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A Lonely Couple Wakes Up - Part 5

The week's vacation continues with fun, sun and a discovery of...

~~~~~ Don

Those that needed to, went to the bathroom. It took about ten minutes for everyone to cycle in and out of the bathrooms. Everyone also refreshed their drinks. I was probably the only one not drinking. I had wine with dinner but switched to club soda. Once we were all back sitting in the living room, everyone looked at me. I shrugged.

"Bridget, you get to ask this time."

"Oui," she said. She looked around the living room and her gaze settled on me. "Mr. Don?"


"Truth or dare?" she asked.


"Same question you asked your wife," she said. And here I thought I would have to wait until it came around to Judy again.

"Well, let's see. Now don't rush me...I haven't had any other pussy except Judy's since we were married until we came to this resort."

"Truth?" everyone shouted.

"Truth," I said.

"Oh my god," Judy whispered covering her mouth with her hands.

Then she was sitting on my lap her lips pressed to mine in a passionate kiss that nearly blew the top of my head off. Then she was whispering between soft gentle kissed to my face, "I'm so sorry, so sorry."

"No need to be sorry, sweetheart, I survived," I whispered back.

"Don?" Bridget said.

"Melissa, truth or dare?" I asked.


"Melissa, same question," I said.

"I knew it," Melissa said. "What's the punishment if I don't tell?"

"I get to spank you, unless of course, you enjoy that, then us three guys get to fuck you up the ass, at the same time."

"Fine. It was when I was out of town and Slater was fucking my sister. A guy I worked with was always bragging how good he was in the sack. After the meetings one night we all went out for drinks. I had a little too much and when he started bragging again, I grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the bar and up to my room. He was so nervous he couldn't get it up. I had to suck him off to get him hard. Then his cock was nothing to brag about. He fucked me once, came inside me and was done. I told him if he ever told anyone about what we did, I would tell everyone he couldn't perform at all. I also told him if he ever started bragging again, I would tell everyone he couldn't get it up at all."

Slater didn't say a word, he just smiled at his wife as he sported a hard-on.

"My turn. Carlo, truth or dare?" Melissa asked the chef.

"Dare," he said.

"Okay, go get the biggest dildo... just kidding. Have you ever fucked your wife in the ass?"

"No." He wasn't smiling.

"Okay. I won't make you do that. Fuck me in the ass until you cum."

Melissa stood, turned around and bent forward in front of her husband. They were eye to eye as Melissa waited. Bridget was whispering to Carlo and nodding toward Melissa. Carlo shrugged and got up. He stood behind Melissa, his cock already hard. Judy got up and went to them, licking Melissa's asshole until it was all wet. Then she sucked Carlo until her saliva coated his hard cock.

Judy then took his cock in hand and guided him to Melissa's asshole. Then he gently pressed into her bottom. She was groaning as he entered her. Then she started shaking as he pressed farther into her. Once he was all the way inside her, she told him to wait. Once she was comfortable with his cock in her, she nodded. Carlo began to fuck her ass. He fucked her slow and easy, taking full, long strokes into her.

"Oh my god! That big cock of yours is touching places no one else has, baby," she told Carlo.

Then Melissa was coming. She was coming hard. Carlo watched as his cock slid in and out of her body. Then he groaned as he pushed in one last time. His cock pulsed as he shot his cum into Melissa's asshole. He just pressed against her ass as he jerked with each spurt into her. Bridget was fingering herself as she watched them. She came shortly after they did.

"Go clean up and we will continue if you want?" I said.

Melissa climbed to her feet. Carlo helped her to the bathroom. Bridget closed her eyes, her fingers still inside her pussy. Judy went over to her.

"Are you okay, Bridget?" she asked.

"Huh? Oh yes, yes. Oh god," she said shaking with another orgasm.

"I want to talk to you later,, dear," Judy told her. Bridget just nodded.

After a ten-minute break, everyone was ready for another round. Bridget was whispering in Carlo's ear. He nodded as she spoke.

"Miss Judy?" Carlo finally asked.


"Truth or Dare?"

"Dare," Judy said, surprising me.

"I want you to make love to my wife," Carlo said. Bridget squeaked but didn't say anything.

Judy stood, she pulled a large fluffy comforter from the side table and spread it on the floor between the two couches.

"Bridget, if you will join me?" Judy asked

"Of course, Miss Judy," Bridget said rising and moving to the comforter.

"Lie down."

Bridget did, then Judy lay next to her. Judy propped herself up on her elbow and leaned in and kissed Bridget. Almost immediately, Bridget kissed her back. Then the two women were making love. Soft, sensuous love.

