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A Little Surprise

He thought it was just sex

My poor husband has been the victim of my post partum depression.   Namely my exhaustion and what that has done to my sex drive.   I want to change all that.   I wish he were here in the early afternoon, when I get flashes of desire for that gorgeous smooth cock of his that I usually am too tired for by the time we go to bed.

I want him to be here now as a matter of fact, when I’m sitting on the couch in a pair of unzipped jeans and a silky white tank top, noticing how my bare nipples poke out from underneath, easily visibly through the thin fabric.   I want to tell him how my nipples and clit tingle in unison at the thought of slowly running my tongue along the underside of his growing cock, and how I love how his breath catches when I reach the head and press my lips around the width and tickle his opening with the tip of my tongue.   I wish he were here to let me suck him like he knows I love to.

I want to just make him cum.   Hard and fast as a bit of an appetizer for the show I am going to give him.   I’m one of those who wants him to do with me what he wants so I can see him at every stage of arousal.   I want him to use me.   I want him to pretend I’m someone he will never see me again.   I want him to be as dirty as he wants.    And I will be as naughty as he wants.   I do not want him to be sweet and gentle.   I do not want him to worry about making me cum.   I will take care of that.

When he comes home, I want him to press his lips against mine in a long slow kiss while I run my finger over the steadily hardening area in the front of his pants.

“Use me.”

His semi erect cock almost instantly comes to full attention as he rips open the button and zipper.   His boxer briefs are straining against the sheer size of his full erection, and I reach down to pull it out of the pee-hole in front.   He seems to get very excited, thinking I’m going to jerk him off.   He’s wrong.

“Use me.”

He gets my meaning and knows that I will not stop till I get what I want.   He pushes me back on the bed and drags his member over my lips and tells me to open my mouth.   He doesn’t fuck my mouth, but instead drags the length of his cock over the tip of my protruding tongue and back again.

“Lube it up.”

As instructed I grab some mango flavored lube and drench his entire shaft.   I instinctively move to wrap my hand around it, and he pushes it away.   He wraps his hand around his cock and treats me to a show I don’t get to see very often.

My pussy immediately reacts, and my clit begins to throb almost painfully.   I feel my wetness threatening to soak right through my panties.   Every movement I make, I can almost hear how wet I am, and I’m sure he can, too.

He kneels next to my face, so I can see everything he does.   I’m learning how he likes to jerk himself off.   How he concentrates on the head, and pauses once in a while to lightly squeeze it.   Then he progresses to stroking the entire length, moaning softly, with his eyes closed.

He drops to his elbows, so his belly is over my face and his knees are to the side of my head.

“Grab my cock.”

“Do you want me to slide my hand up and down it?”

“No just grab it.   Kind of tightly.”

I grab his cock with my right hand, and move my left hand down to my pussy, to feel how wet I am.   The outsides of my lips are beyond slick.   My pussy was ready for cock.   Now.   My clit was aching to be touched.

As I was thinking about his cock plunging into my waiting hole, he flexed his hips, and began to fuck to hole I’d made with my hand.


I squeezed, and could feel his skin stretched taut.

“Fuck that pussy, baby.   Fuck it deep.   Are you going to cum on me?   Are you going to give me a face full of your cum?   You like fucking that tight little hole?”

I wrapped my mouth around the tip of his cock and sucked. When he withdrew, there was a   light pop when my lips released. After a few deep thrusts he pulled away and   wrapped his hand around the base.   He went down on his knees and one hand and began pumping his cock fast with his other hand.   He pointed his machine right toward my face and I saw that the pre-cum was dripping from the end.   I touched it with the tip of my tongue to taste the sweet saltiness.

“I’m going to cum.   Catch it in your mouth.”

As the first shot hit my tongue, I looked up and saw that he was watching himself cum on me.   Between the heavenly contractions of his orgasm, he grabbed the back of my head and pulled it to his body, forcing me to deep throat that throbbing cock.

“Swallow it.”

Another squirt of cum bathed the back of my tongue and my throat.   I swallowed.

