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a friend in need

his wife lost sex drive well pregnant and friends comes to his aid and theirs as well
My best friend Shane had dated my wife, Peg, before I
started to take her out, and although he had tried, he
had never got her to have sex with him. He had felt her
tits and ass a little but that was as far as it had
gotten. As it was, Peg was a virgin when we got

Life went on and I married Peg when she graduated
school, and Shane found another lady Helen, and married

Shane and his wife came to visit often, and we visited
them. We were a very close group of friends, but just
friends. You know, coffee, movies, dancing, and stuff
that friends do.

Peg and Shane were never embarrassed about their
relationship they had as teenagers, and talked freely
about it. Since Shane had been my closest friend well
he was dating Peg, I had known about, and watched most
of their relationship from beginning to end.

Shane's wife had come into our group with another
fellow before dating Shane as well, and she knew how
our relationships had developed, so no secrets there

Helen got pregnant finally and Shane was very excited
at the prospects of becoming a dad. It was something he
had looked forward to. The thing he wasn't expecting
was his wife's sex drive to die out completely. No one
told us about that part of pregnancy and child birth
when we were growing up.

He told me and Peg about his problem in the sex
department at home, and I really felt for him. I asked
Peg if the dying sex drive was normal and she told me
it was normal to either have a heightened sex drive, no
change in sex drive, or a lessened sex drive. All women
are different. We decided that there wasn't much that
could be done to help Helen until the pregnancy was
over. Of course that left Shane horny and in his own

After Shane had gone home, Peg and me discussed it
further. It seemed silly to have a happy relationship
getting bitter because of sex. I told her I hoped it
didn't happen to us. Then we laughed about Shane having
to take matters into his own hands... like when he was
dating my wife in school!

We started making out, and I slowly undressed my wife.
I told her she should flash her beautiful tits and
hairy pussy for Shane to see, and give him something to
jerk off too later in the night. She laughed and
enjoyed the attention I was giving her.

After we had finished, Peg asked me if I had been
serious about flashing Shane. I had not really thought
seriously about it, it was only lusty, sexy, teasing
bedroom talk...but it sounded harmless enough.

I asked her what she thought about it and she said it
might be fun. After all, Shane had felt her body, but
never actually got her naked before. I thought it would
be fun for Shane, never thinking I might love it too.

So the game began.

Shane came over for coffee, like normal on Friday
night. We asked about his wife and he said that Helen
was not feeling well and had gone to bed early, so he
had come over by himself.

Peg poured coffee and sat down across form me and Shane
in the big chair, leaving us two guys on the couch.
after 15 minutes or so of talking, Peg suggested
playing some cards, and dug out the cribbage board.

As she put it on the coffee table between us all she
"accidentally?" spilled her coffee all over her pants.
I grabbed a rag to clean up the spilled coffee and she
went to change out of the wet clothes.

When she returned she was wearing a short cotton
nightshirt with a large neckline. Not exactly see-
through or anything. Just a comfy nightshirt and we
began to play.

As Peg reached forward to pick up each of her cards,
she spread her legs a little each time and her night
shirt crawled up her thighs an inch or so. By the time
she had all five of her cards, you could almost see her
pussy from where Shane and I sat.

Peg looked at her cards, glanced at Shane to see if he
was looking up her shirt, and then to me. I shook my
head slightly indicating "NO" and hoped she knew I
meant she was still covered. Shane didn't notice our
causal motions.

Peg took her throw away card and placed it on the
table, spreading her legs apart more. Her pussy was
fully exposed to Shane and myself, but had a flap of
cloth blocking her sight of it. Shane looked at her
pussy and then towards me. I looked at my cards and
pretended not to notice. he looked back to her pussy
and Peg slowly closed her legs as she leaned forward to
play the game.

She looked at me and I nodded, she smiled and said lets
play cards, I am going to beat you guys.

Shane shifted down in his seat trying to get his head
lower to see her pussy again, without being to obvious.
Peg would spread her legs and close them each time she
played with her cards. I was starting to enjoy watching
the game, and was really getting turned on.

Shane hadn't been laid for a couple of months and his
interest was "Sticking Out" a little as well.

We played cards well into the night, and everyone
seemed to be enjoying our night of cards. Finally Shane
had to go home as he felt Helen might get upset with
him gone so long. We said goodnight and he stood at the
bottom of the landing getting ready to leave.

"P" sat beside me, as Shane stood in the door way, with
her legs spread slightly so he could have one last look
at her pussy before he left. she didn't close her legs
this time and it took Shane 5 minutes to finally leave.