Judy moved until her mouth was over Bridget's pussy and her pussy was over Bridget's mouth. The two women then started licking and sucking each other. They licked each other for twenty minutes, they each came multiple times. Judy fell to the side and lay there looking up at the ceiling. Bridget sighed as she shook with her orgasm. Then Carlo was down beside his wife, kissing her. She kissed him back. Judy looked at me.

I smiled and nodded as I slipped off the couch and onto the floor next to her. I kissed her on the lips, hard. She kissed me back with a lot of passion. The only thing I could think was how much I loved her.

"Okay, break it up, you four," Melissa said clapping her hands.

Carlo, Bridget, Judy and I started laughing. We slowly got up, took a big slug of our drinks and sat back down.

"Judy, go," Melissa said.

"Melissa, truth or dare?" Judy asked her.

"Hmmm... truth," Melissa said this time.

"When did you eat your first pussy after you were married and who was it?" Judy asked.

Melissa turned a bright red and put her hand over her mouth. She looked at Slater with tears in her eyes but blinked them back as she calmed down. Then she nodded.

"Well you got me, Judy," she said. "It was the day we got married at the reception. My maid of honor, Carol, you don't need to know her last name, Slater knows who I'm talking about. Well, she came up to the suite we had booked for that night to help me get out of my wedding dress. When I was in my bra and panties, she pushed me back onto the bed and pulled my panties off. She told me she had wanted to do this since we first became friends in college. Then she smashed her face down on to my pussy. After I started to come she moved herself around and pushed her naked pussy onto my face. She had her dress on but no panties. I just started eating her like I liked to be eaten. She came, I came, multiple times. I quickly got dressed when we were done and we went downstairs laughing."

She continued, "It wasn't until later that I found her again. We met several times over the years."

"Why didn't you tell me," Slater growled, holding his crotch.

"Because I thought you would divorce me at the time. I know I should have told you once we started to see other people together, but I couldn't bring myself to do that."

"That's okay darling, we'll talk later and no, I'm not mad at you."

"Thank you, dear," Melissa said.

"Melissa," I said. She looked at me and nodded.

She sat there with her face in her hands murmuring to herself.

"Judy, truth or dare?" Melissa asked her.

"Truth!" Judy said sticking her chin out boldly.

"Before coming to the island and after you married Don, have you ever eaten anyone's pussy?"

Judy closed her eyes and covered her mouth with her hand. She opened her eyes to slits, took her hand from her mouth.

"No, never," she said with conviction.

"Really?" Bridget and Melissa both said at the same time.

"Really," Judy responded. "In fact, before this weekend, I had never even thought of wanting another woman. Even before Don and I married."

"Do we break and go to bed now or..."

Nobody said anything.

"Judy?" I said.

"Don, truth or dare?"

"Truth," I said.

"Damn, I thought for sure you would pick dare. Oh well. Have ever sucked a cock or thought about sucking a cock, ever?" Judy asked me.

"Not really," I said.

"What do you mean 'not really?'" Judy asked.

"I have never thought about sucking a man's cock, ever," I told her.

"Then what?" she was being sarcastic.

"No, a transsexual. You know a pretty, almost a female, with a cock. And it will never happen, I know that, so that's probably why I thought about what it might be like."

The room was suddenly quiet and everyone was staring at me. My wife's mouth was open her eyes wide.

"I would pay to see that," she said, eyes still wide.

"I know someone," Bridget said, then shut up.

Judy looked at her nodding.

"It will never happen," I told Judy.

"Are you homophobic?" she asked.

"NO! You know I'm not, but I am not bi nor am I homosexual."

"Okay, sweetheart, okay," Judy said softly.

"It's late, I think I'll go to bed. Carlo, Bridget, you are welcome to stay here. There are the couches or pick a bed to join someone," I told them getting up and heading for my bedroom.

Judy got up and hurried after me.

"Don?" she asked.

"No, I'm not mad at you," I said turning toward her and wrapping my arms around her.

"Good. I love you so much," she croaked.

"And I love you just as much," I told her.

"I'm going to ask Bridget to sleep with us tonight. I know Melissa wants Carlo to go to her bed."

"That's fine dear. I know you wanted to talk to her anyway."

"We'll be right back."

"Okay," I said climbing into bed.

A short time later, Judy and Bridget came into the bedroom laughing and giggling. I just smiled as they got into bed with me. Somehow Bridget wound up between Judy and I. I sat up, leaned over Bridget and kissed Judy.

"Goodnight my dear. I love you."

"I love you too. Are you going to sleep?"

