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A Lady Should Always Pay Her Debts - Part 1

A Story from the Pre-Internet Days When Our College Friends Came by to Catch-Up
The four of us were old friends. My wife had first met Paul and Eric back in college, prior to her hooking up with me of course. I guess I should explain that. My wife had actually gone out on a few dates with Paul, before her and I hooked up. As for Eric, well my wife never fully explained how she first met him, or any sexual history for that matter.

When Debbie and I first started dating, I would see him at her friends apartments and dorm rooms during on campus social gatherings… well a.k.a. “parties”. Nothing too risqué mind you, just allot of drinking and partying on weekends. We were all pretty good students during the week.

Over the years, we have developed a trusting relationship with both of them. So, seventeen years later, here they are both are in our house on a Saturday night, with our two kids asleep upstairs on a snowy night. The idea was that we would all get together once a year and catch up on our lives. Usually, whoever hosted the yearly event would have a packed house of all our college friends, yet tonight the weather was just plain bad. So bad, that they issued one of those “Weather Advisories” across the bottom of the TV screen as we were all catching up on the past year’s events.

“Well good thing you guys stopped over early. Looks like the roads are getting pretty bad now.”

“Yea, I thought about not coming but I just don’t get back to town often enough anymore, so I might as well make the best of it.” Paul works for the airlines, some kind of traveling mechanic specialist. This keeps him traveling most all the time.

Eric stared at his drink and spoke with his mouth up to his glass. “Man it really is good to see you all. I haven’t seen anyone from the old days since… well last year at Paula’s house.”

“Man! I think she got pretty hammered. I think she was coming on to your husband Debbie.” Eric leaned back in his chair as he shook his head in the affirmative nod. “I’m pretty sure anyways.”

Debbie’s mouth dropped ever so slightly. “Well I’m pretty sure that my husband kept his hands to himself. As I remembered it later that night, he performed very well for me. At least if I remember correctly.”

Eric managed to sneak a little smile at Debbie as if he wanted to stir up a little trouble between Debbie and myself. He clearly had a smile as he tipped his glass all the way up, and slugged down the last of his drink.

“Well I’m going to get another drink. You guys… and uh ladies, need a refill?”

“I’ll take one,” Eric said.

I walked through the kitchen door, followed by Paul. “Me too, please.”

I started making the drinks. Thinking how hot it was back in college when I was dating Debbie. Our entwinement started about three months after she had stopped dating Paul. Paul was a pretty good guy and has always seemed pretty stable. I can’t really say anything bad about him. We've talked on the phone over the years, and the only thing I can say about his private life is that he is known to be kinky in bed.

Debbie kind of confirmed that assessment, when she said that she was real drunk once with Paul and he sort of took advantage of her. I pushed her for more details on that but she would only tell me “He just went too fast with me for things I wasn't ready for yet”. I usually dropped the subject at that point, as I could always read her face very well. I knew better than to push her too hard on her sexual history, even if it did turn me on slightly. Debbie just wasn't much for talking much about her past sex life experiences.

I dropped a few ice cubes into each of the four glasses on the counter and started half filling them with vodka. I heard the conversation continuing in the living room, followed by Debbie’s laugh. I topped off each of the glasses with cranberry and gave each one a stir with a butter knife. Debbie came through the swinging kitchen door still partially laughing.

“Hey baby, you need any help with the drinks?”

“No, I’m just finishing up. Everything okay in there?”

“Yup, I kind of just opened a subject that I’d nearly forgotten.” She reached for her glass on the counter. Hers was always the one with the straw in it.

“Really? What might that be?”

“Well, back when I was dating Paul…. Well I’ll tell you later,” as she used her other arm to help steady herself from the effects of the vodka.

“No, come on, please tell me.”

“Just way back at school I had allot to drink when I was hanging out with Paul at his apartment and I ended up playing “Truth or Dare” one night with him.”

“Really? Well, I suppose there’s more to that story.” I looked at Debbie and kind of smiled at her.

