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A Lonely Couple Wakes Up - Part 4

The weeks vacation continues with fun and sun

 ~~~~~ Don

Showering with Melissa was fun. She is cute and has a great body. She sucked my dick in the shower. When it was hard, I fucked her. I didn't cum in her because we actually had to hurry to let her husband and Judy take a shower. When I shut off the water, Judy and Slater came in and got in the shower.

As they got under the stream of water they were kissing passionately. Melissa groaned as she watched her husband. I dried her off, then myself and I pulled her out of the bathroom. The last thing I saw was Slater's cock pushed into my wife.

Melissa and I went to the kitchen and pulled some beers out of the fridge. Then Bridget walked into the kitchen, smiled at us and kissed each of us, hard on the lips.

"Thank for so much fun," she said.

"Well, we're here all week," I said.

"As will I be," she said smiling.

I pulled her to me and kissed her gently on the mouth. She sighed and melted into my arms. Melissa just stood there watching us, smiling like a Cheshire cat. As I let Bridget go, she took a step back and smiled at me. She curtsied and left the kitchen. I grabbed Melissa's hand a pulled her with me to the living room.

Setting my beer down on the table, I took hers from her hand and pulled her to me. We kissed. She kissed me back, her passion rising once again. I had a hard on and pushed it against her stomach. When we finally broke our clinch. We were startled by applause. Judy and Slater had been watching us. I bowed and Melissa curtsied. We all laughed.

"What do we do now?" Melissa asked.

"I don't know about you, but I need a nap," I said.

"Me too," Judy chimed in.

Melissa and Slater nodded their heads. Now the question was, who went with whom?

Judy came to me and wrapped her arm around my arm, looking up into my eyes.

"Do you want to go with Slater?" I asked.

"NO!" she almost shouted.

I looked at Melissa and Slater, then nodded and they went across the hall to the guest room. I took Judy's hand in mine and led her to our room. Bridget was in there putting new linen on the beds.

"Bridget, has Carlo been able to reclaim you yet?" I asked.

"No," she sounded depressed.

"Then go. Go find him and make him take you back," I told her.

"Thank you, sir," she said her voice suddenly bright and cheerful. She was almost running out of the bedroom.

"Well we better finish putting the bed back together," I said. Judy just giggled.

It only took us a few minutes to straighten out the bed. Then we both climbed into bed. Judy was on me immediately. She kissed me with such passion that I thought she might break my jaw.

"I need to you fuck me, right now. I need you to make me yours again. Reclaim me dear or..."

I rolled on top of her and slipped my cock into her hot, wet pussy. Then I pulled out slowly, nice and slow.

"No! Fuck me!" she growled.

So I did. I pounded into her poor pussy for a good ten minutes before I came. She had been coming since my fourth stroke into her body. When I came I just pushed into her as hard as I could. I stayed that way until she bit my shoulder to keep from screaming. Then I relaxed a little, got up on my elbow and looked down on Judy's face.

She still had her come face on and she was beautiful. I loved her come face. I pulled out of her just a little. She shook hard as I did. I pushed back into her and her eyes rolled up into her head.

"Oh my god," she whispered. "Oh my god, I love you. I love you so much."

"I love you too," I replied as I pushed into again.

"Oh fuck!" she croaked.

Now I was making slow, passionate love to her. Slowly pulling out of her body, then slowly pushing back in. When I touched her cervix, I pushed in just a little more.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," she cried softly.

Every time I pressed against her cervix she would come, hard. She was looking up at me as I pulled out of her again, then back in, then the extra push.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck," she said as she started to shake all over, her head shakes back and forth, hair flying.

She was still shaking as I slowly fucked her hot pussy. It was almost too hot to fuck. She was in constant orgasm. I slipped in and out of her for the next ten minutes. The last time, I pushed into her hard, she yelled.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard," she yelled.

As I pulled out I stopped short of coming out of her. Then I slammed back into her as hard as I could. Over and over I slammed into her hot, tight pussy. Then she passed out. I kept fucking and she woke a few seconds later, still bucking her hips up to meet my thrusts into her body.

