed of curls. Suzy pulled back but he pushed forward. “Let me do the same for you please Suzy.” He said.

Suzy stopped pushing back and allowed his fingers to explore her.

“Turn around with your back to me Suzy.” Jack instructed.

Suzy stood up and turned around. As she pressed against him his hands found her breasts and her firm nipples. Suzy sighed as he took each one between his fingers and squeezed. “Ooooooh, that’s nice.” She said softly.

Jack responded by squeezing harder and Suzy’s increased pleasure was quite audible. He toyed with them for a few moments and then he let one hand slide down over her tummy to her mound. He was holding her tight against him. She was nestled tightly between his thighs, his cock pressed tight up against the small of her back. He could hear her breathing; even feel her contract and expand with every breath. When his fingers glided over her clitoris he felt her whole body shake and a gasp escaped her lips and when his fingers found her opening she responded by raising her knees and opening her thighs.

He kissed the back of her neck and when she responded with an even louder moan he barred his teeth and gently nibbled. “That’s so good.” She gasped.

Jack was finding her sensitive places and he was lavishing himself upon the freedom she was allowing him. As his fingers entered deep inside her he began nibbling her shoulder blades. The response was something that he had not heard for many, many years. Suzy groaned very loudly and asked him to fuck her. “Fuck me Jack,” she cried out. “Please take me to bed and fuck me.”

His excitement was instant. His cock was hard again; his cock was primed and ready but he wasn’t going to rush things. Jack ignored her pleas; ignored her moans and cries and continued to pleasure her. One hand on her breast with nipple between thumb and forefinger; the other hand down between her thighs with fingers plunging in and out of her pussy and his teeth nibbling her neck and shoulders. He intended bringing to orgasm before he fucked her.

She tried her best to cut short his pleasuring of her. She reached behind and took his erection in her hand crying out that she wanted it; crying out that she wanted it inside her; crying out to be fucked. It was only after her body began to shake violently with orgasm that he stopped. Together they climbed out of the bath. Suzy wanted bed but Jack grabbed her hand and pulled her back. He had other plans. “Bend over the bath.” He told her.

Suzy obeyed. She leant over and gripped the side of the bath, opening her legs wide in the process. She knew what was coming next even before she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her cunt lips from behind but she probably didn’t know just how fast and furious Jack was going to fuck her. He grabbed a handful of long, blond hair as he entered and pulled at her and used his other to give her a hard slap on her wet bottom. Suzy cried out as he thrust hard and deep.

He pulled again; he slapped again; he thrust again as he called out for her to move herself. Her cries and screams of ecstasy told him that she had probably never been fucked with such passion as this before.

“Oh Jack! Oh Jack!” She cried repeatedly.

As he came inside her she gave one final scream and sank to her knees moaning and groaning in the process. Jack knelt down behind her and held her tightly. It too had been a fuck unequalled for him as well.

A while later she got up and took him by the hand to the bed. Suzy wanted the closeness of his body. They lay for a while without speaking. There was so much to say; so much to bring out into the open but it was delicate. They had both crossed boundaries that should never be crossed.

It was Suzy who spoke first.

“You shouldn’t be so hard on Colin,” she told him. “He is having a few problems.”

“What sort of problems?” Jack asked her.

“We have been trying for a baby for over a year now,” she confessed. “It is getting him down.”

“I never knew that.” He told her.

“Well it’s not the sort of thing that you announce before hand is it?”

Jack pulled her closer to him.

“I suppose not,” he told her. “Have you been to the doctor about it?”

“Colin won’t go.”

“You sure it is him?” Jack asked her.

“His sperm is not like other men’s I have known,” she told him. “Colin’s is very watery and doesn’t taste nice. “Yours is like other men’s I have known, thick and tasty.”

Jack kissed her shoulder. “Sorry to hear that.” He told her as she rolled around to face him.

For a few moments they just lay here looking at each other. Once again there were things to say but could they be voiced?

Suzy responded in silence with her hand sliding down Jack’s body to his cock. Jack didn’t need any words to spell out what she wanted and neither did Suzy need any spoken words to accept Jack’s response. As he moved she moved; as he rose she laid back; as he moved a leg across her body she opened hers wide and as he nestled between her thighs she reached down and took his fully erect cock in her hand to guide it to her opening.

There were only two words spoken as Jack entered her. “Thank you.” She whispered in his ear as she thrust against him.

It had been a long time since Jack had fucked twice in quick succession and he had never done it after being masturbated beforehand but he found himself with extra strength; extra impetus. It was the thought of getting her pregnant. He knew that his seed was going to go deep into Suzy’s fertile womb and that thought made him rampant.

It was all made even better by the way that Suzy was responding. She bucked and writhed under him; she wrapped her legs tightly around him; she clung on with her hands around his shoulder blades and she urged him on by telling him over and over again to fill her. He didn’t really any need encouragement to cum inside her but having her with her mouth close to his ear telling him to fuck her and fill her made him thrust harder and faster. As he came she told him that she could feel him cumming inside her. Jack continued for a few minutes afterwards with long hard slow thrusts. He wanted to make sure that every last drop was used up.