“Yeah, I guess there is a little bit more. Eric was also there.” She quickly turned and walked back out the kitchen door, leaving me to hold the three other glasses. I just about dropped them when she told me that. She must be a in quite a mood to even have brought that up. I wanted to run after her to hear more, as I’m quite sure that it would have been a very interesting story. I spun and used my butt to push open the kitchen door, then spun back around and entered the living room.

“OK, who wants a freshy?” as I held the triangular arrangement of glasses out for each of the guys to take.

“Thanks,” Paul said as he took two from me and then handed one to Eric.

“Yeah thanks. Hard to turn another one of these down.” Eric sat back down at the end of the couch and sat his drink close by on the end table.

Debbie had already returned to the armchair to the left of the couch. I sat back on the opposite side of the couch, across from Debbie and Eric was sitting by himself on the love seat. I still had a surprised look on my face, and Debbie glanced over and read it right away.

“Maybe someday we’ll talk more about it honey.” Debbie surprised me by still holding on to the kitchen subject.

“Talk more about what? I want to know,” Eric said, as he perked up a bit. A wee bit drunk I suppose, but well awake. “Come on guys, fill us in… we’re all friends here.”

Debbie spoke up as if to try and end the encouragement. “It’s nothing guys, I was whispering sweet nothings in my husband’s ear.” Debbie smiled at me and we both looked at one another then we both looked away. Debbie thought I was looking at the TV, but I looked back over at her. She was looking at Paul in a rather serious face. I read her lips when she looked over to Paul, and it was “Stop it”. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Paul shrug his shoulders.

“Debbie was just talking about some college game she played “way-back-when.”

Eric immediately threw out the words “Might it have been Truth-or-Dare?” Once again Eric presented that familiar smirk on his face again. It was a very insinuative smirk at that.

Both Paul and Debbie looked at Eric and simultaneously

“Shhhhhh. Eric shut up.” Debbie delivered a very begging tone to Eric who was clearly enjoying watching my wife start to squirm a bit.

“So Debbie, come on tell me what’s all this game I am hearing about?” I really couldn't help myself from asking her. After all, she was the one who brought this up. Debbie continued squirming in her chair, and her eyes would quickly look up and meet mine, and then quickly back to Eric and Paul. She looked like a cornered animal.

Paul put his drink down onto the coffee table and rose to his feet. “I think I can clear this up a little bit. I suppose this might be an uncomfortable subject for Debbie. And, it was no big deal anyway.” Paul sat back down and picked his drink back up. Both Eric and Debbie seemed to be unclear what Paul was about to say. God knows I wanted to hear it.

“Well, back in school, and certainly a lifetime ago now. We had all gone out and celebrated something… I honestly don’t remember what it was now, but in any case we, of course, had a few drinks…”

Eric chimed in, “A lot of drinks Paul… allot of drinks.”

“Okay, allot of drinks. Debbie and I had just started hanging out. We all came back to my place and we were just winding down. Anyway, the subject got brought up of playing a game. Not sure why."

Eric again added his take. “We were just horny and wanted to get Debbie naked. I mean come on she was so hot back then… I uh…mean, so hot now, I mean so hot - period." Debbie smacked her hand down onto the arm of the couch. “Sorry Debbie.” Eric always knows how to tease Debbie.

Paul once again took back control of the conversation. “Okay so we played a few rounds, kind of ended up seeing a good bit of one another with little clothes. It was no big thing. It was only a little bit of fun. And besides this was all well before you and Debbie hooked up."

“I know Paul. Please don’t worry about it. I really don’t mind hearing about Debbie’s past. I’m actually quite interested even. She doesn't talk much about it enough for my taste. So please continue if there is more.”

Debbie seemed to want to say something, but kept intently looking at Paul and then would turn her head back to me. She almost started to say something and then grabbed her glass and down it all at once. She sat her glass down and then looked at Paul with the “deer in the headlights” look.

“Like I said, we pretty much got naked, and fooled around just a bit. I don’t really think it was considered a threesome, just a little… well… heavy petting I guess.”

There was silence for about ten seconds, until Eric jumped up.

“Well I think I’m ready for another drink. How ‘bout you guys?”

