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A Favour for a Friend Part 2

Anne seduces Oliver and the couple are carried on waves of pleasure to heights of rapture.
At this point in my story, I really ought to come clean. Although I described our relationship with Ellen and David as mildly flirtatious, about three years previously it had changed over the course of one night into something much naughtier. Subsequently they introduced us to their swinging lifestyle, which we embraced with considerable enthusiasm and enjoyment.

I am sure, however, that my readers will be impatient to find out what happened next in the story of Anne and Oliver. Consequently, the description of our original seduction by Ellen and David, and its deliciously depraved consequences will not be told here, although it will be the subject of later stories from my pen.


The next morning Anne and I awoke to another beautiful summer’s day. We had fallen asleep in each other’s arms, happy and fulfilled by our lovemaking; for the moment at least, our mutual passion spent. It felt good to be alive, lying there alongside the woman I loved, secure in the knowledge of her deep love for me.

We got up late, content to laze in bed in that state of blissful lethargy that often follows a night of love. Once we were dresesd, and had eaten our breakfast, we spent the day as we did most Sundays. I caught up on the newspapers, and then went outside to potter around the garden. Anne busied herself preparing the family meal, a leisurely affair, which we ate together gathered around the dining table. The girls chattered away as usual about boys and other girlish things. Anne and I did not feel the need to say much, quite happy to be together in the silent intimacy of two people who have shared their lives for many years.

It was late in the evening, after the girls had gone to bed, before Anne started to talk about the thoughts and plans she had been making for the following weekend. It was only then that I realised that Oliver had been on her mind all the time. "I rang Mum earlier, and I have arranged for you to drop the girls off at her place on Friday evening, and pick them up again sometime on Monday,” she said, “You know how much she enjoys having them around since Dad died.”

My pulse quickened at the thought of a weekend alone together, but as she continued I realised that she had quite different ideas. “I have also spoken to Ellen, and Oliver will be coming round early on Saturday evening, and she will not be expecting him home until lunchtime the next day. She will make sure he has a good meal, because I don’t anticipate that we will spend much time eating. He is going to need all his strength for what I have planned for him. Ellen will try to fill him in about our novel sexual lifestyle, so I hope he won’t be too alarmed when I start to seduce him.”

As she spoke, I felt a familiar stirring in my groins at the thought of watching Oliver plunder the riches of my wife’s gorgeous body. "I hope I will be allowed to watch,” I said, “I am really turned on by the thought of watching his cock sliding in and out of your delicious cunt until you come together in mutual ecstasy.”

She thought for a moment, then said, “Yes, I will let you watch us, but I’m not going to let you fuck me again after tonight until Oliver has given me everything that he has.” She laughed, “I expect that as a young man in his prime, he will be able to come and come again, and I am really excited thinking about the hours of pleasure he will give me. But I want to be really horny for him by Saturday, so tonight is the last night for a while for you buster.”

She then stood up, lifted her dress over her head and dropped it on the floor, standing just out of reach. Quickly she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, holding it over her breasts with one hand. She did a little dance in front of me, letting her bra fall to the ground as she did so, her ripe breasts bouncing gently and enticingly. She then slipped her fingers into the waistband of her lacy panties and slipped them down her thighs to reveal her golden bush, the lips of her pussy peeking through the curls. I started to stand up so that I could take her in my arms, but she turned and fled, giggling as she went.

“If you want me, you had better come and get me,” she called softly as she ran up the stairs, “Otherwise you are going to have to wait for a week, although I am sure Ellen will make sure you don’t get too frustrated.”

I chased after her up the stairs and into our bedroom and shut the door firmly behind me. Anne was lying on the bed, her legs parted, lasciviously holding her labia apart with her fingers to reveal the pink flesh within. In a flash I undressed, letting my clothes fall where I stood, and then I was upon her, with one swift movement driving my cock deep into her open cunt. I paused for a moment to savour the exquisite sensation of the warm velvety lining of her vagina enfolding the shaft. Then I started to fuck her in long steady strokes, her hips rising up to meet me as I thrust deep into her.

