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A Hot Shower

Tags: teasing, oral, mf, friends,
A diary entry from a few years back. This happened about a week after “Changing the rules”
A few weeks ago my husband and I stayed the night at our old friend Sean's house on our way through town. It had been a hot day and I was feeling a bit sticky and grimy from the ride. I asked to use the shower and my host showed me where it was. He ushered me into the bathroom with a grin and shut the door behind him.

"Need a hand?" he asked.

"Mmm, will you get all those hard to reach places?” I murmured with a smile in return.

"I'd like to get my "hard" into all your places," he teased back.

We had been friends for years and "close" for most of them. Mine was not an open marriage but the fences weren't all that high. My husband and I had only two rules. We both had to approve of any partners, and there could be absolutely no cock penetration. Otherwise everything was fair game. The last condition was my rule, not my husband's, and after last week I was finally ready to change it. I didn’t tell Sean yet, though. Why spoil the surprise? He had been trying for years to change my mind and although he didn’t know it, it was game on tonight.

I slowly began to strip, enjoying the heat in his eyes as he watched me.

I am a brunette of Mediterranean extraction with full lips and green eyes. I am carrying a few more pounds than are fashionable but men don't seem to mind it as much as I do. I have very perky "C" cup breasts with large pale nipples and a great ass (if I do say so myself).

As soon as I was naked I turned and bent over to start the water, making sure he got a full view of my shaved pussy. I gasped as he took me by the hips and ground his jeans clad erection against me. The rough fabric and zipper were almost unbearable against the wet slickness of my folds. I straightened up and his hands moved up to my breasts as he bent and delicately scraped his stubbled jaw against the junction of my neck and shoulder. I shuddered and he scraped me again harder and nipped my earlobe.

I knew a lot of women disliked stubble but I adored it. The sandpaper roughness against my tender skin never failed to make me wet.

"I didn't shave because I knew you would be coming."

"Oh yeah, and just how many times were you planning on making me cum?" I arched a brow, enjoying our usual wordplay.

"Let’s start with the first few and then see how long the hot water holds out."

I smiled with anticipation and turned to undress him, enjoying the different textures of his body as my hands ran over his skin under his shirt. I got the shirt off, running my hands up over his shoulders and down his arms as I followed the fabric.

He wrapped his arms around my hips and ran his fingers down the cleft of my ass pulling one knee up around his waist until he found my pussy, wet, swollen and begging to be touched. He flicked lightly making me arch and gasp. Quickly I popped the button on his jeans and began to slide off his pants and underwear to free his erection. I dropped with the pants so I could get a close up of his gorgeous cock.

My husband's cock was a respectable 6" with a nice girth to it but Sean's was just beautiful. It was a solid 10 or 11" and so big around I could barely fit it in my mouth. I always wondered how it would be to have that solid monster inside me, filling and stretching me almost to the point of pain.

He used my distraction to pull me to my feet before I got in more than a quick kiss to the head.

"Shower," he growled. "The water is ready."

I smiled and stepped into the shower, enjoying the feel of the water sliding over my skin. He stepped in behind me and within seconds began running his hands over my skin. He had a bar of soap in one palm and as the bubbles frothed over my breasts his other hand began playing with my nipples. I arched and gasped. Rubbing back against his chest, feeling his cock push between my thighs, I spread my legs a little and took him between my thighs. His hard length lodged against my slit with the head bumping my clit. I moaned and slid along his cock as he pinched and flicked my nipples. He leaned over and murmured in my ear,

“You know you love my big hard cock. Imagine all the places I could take you with this. You only have to ask.”

His words made me even slicker and he chuckled, amused at my responsiveness. I held my secret knowledge of what was possible to myself and turned toward him. Taking the soap from him I took a step back and washed myself…slowly…and very thoroughly. I massaged the soap bubbles into my skin enjoying the slick friction of my own hands. I moved lower and washed my pussy, paying extra attention to my clit, enjoying the heat in his eyes and the hardness of his cock as he watched me.

I leaned forward and began washing him as his hands roamed my body once more. I washed my way down his chest and over his stomach letting my hands follow the trail of suds I was creating until I reached his cock. I set the soap aside and reached out with one slick hand to firmly caress his length. I shook my wet hair back from my face and went down to my knees before him.

Paying homage to that magnificent piece of flesh I softly kissed the tip before running my open mouth down one side from tip to base. I went under the bottom with a quick lick to the balls and came back up the other side. I loved the way his muscles clenched as my mouth wrapped his cock. Back at the head I swirled my tongue along the crease behind his cap, pausing to flick and tease the tight frenulum. I opened my mouth and went to work in earnest, sliding his head between my lips and sinking as far as I was able onto his cock.

The water was running over my face making it difficult to breathe and I could feel his hands wandering over me, trying to reach. I wasn’t about to let the evening end with just a BJ so I stood up, making sure to slide over every inch of his body as I did so. My nipples were so hard and the slight roughness of his chest hair sent little jolts of sensation straight to my clit.

Sean killed the water and slicked his hair back. Picking me up, I laughed in surprise as he turned and placed me on the edge of the vanity. Going to his knees before me, he spread my thighs and began to lick my soaking pussy. His tongue was magic and (wicked, wicked man) he allowed his stubble to ‘accidentally’ scrape against my swollen clit. Each time he did so I cried out, absolutely unable to keep quiet. Closer and closer to the edge, but I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted him inside me. I shook my head and tried to say something but he chose that moment to slide two fingers into my pussy.

“Gahhm,” was about the best I could manage, because at that moment he began flicking and I convulsed. I came hard and fast.


So sweet!

Surfing a cresting wave of blinding sensation.

My inner thigh muscles shuddered and trembled as I came down and found him still licking my pussy. Soft soothing strokes now, his fingers gently thrusting in time with his tongue. He caught my eye and smiled wickedly at me.

“Don’t you wish it was my cock in you right now instead of just my fingers?”

He stood up and taking hold of his cock in one hand, brushed the head up and down my slit teasingly.

I looked him in the eyes. “Fuck Yes!” I said and with a surge of my hips I impaled myself on him.

The look in his eyes was priceless shock, confusion, pure pure lust. His hands reached out instinctively to hold my hips and pull me closer. I gasped with pure pleasure at the sensation of slick rigid fullness stretching the walls of my pussy.

“Are you sure?” He was so turned on it came out more like a growl.

“Fuck me please!”

It was a plea he had waited seven years to hear. He drove deeper into my core. I wrapped my legs around his hips and thrust back against him as he bottomed out. He held there a moment and I reveled in pleasure of the moment.

“Damn! You are so fucking tight.”

He began to thrust, gaining speed and power with each stroke. My pussy was slick with the juices of my previous orgasm and the sense of fullness and friction was so intense that I found myself tipping back over the edge of orgasm. Spasming hard around his cock, my whole body vibrated with the pleasure of the moment. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he continued to thrust deep within my core. The orgasm just stretched on and on, each wave more intense than the last until I was completely lost to everything but the sensations within me.

Eventually I came down to the quivering aftershocks and a realization that Sean was holding still again. He caught the nape of my neck in one hand and pulled me close for a rough kiss then locking eyes with me he began to thrust again. I could feel my pussy contract with each stroke and within a few minutes, impossible as it seemed, I knew I was about to cum again. Just as the fresh waves of pleasure picked me up and began to shake me I felt him withdraw. Hot splashes of cum hit my breasts and ran over my stomach. I looked at him with dazed eyes and realized we had forgotten a condom.

“Oh god!” I exclaimed as I realized what could have happened.

He laughed down at me.

“No need to be so formal, you can still call me Sean.”

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