After his headlights pulled out of the driveway, I
cuddled Peg and said "what a show!! I bet Shane enjoyed
it thoroughly!"

I slid my hand up her legs and felt her wet warm pussy,
and said I see you enjoyed doing it too. She squeezed
my stiffness and said, hmmm so did someone else.

We had a great night of sex and talked about the
flashing between rounds!! We both enjoyed the game.

The next morning Peg was sitting at the kitchen table
deep in thought. I asked her what was on her mind. She
said she thought it might not be fair to do that to
Shane as he had a wife who wasn't helping him in the
bedroom, and although she had seen he was liking it by
his bulging pants, she was having doubts. I didn't push
the issue as I knew she would never do it again and I
had liked the slight jealousy and lust I had felt with
her exposing herself.

I said it would be nice if Helen was still interested
in sex because then Shane could get some relief other
than from his own hands. I thought a bit and suggested
we discuss the problem openly with them and perhaps we
could help Shane and Helen get over it.

That night we got together at their house and we had a
normal night together. Shane said he really enjoyed
playing cards with us and that the next time Helen was
down he would try to stay longer. He suggested we get
together a little more often (I wonder why).

Peg and myself slowly turned the conversation to sex.
This was normal in our group so not too unexpected by
Helen. Shane said their sex life had diminished a
little and Helen Said "A LOT" with a laugh.

We asked what had happened and she explained her lack
of interest since she got pregnant.

Peg said that I would probably chase a hooker if it was
us in that circumstance, and laughed to show she was

Helen said she had told Shane to go find someone to get
him satisfied, a hooker or old girlfriend or something,
but she didn't laugh. She was serious.

Peg said, wouldn't you be jealous?.

Helen said as long as she was clean, no medical
problems (AIDS Wasn't here yet) Shane developed no
attachments and pregnancy was avoided, she didn't have
a problem. She had lived on a commune and had a much
more active sex life compared to us and didn't see a
problem with Shane satisfying himself outside their

Shane laughed and Said the only old girlfriend he knew
the whereabouts of was Peg.

Helen looked at Peg and said, "TAKE HIM!!"

We all laughed and enjoyed the rest of the evening
talking and joking.

As we went home we discussed the night. Peg said that
she hoped that the guys could work it out. I told her
that at least Shane could find relief if he could find
a girlfriend.

After we got to bed Peg asked if I knew of any old
girlfriends Shane might be interested in or who might
be interested in him.

Of course I said, "After last night the only girlfriend
I know who he is interested in is you, and I know you
were enjoying his interest at our place when you were
flashing him!"

She asked me what I would think if he made a pass at
her and they followed through with his/her fantasy sex.

I told her what I had heard from Helen. No kids, no
doctor, no attachments, no problem. Of course I was
only trying to sound hippy, not expecting anything to
develop from our talk.

After we got home, Peg cuddled up to me and asked if I
would be ok with her having sex with Shane. I started
to feel that stiffening between my legs and the lust
jealousy thing again. And I liked it.

I told her to go ahead if she wanted, just that there
could be no secrets between us, she had to have Helen
give her real permission and that she had to let me
know before and tell me about it after EACH time. She
said "Oh, it probably wouldn't happen anyway, but the
moistness between her legs was showing her interest.

The subject was dropped for about a month, then Helen
came over to talk to Peg about the problems developing
between her and Shane. It was mostly sexual stress, but
it was spilling over into other parts of their lives.

Peg asked Helen if she was serious about Shane finding
a girlfriend to help relieve some of the stress, and
Helen replied "yes, anything"!

Peg replied that she might think about having sex with a friend to Helen, if Helen was really sure
it would help.

Helen asked her why she was thinking of doing this.

Peg reminded Helen that she had been a virgin when she
got married and had never had sex with another guy.
Then with a laugh said, "It might be interesting to see
some different moves and actions in the bedroom."

Helen surprised Peg by saying; "Oh would you really?
That would help so much. You are a real friend, but
what would your husband think if you did that?"

Peg responded that we were the closest of friends and
that I would probably want to help them out if we
could, but she would ask me to make sure.

Helen almost begged Peg to get it on with Shane, and
asked her to ask me if it was ok.

When I arrived home, Peg told me of the exchange
between her and Helen, and asked me what I thought.

My response was, :It is up to you sweetheart. Do you
want to?"

She thought for a minute and said that she thought it
would be good for them and erotic for us. I told her to
go for it then.

