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A holiday to remember

A holiday to meet people in the flesh for the first time becomes literal
I've been saving for months, working day in day out, and organising with my friends to visit them half way around the world for a couple of weeks. I've known them for a few years now, although meeting them in the flesh is something I am greatly looking forward to. I've got to fly for over twenty-four hours, making a few stops, just to land at Heathrow Airport at around 8:00 am local time. I then stay in the Greater London area for the weekend taking in the sights and being a tourist.

I've organised to meet up with my friend Harry during this weekend and then travel with him to his place, a few hours train ride away. Although I've spoken to Harry on the phone and online for a few years, I am still nervous as I'm not exactly sure what to expect. To my utmost relief, he is pretty much exactly as he is online and over the phone. He is shorter than I had expected yet fairly stocky, short dark hair, bright blue eyes, and a huge smile, wearing jeans, a T-shirt and trainers. He is pretty much how I imagined him.

After the weekend in London, we take a ride to his place and set up the computers so I can chat to my family and friends, as well as have a few games with some of my other friends online. Over the next few days I get to know Harry, his partner Jess, their family and local friends.

Harry takes me to see the sights of his area which I must admit is great, learning what is around and seeing some of the things I wouldn't have seen back home like green grass in the middle of summer which is uncommon where I had traveled from.

After a few nights of chilling out and getting to know everyone, I am sitting at the computer playing a game on Facebook. I can vaguely hear Harry and Jess upstairs doing what couples do when they get the time, so put I my headphones on and play some music, although this did nothing to stem the slow elation rising in my trousers due to the moaning I can hear.

After what seems forever, Harry eventually walks into the room downstairs, in his jeans and socks not wearing any top.

In jest I ask him, "Enjoy yourself up there?"

The response that followed is as I expected, although with a twist.

I am expecting a him to say yes as he isn't shy about his sexual life with anyone that I am aware of, but it still shocks me to hear this in person.

"Yeah, she's up there now in her outfit, sprawled out on the bed," he says with a cheeky grin.

So to make my usual style remark, I jokingly reply "Nice, this I have to see."

Now in these situations, most people I assume would have a laugh, make a remark similar to, 'You've got no chance,' then change subject, but not Harry.

Harry looks at me, smiles and tells me, "Go upstairs and have a look."

As stunned as I am, I'm not going too pass up having a look at this gorgeous young lady. I've been having a bit of fun flirting with her online, and now she's laying there in a sexy outfit. I put the headphones down, and head upstairs to the bedroom which has already been pointed out to me on a tour of the house. I timidly knock on the door and jump when Harry tells me from the stairs behind me to go in.

I step into the bedroom,and note the nice pine wood king size bed in the corner near the window. The sheets are white with a pattern printed on it and there are matching pillow cases. The built in wardrobes are pine also to match the bed frame. There is extra furniture around the room to store more clothes and a vanity setup. The walls are painted in pale blue and the floor is a pine laminate.

Harry follows me in as I'm having a look at Jess who is laying on the bed. Although the lights are off, there is enough light to see her sexy curves and her lovely round breasts all wrapped in a black fishnet body suit, nicely accentuating every sexy detail of her body.

Being nervous yet excited about seeing what I'm seeing, I awkwardly head for the door commenting on how nice the whole scene is. Harry isn't going to let me off that easy though. He has other ideas.

"Hang on a minute," Harry says, "You ain't getting off that easy."

I stand there, slightly confused at what he just said.

"Do you think Jess is sexy? Also, what do you rate her current appearance out of ten?"

I reply, "Very sexy and definitely ten out of ten."

Harry then starts to chat a bit more, just general chat, but Jess is still on the bed in that sexy outfit. The erection that has formed is making it really hard to stand still and not let on that it is there. I'm offered to sit down and I'm thankful. I gingerly sit down on the only place to sit other than the floor, on the bed next to Jess, and my erection grows slightly more.

Harry notices me relaxing a little more while chatting. I still shuffle a little to make it more comfortable with my slight bulge against my trousers and again asks me to do something surprising.

I'm stunned, nervous and worried. 'What if this is a test of our friendship? To see how much he can trust me with his partner, he wants me to play with her,' I think to myself.

I stop, look at him and ask, "Can you repeat that?"

"Finger my girlfriend," he replies.

'Yes, I did hear him right, he wants me to finger Jess!' I say to myself.

"Are you sure?" I ask.

The only response is a nod.

After the initial shock I have being asked to finger Jess, I lean over, gently spread her legs to gain enough access for me to have a feel. At this point I can see the gleaming wet softness of her shaven pussy through the crotchless section of her outfit. The scent of her hit me and I'm at full attention. I slowly slide my hand down the inside of her thigh and brush over her sensitive, wet lips, then I slide my fingers up to gently rub her clit. This makes her moan.

I continue this for a while, every so often I glance over to Harry and see him sitting there watching me intently. I slip a finger inside her wet goodness.

Harry asks Jess, "You want more?"

Through her heavy breathing she replies,"Yes."

"Go for it," Harry says to me.

Again stunned, I have to make sure and I'm given the complete go ahead.

I have one finger inside her, I lean over to lick and nibble on her clit, as my tongue touches her, I instantly taste her sweetness. I feel her firm clit. I slide my tongue up and down a portion of her silk like lips and again I hear her moaning at the tender touch of my tongue. I look up to see her facial reactions and notice her breasts are firm and her nipples are erect.

Harry asks Jess another question which I can't hear. All I see out of the corners of my eyes is her nodding.

Harry then asks her and I assume that it's the same question, loudly enough for me to hear, "Do you want him inside you?"

"Yes," she answers immediately "I want him!"

I look at Harry. He just nods at me. That is enough for me. I get up, strip off, climb on the bed and spread Jess's legs even wider than they are to allow me complete access to her.

I slowly and gently get a feel for her, enveloping my rigid manhood inside her, feeling her smooth, wet pussy, until I'm told how Jess really likes it.

"She likes is hard, fast and rough," Harry says to me.

I'm going for it, every so often getting suggestions from Harry to make it better for Jess, from lifting her legs over my shoulders to doggy style. I'm pumping her so hard, her come is soaking my cock.

I'm in heaven, so much so I'm not really aware that Harry is moving over to get into the action as well. Between mouthfuls of Harry's cock and mine inside her sweet pussy, she's moaning loud. The only rule is not to unload inside her.

So after slamming my body against and inside hers, I can feel the pressure building and it's starting to build fast. I can't hold it back any longer. I pull out and unleash stream after stream of come all over her. Her moaning dies off and I can hear her panting hard.

Feeling slightly awkward, I quickly dress and head downstairs. I go outside to have a cigarette. A little later Harry meets up with me.

"Is everything alright?" he asks.

"Everything is fine," I reply. I explain how I'm recovering from the shock and the actual experience of it all.

"It's alright," he says, "We didn't expect it to be this good either, but it was fun, wasn't it?"

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