Both Eric and I headed to the kitchen.

“I really didn't mean to bring up something, well, inappropriate up just now.”

“No problem Eric. Actually, I really would like to hear more. Even though I’m not sure it is that I want to hear. I just get real excited hearing about Debbie’s past. Well her sexual past that is. I love her with all my heart. Please don’t misunderstand me. I just find myself getting turned on when I think about… well Debbie and… oh never mind.” I began to think I might be revealing a little too much and it might be time to shut up.

Eric got a bit closer to me, and then lowered his voice to a mere whisper. “No, I understand really. My ex-wife and I did some pretty kinky shit. Hell Paul has too, don’t let his professional guy image fool you.” He reached out and put his hand on my elbow. “We all just want to have a little different fun sometimes, and it’s a different world now. So I know how that “kink jealousy” thing can be. I have to tell you though, any man, I mean, any man, would love to do your wife. She has held up real well over the years. No offense please, I just want you to know, I think your wife is hot, and I’m pretty sure others see it too.”

“So what happened so long ago on the Truth or Dare night?”

Eric smiled, paused and collected himself. “We got Debbie naked and played with her a little.”


“You sure you want to know?” Eric asked.

“Yes, please tell me if you don’t mind.” I knew Debbie probably wouldn't, especially when she gets sober so I pushed Eric.

“Well… I guess we just felt her up allot. Kind of played more adult version of doctor. It was really the first time I ever got to play with a girl’s pussy at close range. I mean with all the lights on and shit. Hope it doesn't bother you. It was a long time ago, you know?”

“I know and don’t worry. You guys are good friends. To tell you the truth I think it’s pretty hot. Was Debbie into it?”

“Man, was she ever. Her wetness was one of the best memories of my life. She probably has the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen even today. But, of course you know that. He smiled and saw that I was being honest about wanted to hear more. “You know, I never dated a girl who gets into sex the way Debbie could. I just hate the way that night ended. Basically, I was supposed to be the winner that night, but I disappointed myself.”

“I don’t think I’m following you.”

Eric seemed a little reluctant now. “Well, you sure you want to hear this?”

“Yes please, if there were more, I would love to hear it? I told you it’s all cool, and I really want to know.”

“All right, you see we drew cards for determine “the winner”, and I had the high card. Paul and her weren't an exclusive item yet. So my dare was for Debbie to fuck me.”

“Whoa. Really? What happened? Did you get to…?

“No, see that’s just it. When it came down to it, Paul was there and I just couldn't do it. I don’t know. Stage fright I guess. Debbie was spread eagle on his couch and she was mine to have, at least that night. I just couldn't stay hard in front of Paul. I was just too damn self-conscious or something. I suppose it should be no big deal. Just one of my many regrets I guess. Debbie was probably the hottest girl that I ever had a chance to fuck. I've gotten over the self-conscious thing now, but I wish it had been different back then.”

“Did Paul and Debbie fuck that night?”

“No. Not that night. Before I got mine… I was just sitting there watching her give Paul blowjob. See, then final dare was actually for her to blow the loser and then fuck the winner. I had to wait until she finished blowing Paul then it would be my turn to fuck her. It was my epic fail night. I was inexperienced and still a virgin, and I was afraid I wouldn't do it right I guess. I mean, I watched Paul just cum in her mouth, and that was so hot, but when it came down to me I backed out."

“Well Eric I’m the one that’s sorry. Believe it or not I love the imagery of picturing Debbie fooling around with two guys. I guess I a little bit voyeuristic. Guess I just have a thing for picturing Debbie in a group sex situation.”

“I know what you mean,” said Eric. We each picked up two glasses each and headed back to the living room. When we both walked in there was still a silence in the room. Eric handed Debbie her drink. I handed Paul his.

“Man, took you guys long enough,” said Debbie.

We sat around and made small chit chat for a while until I steered the subject back a bit.

“Well, I wish I could have had some of the crazy sex-game experiences you guys had in school.”

“So you guys never played any sex games?” Said Paul.

“I guess we have now. We may have purchased and played a few intimate games from time to time, haven’t we Deb?”