Afterwards they showered and dressed and went down to dinner. The last time they had gone to a trade show together Colin had been with them and he had left them on their own after dinner while he relaxed in the lounge bar. This time there was no Colin. Suzy reached across the table with her hand and touched his. She smiled as she leant up closer and whispered “Is that you all done for the night or is there any way I can you get you hard again?”

Jack coughed with surprise by her question. “There’s a lot more in this tank,” he told her.

She smiled and leant closer “Then prove it by dragging me back to my room and getting these knickers off me.”

Jack felt his cock stirring once more. Resting his hand on hers and squeezing he said “Get your ass upstairs now!”

Suzy smiled and stood up. As they stepped into the lift Jack gave her a playful slap on the bottom and once the lift doors closed he reached under skirt and tugged down her knickers. Suzy managed to step out of them and gather them up in her hand before the lift stopped on the floor below their room and a couple stepped in. No one seemed to notice the pair of white silk knickers screwed up in her clenched hand.

Jack wasted no time once inside her room. He pushed her back on the bed and pushed her skirt up above her waist. He unbuckled his trousers and pushed them and his boxer shorts down to his ankles before grabbing her ankles. Moments later her legs were resting on his shoulders and he was deep inside her giving her the pounding of her life. It was not a long fuck but it was not without passion as it also served its purpose. Both of them orgasmed and Jack’s seed had been spilled deep inside her in the process.

Their next fuck an hour later was a long and relaxing one. Jack took her back into the bathroom for a long soak and this time he washed her down with the sponge, taking a lot of time washing down her pussy. Suzy groaned under the attention of the soft sponge brushing over her clitty time and time again. His attention to her pussy was briefly interrupted when he stepped out of the bath to pick up his razor.

“You’re going to shave me aren’t you?” Suzy said.

Jack smiled. “Why?” He asked. “Do you object?”

She shook her head. “Colin has always wanted to do that to me.” She told him.

“Then we shall oblige him!” Jack retorted as he positioned her so that she was lying back in the bath with her bottom resting in his thighs.

He had always wanted to get Carol to shave down there but she would have none of it. Once again Jack had many magazine pics showing shaved pussy but he had never experienced one in reality. That was now about to change.

Suzy lay back and watched as each stroke of the razor took away her curls. Silently and submissively she offered herself up to him to bare her mound. Afterwards she touched herself with her fingers; feeling her new naked state.

“Now I will show you why men like a shaved pussy.” He told her as he lifted her out of the water.

Drying her down he took her back to the bed and laid her down before climbing between her thighs. Suzy groaned as his tongue flickered between her pussy lips. “So much better not having a forest to negotiate!” He told her.

Suzy giggled before opening her legs wider for him to enjoy himself before getting down to the business of giving her a long slow fuck.

They were both tired next day. They had fucked again before breakfast and by lunchtime they were starting to flag. Over lunch Suzy teased him again. “Is that you all worn out now?” She whispered in his ear.

“Don’t worry Suzy I will be dragging your knickers off you the moment we get back to your hotel room.” He told her.

Suzy leant forward and whispered again. “What makes you so sure I am wearing any?”

Jack was stirred again. When they did get into the hotel lift again he lifted her skirt and was shocked to find her naked above her stocking tops. “You are incorrigible Suzy, do you know that?” He told her.

She kissed him. “I just didn’t want you wasting any of your strength in taking my knickers off.” She told him as she gently squeezed his groin.

Afterwards as they lay naked in bed Jack broached the subject that had yet to spoken out loud. “Will you want to fuck me after we get back home?”

Suzy reached down and gently cupped his balls. “I will continue to fuck you until the job is done.” She told him.

It was about five weeks later when Suzy came into his office after the last staff member had left. There was a serious look on her face. Jack already knew what she was going to say even before her lips opened to speak. He had noticed a few days before that she a glow about her; pregnant women usually do. Long before the bump begins to show there is an air of serenity and beauty around a women as if they are accomplishing their main role in life.

“I’m pregnant.” She told him.

He was pleased but his heart sank.

“I haven’t told Colin yet,” she said. “So please don’t saying before he gets back tonight and I tell him.”

“Of course.” Jack told her. “Congratulations. I really am pleased for you both.”

She smiled and bent down and kissed him. “Thank you.” She told him.

“It was my pleasure!” He told her.

He felt deflated now. His job was now done. He would miss her. He would miss all that had become a regular routine after everyone had left for home. He would miss slipping his hand under the hem of her skirt. Sometimes there would be panties to touch; soft white silk warm and damp; sometimes there would be nothing but bare flesh over her stocking tops. Nakedness, soft and moist to the touch.

He would miss the feel of her pussy lips; open and pouting; lubricated and ready for cock. His cock. He would miss bending her over the desk; miss lifting the hem of her skirt over her waist; miss kneeling on the floor and kissing her protruding pussy lips. He would miss hearing her soft moans of delight as he pushed forward his tongue and tasted her. He would miss her request to fuck her. He would miss her urging him on as he stood and dropped his pants. He would miss feeling her cunt lips against the tip of his cock; miss that feeling of being engulfed by her moist sheath as he pushed forward.