"I am, but don't let that bother you two," I said. Then I leaned down and kissed Bridget gently on the lips. "Goodnight to you, my lovely Bridget."

"Goodnight Don," she said softly. I nodded at her, lay back down and rolled so my back was to them.

I was asleep within minutes of my head landing on my pillow. Several times during the night I woke to sex noised and being jostled. I just closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.


When I woke the next morning I found Judy and Bridget in each other's embrace. They were both snoring softly. I closed my eyes for a minute wondering when they had finally quit pleasuring each other.

Then I gently rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. When I finished I headed to the kitchen to make some coffee but found that it was already made. I poured myself a cup and went looking for whoever made it. I found Melissa on the porch looking out at the seascape.

"Good morning, Melissa," I said softly, as I sat in a chair.

"Good morning, Don. It's so beautiful here and peaceful."

"It is. How did you sleep last night?"

"I didn't. Slater and Carlo kept me up all night."

"Ah, I see."

"How did you sleep?"

"Very well. Although Judy and Bridget did wake me a couple of times during the night with their antics. I guess they were enjoying themselves."

"Oh. I'm going to hate leaving, especially since we found you and Judy. You have been a big boost to my self-esteem."

"Were Judy and I the first couple you and Slater ever played with?" I asked.

"Don't tell Slater I told you, but yes. You were the first cock to slide into my body while Slater watched. It was delicious and I thank you."

"It was my pleasure."

"So how long have you and Judy been... sharing?" she asked.

"Well let me put it this way, Slater was the first man to fuck her while I watched."

Melissa laughed, I joined her.

"What a hoot," she said. "Big players, aren't we?"

"Yes, aren't we," I said chuckling. "When do you have to leave?"

"Tomorrow evening. Our flight leaves at six. When are you and Judy leaving?"

"We have seven more days."

"Oh god," she whispered shivering. "May I sit on your lap?"

"Sure, I would enjoy holding you for a while."

Melissa put her coffee cup down and moved over to my lap. She took my coffee cup from me and put it on the table. Then her lips were pressed against mine, softly. I gently kissed her back, while cupping her breast. She moaned into my mouth. I sighed.

After a long time, she pulled her lips from mine and lay her head on my shoulder. I kept gently massaging her breast. She was softly snoring within a couple of minutes.

As gently and quietly as I could I stood with her in my arms. I went to Judy's and my bedroom and gently placed her in the spot I had been. Judy and Bridget hadn't moved. Very quietly, I went back out to the porch and sat down and finished my coffee.

I looked toward the main complex and saw a golf cart coming down the path out front. It had one passenger, the driver. I watched as it drove right up to our bungalow. The driver got out and stood by the cart. I just stared at him. He shook his head and walked up to the porch.

"I'm looking for Carlo and Bridget, I have orders to bring them to the manager's office," he said to me like I was a servant.

"And who are you?" I asked looking at him like he was a piece of dog shit on my shoe.

"I'm the manager." Pompous ass.

"Some manager. Do you talk to all your guests like this?"

"I do if they break the rules," he said.

"What rule did I supposedly break?"

"The one about keep staff overnight," he said with false authority.

"Funny, I don't remember writing that rule." I raised my eyebrows at him.

"We wrote the rules here."

"No, at the time this resort was purchased my division wrote the rules for this resort."

"Who are you again?" Now he asks.

"Currently, I'm a guest on vacation. But the minute I get up out of this chair, I'm the CEO of the company that owns this resort."

He swallowed hard. Turned to walk away.

"Don't you dare walk away from me!" I shouted.

He stopped dead in his tracks. Turned and looked at me, with anger in his eyes. Then Judy was standing by my side. She leaned down and whispered in my ear.

"Bridget and Carlo are scared stiff."

"What did she say?" the manager asked.

"She said you're an asshole." Judy giggled. "Now do I get up and become not just another guest on vacation?"

"No sir, there will be no need for that."

"Good. Now, I want you to bring me these rules you wrote, all of them. I will know if you don't."

"And if I don't?" he asked.

"You don't want to find out, I'm sure," I told him softly.

"I'll have them sent down..."

"No. You will bring them, all by yourself. Clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"Well, now you can go," I said dismissing him.

As we watched him drive away, Judy said, "You know we are alone here?"

"I do." I got up and went inside to the bedroom. Melissa was still asleep. I grabbed my overnight bag and took it to the living room. Opening it I pulled out my sat-phone. I turned it on, let it boot up and then dialed a number.