There was nothing subtle or gentle about our coupling. We were like people possessed by a frenzy of lust, our imaginations running wild in anticipation of the weekend of seduction and debauchery to come. In her ecstasy, Anne raked her fingernails down my back, writhing beneath me as waves of pleasure washed through her body. As I drove on towards my climax, I pushed my chest hard against her, pinning her to the bed, driven by the overwhelming desire to possess her completely. I roughly sought her lips with mine, thrusting my tongue into her mouth in time with the thrusts of my cock deep into her cunt. Each time my cock was fully engulfed, I drove hard against her cervix as if I could penetrate even further into her helpless body, my swollen balls slapping hard against her anus.

After a few minutes I could feel that familiar warmth and tingling in my groin, signalling that my orgasm was close. I thrust even harder into Anne, grinding my pubic bones hard against her clitoris. Then I started to come, a sharp sensation rising up like a spear from the root of my penis, and erupting from its head to pierce deep into Anne’s cunt. My legs were shaking uncontrollably as I pumped spurt after spurt of hot semen into her deepest recesses. Waves of intense pleasure radiated from my penis back through my body and deep into my brain. Almost deafened by the rushing sound of the blood in my head, I was vaguely aware of Anne screaming out obscenity after obscenity, as her own orgasm wracked her body in paroxysms of almost unbearable pleasure.

I slumped on top of Anne, exhausted by the intensity of my climax. After a couple of minutes I had recovered sufficiently to roll off onto my side, so that she could breathe more easily. Her chest was rising and falling as she tried to draw oxygen into her lungs, and she looked as if she had just run a marathon. Her face and breasts were flushed a deep pink, and her hair was damp and tousled, but as I looked at her, I thought that she looked radiantly beautiful. Words were inadequate to describe how I felt in that moment, but I thanked the Fates that they had given me this woman, and granted me enormous privilege of being her lifelong companion and soul mate.

Despite the warmth of the summer night we soon started to feel cold as the sweat of our exertions dried on our bodies. I got up and went into the bathroom where I grabbed a couple of towels, and after we had rubbed each other down, we cuddled together under the duvet. We lay there in each other’s arms, as the delicious lethargy of post-coital bliss flowed through our bodies and minds, and before many minutes had passed, fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

The following week passed very slowly. Although I had a very good SLR, I didn't think that explicit pictures of two people engaged in all manner of sexual activities would get past the censors if I sent ordinary colour negative films for processing and printing in the normal way, so I made sure that I had sufficient packs of film for my Polaroid camera – this was before the days of inexpensive digital cameras. Anne had her hair and nails done, and went to a very expensive shop in town to find suitable lingerie for Oliver’s delectation and delight. She also spoke to Ellen several times on the phone for what seemed like hours, but I was too polite to ask what they had been talking about, although I have no doubt that Oliver’s seduction was the chief topic of conversation. Anne had made it her mission to do what Ellen had asked, and give Oliver a really good time. At the same time she was ardently looking forward to what she hoped would be a time of extreme sexual pleasure and fulfilment for her as well. 

Finally Saturday dawned. Anne stayed in bed until late in the morning, so I took her breakfast of chocolate, eggs Benedict, and fresh figs, all washed down with a glass of champagne. I laid out her sexiest bathrobe on the bed, and then went into the bathroom to run her bath, adding verbena and green tea scented bath salts for a really sensual experience. She stayed in the bath for nearly an hour, then washed and dried her hair to give an artful natural look. When she had finished, she came downstairs dressed in just her robe for a light lunch of oysters, lobster and avocado salad, followed by strawberries and whipped cream, served with another glass of champagne.

After lunch she took a short nap, before starting to get ready for Oliver, who was due to arrive at about 7 o’clock in the evening. At about 6 o’clock I looked in to see how she was getting on. She was seated at her dressing table, absolutely naked, carefully applying her make up in ways that would subtly enhance her natural beauty. She looked ravishing, and for a moment I wished that all this effort was for me.