“Yes honey, I’m sure they don’t care about our games,” she replied. I looked a little disappointed back at her.

"I know what you mean though. I miss being immature sometimes… things like that should be no big deal to us now, or even Debbie for that matter.” I looked over at Debbie and again gave her my puppy dog look. “I love you honey. This is just a little bit of fun for me to hear about you in the past.” I smiled and extended my hand as I sat back down on the couch. She reached out and took it. I was doing my best to not upset her, but was hoping to titillate her just a little. Debbie hadn't been saying much. I didn't want to give her any reason to be uncomfortable and I just might be able to persuade her a little.

“Can I assume that Eric told you a little about our college game way-back-when?” She immediately spurted.

“Well… maybe just a little.” I was trying to sound innocent.

“What did he say?”

"Just pretty much what you said. You three back in college played Truth or Dare."

“…That all?”

“Well, I did press him for just a little more details.”

“Like… Eric?” She crossed her arms and gave him the tilted head over the brow look.

“He said there was a little fooling around,” I said.

“Hmm, kind of interesting way to put it.” She now looked like she had even more questions.

“He actually remembered it pretty well. Well enough to have felt a little cheated.” I gently smiled.

“Oh. Well wait a second, if he said that - then he must have told you about… now I’m mad.”

“No honey, it’s my fault. I pretty much told him that I had to know. We talked for a few minutes, and I begged for information on it… on what you said to me already. Playing Truth-or-Dare. I also might have mentioned to Eric that the thought of you fooling around with multiple guys has turned me on for years.”

“I thought that was just bed talk between us,” she said.

“It is, but I've known Eric a long time, and we have been known to talk a little about…you know, stuff.”

“So I owe him, still? Eric said that? Did he tell you what I owe him and why?”

I answered as if confused. “I’m not real sure. Will you finish filling me in? I would love to hear details.”

“I’ll bet you would. Please, finish filling their drinks, and I’ll tell you a little.”

I promptly started paying attention to completing the new drinks.

“I was supposed to well, do it with Eric a long time ago, and he… well we just… we didn't do it and supposedly, I still owe him.”

“That’s what I heard.”

“Wait a minute, how the hell does it come up that Eric manages to bring this up to my husband?”

“I just asked him, nicely.” We each again picked up two glasses each, and headed for the living room. When we walked in Paul was up and peeking out the front window through the curtains.

“There’s probably a good five inches of snow out there now. I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere tonight. Are you guys sure it’s okay if we stay here? I mean we could get to that motel down the street, and it would be no big deal.”

A walked over to Paul and gave him the new glass. “Absolutely not, no one has to go to work tomorrow, so just have a good time here. Both Debbie and myself are wide awake and we want you both to stay.”

“Listen Debbie and guys, I’m sorry if I was a little pushy to hear about the past stuff. I hope I didn't make anyone feel uncomfortable. All because learned a little something new tonight about what you guys did in college. It’s okay, and no big deal, as I told Eric, I actually get a little turned on hearing stuff like that. Especially involving Debbie.” Debbie was in mid-drink when she heard me say that.

“No kidding. Sometimes I think he’ll never shut up asking me about… well, my history.” Debbie looked over at Paul.

Paul cleared his throat and took a sip of his drink. “Actually, I think it’s fine. My ex-wife and I were actually played around with swinging, so I know how those thoughts can be. I used to love hearing her stories would make me so hard. Course I had more fun when I could make those stories with her.” He sat back and smiled, pretty much from ear to ear. She was, and is a damn hot woman.”

“Really Paul? Angela is a swinger?” Debbie seemed interested and shocked.

Paul looked her in the eye. “Well we weren't actually swingers, we just dabbled a bit I suppose. Angela is a very free spirit, and always has been. She has a kinky side obviously.”

“I have a little idea. How ‘bout we play a game now?" Paul immediately seemed interested, and Eric perked up in his seat.

On the other hand, Debbie…“Wait a minute, I didn't agree to any games and I suspect I might be needed.” Debbie had that sexy little smirk knowing she would have to approve of any game before she would even consider it. "I suppose it’s going to be Truth-or-Dare, right?”

