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A long time affair

He goes off to have sex with another married woman.
“You be good in school today” he said to his two children. They looked up and said they would be as they left to catch the school bus. He smiled as he watched them get on it then went upstairs. Once upstairs, he showered, shaved, brushed his teeth, and then dressed. All the while, his wife was still sleeping in bed. He had it down to a science. She worked a late shift so she was still sleeping, or so he thought she was. He was good at it too, usually. He was real good at how he did it, what was done, and all without waking her up each morning, except that day. Just as he walked out of the room he hears her voice and he answers “Yes dear… Go back to sleep. Everything’s fine” and closes the bedroom door just as he leaves “for work.”

He rang the doorbell. She walks up and answers it. Each meet the other with bright, cheerful smiles. He walks in. They hug. Then…they plant long, feverish, and “wanting more of that” kisses on one another. She’s adorned in a satiny long gown. What’s beneath it remains a mystery but there always had been an attraction, as if the two were school kids who’d known each other for ages or something, which instantly attracted one another.

“Wow…you…look marvelous” he tells her.

She looks down, then looks up, smiling and says “Why thank you and you look mighty fine yourself. What is that? A Brooks Brothers?” referring to the suit he has on. She reaches out, her fingers stroll down its lapel, and he says yes. He tells her she has a might fine eye. She giggles and leans in, kissing him, again.

“Seeing you in that…well…mmmmmm…what’s a woman to say?” she tells him.

“Anything you want” he replies. “Anything a woman as pretty as you are wants” he says.

They take hold of one another and embark on another long endearing kiss. Tongues wage battle inside the other’s mouth. Hormones surge throughout each other’s bodies. Her legs begins a combat of sorts as it wraps itself around his backside, pulling him into her closer, and more desirably. The kissing finally ends. They’re breathing hard. Trying to catch their breaths, they gaze into the other’s eyes, and smile.

“Ready?” she says as her hand trails down his arm and takes hold of his fingers.

“I’ve been ready since last night” he tells her, smiling. “Very, very ready in fact.”

“Me too…so much that I even had to do it without you…if you know what I mean.”

“I do. How was it?” he asked, holding her hand, and smiling.

“You know…pleasant, uplifting, but well it’s just not the same as…as yours in me. And I don’t get to kiss anyone when I do it. Want to help me this time?” she says.

“Of course I do. In fact, I’ll even allow you to use my fingers and tongue and even my mouth. How’s that sound?” he tells her.

“Ooooohh…all that…from you? Ooooooohh…I can’t wait. I can’t wait!”

In the bedroom, he removes and carefully places one piece of his suit after another on a chair. She watches and smiles as he does it. She tells herself what a nice physique he has. Then the shirt comes off, after he undoes his tie. Mmmmm, look at those pecs of his. He keeps turning me on when I see them. I should say something, she tells herself. “Morris when was the last time I told you I think you have got one of the sexiest bodies in this town? Huh, when was it honey?” as her eyes follow a trail from his neck and shoulders, down over his broad chest, and all the way to his waistline. She’s smiling and thinking.

“I don’t know. And I don’t care. We’re together. To me that is all that matters,” he says.

With that, he takes her in his arms and holds her firmly, and kisses her hard and long. Their lips careen and move across the other’s gracefully, peacefully, and he knows he will always want her and her lips and body, forever. Too bad they aren’t married but maybe this is a lot more fun, he thinks.

Her body, her figure seems to have so many interesting features. Besides her beauty, besides her breasts, and besides all the other fantastic features she possesses there is a personality she owns which will allow him over and over to come to her and release all the pent up desires he holds within himself. She needs it. He needs it. They need it. They need each other and have talked about it time and again. They know and have known that their bodies cry out for each other when they aren’t with each other or even if they are having sex with their own spouses. Each one pictures the other as they fuck their spouse.

“Okay” he says “what’s underneath this” he tells her as he undoes the robe. He opens it up. His face says it all. Whoa…he thinks as he steps back. She is smiling while watching him stare at the luxurious piece she has put on. “Uh when did you…get that?” he asks. “I need pictures of you in all your stuff. All your lingerie some day. Heck I could sit at my computer for hours I bet, look at you in all this stuff, and you know…imagine it, me looking at you in this, and I’d be sitting there, my pants down, and my hand on my cock. I’d masturbate just because of how sexy and I mean sexy you look.” He smiled and winked after telling her.

She looked at him, smiling too and said “Really, honestly you mean that?”

