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A Fantasy Come True

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I arrived home early to find my wife with another man

Joan and I have been swinging now for over 7 years, in that time we have had a fair share of fun, we have always played as a couple, but it has always been my fantasy of letting Joan play while I am out and to give me full details when I return, (even though I said to do it I didn’t know how I would react if she ever did) I have asked her many times to do this but she has always refused, that was until last Friday.

I went out with family to watch a game at the millennium stadium in Cardiff, I told her I would be out most of the day as I was expecting to go for a drink after, but as it happens we all decided to go home as my brother had an appointment at 12, so I arrived home a little after 1230.

I tried the front door and was surprised to find it locked, so I assumed Joan had gone shopping, I took out my key and opened the door, as I came in I could hear noises upstairs, I thought she had just bathed and was getting dressed, but as I listened I had a distinct sense that she had someone with her as the noises were not the sort of sounds I was expecting to hear.

She was moaning in pleasure. I crept up the stairs and noticed the bedroom door was open wide, and what I saw made my heart skip a beat.

Joan was laying there flat on her back with her legs high in the air with my best mate James pumping into her for all his worth.

Now James, like me is ex military, and we have known him for a few years now (we met through a swingers site and hit it off straight away as we have so many things in common), we are both in very good shape but he has been spending a few more hours than me in the gym lately so he is in slightly better shape, but where I lose out to him on muscle size I match him in stamina.

I stood there for about 5 minutes without them even noticing me (I guess they were so engrossed in each other and the enjoyment of the moment).

I was getting extremely aroused and my cock was growing to the hardest it had been in years, so I decided to make my presence known to them.

I walked towards the open door and as I got within the doorway Joan noticed I was home. She just looked up and me and tapped James on the shoulder and nodded in my direction, he looked at me with a worried look on his face but I just smiled at him, Joan then said the words I’d hoped to hear,

“Do you want to join us”

“Do I, fuck yeah”

Within seconds I was naked and on the bed kissing and caressing Joan as her lover still pounded into her.

I thought this is a dream come true and decided I was just going to sit back for a bit and watch, so I got myself in to a position where I could see his cock sliding in and out of my slut wife, he looked at me and said

“You like this do you mate”

“Yes I do mate, I just wish I was here from the beginning as I love seeing her getting fucked”

“Ok we will run through everything again for you”,

With that he pulled out of her and moved up the bed, he then started kissing Joan fully on the mouth, his hands started to explore her body, starting at her neck then down to her tits, his lips following slightly behind his hand.

Needless to say it wasn’t long before his mouth was clamped on her nipple; he sucked on the right nipple first for a few minutes, he then turned his attention to the left.

His hand carried on moving down her body, over her belly and down towards her mound, I watched intently as his hand moved down to her pussy, she opened her legs instinctively allowing him access.

I moved down the bed so I could see his fingers playing with her clit and slip slowly inside her.

After about 5 minutes of doing this he slowly moved his way down her body kissing and licking as he went, I looked at her nipples still glistening from his saliva and thought what a beautiful sight.

Joan by now was wiggling as if she was laying on an ant hill.

He moved down and down until he was just millimetres from her pussy, then all of a sudden he just buried his head straight between her legs, as soon as his tongue touched her Joan let out an almighty sigh.

I looked up at her to see a look of sheer pleasure on her face. She thrust as hard as she could against his face, he licked and sucked like an expert and made her cum about 4 times.

He then moved back up, but this time getting up on his knees to present her with his cock, she lifted her head slightly and took him full in her mouth.

As they did this I thought I am not leaving a good pussy go to waste, so I moved forward and placed my mouth where only seconds ago another man’s mouth had been.

I licked and sucked for all I was worth, as if I wanted to prove to both myself and Joan that I could do an equally good job that her lover had just done, and her moans confirmed this to me, I carried on for about 20 minutes or so, and in all this time she didn’t remove his cock from her mouth once.

She was having what seemed like one continuous orgasm, and she was sucking him so hard and fast I thought he was going to blow any second, he was moaning loudly but somehow managed not to cum, I was surprised by his control, as I knew if it was me getting the bj I would have filled her mouth with my seed by now.

I withdrew from my position and asked James if he was going to fuck her or what,

“Too fucking right I am”

We then switched places with James moving in between her legs cock pointing straight at her pussy and me with mine heading towards her mouth.

We went on like this for a few minutes and I knew I wasn’t going to last long, she sucked me like never before, and with the sensations I was feeling and the sight of him fucking her hard I had no choice but to cum.

I withdrew from her mouth and shot over her lips and the rest of her face, she opened her mouth slightly allowing a small amount to enter it then wiped off the rest.

I sat back and carried on watching him fuck my beautiful wife (which was about another 10 minutes) until he could take no more, and he emptied deep inside her.

By this time I was ready for action again and when he moved I quickly placed my cock in her, I fucked her hard for about 30 minutes all the time thinking about what I had just witnessed.

I finally let out a grunt and came for the second time within 45 minutes.

We all sat there relishing in what had just happened, he looked at me and said

“Thanks for allowing me to carry on”

“You don’t think it is over do you mate”

“Well I thought it was”

“We have loads of time left yet” I said

He just looked at me and smiled, and said in that case come here girl and get your mouth around this which she eagerly did.

He then moved his way down and mounted her for the second time, I moved my way back up and put my cock very close to her mouth, she looked up at me and swallowed it in one, all the time watching the look on my face.

I kept switching my attention from her pretty face to his cock in her pussy, when he emptied into her a second time I rolled her onto her belly and pulled her arse up so I could take her from behind, as I did this James moved back in front of her and we let her enjoy a spit-roast. We carried on like this for another 4 hours, both James and myself cum another 3 times, I had totally lost count of Joan’s orgasms but I was sure she had had a fantastic time.

After James had gone I said to Joan

“This is something we will have to repeat”

She of course agreed.

I have spoken to them both since and assured them it is ok for him to come and visit her whenever they both want.

“You don’t have to tell me twice” he replied

I told them both the only thing I want is full details after which they both agreed to.

This is a true account of an event that happened just over a week ago, I am happy to say it is not going to be a one off, but something that will definitely be repeated and hopefully soon.

I thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed my sharing this as much as I did participating in it.

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