“Actually, we have an intimate dice and card game that Debbie and I used to play, but it’s been a while.“

Debbie jumped to her feet. “No, not that game, that one makes you have to…”

“Come on Debbie, we’re all friends here. Besides, in this crowd, I was the one that was left out.” I tried to look as attentive and caring as I could. She sighed, put her hands on her hips, and sat back down and reached for her glass.

“All right, fine! I’ll get it." Debbie walked over to the shelf and pulled out a small box. I was surprised that Debbie actually knew where it was. Paul and Eric opened the box and started looking at some of the cards and reading the rules.

“All right guys don’t peek at the cards. Let’s keep an element of mystique to it,” I said. Paul and Eric both had seen maybe one card each and they both placed them face down on the bottom of the pile. I started shuffling the cards, and laid the dice on the table, along with different cards labeled “End Game” cards that were a different shape and color. I tried to explain the basic rules.

“Basically, we all roll off. The highest roll gets to pick a command card; that person gets to command the person of their choice to do as the card says. After the complete the tasks, the points are awarded.”

“The big cards are for the end of the game.” Debbie said smiling. We may not get to those.”

“What’s the deal with those?” Eric asked.

“When you complete the command, all the people involved in “the task” accumulate points. After so many rounds the first player to reach ten points gets to pick an “End Card”. That is usually a pretty hard core final task, so we may not get to that.” I looked over at Debbie and she almost looked disappointed. “If you guys want to play with score we can, I don’t mind. Besides, there should be some incentive to win.” I smiled at Debbie, and she hinted a smile back at me.

“All right, I’m okay with this, as long as everyone else is,” said Paul.

“Yeah, I’m cool with it, as long as you guys are.” He looked at me for approval, which I gave to him.

“I’ll do whatever you guys agree to, as long as my husband is alright with it,” Debbie stated.

“Sure, I suggested it, so let’s have fun.” I shuffled all the cards and placed them on the table along with the dice. Debbie picked up the dice.

“I’ll roll first,” she said.

“It really doesn't matter who goes first, since the highest roll will win the draw of the command card,” I told them.

Debbie took them anyway and rolled them on the table.

“Three and a four” probably won’t be me.” She leaned back hard in her chair and passed the dice to Eric.

Eric picked them up in a somewhat confident manner and rolled a four and a five.

“Probably not me either,” and he picked up the dice and handed them to Paul.

“Okay, well let’s see what I can do.” He rolled the dice and quickly got a five and a six; eleven would indeed be hard to beat. Paul handed me the dice shrugged his shoulders. I was last and this would indeed be hard to beat, even if I had wanted too.

“Well, I give it my best.” I rolled the dice and as predicted a three and a one. Paul’s roll would stand.

“Now you pick a command card, Paul,” said Debbie, who seemed a little excited being the only female present. He reached across the coffee table a picked up a command card.

“Please read it out loud,” I said. He still read it to himself at first as I could see his lips reading it.

“Kiss the player of your choice and get two points. The player you kiss will get one point.”

Well, I wonder who I should pick?” He of course looked right at Debbie. He wasted no time and leaned over towards her across the table, as did she. There was no hesitation, as I watched their lips touch. It was a sweet kiss at first. Paul kissed her very gently. After a few seconds, they both got more into it. I saw their mouths open and their tongues meet. All in all it only last maybe seven or eight seconds. Debbie retreated back to her seat and appeared a little red.

“That was nice Debbie, has been a while.” Paul smiled and Debbie reciprocated with a shy smile and some very red cheeks. It had also been awhile since I saw Debbie behave as bashful, but she was. I actually thought it was cute.

We all rolled again, this time Eric was the winner. Again, my roll sucked. Eric won with double fives. He drew his command card and immediately read it aloud.

Eric held the card before him.

“Tell another player (of your choice) to do whatever you say to another player and you get three points.”

Eric at first looked a little confused. Then he seemed to come up with an idea and looked straight at me.

“Since you wanted to play this… how ‘bout you show us Debbie’s tits?”