Hearing me at the door, she turned, and as I looked down her body, I had a most delicious shock. Gone were the soft curls of reddish blond hair that had framed her adorable pussy, and she was completely bald, naked as a baby. The effect was to accentuate the plump outer lips of her vulva, and my eyes were irresistibly drawn to her clitoris, now revealed in all its glory, the tip just poking through the hood. I was rendered speechless for a moment, and then let out a low whistle of appreciation as I feasted on her beauty.

Anne looked at me with a twinkle in her eye, and said, “That surprised you, didn’t it. Just imagine what the effect will be on Oliver when he sees my pussy for the first time. It really turns me on to have a naked pussy, it is so sensitive, and I think I will come just from Oliver’s touch when he strokes me for the first time. I can’t wait to feel his fingers parting my lips to explore the hidden glories of my pussy. And when he eventually puts his cock into my cunt, I will be able to enjoy the feeling of his flesh pressed against mine without any barriers. I imagine that it will be so sensual, as if we are melting into each other.”

She then parted her legs, and gently stroked her labia, revealing the pink inner lips, like the petals of an exotic flower. “Come and worship my pussy,” she whispered huskily, “A little attention from your lips and tongue will get me ready just nicely for the main course – Oliver’s lovely virile young cock.”

I needed no further invitation, but stepped into the room and went down on my knees with my head between her parted thighs. She smelled divine, a mixture of expensive bath soap, and the perfume that she had dabbed onto her naked mound and around her vulva. I leaned forward and gave her pussy a long lingering kiss. I was close enough to detect the sweet,heavy smell of her vaginal secretions, the nectar on which I had so often feasted. I then licked her pussy from the entrance to her cunt up to her clitoris, which I sucked into my mouth, whilst flicking its tip with my tongue.

Anne sighed, but then pushed me away. “That’s enough, my pussy is now reserved for Oliver. If you are very good I might then let you have dessert later on, after Oliver has filled me with his sperm. From now on, however, until I give you permission to touch, you are only allowed to watch. I will let you stroke your cock – it will turn me on even more to see how excited you become watching Oliver fuck me for the first time.”

Anne then began to dress in the clothes that she had so carefully selected during the week. First she put on a pair of black lacy French knickers, almost transparent at the front. The legs were quite loose, and as she sat down again I could see all the way up her legs to her naked vulva. Next she rolled a pair of black hold-up stocking with lacy tops up her legs. This was almost as erotic as watching her remove them, and the sight of the bare white skin between her stockings and her knickers was bewitching. I itched to run my hands up her legs, and it took all my self-control to restrain myself.

“Don’t put anything else on for a minute,” I said, “I just want to capture this moment. You are so sexy in just knickers and stockings, and I am really envious of Oliver right now." I took a snap with the Polaroid, and continued, "How I wish I was twenty-two again, and about to be taken to paradise by a stunningly beautiful woman.”

Anne did a little twirl, her perfectly shaped breasts bouncing slightly as she moved. My erect cock strained against my jeans, and I ached to bend her over the bed and drive it deep into her wanton pussy. But, tonight she belonged to Oliver, and I would have to wait until the weekend was over before she would return to my arms. In the meantime, she wanted him to fuck her over and over again, and I knew that in her ecstasy she would forget all about me for a while, as they journeyed together through a land of extreme sexual pleasure.

It was nearly time for Oliver to arrive, and Anne quickly put on the rest of her clothes – a half cup brassiere that left her nipples exposed, a semi-transparent black blouse with deep frilly collar that continued down the front, and a black leather mini-skirt that ended an inch or two above her stocking tops. When she bent over to out on her dress shoes, her knickers were clearly visible.

Anne walked over to me, and putting her hand on the front of my jeans, gave my rampant cock a squeeze. “Poor Bill,” she said, “All dressed up and nowhere to go. We will have to do something about that later on, or you will burst. I think a nice hand job might be in order, but you will have to wear a condom. The only spunk that is going be allowed near my body tonight will be Oliver’s, and I expect him to come in all my holes, and anoint my flesh with his seed – breasts, bottom, pussy, and all.”

As we walked down the stairs it was just seven o’clock; time for Oliver to arrive. There was a lump in my throat as I thought about what was about to take place, but Anne was calm, her excitement contained, as she made her final preparations for her young lover, putting a dab of perfume behind each ear, at the base of her throat and between her breasts. She was ready for love!

