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A Lesson to be Learned

Sometimes it is better to let fantasies stay fantasies
When I look back, I see how little events that seem totally unrelated shaped the destiny of my life. I believe we are but a mosaic of pieces placed there by others or by random events. The course of a life can pivot on a conversation, a chance meeting, or even an accident.

Ann and I met by chance at a grocery store just after I had been discharged from the army. She just graduated from high school and was the loveliest girl I had ever laid eyes on. Now we've been together for over twenty years and I am presently retired from owning and operating my own manufacturing business. Because of good fortune we were able to sell the corporation for a hefty sum and live quite well on the profits. Ann was also able to retire from her job as a high school administrator.

We reside at the beach in Southern California in a custom home, I built ten years ago. We both live an active life style. Committed to healthy lifestyle we both work out four or five times a week and I surf whenever the swell permits. In fact, most of my former employees were also surfers and when there was a favorable surf report we closed up the shop and put up a sign saying, “Gone Surfing.” I love the laid back attitude in Southern California.

Our gym routine is one of the things we do together and I love going with Ann for some very selfish reasons. It is an ego boost for me the way the men ogle her in her tight stretch workout outfit. She's amazing for a thirty eight six old woman. One thing that never gets old for me is riding the stationary bike directly behind her, while she is pumping hard on the stair master. I love watching that tight rounded butt bouncing up and down.

We usually go to the Jacuzzi before we go home. I try to always get there first to watch her come out in her tiny bikini. She is a sight to behold and I am not the only one who notices. Any guy there that doesn’t must either be blind or gay. She wonders why I always want to fool around when we get home.

Looking at her in the workout mirror, Ann and I are contrasts. She is short at five foot two, weighing in at a fit one hundred five pounds. She has amazing natural breasts that seem huge on her slight frame. I'm over a foot taller than her. Whereas she is a brunette with long flowing locks just past her shoulders, I have salt and pepper brown hair that shows I'm fifteen years older.

However, I believe her best asset is her smile that lights up the room. She is confident in her effect on men and Knows how to use it her advantage. She's a natural flirt.

Ann is everything to me in every way. In our vows I remembered we pledged “for better or worse” and I now believe that means to never take your spouse for granted. The “better” does not just happen, you have to work at it. I know now, after years of strife, that marriage takes great effort. Like most things, I discovered you get out of it what you put into it. Yes, we have had tough times and problems have abounded but that is when the investment we made into each other has paid off.

We have always had a very active sex life and have over the years used our imaginations to,keep the spice alive in our love making. In the past we have even taken it on the road, literally. One time a few years ago we did a naughty thing. While driving on the freeway, in our Jag convertible, Ann pulled her top off with her hair flying behind her and her breasts were fully exposed. We got several horn blasts of approval from the truck drivers. 

Another time while we were on a camping trip, she gave me a blow job while I was sitting on a picnic table, in a sparse public campground. It was also good that we didn’t get arrested. In fact, we went at each other like a couple teenagers that whole week.

Another time we put on masks and had sex on a web cam. That was so damn hot. We started out on the web cam together fully clothed and there were a couple people logged on to us. Then there was a request for her to remove her top. I slid her top up and off. Now there were about twenty people watching. The requests were coming in faster. Most were asking she remove her bra. I unclasped her and pulled it away letting her boobs bouncing free toward the camera, making them seem even larger than they were. We now had well over a hundred watchers and the requests were firing in faster than a machine gun. The dinging became irritating so I shut off the sound. 

Ann was really getting into this and said, “Let’s really put on a show.” She stood up so she was waist was at level with the camera and stripped off her bottoms leaving a camera view of her waxed pussy up close and personal. 

In the mean time I had also removed my clothing and was shifting the lap top so I could see the bed. 

I had Ann lay on the bed so her wet and swollen pussy was facing the camera and I practically jumped on her pushing my cock in to the hilt. The camera had a bird’s eye view of me pounding away on her. When I pulled out there was a huge flow of cum pouring out for the audience to see. Any time we need a thrill we just replay the video again. 

One night were lying in bed discussing some ways we might invigorate our sex life. After twenty years we were running out of new ideas. We both know how important an active sex life is to a marriage. We decided to look on the lap top and that is when we discovered Lush Stories.

The stories were hot and I always gravitated toward the Wife Lovers. In all honesty, I could never understand the whole thing of a guy wanting another man to fuck his wife. If any man ever touched Ann I would probably rip his nuts off. Ann would always focus on the three ways, involving two women and a man. 

So out of the blue I asked, "Hun what do think about a three-way?"

She stared at me and after a long pause she replied, “Are you kidding?” 

“Of course I am just kidding.”

About a week later, while we were finishing up the dinner dishes she took me by the arm, turned me toward her and stared directly into my eyes. Ann has this belief that she can tell if I an lying by just looking in my eyes. I don’t know if I believe that but I am sure she does. 

She asked, “You were serious about wanting a three way, weren’t you?” 

I didn’t reply. 