I was a little caught off guard, but they are spectacular tits and I felt proud to have an opportunity to show them off. I moved over to Debbie.

“Okay, gather ‘round boys because these are awesome. Debbie, please stand up.”

“Well, uh… okay, just a sec.” She put her drink down and stood up. I put my hands on her sides and manipulated her around facing the other guys as I stood behind her. I grabbed both sides of her pink sweater and lifted it up over her head, but used it to blindfold her.

“What are you doing?” she started to protest and grab the sweater.

“Please Debbie, let me do this my way,” I softly said to her. I’m not sure if the others heard me, but I tried to whisper.

“Alright,” and she dropped both hands down to her sides. The sweater covered her head. Her pink bra was showing, so I reached around with both hands and placed them under each cup, and lifted her bra, allowing her 38D breasts to fall right out.

“Wow, still nice, uh… sorry. I suppose I meant to only think that,” said Paul. Eric kind of laughed, but it was a little reserved.

“No problem Paul. I love ‘em too, and I think they have only gotten better. I love the perfect pink nipples. Truly my favorite play things.” I reached up and pinched her nipple, and then smiled at them both and they both smiled back, never taking their eyes off her tits. Debbie pulled her bra down followed by her sweater.

“Okay, show’s over,” and she fixed herself and sat back down. I returned to my seat.

“Time to roll again. I’ll start. Ah, five and a three, eight total,” and I handed Paul the dice.

“Okay, let’s see if I can beat that.” He rolled a three and a two. “Five ain't gonna cut it.”

Debbie picked up the dice, “Alright guys let me do my damage.” And she rolled up the exact same as Paul. “Guess where the five’s club Paul.” Paul laughed and passed the dice to me. I rolled a five and a four.

“Nine, and I win this one.” I reached for the command card and picked it up. Debbie sat back and prepared for the fate that she would most likely be involved in.

“Everyone must take off one article of clothing (socks don’t count). Everyone will get two points.”

I looked around at the others then I took off my pull over shirt and threw it at the end of the table. Paul did the same with his shirt and Eric followed. Both of them tossed their clothes into the same pile I had started. Debbie watched everyone do as they were told, but she sat not moving and just stared at us all.

“Alright, good thing we’re drinking.” Debbie stood up and pulled her sweat pants down, then quickly sat back down and pulled the sides of her sweater over her panties. I suppose she had a right, as all eyes in the room were trying to sneak a peek, even me and I’m married to her.

“Ha, have to do better that that,” and she laughed and took a drink. Picked up the dice and rolled them to start the next round. The dice came up eleven, a five and a six.

“I rest my case,” she said and handed the dice to Eric. Eric rolled double one’s, didn't say a word and just passed the dice to me. I rolled nine and handed them to Paul, who rolled an eight.

“Okay guys, pray I don’t have you doing anything to each other,” and she smiled with an evil grin. She picked up the command card and immediately read it to the room.

“Command a player of your choice to fully moon the room for at least five or more seconds. That player will get three points and you will get one.”

She looked quickly at all three of us. I suspected that she wasn't going to choose me because she….

“I pick Eric,” she said

I was going to say, because she sees my ass all the time. Eric stood up, and turned around. We all heard him up unbuckling his belt, pants, and then heard the zipper go down. Down went the pants. It was actually pretty funny, both Paul and myself leaned back in our chairs when he bared his ass, but Debbie leaned a little forward to see better. Eric pretty much shifted his ass to be directed at her. You could see part of his ball sack hanging between his legs. I’m pretty sure that that didn't get past Debbie either. Eric laughed, reassembled himself, and sat back down to rolled the dice. This time he only rolled a four. I rolled next, and it was double five’s – a ten. Paul rolled an eight, and Debbie a six.

“Cool, me again,” and I picked up the next card and read it to the others.

“Pick one male (other than yourself) and one female to make-out for sixty seconds. They each get two points and you get two also if they “do” a good job.”

This one initially stunned me. I mean think about it.... I didn't want to make any decision. I mean this is not exactly a choice, a husband is prone to make. The kinky side of me took over. I thought about the conversation that Eric and I had just a few minutes before in the kitchen and figured, why not?