When the doorbell went, Anne walked slowly to the door and opened it to allow Oliver to enter. He looked nervous, and stuttered a greeting, but Anne pulled his face down to hers and gave him the first of many kisses that night.

“My darling boy, come and make yourself comfortable in the sitting room,” she said, “Bill will fix you a stiff drink to settle your nerves, and get you in the mood. I want you to be totally relaxed, so that you can enjoy the show that I am going to put on for you.” Turning to me she continued, “I will have a small dry martini, thank-you my dear, and when you have done that, turn the lights down low, and put something nice and smoochy on the CD player. Oliver and I are going to dance a little.”

When I had fixed their drinks, I poured a rather large glass of single malt for myself, turned the dimmer switch down, and went round the room lighting the scented candles that Anne had placed there earlier in the day. I then put a CD of Jack Jones in the player, adjusted the volume to a comfortable level, and settled myself deep in my favourite armchair, from where I would be able to watch Anne and Oliver as they danced.

Anne stood in the middle of the floor, and swayed her body seductively. As she did so, she undid the buttons of her blouse, looking Oliver in the eyes, and then beckoned to him to join her. Her got up and stood in front of her a little awkwardly. She put her arms around him, her hands stroking from his shoulders and down his back to rest on his bottom. Resting her head on his shoulder she started to sway in time to the music. Oliver had no choice but to follow her movements, and very soon they were moving in harmony, their bodies pressed close together.

Anne lifted her head, and looking him in the eyes, murmured in a seductive voice, “Kiss me Oliver; I want to be kissed; kiss me like you do all the other girls you have seduced.” Of course, Anne was aware that Oliver was relatively inexperienced, but she also knew that treating him like a practiced lady-killer would boost his self-confidence and make him a much better lover.

Soon it wasn’t only their bodies that were dancing, as they kissed with increasing passion and urgency. Their tongues flicked in and out of each other's mouths, from time to time entwining in a frenzy of sexual desire. The vision before me of these two beautiful people, totally absorbed in each other, struck me as being both extremely romantic, and at the same time, deeply arousing. I reached for the Polaroid, which I had brought down from the bedroom and put on a side table, and took the first of many pictures that evening. Oliver had his arms around Anne, but appeared a little shy at putting them where his instincts must surely have been telling him to do. To give him encouragement to explore the delights of her body more daringly, she reached behind her and holding his right hand moved it down until it rested on her leather-clad bottom.

Oliver soon got the message, and like any red-blooded male, now he had been given the go-ahead, felt emboldened to go further. As they continued to sway in time with the music, I watched as he moved his hand down from her bottom to feel the bare flesh at the tops of her thighs, and then up under her skirt to caress her bottom. His hand was hidden from my excited gaze, but I was sure that he had his hand inside her French knickers, which were designed to give easy access to the delights of the naked flesh beneath. After three or four songs, Anne pulled away from Oliver, and ran her eyes up and down his body in a blatantly seductive way. His penis was quite clearly erect, straining at the constraints of his clothes.

Anne began to stroke the bulge in his trousers. “Mmm,” she murmured, “That feels nice. I am looking forward to getting better acquainted with it very soon. But first let’s dance a bit more, it’s getting me really turned on, and I'm getting very wet between my legs.”

She then moved close to him, so that her back was pressed against his chest, and as she turned her head to kiss him again, she said, “It would be very nice if you would put your hands inside my blouse. My breasts are dying for some attention.”

It soon became obvious to me from the way Anne was undulating her pelvis, and thrusting her bottom back into Oliver’s groin that she would like his hands somewhere else as well. Her skirt, although short, made access more difficult from the front, and as Anne had her hands behind Oliver so that she could caress his bottom, I got up to help. I undid the zip at the side of her skirt, and gently pulled it over her hips so that it could fall at her feet. Anne gave me a grateful smile, and blew me a kiss, as she kicked the it to one side. Her blouse was now fully open at the front, revealing the smooth flesh of her tummy with its delicious little belly button. I knew she loved to have it licked, and I wondered if Oliver would find that out later on. Oliver had pushed the cups of her bra down, in order to get unobstructed access to her breasts, and he was alternately stroking them and pinching her erect nipples.