"Tell me the truth."

Okay, first of all I knew she had been dwelling on this for a week and I also knew whatever I said could get me in hot water. I did the safe thing, I had learned through many years living with this wonderful woman. 

I replied, “What do YOU think?” 

"What do I think? I think you are bored with me and are looking for an excuse to fuck some other woman. That is what I think!” 

"I am not looking to replace you. How could I? I could look the world over and not find a woman as beautiful as you.“ I replied in desperation.

I held her close and kissed her deeply and thought I'd talked my way out of that one. 

“Why would you even suggest such a thing?” she glared.

At this point I was forced to explain my thinking. I said, “it was just fantasy, but if we did do it. It would be a shared experience for both of us like when we did the web cam. It is not breaking our vows if we did this together."

"Hog wash! That sounds like a good reason to sleep around."

"Remember the things you told me you did when you were in high school, like the time you played around with another girl and kissed her? I frequently think of that story when we have sex. It drives me nuts. Besides, it would just be a one time thing.” 

"Is this what you really want?” she asked, looking directly in my eyes.

"Maybe, but only if you are good with it. It has to be for both of us.” 

"Alright, I'll consider it, but if we do, I get to pick the girl!"

"Damn! You've been thinking about this, you little vixen."

"Maybe..." she grinned.

"You are a naughty little girl you've been giving this some serious thought." I smiled, squeezing her butt.

"How about Vicky the secretary I worked with? You met her at the Christmas party and she had a major crush on you.” 

"Actually I barely remember her. " I lied, she had spent the whole night flirting with me. How could I forget that?

The next day I was walking around with a woody at work wondering if Ann had the nerve to go through with it and ask Vicky. I felt like a school boy who was embarrassed to stand up after class because he had a hard on. I just couldn't take it off my mind.

Business that day was hectic with customers and contractors coming through my office in a steady flow. About five I called Ann and told her I was working on some plans and that I would be a little late. I resisted asking her if she had talked with Vicky because I had several clients in my office. 

I got home exhausted about a quarter to seven and shouted that I was home. 

She shouted back from upstairs for me to pour her a glass of wine and bring it up to the bedroom. 

I put down my brief case, took off my suit jacket, loosened my tie, and went in the kitchen to pour the wine. My mind was numb from work and I needed to lay down and relax. 

I shouted back up to Ann, “White or red?”

"Make it white, I don’t want you to spill red wine on the carpet.” 

It was a long day and I was beat, so I slowly made my way up the stairs toward the bedroom. Ann frequently took naps after work before fixing dinner. I walked through the door saying, “Here’s your wine... Suddenly I dropped the glass with it splashing on the carpet. 

Unfolding in front of me was a picture of every man’s wildest wet dream. Before me in this dimly lit bedroom lit by candles were two of the most gorgeous naked women I have ever seen kneeling on my bed. My reaction must have been priceless. I was paralyzed, just standing there in the doorway with my mouth hanging open gawking. I was speechless.

After the giggling stopped Ann suggested I was over dressed for the occasion. I was out of my clothes faster than a fireman in a drill. My cock was sticking out like a flag pole pointing the way.

“Looks like you approve!” Vickie said, staring at my rock hard cock extended toward her face. 

She was so much prettier than I remember her when I met her last year at the Christmas party. Then again, she wasn’t naked either. She had a pretty face encased by her long flowing hair down between her large breasts with pert nipples. I could tell they were not fake by the way they moved. She had a slim waist with just the hint of a belly. 

I walked over to Ann, lifted her up to me and kissed her deeply saying, “Thank you, my love.” 

Vicky reached out and took my dick into her hand pulling me to her. She stuck out her tongue and licked the pre-cum off the tip. 

"You're as big as Ann said it was,” she exclaimed, licking my cock head like a lollipop. 

“It is just what God gave me." I replied with a grin.

"Well, God was very good to you!” 

She sat on the edge of the bed and worked me hard, bobbing her head and attempting to deep throat me. I put my hands around the back of her head and pulled her deeper on to my engorged cock and fucked her eager mouth like a pussy. 

Ann put her hand on Vicky’s ample breast and started to massage it but Vicky abruptly pushed her hand away. Ann looked annoyed so I pulled her back up to me and kissed her while Vicky sucked on me ferociously. 

Feeling the buildup in my balls I told them we needed to stop unless they wanted it to be over quickly. Vicky reluctantly pulled off my cock and not a second too soon. 

Ann again tried to massage Vicky, only to be spurned yet again. The tension in the room was getting thick between these two lovelies, as two cats they fighting over a mouse. 

I was seeing how Ann was reacting to all this so I told her to lie down and I mounted her pushing myself into her wet pussy. I knew she needed the attention as Vicky was occupying all my time. 

This was my first threesome and it required more effort than I had ever considered. I had this vision that I would lay back and watch these two vixens go at each other but that was not happening. I knew I'd always had a fantasy about taking two women at one time but the reality was so much different than the fantasy on some porn video. 