"Cal, Don, we have a problem... yes she's doing fine, thanks. Listen, we have a problem down here. I may need some of your security guys here ASAP. How soon. Too long. By tonight. Okay. But if you have someone closer get them here soonest. Thanks Cal. I will. I'll keep the phone on, yes. Bye."

"Well," Judy asked.

"Eight tonight is the soonest he can have someone here."


"Six guys who are working about four hundred miles on another island. He did say if he could get a hold of him, there is a guy here at the resort who is supposed to be a force to be feared."

"Give me the phone," Judy told me. I did.

She took it and dialed. Then pressed a couple of numbers.

"Code in Alpha, Delta, Uniform." Then she waited. I looked at her with my eyebrows raised. She just shook her head. "Walter, Judy... yes, it's good to hear your voice too. Listen, I have a slight problem... where? Mayaguana Island. No, not until eight tonight. Yes, as soon as they can get here. What? I'm the fucking CEO and whose permission do I need? Yeah, well tell him he's fired as of now and I, therefore, rescind his fucking order. Is that clear enough? Fine get them here. I'll call you later, yes. Bye."

"Well, who was that and who's coming?" I asked.

"My company has a security section too you know. That was Walter, we used to go out to lunch together. I'm sorry, but there wasn't just that one time..." she just stopped talking.

"Don't worry about that now, dear, I'll spank you later."

"A spanking I can take. Walter said he has six guys on the main island who can be here in two hours. It will cost an arm and a leg, but they will get here."

"Good. Good."

Slater poked his head out. "Is it okay to come out here?" he asked.

"Yes," I said looking up toward the hotel

"What the fuck was all that about?" Slater asked.

"A little problem with management," Judy said.

"Bridget and Carlo are really scared they will lose their jobs here and be sent to prison."

"They have nothing to fear as long as I'm here and if our security guys get here in time," I told him as I got up out of my chair.

"What do I tell the dickhead when he comes back," Judy asked.

"Tell him to go fuck himself... no don't, he might hit you. Just tell him I'm busy and leave the stuff here."

"Okay. Slater, you better get inside, I see him coming." Judy stood looking toward the hotel.

"Shit. Slater, tell Bridget and Carlo to stay put. They leave here now who know what asshole will do."

"Right," he said going inside. I sat back down.

"Why are you sitting?" Judy asked.

"Because I told him if I got out of my chair I was the CEO and not a guest."


"Take the sat-phone inside, I don't want him to know we are able to talk to the outside world. It looks like he brought someone with him. Asshole."

Judy picked up the sat-phone and disappeared inside. I sat calmly as the golf cart trundled up to the bungalow. The guy with him wasn't all that big, maybe he was just a clerk to carry the stack of books in his lap. I frowned.

"Is that all of them?" I shouted.

"Yes, sir," he replied nudging the guy next to him holding the book.

"Put them over there," I said point to a dark spot on the sand in front of the bungalow.

"That's the fire pit," the manager yelled.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Nothing, sir. Sorry, sir."

"You may go. Oh, one other thing. Any trouble you cause for any of the... my... staff here from now on and you will answer to me. I'm here for seven more days. You might not be. And next time I tell you to come down here alone, that's what better happen, clear?"

"Yes, sir."

For a black man, he looked pretty white as he backed the golf cart up and drove away.

"Judy," I called.

"Yes, dear," she answered stepping out on to the porch.

"Do any of your lawyers know any bigwigs in the government that we could entice to come down here on a working vacation?"

"I'm sure they do. Would we also need some law enforcement personnel?"

"Good idea. Mention slavery, that always gets a politician off his ass to get someone down here to investigate."

Judy nodded and went back into the hut. I could hear her talking but didn't understand the words. Bridget came out and handed me a plate with some sandwiches on them.

"Thank you, dear," I told her.

"I really hope Carlo and I didn't cause you any problems," she said.

"Not at all."

"Well if that don't beat all," Judy said coming back outside.

"What?" I asked.

"It would seem that our territory has had its services farmed out to the Bahamians."


"Well, just the customs enforcement. There is a U.S. Marshal stationed here, but they haven't heard from him for a while. But they say that's not unusual."

"Well, are they going to correct the problem here?" I asked.

"They are. There are two companies of Marine MPs on the way. They will get here day after tomorrow. There are two more Marshals on the way. They get here tomorrow morning. There is an attaché, who has been appointed governor, on his way, he will take over the running of the island in the next week."

"Let's hope he's honest," I said.

I had finished my sandwiches while Judy had filled me in on the goings-on. She plopped down on the couch and sighed. She actually looked happy. I actually felt happy. We were doing our jobs. We looked at each other and smiled. Bridget came back out and handed Judy a plate with sandwiches on it.