With her skirt removed, Oliver did not need any further prompting, but moved his hand down her tummy and under the waistband of her knickers, which made her squirm with pleasure. They continued to kiss, with their eyes closed, as they concentrated on the sensual feelings that were flooding their bodies. As their excitement mounted further, they began to breath heavily, and I knew, with a mixture of arousal and anxiety, that it would not be long before I would be watching my wife being fucked by a young and virile stud.

Anne turned in Oliver’s arms, and started to undo the buttons of his shirt, followed by the fastening of his trousers. She knelt to pull his trousers off, and as she did so leaned forward to kiss the head of his cock through the material of his briefs. She stood up and pushed him back onto the settee, and as he sat down she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his briefs and pulled them off in one movement. His cock sprang free, and she stroked it gently, licking her lips with desire. It was not overly large, probably a little above average length, but quite slim, as is often the case with younger men. It also had a distinct upwards curve – the kind of cock that is best for finding a woman’s G-spot. Oliver had also been circumcised as a baby, and the remains of his foreskin was rumpled up behind the glans, which shone in the candlelight.

“Oooh, that is lovely,” Anne cooed, “In a minute or two I am going to give it some really special attention, but to begin with I am going to dance for you again to really turn you on. You just sit there and enjoy it – you can stroke your penis a bit if you like; I will enjoy watching that, but don't come yet.”

With that she stepped back, and sexily slipped off her blouse. Her bra followed, and she stood there in front of Oliver, slowly undulating her hips, her red-gold locks cascading over her shoulders. She started to give Oliver a sexy little dance that made him groan with excitement. After a minute or two of teasing, she knelt between his legs and started to caress his cock with her breasts, rubbing the nipples up and down the shaft, and over the glans. A little bead of liquid had formed at its tip, and she bent forward and very delicately licked it up, before taking the head in her mouth, her lips closed around that acutely sensitive spot just behind the glans. She put one hand around the shaft and began to move it up and down very slowly, whilst she cupped his heavy balls with the other.

Whilst this was going on, I was taking pictures with the Polaroid, some for Oliver as a memento, and the rest for us to treasure as a record of a very special evening. I had never watched anything so erotic, and I knew that later that night I would be masturbating over them in the spare room, whilst Anne and Oliver were busy fucking in our bed.

Anne stopped what she was doing for a moment, and whispered to Oliver so quietly that I had to strain to hear what she said. “I am going to titty-fuck you now, until you are on the verge of your orgasm, and then I am going to finish you off with a wonderful blow job. You don’t have to do anything, just lie back and enjoy. Once you have come for the first time, you will be able to keep going for much longer when you are fucking me, which will allow us both to reach greater heights of pleasure together.”

It wasn't very long before Oliver stiffened and thrust his pelvis up against Anne's mouth, lifting his buttocks right off the settee. His cock jerked, as he pumped spurt after spurt of his come into her mouth. There was so much that it leaked out of the corners and down her chin, and as she sat back, several large drops fell onto her breasts. “Yummy,” she said, “You do taste nice, I hope I will be able to have more of that later tonight, but not till after you have come in my pussy and rectum.”

She used a finger to mop up the semen on her chin, and then adding it to the drops that had already fallen on her breasts, began to massage it into her soft flesh. When she was satisfied, she stood up and, looking Oliver deep into his eyes slipped her hand into the waste-band of her knickers and down over her pussy. Even though the light was dim, Oliver could clearly see that she was her rubbing her clitoris. The lewdness of her blatant sexuality, as she then pushed two fingers into her cunt, had its desired effect, and his limp cock started to stiffen and grow again.

She pulled her fingers out and put them into his open mouth for him to suck. “It is your turn to taste me” she said, “This is my nectar, and it is flowing just for you. See how sweet it is. It is the food of the gods, and you are my young god, and you are going to carry me off to the Elysian Fields, where we will find eternal bliss. It’s almost time to embark on our journey, but first I want you to feast your eyes on my pussy, and sample its tender delights with your fingers and tongue.”

