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A Game of Lust: Chapter One

Elle's erotic fantasy game becomes reality...
We are in my marital home. My husband Will and I met when I was 22 and he was 24. Five years later and we have been happily married for three years. Now at 27 and 29 we continue to be a handsome couple who share a high libido and taste for lust. Tonight, Will and I have invited three friends over to join us for games that will thrill us all. I am 5'3", petite, 32E with a golden complexion mirroring my Mediterranean heritage, waist length wavy dark hair and chocolate eyes with rose lips. Shaven and groomed with long manicured wine red nails and small, size 4 feet clad with a matching pedicure. The doll wife that my husbands' sporting mates envy and Will cherishes.

In contrast he is 6'6", broad shouldered with an athletic build, dark hair, grey eyes and for me-a heart of gold as well as a thick manhood that beats any other lover with his technique alone. Joining us tonight are three lovers that have been constant fuck friends during our acquaintance. I met two long before my husband and one with my husband at a kinky bar. He is an interesting story for another time but now, let me introduce the first two to you. Their cocks are twitching and my clit throbs at this sordid tale.

Luc is a playmate that I met in my teens and as a sub, he and I have long enjoyed domme play with my husband watching the humiliation in later years. Luc is 6'4", brown hair with hazel eyes, a slim build and a 7.5" cock. He is a slut and a hard fucker when the mood takes him, straight but coerced by yours truly to expand his hedonism.

Scott is 6'2", muscled and an adult model come waiter come PhD holder. Again dark hair and slate blue eyes. His husky growl and libido cemented lust between us when we too met when I was a sweet student with a wicked lust for his seduction. Old love affairs die hard but his 9" hardness drills harder yet.

Then we have Chris, 6'3", Aussie, in opposite to the other men here he is sun kissed, beach blond, hairless and ripped to surfer standard along with an 8" dick. Will, Chris and I met in a raunchy Sydney bar. As both men are bi-curious for the fucking rather than any guy-guy loving, we have indulged in numerous three ways and voyeur wife loving. Chris and Will are mates and will undoubtedly look at each other during tonight.

The guys arrived at 7, I made my greetings and played hostess with drinks while they talked about sports and general chit chat. Now they are settled in the lounge, the room is pre-set with a low coffee table with a deck of cards and dice. In the drawer beneath there are toys and lube. Beneath the table is a leather cushioned board which will be moved for me to kneel on. Each of the men know tonight has sex on the menu but are unaware of the game details I have fantasized.

In the bathroom, Luc is helping me to get ready. My hair is coiled in curls, my lips are crimson and eyes lined with khol. Luc devours me in his sight, his jeans straining over his bulge.

"Are you sure about this Titch?"

Luc calls me by my pet name and the knot of nerves loosens a little. I nod and he draws me into a hug,

"If you have changed your mind it's fine, the guys only want this because you fantasized it."

"I do want to try it. I'm just nervous."

Luc kisses my forehead before stepping back. I smile at Luc, my ex playmate who is now a close friend come lover on occasion. He puts the collar around my neck and takes lube onto his fingers. Gently he touches my puckered hole, pressing his fingertip inside me as I moan lightly.

He fingers me while playing with my clit before stretching my canal more. I groan into his chest and he inserts the plug, squeezing my buttocks as I clench around it. Luc steps away and admires my appearance, placing cuffs on my wrists and ankles, he lifts me into the Louboutin heels he bought for my birthday. I am wearing a crotchless lace catsuit with my chest bared. He adds small clamps to each of my hard nipples and pinches my clit. I whimper as the delicious sting lances through me. He chuckles and kisses my cheek before gently putting on my blindfold. Taking me into his arms, he carries me into the lounge.

I hear the men move their drinks onto the side tables as Luc lowers me onto my feet. I cannot see them but know where they are seated. Will is in his chair on the North end of the table, Scott is at the South, Luc at the East and Chris at the West.

"Tonight the game is a little different. The stakes are in contest for the kitten you see."

"How are we playing?" Scott asks, his husky voice revealing his arousal. 

"Shall we let the slut explain, seeing as she daydreamed it?"

I sense the others nod and Will spanks my arse.

"Go ahead little whore."

My pussy moistens at his touch and I lick my lips as jitters fill me, time to reveal my dirty dreams. The idea came to me one night while my husband and I were in bed discussing fantasies. I had the original idea earlier that day but wanted his opinion. Explaining the general idea gave him a hard on and we finalized the details after a hard fucking.

"Each player will be dealt 3 cards, the cards will only be numbers not picture, the player with the highest total from the cards will then be able to touch me for as long as their score is unbeaten. Then the cards are dealt again, if another person has a higher score they take me however if multiple people have an equal score they share me. The cards are dealt five times and each person rolls a set of dice per dealing. The score of the two dice must be recorded on each round."

"At the end of the five rounds everyone should have had a turn, if someone gets the highest total twice then the second highest takes me instead, if however it's joint, you share. Once the cards are done, the cumulative total of your dice rolls must be found and the next part of our games will commence."

I look around as I turn my head in each direction.

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