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A Great Show

A husband has a fantasy come true.
Tonight was a really special night. I could tell from the time that he said good-morning, that he was really interested ending the night in a good way. I anxiously waited for his return home from work. As he walked in the door, I was washing the dishes. As I stood at the sink , he came up behind me and lifted my hair so that he could kiss, nibble, and suck on my neck. He knows this is a huge weakness of mine and causes my knees to go weak and goose bumps to pop up all over my body. As my knees go weak, I ended up pushing my ass against his crotch where I am happy to feel his hard cock.

He continues to devour my neck and upper shoulders and slowly slips his hands inside my shirt and slides them up my stomach to my tits. As he slides my bra up over my tits, he cups each breast in his warm hands and uses his thumbs and fingers to find my nipples and roll them until they are hard. I know that he likes it as I can again feel his cock growing inside his pants.

Finally, I decided to turn around to see where this was all leading. The kiss that followed truly took my breath away and made me shiver. His tongue was all over my mouth, licking my lips, my teeth, biting on my tongue and lips until I was gasping for breath. His hands wrapped around the back of my head and he pulled me closer to him until I was crushed between his body and the kitchen cupboard. As I struggled to move a little bit, it became clear that tonight was going to be a night of good memories.

As we walked the short distance from the kitchen to the bedroom, we left a trail of clothes that were being removed as quickly as possible by both of us. As soon as we were both completely naked, he tossed me onto the bed and then pulled my arms high above my head as he climbed on top of me. In this current position, I was totally at his mercy to let him do as he pleased...which he proceeded to do. First he kissed and sucked on my neck and collar bones until I was completely unable to stay still on the bed. When he knew I could take no more, he moved to my tits. He bit each nipple hard enough to make me gasp with pain and then sucked as much of each tit as he could into his mouth. Then he moved slightly farther down my body and sucked on the underside of each breast which made me moan and wiggle with lust. When he felt that he had paid homage to each tit, he let me go. Now it was my turn!

I rolled him over onto his back and used the restraints that we have under the mattress to tie each of his arms straight out to his sides so that he could not touch me with his hands at all. I straddled his chest, used my hair to tease his skin and then sucked on his ears and neck until he was moaning and struggling against the ties on his wrists. I decided that it was time to move on. I wiggled my body up until my naked, wet pussy was right above his waiting mouth. He was ready to eat me, but I was not going to make it that easy for him. Instead, I reached down with my two hands and pulled my wet lips apart so that he could have a full view of how aroused I was. Then to get him even more excited, I used my index finger to rub circles around my clt, which was hard and poking out. This drove him crazy and he was trying to stick his tongue out far enough to get a taste of the juices that were flowing from my pussy, but I had bigger plans for him.

Before long, I knew that both of us were ready for something new. I told him to just lay back and enjoy the view. I pulled my blue dildo out of our “toy box” under the bed. Just the sight of me laying back with my legs spread, my juicy pussy, and “Blue,” my life-sized dildo was enough to make him moan with anticipation. I knew that I was going to have to take care of myself since his hands were still tied wide apart on the bed. I started by slowing rubbing my clit with just the tip of was already enough to make me want to cum, but I wanted to make sure this was something he was not going to forget. I slowly moved Blue to my pussy lips and slowly, but surely, slid it in a little at a time. As I turned the vibration on, I came almost instantly. Before long, I was ramming my dildo in and out of my pussy just like he rams his cock into me. I was ready to explode when I decided to use my own hands instead of my toy. I slowly inserted 1, then 2, then 3 fingers into my pussy and rubbed them all around in the juices that were pouring out. Soon, I could feel a big orgasm building and when I came, it squirted cum juice all the way to my knees and all over his chest and arms. I was driving him crazy to have to just watch all of this and not be able to help.

I climbed back on top of him and his rock hard cock that wanted to be buried in my wet pussy. Instead of jumping right on him, I went back to sucking on his neck, ears and nipples until he was squirming all over the bed with the lower half of his body. Then I slowly lowered myself onto his cock. I was staying totally in control, even though he was ready to just ram into me. Instead, I slowly moved up and down the whole length of his cock until I was coming and my juices were running down his balls.

I needed to feel his hands all over my body so I quickly reached over and undid the ties that were holding his wrists. Immediately, his hands were rubbing up my sides, all over my tits, grabbing my hair and pulling me down tightly to his firmly muscled chest. Suddenly, he used his fingernails to scrap a path all the way from my ankles, up my legs, over my ass, up my back and ending by grabbing both of my tits in his hands and squeezing them until I could hardly breathe. Then as I continued to ride him, he bit and sucked on my nipples until I was cumming almost continually. With a few final thrusts, I knew he was ready to fill my pussy with his cum. As he held me tight, I could feel his cock pumping his cum into my pussy.

In the minutes afterward, as we lay completely entwined on the bed, He lightly rubbed my arms and back with just the slightest touch of his fingertips. “You’re Awesome,” he said and I just smiled a wicked little smile. Maybe tomorrow night would be my turn to be tied up and mastered for the night......
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