She stepped back and slowly slid her knickers off, undulating her hips as she slid them down her legs. Parting her legs, she gently stroked the pussy, and then lewdly pulled her labia apart to show Oliver the pink flesh at its heart. She pushed her groin forwards, and sliding two fingers into her cunt, began to slowly fuck herself. “Touch me Oliver, please touch me. Put your fingers into me. I want to feel your fingers fucking me,” she begged.

Oliver stretched his hand out and put it between her legs, thrusting two fingers into her gaping cunt. “Not so roughly Oliver,” she said, “A woman’s pussy is like a delicate flower. Treat it roughly and you can hurt it, but if you are tender and gentle it will blossom in you hands.” She paused for a moment, “Oh, that’s better. Ooh, that’s lovely, just like that. Oooh, keep doing that. Oooooh, I’m nearly there. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oooh.” She pushed her pussy hard against Oliver’s hand, his fingers slipping deeper into her velvety depths, and a look of rapture crossed her face as she had her first orgasm of the evening.

“That was wonderful,” she said, “But now I really need to feel you cock inside me, and to feel you spurt your come deep into my cunt.”

She got onto the settee, and straddled Oliver’s thighs. Lowering herself down until his cock was nestled between the folds of her pussy, she leaned forward so that her breasts were lightly touching his chest. Then she started to slide backwards and forwards along the length of his cock, rubbing her nipples against his body. She put one hand back to fondle his balls, whilst she gently stroked his face and lips with the other, before gently dipping her face down to his. With one arm around her waist, Oliver cupped her bottom, gently pressing his middle finger against her puckered anus.

They kept this up for several minutes, both of them savouring the sensations spreading from their genitals, until Anne lifted herself up, and taking hold of Oliver’s cock held it against the entrance to her cunt. His cock and balls glistened with a liberal coating of Anne’s secretions, whilst her labia were fully engorged, ready for their coupling.

Anne stopped for a moment and said, “Oliver, I want you to look me in the eyes as I lower myself onto you. We are about to become one flesh, and through the union of our bodies there will also be a union of our souls. This is a sacred moment, and what we are about to do can never be undone.”

It was then that I fully realised that this meant something very different for Anne than it had with all the other men from amongst our circle whom she had fucked. Apart from me, she had never suggested that fucking had a spiritual meaning. Oliver was about to truly become her lover.

With their eyes locked together in deepest concentration, Anne slowly impaled herself on Oliver’s cock until every inch was inside her, the cheeks of her bottom resting on his thighs and balls. They paused for a moment, and it looked to me as if they were truly fused into one. They both sighed in unison, and then began to fuck, slowly at first, but with a steadily increasing tempo. Soon Anne was squealing with pleasure, occasionally shouting Oliver’s name, whilst Oliver cried out repeatedly, “Oh, Anne. Oh Anne.” As she rode him, Anne rocked her pelvis back and forth, the cheeks of her bottom clenching as she massaged Oliver’s shaft with her vaginal muscles. The eroticism of the sight was too much for me, and unbuckling my jeans I took out my rock-hard cock and started to masturbate myself in time with their thrusts.

Their orgasms came simultaneously, as with a shout they thrust hard against each other, Oliver’s balls contracting as he pumped spurt after spurt of his seed deep into Anne’s cunt. Their climaxes seemed to go on forever, as they floated in a timeless place of exquisite sensations and mutual pleasure. Finally they relaxed, and Anne slumped down onto Oliver’s chest. As she laid her head on his shoulder, I heard her whisper, “I love you, Oliver. I love you, my darling boy. I love you, and I am never going to let you go.”

They remained there in a state of post-coital bliss and exhaustion for many minutes, Oliver’s now softening cock still embedded in Anne’s cunt. Eventually, however, Anne slipped off, and lay by his side, their combined juices streaming out of her cunt down past her anus and onto the leather of the settee beneath. She opened her eyes and looked over at me. “That was wonderful,” she said. “That was a truly heavenly experience. I am so glad that you let me take Oliver as a lover.”