He too would miss the touch of her hand as she reached under between her thighs and cupped his balls. He would also miss gripping her hips for leverage as he plunged hard and fast into her; miss grabbing a fistful of hair and tugging to urge her on. He would miss her cries as he slapped her bottom. He would miss calling her names and miss her acceptance of the fact that she was a whore; his whore.

Finally he would miss that moment of pleasure as his orgasm peaked; as his juices shot deep inside her. He would miss her encouragement to fill her with every last drop. Jack would miss Suzy. He loved her and he wanted to keep her.

Suzy reached and touched him. “It was my pleasure as well.” She said as she gave him a gentle squeeze.

“Will you want any more children in the future?” He asked her.

She laughed. “You sound eager to keep me barefoot and pregnant.” She joked as she planted a kiss on his lips.

Jack smiled “If only!” He thought.

“How many did you want,” she asked him. “You did want more than Colin didn’t you?”

He wondered how she knew that. “I always wanted a daughter and perhaps another boy.” He answered.

“Then I shall try my best to give you them!” She told him.

Jack was momentarily stunned. “Thank you.” He told her.

She kissed him again. “It will be my pleasure.”

He smiled. “Actually I wanted at least ten!”

She laughed.

Jack’s hand hovered at his side just as it usually did before he slid it up between legs. “Go ahead if you want,” she said. “One more time won’t hurt.”

He did. There were panties to greet his fingers; soft white silk warm and damp but he soon had them down around her ankles. Afterwards he watched as she reached inside her handbag to take out a wipe. He usually liked to watch as she wiped away his cum from between her pussy lips but this time he took the wipe from her. For one last time, for a while anyway, he wanted to wipe her clean. Suzy opened her legs wide for him to access her.

Later that evening both Colin and Suzy came round to see them. Colin was very excited and it was so good to see a smile on his face as he announced their good news. Jack had never seen his son so happy. After they had left Carol went upstairs to have a bath leaving him to reflect upon the last few weeks. Half an hour or so later he heard her calling him and he rushed upstairs to see her.

“Fucking hell!” He shouted out as he saw her standing there in a short black see-through nightdress. Not only was she wearing stockings and suspenders but she also had no pubic hair.

Jack was stunned.

Carol walked over to him and kissed him. “I have been neglecting you haven’t I!”

Jack tried to speak but the words would just come out.

“It’s okay I know about you and Suzy,” she told him. “In fact it was me who instigated it.”

Jack felt weak at the knees and had to reach for the dressing table chair. He tried to speak again as he sat down.

Carol stood in front of him and calmly told him how Suzy had come to her a couple of months ago very upset and telling her about their problem. “I told her about how you got me pregnant so quickly on our honeymoon. It seemed to make her even more upset.” She explained.

“It preyed on my mind,” she said. “I didn’t want her going off with someone else so I suggested having you as a surrogate father. We sat down and talked about it; made some rules and drew boundaries and I suggested that the trade show would be an ideal time to get started. It was me who made Colin go golfing with his friends. I persuaded him that he needed a break.”

“You....you should have told me,” he told her. “I have been racked with guilt about it all.”

Carol leant over and kissed him. “I know and I am sorry,” she said. “But you have enjoyed yourself as well!”

Jack smiled.

“It’s my turn to make it up to you now,” she told him as she touched his groin. “Suzy has not held back in telling me about what you have been doing and I now realise just what a bad wife I have been to you, sexually that is.”

Jack reached up and hugged her. “You have been a very good wife.” He told her.

She kissed him again before sinking to her knees. “From now on,” she said as she began to unbuckle his belt.”I will do anything you ask of me sexually. Anything at all!” She added as she pulled away his belt.

Jack was stunned as he watched her stand and folded the belt in two. “From now on Jack I am your whore and I will be available whenever and for whatever you desire of me.”

“Bloody hell Carol,” he exclaimed.

She smiled. “But before you use my cunt for your pleasure I want you to do something for me.” She said as she pressed the belt into his hands. “There should only be one boss in the bedroom and that should be you. I want you to show me that you are boss and what to expect if I don’t please you.”

His hands were trembling. He didn’t know what to say; he didn’t even know what to think! But one thing he knew was that he had a hard on. He also knew had not felt as sexually excited as this for a long time. Perhaps it was the power; perhaps it was the belt in his hand but whatever it was he was going to take advantage of it.

“Yes, you certainly deserve being punished and it is about time you realised who is the boss in the bedroom,” he told her. “Bend over the edge of the bed now!”

Carol turned and obediently walked to the edge of the bed and lay down with her bottom bare and exposed on its edge.

Jack stripped and walked over to her with belt in hand. “Yes he had taken care of one family matter and it was time to take care of another one that was well overdue.” He thought to himself as he raised his arm.