My come shot up my cock and into Judy's pussy. I just bucked into her as my come pumped into her. She cried out with another orgasm. I quickly pulled my cock out of her and went to the bathroom.

I grabbed a washcloth and ran the hot water. I bought the warm washcloth to Judy. She used it clean herself, then laid it on the nightstand. She rolled over to me and put her head on my chest. She was asleep almost immediately.

I lay there thinking about how far she had come from the straight-laced woman she had been just a few short days ago. I was so proud of her and my heart swelled with my love for her. I closed my eyes, I was quickly sinking into the darkness that was sleep.


I was being kissed. The lips felt strange to mine. I opened my eyes and was staring into Bridget's beautiful blue eyes. When she saw I was awake, she pulled back ending our kiss.

"Miss Judy says it time to get up," Bridget told me.

I smiled at her and pulled her lips back to mine for a quick kiss.

"Thank Bridget," I told her, waiting for her to move away from the bed.

She sighed then backed away letting me get up. Then she was in my arms softly mewing.

"What's the matter, dear?" I asked.

"Everyone as gone down to the beach, I even gave Carlo a hall pass so he could join Miss Judy and Miss Melissa there."

"Ah, I see. You like him to watch you, but you don't like to watch him?"

"I really do, but it hurts my heart afterward."

"I understand my dear. I will be glad to keep you company..."

"Miss Judy said you would. She told me to tell you, 'Just this once.' whatever that means."

"It means that she is free to do who she wants, most of the time, but I can only... when she is there to witness it."

"I see," Bridget said, then kissed me.

"I need a shower, I made love to Judy before we fell asleep."

"No need, I will gladly suck you with the taste of Miss Judy on you," Bridget said smiling at me.

Bridget pushed me back into bed. Then she knelt at my side and lowered her mouth onto my hard cock. It was hard in a couple of minutes. We fucked for the next hour and a half. I was once again exhausted. Bridget lay next to me, slowly stroking my flaccid cock.

"So how did you come to be here, Bridget?" I asked.

"I was born in the French Indies to a fairly wealthy family at the time. My father lost his fortune when the companies of France were nationalized. Now we were just like everyone else. My father made some kind of deal with someone and shipped me off to here, where I went to school, then to a local college. Then I was sold to this resort as an indentured employee. I have been working off my servitude for the last three years. And you, sir?"

"When we are like this call me Don, please."

"Ok, Don. How did you come to be here?"

"First, you do realize you are in a U.S. Territory?"

"I do?"

"And the U.S. has no such thing as Indentured employees?"

"That's not what I was told."

"Also the company that owns this resort could get in a lot of trouble for lying to you?"

"But they didn't lie to me? It was the island's Customs Service that told me that?"

"Hmm, were they from the U.S. Customs Service?"

"No sir, they were Bahamian Custom Service men?"

"Hmmm, I'll have to look into this," I said.

"What could you do?" Bridget asked.

"I'm the CEO of the company that owns this resort."

"Oh my god!" Bridget yelled and jumped out of bed.

"Now, don't do that! I'm here on vacation," I said grabbing her hand gently and pulling her back into bed.

She was suddenly shaking and all tensed up. I let go of her hand and propped myself up on my elbow.

"Bridget, relax. What do you think I will do, sweetheart?"

"Fire me?"

"For what? Having sex with a guest?"

"Yes. It is against the rules," she said.

"No, it's not. This is a Hedonism resort. Everyone gets to have fun. Even the employees as long as they also do their jobs."

"That's not what management says."

"Well, at least you haven't reverted back to calling me, sir. Do you have a copy of the rules for employees?"

"I do. Would you like for me to go get it?"

"Not right now. Right now I want to kiss you, then... "

"Then what?"

"... make love to you."

"So you don't want to fuck me?"

I leaned in and kissed her on the lips, hard. Her lips were still trembling as they softened against mine. I kissed her for a long time, my one free hand wandered her luscious body. We spent the next hour making slow passionate love. She kept telling me to fuck her, but I kept it slow, soft, pleasant, and passionate.

When she finally came, she passed out again. I just kept moving in and out of her until she regained consciousness. She smiled up at me. I smiled at her and gently kissed her lips.