She then looked down at my throbbing cock, the head almost purple. “Oh, poor Bill. Look Oliver, look how excited he is. We really must do something about that.” Turning back to me, she went on, “Come over here my darling, and I will give you a nice blow job. But put a condom on first, I only want Oliver’s come on me or inside me this weekend. Then, after you have had your climax, you can show Oliver how to make love to a woman’s pussy with your lips and tongue." Turning back to Oliver, she went on, "You know Oliver, Bill really is the world’s expert at satisfying a woman that way, and if you learn well from him you will be able to make many women very happy.”

After Anne had given me a most wonderful orgasm, I did as she had asked, sucking and licking her until she had her third orgasm of the evening. The taste of their combined juices was not unpleasant, a mixture of sweet and salty, a bit like melon with salt sprinkled on it, which as some people know, is the best way to bring out the flavour of melon.

After discarding the used condom, I adjusted my jeans, and went out to the kitchen to prepare a light supper of smoked salmon with red onion, cream cheese and hot buttered crumpets. In the USA they serve smoked salmon with bagels, but I have always found these rather bland, and crumpets or muffins are more typically English. Anne and Oliver went upstairs to bathe each other, before getting ready for bed. From the evidence of Anne’s shouts of ecstasy and joy which echoed down the stairs, they fucked again in the bathroom, and although I didn’t want to intrude on their intimacy, I found it very arousing to imagine Anne bent down with her hands on the edge of the bath whilst Oliver pounded her from behind.

After a decent interval, I took their supper up, along with three glasses of champagne, two mugs, and a vacuum flask containing hot chocolate to sustain them during the night. I found them sitting up in our bed, both naked, with the duvet covering their lower halves. It was obvious that Oliver had his hand on Anne’s pussy, and she had a look on her face of utter contentment. Giving them their glasses of champagne, and raising mine, I proposed a toast, “To Oliver, and his coming of age.” I then turned down the lights, and left them to continue their lovemaking in private, although I left the door to the room open as Anne had requested.

I then went into my office to finish reading the Sunday papers, with a nice cigar and a glass of particularly fine single malt. I felt strangely drained and also a little anxious, but at the same time I was happy that Oliver was able to give Anne so much pleasure.

After about an hour I went up to my bed in the spare room, but found it difficult to fall asleep. This was partly because of the sounds of lovemaking emanating from the bedroom opposite, Anne’s soprano cries contrasting with Oliver’s baritone, as they made sweet music together. The real problem, however, was that in that strange hinterland where I was neither awake nor asleep, my anxieties rose to the surface.

In the past three years, when Anne and I had swapped partners with our friends, and even when we had stayed overnight, we were both enjoying sex, and there was no reason for jealousy. But this night I was on my own in the spare room, unable to avoid the sound of Anne fucking a much younger man in our marriage bed. This made me a cuckold, and I felt a curious mixture of envy and humiliation. I also recognised that this was something different from anything that had ever happened before. Anne was no longer acting out of lust, but was genuinely falling in love with Oliver, and I was concerned about the effect this was going to have on our future relationship. I didn't think Anne would leave me, but I did wonder whether she would ever again be satisfied with me as a lover.

I tossed and turned, eventually falling into a fitful sleep, but at about dawn, as the light was creeping in through the curtains, I was awakened by screams of pleasure coming from our bedroom. Unable to stop myself, I got out of bed and walked across the landing to look in through the door, drawn by some deep voyeuristic urge to watch Anne and Oliver as they fucked each other silly. What I saw was more arousing and more beautiful than even the best pornographic films. Oliver was fucking Anne doggy fashion, thrusting his cock deep into her cunt, whilst she was frigging her clitoris for all she was worth, and crying out incoherently at the top of her voice. I watched until they climaxed, paroxysms of intense sensation making their bodies shake, before they collapsed forwards onto the bed, totally exhausted.

I went back to bed, and eventually fell asleep, as lurid dreams of naked young men and women, fucking in all sorts of combinations, flickered across my fevered imagination.

To be concluded.

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