That night Shane called to say he was coming over
without Helen again to play cards. I told Peg he was
coming and that it was up to her now, and I would
follow her lead.

Peg decided to shower before Shane arrived so she would
be sweet and clean.

Shane arrived soon after she got into the shower, and I
explained that she would be out shortly. I went into
the bathroom as soon as he arrived and told her Shane
was there. She said she would be right out.

It seemed to take a long time for her to get out of the
shower but finally the water stopped. I yelled out "It
is taking an awful long time for that shower"

She called back, "Well you guys could have come wash my
back and I would have been done faster."

Shane called out, "I can dry your back if you need a

To hisand my surprise Peg said, "You're chicken! I dare

He looked at me and I said that sounds like a
challenge, go for it.

He got up and walked to the bathroom and knocked on the
door saying laughingly, "I am here!"

Peg said, "I knew you would be to chicken to come in."

Shane looked at me again and I shrugged my shoulders.
He decided to go for it and opened the door. Peg was
naked with a towel around her shoulders, her breasts,
ass and pussy naked for him to enjoy, and I was able to
see it through the doorway.

He took the towel and started to dry her back and she
moaned slightly at his touch. As he dried her back she
pushed her naked ass against his crotch and felt him
getting hard. She told him his hands felt good on her
back. He whispered her ass felt good on his crotch.

She reached behind herself and rubbed his hard-on
through his pants and said, "Yup, that feels good too,
do you remember how to use it?"

Shane looked nervously at her, and she told him about
Helen and her discussion, then told him they had my
permission as well. They came out of the Bathroom. Him
with a hard-on and her naked as the day she was born.
He sat down on the couch and this time Peg sat between

She told Shane that he was the only other guy to feel
her tits other than me, and asked if they still felt as
good? He hesitated a little so Peg took my hand and
placed it on her tit, and then grabbed his hand and
placed it on the other one. Does it still feel good?
She asked.

He just nodded, then began to play with her nipples.
She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensation. I
bent over and took a tit in my mouth and made the
nipple nice and wet, then I played with the stiff
little bud sticking up. Shane followed suit and sucked
on the other one and Peg just moaned her appreciation.

I rubbed her stomach a little and she spread her legs
slightly. Shane, not to let things go by, placed his
hand on her thigh and cautiously brought it towards her
pussy. Peg reached towards his hand and he thought she
was stopping him, but she pulled his hand tight to her
wet crotch and let him feel the juices flowing.

Shane leaned forward and started kissing her, and I sat
back to give them room to enjoy each other. He let his
hands explore her body, and found every place he had
found in his youth and was denied.

Peg said lets find a more comfortable place, and they
retired to the bedroom. I told them I would join them
in a few minutes.

It was not long before I heard the sounds of good,
hard, headboard banging sex from our bedroom. I walked
into the room and there was Peg with sweat pouring down
her forehead, face flushed and passion written all over
her face.

Shane was between her legs in the missionary position
and had his manhood jammed all the way into her pussy
and pounding as hard as a man on a mission could pound.
I could see his cock going into and out of my wife's
pussy and I could see her milking him on every move.

I loved the sight of my wife so fully involved in
sexual lust and knowing that this was the first cock
other than mine to enjoy her wild movements in bed.
Seeing her tits bounce with each thrust of his cock and
seeing her grit her teeth each time made me harder than
I remember ever being.

I watched her juices flooding his balls and the bed
under her ass, her hungry pussy grind back at his cock
as her ass rocked side to side and back and forth and
up and down.

Shane had not had sex in a while and he came with a
vengeance!! Cum poured out of my wife's pussy as he
continued to pump into her, joining the huge wet spot
under my wife's ass and she wrapped her legs around his
butt, and pulled him deep into her pussy.

He kissed her and thanked her for the wonderful treat
that he had often thought of, but never dared to think
would ever happen.

Finally they remembered that I was there and looked
over. Both feeling a bit like school kids caught
stealing bubble gum. I told them what a show! and began
to laugh a little. I bent over and kissed Peg and then
told Shane I hoped he felt better! They both smiled and
Shane said "thank you again" to her and me for the
great time.

After Shane had left that night, Peg and I had great
sex and I felt closer to her than ever before.

Peg and Shane got together about 5 times after that,
but once his wife was more sexually active, Peg no
longer was as free with her wet pussy as she had been
before. She said it was to help a friend only, and he
no longer needed her help.

Shane has since passed away, but Peg still likes to
flash her pussy to our male guests, and she still likes
to talk about her time with Shane, and brings it up
when ever she needs a boost with her fantasies.

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