Vicky got on her knees and straddled Ann's head and pretty much demanded I lick her pussy while I fucked my wife. Vicky was much taller than Ann with longer legs so her pussy was at a level I could easily tongue. 

With her kneeling on the bed in front of me I now could appreciate Vicky’s beauty. She Was tall with curly strawberry blond hair that hung down to her waist. Her breasts were a bit larger than my wife’s which probably made them a D cup. Her nipples were not as pronounced as Ann's but were erect and needy to be sucked.

“Come on!” Vicky said impatiently, “Lick my hot wet pussy!” 

As I continued to drive my cock deep into Ann I knew she was close and I needed to focus on my wife. The sound of our skin slapping together was so erotic. However, Vicky was relentless, pulling me by the hair down to her pussy. I used my tongue to part her folds and tasted the necter prof her juice. She bucked upward and I searched deep as my toungue allowed.

“Oh God, I am going to cummm!” Ann was shouting. I could feel her contracting around my erection and squeezing me tight. 

At the same time Vicky was pulling my hair harder, forcing me toward her swollen pussy. Her slit was glistening with moisture and dripping onto Ann's face, which did not make my wife a happy camper. 

I pulled out of Ann and threw Vicky down on her back forcing my mouth onto her mound. I licked her juices in long strokes with the tip of my tongue. She was going crazy bucking up and down. I then sucked her unsheathed clitoris with my lips. I could feel her having spasms as she reached her peak. 

I noticed her taste was different than Ann. She wrapped both hands around the back of my head and pulled me hard toward her. 

“Eat my cunt! Make me cum! Don't stop!"

She was so loud I was hoping my neighbors were not on their patio just below our bedroom window. I looked up instinctually and noticed it was wide open for air. 

Her orgasm was finished and now it was my turn. I needed to fuck.

I pulled Vicky on her knees, pushed her head down and wiped the head of my cock on her secretions to lubricate it before entering her. As my engorged head slipped slowly into her she cried out, “Oh my God, you are fucking huge.” 

I realized that women had to acclimate themselves to my size so I took it slow. As I was working my cock into her I looked at Ann now lying on her side watching with a not to happy expression on her face. I knew she wanted this to end but I also knew she loved me and understood I was too far gone and needed to get off. 

I had Vicky fully impaled and was slowly pumping in and out of her while holding on her hair like reins. I was slamming her cunt with a force that was banging the bed against the wall and with each thrust. Vicky was screaming profanities. She was now screaming for me to fuck her deeper. That was not possible because I was already hitting up against her cervix. I was pounding her now with long full strokes and the slapping of our skin was making the music of sex. 

Damn this woman could make some noise. I increased my rhythm and the air was filled with, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your whore slut!” I missed the quiet when she had my cock in her mouth. 

My seed was boiling up in me and I was almost there, but being the pragmatic person I am I asked, “Are you safe?” 

I got my reply. “Fill my cunt with cum! Give it all to me!” 

That was it. I started blasting into her over and over. I don’t think I have cum that much in my whole life. Her own orgasm was squeezing tightly around my shaft, milking me like a cow draining every drop. 

After I finished I just lay on her catching my breath. I stayed that way for a bit longer, and when I pulled out cum oozed out of her well fucked pussy running between her cheeks onto the bed. 

Exhausted, I lay back onto the bed with Vicky on my left and Ann on my right. Either direction I looked there was a beautiful woman. Stereo hotties.

I suggested that the two girls put a show on for me while I recovered. 

Vicky then said coldly, “I don’t do women.” 

I realized at this point that this evening was a total disaster for Ann. When I rolled over to her I saw the tears streaming down her face. I held her close and kissed the tears off her face reassuring her I loved her. 

Vicky just being Vicky said, “Well that sucks.” 

I suggested the fun was over and that she get her things and leave. She glared at me, uttered a few profanities, got off the bed. She was gone in five minutes, mumbling curse words as she left.

I just held Ann close for what seemed like an hour and softly asked, “Are you alright?” 

She was crying again and replied, “I have never felt so upset in my entire life. She took everything from me tonight. We were exclusive to each other and now we're not. This wounded me deeply. It's not all your fault but when you saw I was hurt, why did you continue?” 

I told her I was caught in the moment and lust was the driving force not reason. I asked her if she could forgive me and there was no reply. I told her that my love for her was greater than any obstacle. I would do anything and everything to mend this. I asked her if she still loved me. Sobbing she replied, “I love you with all my heart and soul.” 

This was not the end of it. Vicky started text messaging me about how she loved me and had always loved me from the day she first met me a year ago. I bluntly told her to quit bothering me. I only have love for Ann. 

The tension between Ann and Vicky continued to escalate and finally came to a head after Ann looked through my text messages. They had a big cat fight at their workplace and apparently there was punches being thrown and hair pulling. 

In retrospect, some things that are fantasies are best left as fantasies. These sexual games are just playing with people’s lives and there are consequences.

To be continued.

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