“All right, obviously Debbie, since I’m pretty sure that we are all relatively straight here. Okay, when I say straight, I mean with a few kinks if I’m not mistaken.” I smiled at the guys.

“Include yourself,” Paul said.

“Absolutely! Me too! …As for Debbie’s partner, I choose… you Eric.” He looked pretty happy to have been picked and he wasted no time in moving closer to Debbie to proceed.

As Eric was placing himself, Debbie looked over at me. We made short, but clear eye contact. I ever so slightly, nodded my head to give her my approval, and then she started kissing Eric. It started a little slow, as I had seen her before with Paul, but this time she was drawn in deeper. If it was an act, it was a good one.

For just a split second, I did feel a twinge of jealousy. I guess it was my “oh shit” moment, kind of… am I really going through with this? Yet as I continued to watch, I began to get incredibly aroused, and my only thoughts became a desire to watch her get pleased. I actually had to adjust my cock in my pants as it was growing. They were both embarrassed and passionately, deeply kissing. His hands began to feel her up and her hands were doing the same. He was kissing and sucking on her neck. She had wrapped her arms around his neck and her panties were showing now. Any modesty from Debbie seemed to have gone by the wayside. She was standing on her tiptoes to better meet his lips.

I don’t know if a minute had expired or not, but his hand was now brushing against the side of breast that was closest to me, and she was pressing her leg into his crotch. There was no way I could not give them the points that they had earned. And even if I had tried I would have been over-ruled by my own hard-on.

“Okay guys, I’m convinced. You both get the points.” They both went on for a good five to ten more seconds, and then they parted. Debbie immediately looked down, only glancing up for a second to see my expression.

“That was a pretty hot scene guys,” Paul said. “Damn hot even!”

“Yep, I agree,” I chimed in. I was happy Paul spoke up first, because I was in a bit of a daze watching all that. Eric returned to his seat, and I picked up the dice to roll for the next round.

Debbie stood up and grabbed the dice first. “Wait a second guys, I have to go to the bathroom, and then get another drink. Can we all take five?”

“No problem.”

“Sure thing,” was the consent of the room. Debbie headed down the hall to the bathroom, and had pretty much all three of us still looking at her ass in those panties as she walked down the hallway. After I heard the bathroom door shut, I gathered up all the glasses and headed once again to the kitchen. As I filled the glasses, I thought of how hot it was to have lifted up Debbie’s sweater and parade Debbie’s tits, and the reaction of Eric and Paul. It was so damn exciting for me to display her. I also thought about what might happen if the game winner tonight actually picks an “End card”. Just about every one of those cards leads to a fuck of some kind. Did I really want to watch that happen? Debbie and I had played this game a couple of times before and we both remember how we ended up. But still, I wanted keep playing and see for myself how far I might go, not just Debbie. So I returned to the living room.

Debbie hadn't returned yet, so I sat her glass down and passed the other drinks around. Eric looked over at me.

“You sure this is still okay with you?” he asked.

“Yeah dude, you okay with us doing this? Basically, is it what you expected?”

“Yeah guys, it’s cool, and between us I’m getting off on it. Just keep it all quiet and no kissing and telling, okay?”

“Sure man. No problem,” said Paul as Eric shook his head in the affirmative. We all heard the bathroom door open, and saw the bathroom light go off. Debbie walked back towards us. What a beautiful silhouette of a woman.

“How ‘bout you Deb, you okay with us playing a little more?” I asked, before she sat back down.

“Sure. Besides, it feels nice to have so much attention from everyone tonight,” and she let out a short giggle. Debbie sat back down and reached for the dice. “Can I start the next round?”


“Go for it.”

She leaned up and rolled the dice like she was in Vegas as a high roller.

“Eight. Hmm, who knows and handed the dice to Paul. Paul rolled a nine which immediately made Debbie huff. Next was me, I rolled a seven, and past the dice to Eric.