He reaches in, puts his hands around her, and pulls her towards him and just before planting a kiss on her lips he tells her “Yes. Oh god yes” and then he kisses her, hard.

He was rock hard at that point and as he tells her he took hold of her hand. He plants it against his hardness. She smiled, looked down, and then up into his eyes. “Mmmmm,” she told him “that is like having pancakes, bacon, and even hashbrowns for breakfast down at…” and she goes on to tell him the name of their favorite restaurant, which neither had eaten at together, but regardless both loved. “May I?” she says.

He smiles and nods. She undoes his pants and folds them and lays them on the chair. She gets down on her knees and pulls off his boxers. She looks at it and then looks up at him, smiling gratefully as if a gift only for her, which to him it was. He was happier then a lark that she was more then willing and more then available to do her “dirty duty.”

She looks at his dangling cock. With her fingers, she lightly takes hold of it. She lifts it up and kisses it. He loves how the kiss feels on his cock. She kisses his cock, on the underside, again. She kisses some more, moving about all over, but goes lower and lower and lower. Now at his balls, she tells him to lay down so she can suckle his balls with her lips. She tells him she loves suckling them, which he already knows, and then he feels her lips sucking his balls, swallowing them into her mouth, gently.

“Uh ooooohh…I love…that” he groans. “I uh really…ohhhh…love hwo you do that.”

She eases up, kissing his growing erection. She feels his body tightening up, especially his ass as it lifts off the bed. She looks up and smiles and then kisses the tip of the cock before swallowing it. Sucking on the tip, she eases, slowly, down its shaft, and sucks it further down into her mouth.

She comes off it and asks “Still enjoy that do you?”

“Ohhhh” he says “there isn’t anyone who does that as good as you” and once he told her she went on a military like binge, sucking him hard and deep, and with a goal in mind. Get it long and hard and ready, which she did.

“Do me” she told him. “Finger me, eat me, and then…let’s get it going. Ohhhh, let’s get it going” she says with a tone of desperation in her voice. She looks up and forces a smile but he knows exactly what she wants and means. He takes her and kisses her hard. He takes off the lingerie she has on and gazes at her always awesome and beautiful looking bosoms. By his look, she knows, he loves them, and he plants another loveable kiss on each. She wants so much but time is limited and she knows it too.

He went down on her. He starts toying with her pussy’s lips. She coos and mutter’s sweet nothings while feeling his fingers rapidly dancing across her pussy’s lips. He leans in and taste it arousing her to no end. Her ass tightens up. It rises off the mattress as he licks her out. Finally, his tongue goes inside her. She moans. Her hands grab portions of the bedspread. They’re stretched out as her body does the same. She wants more. She feels more too. She feels his tongue going at her pussy and sensations boogie all over the inside of her.

“Do it” she says “fuck me, now… Go in me and fuck my brains out honey!”

So he does. He smiles, mounts her, and slowly places his raging hard erection inside her cunt. As it slides inside, she moans loudly as her hands grab at him, grab at sheets, and even grab at her own tits. She squeezes them hard. She feels the cock sliding in and out of her. He’s watching her as he pumps her, slowly at first. The look on her face, to him, is as usual, incredible. She absolutely loves how he feels inside her.

“God, this is great sweetheart” he tells her and somehow she was able to say she agreed.

They go on, in different positions, fucking each other as he provides her with at least two orgasms. As usual, he is proud of his ability to make her cum. She’s dripping and soon oozing, left and right, and the bed’s mattress fills up with cum. He is still at full blow but he is more then ready. He wants to blow it into her mouth which she wants as well.

“Ready?” he asks.

“Oh gosh…yes…yes…please” she tells him, so he does it.

He takes hold of it and aims at her face. She opens her eyes and watches as he jacks off his cock, for her. She smiles. He explodes. Cum fills her face and mouth and soon oozes down in between her boobs. Her nipples are hard as ever. He loves her appearance. He drips a few more times and scoots up towards her face. She takes hold of his cock and licks off what remains, gulping it down.

On her back, spent, he kneels over her knowing he’d love to stay and spend the whole day cuddling. He thinks about it. “When is he going out of town?” he asks. She says she doesn’t know. “Okay then…next week as usual then?”

“Of course. I’ll miss you until then. God, I love having you here” and with that she pulls him down on her and whispers “If only you and I could’ve met…wow think about that.”

He left, went to work, and so did she. The next night, he opened up his email. Four of them with pictures galore attached. He was online for an hour more then usual, even with his kids needing his attention. “I’m coming” he said as he zipped up his pants, shut off the computer, and left the den, smiling.

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