Her mouth opened and I pushed my tongue in to do battle with hers. Bridget was now coming continuously. I was almost there.

"Cum in me, cum in me," she whispered.

I was going to, but having her tell me really aroused me and I flooded her pussy with my seed.

"Oh god, fucking hell!" she screamed, her hips bucking uncontrollably.

I slowly withdrew from her body. She sighed when my cock left her pussy. She didn't complain. She looked at me and smiled.

"Now I have to make this bed again," she said.

We both laughed as we lay there looking into each other's eyes. She started to get up, I pushed her down.

"Stay here, I'll get it," I told her.

I went to the bathroom and got her a warm washcloth. I laid down next to her and watched her clean herself. She looked at me several times and smiled. When she was done she tossed the cloth into the hall, then quickly took my limp member in her mouth and cleaned me. After that, we went to the kitchen and got a cold drink. Then back to the bedroom to fix the bed for tonight.

"You know when Carlo gets back you will have to reclaim him?" I asked Bridget.

"I do. He will also have to reclaim me."

"He will. Can the rest of us watch?"


"We don't have to, but I get very turned on by watching women I know get fucked. It doesn't matter by who."

"If Carlo agrees, then I guess you can all watch, but we will watch you reclaim your wife and Slater reclaim his."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

Bridget and I were sitting on the couch talking and kissing when everyone came back from the beach. I got up and went to Judy and kissed her passionately.

"Thank you for Bridget," I whispered in the ear.

"Did you enjoy her?"

"Did you enjoy Carlo?"

Neither of us answered, we just smiled at each other. I knew I would have to reclaim her real soon. I didn't let her leave my side while we all stood there looking at each other. Then Bridget lay back on the couch, spread her legs and crooked her finger at Carlo with a stern look on her face.

"Here, darling?" he asked.

"Yes, here and now. Get that dirty, nasty, big cock over her and stick it in my dirty, nasty, used pussy," Bridget ordered.

"Yes, dear," he answered his cock growing hard as he walked over to her.

Kneeling between her spread legs, he pushed his cock into his wife. She moaned as he did. He sighed as he pushed into her.

"Now fuck me. Make me yours again and I'll make you mine," Bridget growled.

Melissa started toward Judy and me, I shook my head. I wasn't going to let anyone touch Judy until I made her mine and she made me hers. Leaning down to Judy's ear, I whispered.

"Who did Melissa fuck last down at the beach?"

She pulled her head back looking at me, then she got why I wanted to know.

"Slater," she whispered.

I nodded, the boy had done something right. He did pick up on what we had been talking about this morning. Everyone was now watching Carlo fuck Bridget. It was really beautiful and sexy and arousing. Carlo lasted all of ten minutes.

Bridget had been coming since he pushed into her pussy. They both collapsed in a heap. I took Judy's hand and pulled her with me over to the couch as Carlo and Bridget slowly got up and slid down to one end.

"Lay down," I told Judy. "It's time I reclaimed you."

"Yes, dear," she said, sitting on the couch, then laying her head on Carlo's thigh and looking up at him and Bridget.

I crawled between her legs, I could see cum seeping out of her used pussy. Slater's and Carlo's cum.

"Did you fuck anyone else down at the beach?" I asked.

Judy's eyes quickly moved to look at me, they had arousal and fear in them. She just stared at me, her mouth moving but no words coming out. I raised my eyebrows.

"Honesty," I said. She relaxed, licked her lips and sighed.

"I did. He was tall, dark and handsome and he fucked me wonderfully."

"When did you do that?" Melissa asked from across the room.

"When I went to the bathroom. He was coming out at the same time I was. We bumped and when I saw the size of his cock, I just had to have him. We went behind some dunes and he fucked me hard and fast. Then he just got up and left. Neither of us spoke the entire time," Judy said her arousal climbing as she told us the story.

I pushed my cock into her cum filled pussy. The feeling was magnificent. I then fucked Judy fast and hard. As I did I could feel my cock pulling the cum out of her. We fucked for all of ten minutes. Judy had a tremendous orgasm as I slammed into her one last time shooting rope after rope of my come inside her body. As I lay atop my wife, sucking on her nipples, Carlo gently moved Judy's head so he could get up.