“Okay, come to daddy,” and double sixes came up. “Boxcars baby!” I saw him look up at Debbie, shift his eyes quickly to me and then back to Debbie, as he reached for the command card. He paused a second and didn’t immediately read it aloud. Then he looked straight over at me, and read the card.

“The player of your choice must remove their underwear and give them to you. This player will get two points. You must then wear them on your head for sixty seconds, then you’ll get three points.”

There was dead silence for a few seconds, and I have to admit, I had never seen that card come up before. I was again stunned but titillated. We all just had to start laughing. Debbie tapped her foot on the floor once, huffed, and then got up and headed once again down the hallway.

“I’ll be back,” she yelled as she went into the bathroom. Paul was still snickering and I’m pretty sure my face was a permanent grin at this point. Eric was looking over at me and shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

“Just so I get those back before you leave,” and we all laughed hard and took a drink.

Again, the bathroom door opened and Debbie walked back in the room. She was holding her sweater down with one hand and handed the panties to Eric with the other.

“Her ya go,” she said as she tossed them to Eric. She quickly pulled down her sweater. The odds at getting a peek just got a whole lot more interesting. I felt like a fifteen year-old boy spying into a girl’s locker room. I mean, I have seen Debbie’s shaven pussy a thousand times, but here I was trying to catch a glimpse of her crotch like I’d never seen it before. Eric and Paul eyes were glues to her as she sat back down. Each of us had our own different views, so who knows if they caught an eyeful or not. Eric held the panties up and showed the room like a scene from “Sixteen Candles”.

“Behold! Debbie’s panties!” and he held them up for us to see. We all laughed, even Debbie. Eric leaned back and pulled the panties over his head, wearing the crotch right on his nose. I saw him deeply sniff. Several times he shifted them around his nose to get a better sniff. He wanted to make sure the inside of the crotch liner was facing his nose. He seemed very into it. He closed his eyes and just kept them there. It was like he was taking a hit from a blunt. He just kept using them like a mask. I’m sure that more than a minute past. Debbie was squirming in her seat, now sitting with her legs pulled up and the sweater covering her down to her knees. I’m pretty sure she was pretty turned on seeing her panties on Eric’s face like that.

“Okay, I’m good. Do I get the points?” He said as he tossed the panties onto the coffee table. The way that they landed, you could see a slight wet spot on the crotch. Paul saw it too, and so did Debbie. Debbie started to grab for them, but Eric was quicker and snatched them back.

“No way girl… card said these are a gift to me and I’m keeping ‘em,” and he stuffed them in his pocket. “Sorry, I think I will keep these after all.” Paul and I laughed but Debbie seemed a little miffed that she missed her opportunity to grab them back, but happy for Eric’s desire to want to keep them.

“Eric said, “so that gives me over ten points. I guess I kind of, well… win? What do I do now?” he asked in an innocent tone.

“Well you draw an End Card, and do as it says.” I said. “Congratulations on your victory.” I again smiled and took a drink, as my mouth was now incredibly dry. Eric had to stand up and reach for the “End cards”. He grabbed them all and placed the deck in front of him.

“So do I take any card?” he asked me.

“Yup, choose a card, any card,” I said and he fanned the cards out from the single stack to easily choose his card. “I pick this one.” He picked it up but kept it face down at first, almost teasing himself. I looked over at Debbie and she was covering her eyes as if she was watching a bloody movie. She knew it had the potential to be something pretty hard-core. Eric flipped his choice over on the table, for us all to see, and then read it out loud as before.

“Choose another player, that player is now yours for sixty minutes. Any remaining players must assist you in any way possible to have your way.”

Again the room was silent. Debbie kept her face buried in her hands. So I suppose you could say that I was about to get what I had been wanting. I never really acknowledged it to others, but another fucking Debbie had always been the type of thought I could turn to, when I really wanted to cum. I’m sure everyone has these types of thoughts. Not the same thoughts as mine, certainly not. In my case, it was my darkest, forbidden desire, giving Debbie to someone else. My sexual fantasy just happened to have involved more than just me, and more than just Debbie. My deepest sexual thought was about to become reality, and I would be there helping.

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