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A Hot Wife Is Created

Taking fantasy sex role playing to reality: wife fucks strangers for husbands pleasure.
My husband and I began role-playing all sorts of fantasies shortly after we started dating. It didn't us long to figure out that we both had an unconventional sexual streak in us. I have always been very open and forward, and accepting of sex. I found out through life that most women definitely do not act like I do. I do believe that many women wish they could and want to, but they stop themselves because of social stigmas that get attached to women who pursue sex as aggressively men do. Needless to say I was thrilled when I discovered my husband. He loved to hear me tell him the stories of my sexual escapades. And that is how it all started.

My husband (then my boyfriend) and I started role-playing fantasies he had always wished had happened to him, but sadly never did. Those fantasies began rather routine, i.e. me in costumes and outfits, me playing the stranger who lets him have her, etc. Eventually, those fantasies expanded to all sorts of fun role-playing, i.e. me letting strangers pick me up and have me in all sorts of settings from Starbucks restrooms, backs of stores, parking lots, alley way, etc, to gang bangs with co-workers and strangers. It was very hot and we kept it as a repeating activity. I particularly like it when we played that I was on the prowl, or very submissive, or hubby just telling me who I had to fuck.

It wasn't long before hubby told me that he wanted me to do it for real! I am 5'7, 125, dark hair, blue eyes, 36b. My hubby is always reminding me that when we are out I constantly get compliments on how sexy/beautiful I am. He is also always telling me that I am the kind of woman that guys would like to walk up to, bend over, and fuck with out saying a word. I have to admit that I too began to fantasize about that, or things similar. I know most men would love to be able to do that to a woman. The no strings attached quickie.

Eventually, we figured out that my husband wanted to see other men live out the fantasies he never could. He wanted to live vicariously through them. It felt unreal, like a dream come true for me also. I was going to get to have sex with other men and it was going to be ok with my husband! I love it that I have a husband that will let other men live explicitly through me. I wanted to see all of his dreams and fantasies come true, through other men. So we planned a weekend away where we figured there would be a good chance of something being able to happen. We went to Lake Tahoe for a long weekend.

That weekend would become the first time I fucked another guy for him. We agreed I could pick out any one I wanted while we were there. It was important that the guy be attractive to me, and for that to happen I would need to be able to pick him out. My husband, however, insisted on what I had to wear, and also that he could veto a guy if he didn't like the guy. As it turned out the first guy I pointed out, was ok with my hubby. It happened the first night we were in Tahoe. I was dressed in a snug short black dress with a slight flare and heels. I was playing roulette while my husband was at a craps table near by.

The candidate joined the roulette table right next to me. It didn't take long for me to notice him, or him to notice me noticing him. He had dark haired, was about six feet tall, and very handsome. He was definitely the kinda guy I would have gone for in my single days. It all began to come true after small talk and opening questions about where were from and how we were up in Tahoe with. When I told him of my husband and pointed him out at the craps table, he commented that my hubby was a lucky guy. I took that opportunity to test the water and responded that he didn't have to be the only lucky guy. We were stunned for a moment as he processed what I had said. When it sunk in, he smiled.

It wasn't long before we were in his room and I was dropping to my knees and undoing his pant... taking out his cock ... taking it in my mouth! Hubby watched with excitement. It was overwhelming! Thank god he was a good size, about 7.5 inches. I loved it when he would tell my husband how good my mouth was, and when he'd say, "Your wife's a pro at sucking cock." But even better was when pushed me onto the bed and pulled my panties off. He was thrilled to see I was totally smooth. He looked at my husband and said something like, "I'm going to love fucking your wife."

It was actually going to happen! And my hubby was going to watch it! I spread my legs inviting him in, inviting him to fuck me. He climbed up between my legs and lifted my hips up to meet his cock. I looked at his hard cock pointing at my pussy. I smiled and watched as he pushed inside me! “OH FUCK!” I said to myself as I felt his cock press into me. I savored the moment. I had another man's cock inside my pussy.

He moaned loudly as he pressed the entire length of his cock into me. He looked from me, watching his cock slide into my pussy, to up my body to my face. He smiled devilishly and then began to fuck me with enthusiasm.

My hubby later said he was in awe as he watched me getting fucked. The guy warned me when he was about to cum, and I told him that he could cum in my mouth, or on my face, or all over me if he wanted. He chose to cum on my face. That was erotic! He pulled out and quickly straddled my chest and shot four huge streams of cum all over my face, nose, mouth, forehead, and hair.

After he climbed off of me, I heard my husband undoing his pants. He was ready! Hubby dropped his pants and his hard cock sprung free. He looked to the guy and said, “What do you want to see?”

The guy replied that he wanted to see me on my knees sucking his cock then have him pull out when it was time and cum all over my face. My husband said, "You got it."

Then the guy asked if he could film it. We paused for a moment looked at each other. When we saw the flash in each others eyes we agreed and that is when my hubby let us know he had filmed us too. My hubby didn't last long since he was so worked up. The guy asked if we would mind if he showed the video to his friends. It was a courtesy request since we both knew he would anyway, so we said yes.

Just after the guy had turned on his camera phone to film us he said that his buddy's are going to go crazy with jealousy when they see it, and when he tells them he got to fuck me. My husband didn't waste a moment before asking how many buddies he had with him. He said he was up with three others. I asked if he had any pictures of them, and he did. They were all good looking enough considering my amped up sexual energy, so I tested my husband’s word that I could have anyone I wanted during the weekend. I told the guy to call them and have them meet us in an hour at the tables. The silence in the room was filled with sexual tension, as my husband pondered what I had just said. I then made it very clear, I told the guy to tell them I wanted them all, that they could all fuck me.

From that night on I have been hooked on fucking other men and being the slut that my husband wants all women to be.

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