"Thank you, Bridget," she said.

"You are most welcome, Judy," Bridget said shyly.

Just as Bridget went back inside the golf cart started back from the hotel.

"Trouble," I said nodding toward the hotel.

"I'm going to kick that ass in the nuts if he smirks at me again," Judy said.

"He has two with him."

"Shit. It's gonna hit the fan now," Judy said not realizing what she said.

Just then a man walked around the corner of our hut, behind us. Scared the shit out, Judy. I just looked at him. He looked at me, then at Judy. Judy looked at him, smiled and sighed.

"Down girl, he's the guy who works for me," I said to her. "Glad you could make it Rick, how they hangin'," I said looking back up at the golf cart.

"Trouble sir?" he asked.

"Yes. Duck back around the corner there, only come out if you think you need to."

"Roger that, sir." He back around the corner and disappeared.

"Who was that..." I put my finger to my lips. Judy nodded. The golf cart was arriving.

Three people got out of the cart and stood looking at us. The manager was driving and the other two had on uniforms of some sort. I just sat there looking at them, Judy stood next to me.

"Is that her?" the fatter of the two uniformed men asked the manager.

"No, I don't know who that is."

I just waited. They seemed to be waiting for something. If it was for me to acknowledge them, they had a long, long wait. Judy stood there giggling at them. After about a minute she was laughing at them.

"Enough," the fat one yelled.

Judy laughed even harder. I stood. Walked to the edge of the porch and addressed the manager.

"You sir, are fired. As for you two," I said pointing the fat one. "Who are you and what do you want?"

"I am Chief Constable Jefferies, this..."

"Chief of what?" I interrupted him.

"I am a Constable in the Bahamian Police Force..."

"Go away, you have no jurisdiction here." I turned and sat back down.

"We certainly do. We have been contracted by the U.S. to..."

"The only people contracted for anything on this island was the Bahamian Custom Services and that contract has been rescinded as of twenty minutes ago. You are here as a Bahamian citizen only and carrying illegal firearms to boot."

"Be that as it may," the fat one started.

"Sir, you have no jurisdiction here, period. You try to force me or any of my guests here to do anything and I will be forced to defend myself and them. And as for you asshole," I said pointing at the manager, "What are you still doing here? Leave. You're fired. You no longer have a job at this resort. Go!"

He was so confused he didn't know what to do. He started to climb into the golf cart.

"No. That is the property of this resort. Leave it here. Now start walking... all of you," I shouted the last.

The younger and thinner of the two Bahamian cops started forward, at least until Rick stepped up on the porch and walked to the steps leading up to the porch.

"The man said leave."

Then another man stepped onto the porch from the other side.

"U.S. Marshal Williams at your service sir," he said to me.

"Where the hell have you been?" I asked, just a little peeved.

"They wouldn't let me use the hotel phone and someone stole my sat-phone," he said looking at the Chief Constable.

"Someone? Actually, that sat-phone hanging from the Chief Constables belt looks like it might be yours. Why don't you take those two into custody, Marshal?"

The young cop started to reach for his sidearm. Rick was there to disarm him in an instant. Had him on the ground and was handcuffing him with his own handcuffs. As the fat one went to draw his weapon, the Marshal was there to stop him and take away his firearm. He then handcuffed him with his own cuffs.

"Now what do we do with them?" Rick asked.

"Well there are three more of them at the hotel, so that's out," Marshal Williams said.

"What is that building over there," I asked pointing at a concrete building about a hundred yard away from all the other bungalows.

"That's used to be used for storage, it's empty now," William replied.

"Does the door lock from the outside?"

"It does."

"Put them in there. There will be six security personnel from my wife's firm here in half an hour. Six hours later there will be six more from my firm. The next day two more Marshals arrive, the day after that two companies of Marines MPs land here."

"Holy shit! May I ask who you are sir?" Williams asked.

"No, go ahead," I said smiling at him. He laughed. "I'm CEO of the company that owns this resort and most of the island."

"Did they know that when you booked your stay here?"

"Evidently not," I answered him.

"This will throw a monkey wrench in what they have going on here."

"And what do they have going on here Marshal Williams?" I asked.

"Slavery, prostitution, drugs, and anything else to make money," he answered.

"I hope you have proof of all that?"

"I do, that's why they took my phone and wouldn't let me use the hotel's phone."

"Well then, get those two over to that building. In half an hour we'll have enough men to go take the hotel back. Rick help the Marshal please."

"Yes, sir." The two walked off with the Bahamians in tow.

More to come...



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