I was so horny that I could hardly withstand touching my clit.   But I knew I had to wait.   I needed to remember that this was only the appetizer.   I also knew that someone else was watching what was happening, and could not wait to join.   I knew that she was just as horny and wet as I was.

He pulled his dripping cock from my mouth and again wrapped his strong hand around it.   He jerked it and pulled it, causing a final jet of sticky cum to stream out of it, all over my tits and belly.

I was so hot I was afraid to move.   I didn’t want to cum.   Yet.

I looked up at him and watched how hard he was breathing after cumming as hard as he did.

“That was just the appetizer, remember.   I think I’m ready to cum now.”

And my best friend entered the room, from behind the closed door where she’d been watching.   She was wearing a gorgeous skimpy black silk bra, cut so low her pink nipples were half visible, and a matching pair of satin black bikini panties.   The insides of her thighs where shiny from her wetness.   She’s evidently liked what she had seen.

Miranda slowly walked over to me and after pulling her tits up from the protection of her bra cups, brushed her hard nipples across mine, which were so hard they easily tingled at her touch.   Miranda pressed her lips to mine, knowing that I love a good kiss with another woman.   A good, deep kiss.   Our tits squeezed together while our lips and tongues danced together.

“Can I taste him?”

“Of course.”

She bent over his cock and with her hand squeezed out the last bit of his cum into her mouth.   She made quite the production with sighs and moans while his cock was in her mouth.   His cock came back to life very fast when he realized what was probably about to happen.   She looked up at him with a half smile before rolling over to me and quickly finding my swollen clit.   I spread my legs and put my hands on the back of her head, running my fingers through her shiny dark curls.   I reached to her hips and nudged her so that she knew I wanted her clit in my mouth while mine was in hers.

She responded perfectly and we placed ourselves into a very hot sixty-nine, and started to flex our hips to rub our clits in the other’s mouth.   She shook her head to rub her bottom lip across my clit quickly, and I couldn’t hold out any longer.  

“I’m going to cum.   Suck my clit and rub it hard with your tongue.”

I felt the familiar tension in my core and my hips began to buck up to her waiting mouth.   She sucked my clit like and expert and kept me cumming for what felt like an eternity.   When I finally came down from the fabulous orgasm Miranda’d given me, I realized I needed to return the favor.

She rotated so that she was sitting on my face and had complete control over how hard her pussy would rub my tongue.   She leaned forward and rocked her hips with the motion as though she were drilling her lover with a strap-on cock.   Since she obviously wanted to be in control, I asked her if my tongue felt good and whether she wanted me to find her G-Spot while I licked her clit.

“I want the real thing.   I need to have a cock inside of me when I cum.   And I am going to cum.”

I nodded my approval, and looked at my husband, sweetly asking if he would help her out.   He was so hot I could feel him shaking as he crawled across the bed.   He placed the head of his cock at the opening of her pussy, and I could tell he was amazed by how dripping wet she was.   She leaned back over and resumed her expert work on my clit.   Above my head, right at eye level, I could see his cock plunging into her pussy, and every time he pulled out, his cock was a little longer and fatter, and it shone with her juices.  

As he slid all the way into her and left his cock there for here to ride from her doggy style position while she was pressing her clit to my tongue, I told him I was about to make her cum on his cock.   I pressed my mouth deep between her legs and rubbed my tongue, which I had made into a hard little nub, up and down on her clit while I sucked, spreading her juices as I licked.   Her body started to quake and I saw her wetness start to drip out of her pussy, drenching my husband’s cock even more.

“Oh, God, I’m going to cum.”

I licked even harder, and my husband started to slide his cock in and out of her.   I could see her entire pussy start to convulse and squeeze out her juices.

“Fuck me!   Oh, God!   Keep rubbing my clit like that!”

I saw white begin to mix with her juices flowing out of her, and tasted my husband’s cum.

With me making her cum, and my husband fucking her and cumming inside of her and dripping into my mouth, I moaned to her.   “Eat my pussy.   I want to cum in your mouth.”   She leaned forward and took my clit in her mouth, almost immediately bringing me to another orgasm.

The three of us never speak of this.   It is perfect for my husband and I to talk about to get each other in the mood.   It is, after all, the perfect memory.

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