"I must now go fix dinner," he said heading to the kitchen quickly.

"He told me he loved having you two beautiful women and has a special dinner planned," Bridget told us.

I got up off Judy, took her hand and helped her up. I gently pulled her toward the shower. She nodded as we stepped inside. I started the water and we cleaned ourselves.

"I love you so much," she told me as we hugged under the spray of warm water.

"I love you too, my darling."

We finished, stepped out and Melissa and Slater were there waiting for us to get out. Judy kissed Melissa in passing and grabbed a towel off the rank, turned and started drying me off. I took the towel from her when she finished and dried her off. Judy then took a washcloth and put it under the hot water.

"For Carlo," she said.

I nodded as I followed her out to the kitchen. She walked right up to Carlo and started to wash his cock for him. He gasped at her touch, then just stood there watching her. Bridget walked in and froze.

Her eyes got big as she watched Judy, then her husband's cock as it got hard as a rock. Her moaning broke her husband's stare at Judy. He raises his hands as if in surrender. Bridget just smiled as she watched Judy finish.

Getting up, Judy walked to the sink and rinsed the cloth out. Then she walked over to Bridget, knelt in front of her and started to clean her. Bridget gasped as she spread her legs so Judy could clean her pussy. Judy was treating it like a duty. Something a nurse would do, without emotions or arousal.

Bridget, on the other hand, was feeling something. Her nipples were black, pushing out proud of her tits. When Judy was finished she stood and looked into Bridget's eyes. Bridget smiled and kissed Judy's cheek.

"Thank you, Miss Judy," Bridget told her.

"You're welcome, lovely Bridget," Judy replied.

Judy turned and left the kitchen. I watched as she went into the bathroom. Nodding, I followed her. She was rinsing the cloth out and then hung it over the shower door. She turned and was in my arms. I hugged her gently, she hugged me fiercely.

"I don't know why, but I'm loving this. And not because of where we are. I love the intimacy, the passion, the pleasure. God, I love you, darling," she said in a rush.

Then she was weeping. I just held her. I knew they were tears of joy and this was only our first full day here. We had eight more to go.

"I love you too, my darling," I told her kissing her tears away.

Then Bridget was there, hugging both of us.

"Whatever is wrong, Miss Judy?" Bridget asked.

Judy sniffled, pushed back from me and looked up at Bridget.

"Nothing is wrong," Judy said, "everything is right."

"Well then, that is a good thing as is this... dinner is ready and Carlo is proud of himself," Bridget said.

"Why is he proud of himself?" Judy asked.

"I can't tell you until you have eaten."

"Well that's no fun," Judy said heading to the kitchen with me in tow, while Bridget went to tell Melissa and Slater dinner was ready.

When the four us sat at the dining room table, Carlo came out and presented our meal. On each plate was a medallion of beef filet along with a large lobster tail and roast asparagus. Drawn butter and a mushroom sauce for the steak was brought out by Bridget. There was also a baked potato for each of us, loaded with butter, cheese and sour cream.

"This looks marvelous, Carlo," I said. "Did you happen to make enough for yourself and Bridget?"

"I did, is that all right with you sir?"

"Carlo, of course. Now go get yours and Bridget's plates and sit with us. You are our friends and I want you to eat every meal with us from now on."

"We, couldn't, sir..."

"You had better or I will be offended," Judy said, a frown on her face.

"You had better do, as they say, my darling," Bridget said going back to the kitchen.

Carlo bowed and went with his wife. They sat on the empty side, opposite Melissa and Slater with Bridget next to Judy. Everyone bowed their heads and gave thanks for our meal. Then we all dug in.

The conversation was light and the food was good. The wine Carlo had selected was excellent. Once we were done eating we all pitched in and cleaned up. Then we all went into the living room and sat around talking.

"Okay, I hate to admit this, but I'm getting bored," Judy said. "Not that you guys stories are not good, but..."

She left it to hang. Everyone looked at each other. Then I nodded.

"Truth or Dare anyone?" I asked.

Melissa and Slater were up for it. Judy looked a little skeptical and Bridget and Carlo looked bewildered.

