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A Game Of Lust: Chapter Two

Elle's erotic fantasy game becomes reality...
Will decides that I will deal the first round of cards and so removes my blindfold. I kneel at the side of the table and deal out the cards swiftly; the men are watching my breasts sway as I move with cuffed wrists. Once each player has three cards, I sit on my heels. The men turn over their cards and count their numbers. I look to each and attempt to read their expressions. They read their scores in the order of Will-Luc-Scott-Chris and roll their dice, quietly noting their number on the paper in their lap.

"Come here, lass."

Scott has me sit on his lap as he puts an arm around me. He kisses me softly in greeting and his hand goes to my chest, he removes the clamps and pinches my nipples. They stand up like bullets and he then makes me lick his fingers. He begins to tease my large areolas with his wettened touch. I shiver a little at his touch and he smirks, lowering his mouth to suck my nipple while sliding his hand between my legs. He runs his fingers lightly over my inner thighs before nearing my lips. Slipping a finger between my petals, he finds my flower coated in nectar as my clit pulses. A not-so-subtle cough from my husband pulls his attention to check his cards as the others roll the dice. I notice his jaw twitch in mild disdain as he reads the cards.

"20, come here for an Aussie kiss, babe."

Chris pulls me onto his lap and I giggle a little as my bum lands on his erection. All the guys are wearing light relaxed trousers which leave little to the imagination therefore four tents are clearly visible. Chris pulls me back so that my back is against his chest, kissing my neck as he moves my hair aside. He plays with my breasts and I let out a little sigh as he puts an arm across my chest. Parting my legs with his other hand, he rubs my clit softly before increasing the pressure to then slide his finger inside my tight wet hole; he begins to finger me as the third set of cards are dealt.


Chris retracts his hand and pats my butt so that I stand. I go to move towards Will but then feel hands clamp around my hips. Bending me over roughly, Chris kisses my pussy from behind, licking at my dribbled juices furiously as he gives me an Aussie kiss. His fingers hammer into me for a minute as he slurps before letting me go to Will. I glance back to see him licking his lips with a wicked grin. The others are watching with envy after writing down their dice scores. Scott is stroking himself through the thin material of his slacks while Luc has a hand down his boxers, his belt abandoned on the floor. Chris is also touching his cock as Will puts me onto my knees with my face on his revealed cock.

He begins to push his fingers into my drenched pussy from behind while he presses his cock to my lips. I lick the pre-cum dribble from his tip before running my tongue down his shaft, taking his mushroom into my mouth, I suck lightly before I feel his hand guiding me down to take him to the hilt. I gag initially but then give in to his insistent hand as he thrusts his hips up so that he fucks my face like a slut. The men are watching my husband drill his fingers into my cunt, the squelch of my wetness along with their heavy breathing the only noise in the room. They are all beating their meat in the open now; through my watering eyes I can see their reddened cocks in their hands, pumping furiously. After a groan from Will, he releases my head and strokes my hair, feeding me his cunt soaked fingers. I suck them clean then go on to lay the next set of cards.


Luc smirks and pulls me across his lap, without hesitation he presses the button on the plug which makes it begin to vibrate inside me. I moan like a slut and wriggle as he slaps my bum, squeezing a buttock hard in one hand as he reaches for the nipple clamps. Flipping me onto my back, he attaches them sharply so that I yelp and cry out a profanity. He spanks my arse and increases the vibration on the butt plug as my pussy drips onto his cock. Luc scowls and puts me onto the floor in front of him, taking a handful of my hair he directs me to look at his pussy juice smeared cock.

"You're going to clean that!"

I shake my head, knowing it will fire him up to be rougher, Will chuckles behind me and Luc smirks, pulling my head back he moves to put his prick against my cheek. He wipes his pre-cum across my lips and rubs his cock over my face. I glare up at him as he opens my jaw and pushes his dick into my mouth. After a few slow strokes, he begins to fuck my throat so that I gag and whimper as he laughs. Tears stream down my cheeks as my eyes water furiously while I maintain eye contact with Luc. Before I know it, I taste a salty bead of cum and he pumps ropes of seed into my mouth before spraying across my cheeks and tits. The others groan as they watch Luc clean his cock off on my chest before sitting back in his chair. He pats my head and chuckles at my cum covered face.

"You are a little cocksucking slut."
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