"What is Truth or Dare?" Carlo asked. Bridget nodded that she needed to know too.

"It's like this... someone will start and ask someone whether they want to tell the truth to some question or whether they will do a dare. We'll start with me asking Judy. Truth or Dare?"

"Truth," she said.

"When was the first time you took a cock other than mine into your body after we were married?" I asked.

The look on her face was priceless. She covered her face with her hands.

"Well?" I asked.

"I'm thinking," she growled. "It was... about, this is really hard... about ten years after we were married."

I gasped. She smiled. I smiled nodding at her to continue.

"I was in Baltimore overseeing a big project. I was on the short list for Vice President of Operations. The President of the company showed up to look over my shoulder. The night before he was to leave he asked me to come up to his room. We had some Champagne to celebrate the successful project and one thing led to another. We wound up in his bed. He fucked me the rest of the night. I'm sorry, I was weak, sweetheart, but it was so good. I was so relaxed. I was glad the next day was Saturday. I'm really sorry," she said once again.

"Your turn, dear," I said smiling at her. We would talk later. She wasn't in trouble with me, it had excited me that she not only told me but everyone else.

"Okay. Slater, truth or dare?" Judy asked.

"Truth," he said.

"Same question that Don asked me, except who's pussy did you pound into," Judy asked shocking him.

"Christ!" Slater said.

"Go ahead dear, I won't be angry. Don, are you angry with Judy?"

"No, not a bit. We... we were... back then, we hardly saw each other. I don't fault her for taking comfort in another man's arms."

"Well said," Melissa told Don. "Tell them, Slater."

"It was about two years after our wedding and I found myself alone at Melissa's sister's place, with Jill. Melissa was out of town and Jill had asked me over for dinner. Her husband was also out of town so I thought well we'll just keep each other company for dinner. She served wine with dinner. I drank too much because I missed you, Melissa. After dinner, we sat next to each other on the couch watching TV. I don't even remember what show it was. Somehow, Jill got my cock out of my pants and was sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. I don't remember how it got out, but I do remember her sucking me. I ripped her shorts and panties off and got into a six-nine and went to town on her sweet tasting pussy. We both came, yet I was still hard, so I fucked her the rest of the night."

"Yep, that's what she told me. I was so hot after she told me I had to go home and fuck the crap out of Slater," Melissa said laughing.

"God, your sister is a blabbermouth," Slater said.

"She even told Kevin about you fucking her. That's when she became his hot wife slut."

"Enough chit-chat. Slater, you're up." Judy told him.

"Right. Bridget, truth or dare?"

"Dare," Bridget smiled at him.

"Good. Go get the biggest dildo you own and fuck yourself with it, in front of all of us."

"I'm sorry, all my sex toys are back in our quarters. It would take too long to go get them."

"I have one you can use," Melissa said getting up and going to her beach bag.

What she pulled out was the biggest blackest dildo I had ever seen. Judy gasped when she saw it, then slammed her legs shut and shuddered. Bridget didn't say a word. She frowned but took it from Melissa. She sniffed it.

"It's clean, I washed it when I was in the shower," Melissa said.

"Good," Bridget said putting the tip in her mouth, well almost in her mouth.

Instead, she licked the head of the fake cock, getting it all wet with her saliva. Then looking at Carlo, he bent down and started licking and drooling on her pussy. She tapped him on the head and he pulled up to watch his wife.

Placing the fake cock at her entrance she gently pushed it into her body, all the while staring at Slater. Slater just stared at her pussy as it was stretched around the rubber cock. It took her a while but she finally had the thing in as far as she could. She then started to fuck herself. She started coming after four strokes of the big black cock.

"Have you ever had a cock as big as this dildo?" Slater asked.

"No," Bridget croaked.

She kept pushing and pulling the dildo in and out of her stretched pussy. She was leaking fluid out of her pussy. The black cock was starting to be covered by a white foam as she started pounding it into herself faster.

"Oh fuck," she yelled. "Oh my god! Carlo, it's stretching me so good," she told her husband.

She started shaking as she just pushed the cock into herself as hard as she could. Then she collapsed onto her husband. We all took a break, to let Bridget recover before we continued with the game.

More to come...



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