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A Meeting

She always wanted a stranger to watch
Not long ago I met a woman on line. We chatted on line, did a little phone thing, and got to know each other pretty well. One of her fantasies was to have someone watch her play with herself. Being the good little Boy Scout that I am I agreed to be the one. She lived just a couple of miles from where I worked, her husband worked out of town, so I just dropped by to see her at lunch. We met four times and this is what happened each time.

Visit 1 – We hadn't met before in person and even though she had described herself to me online and over the phone I was expecting a little less just because. I was pleasantly surprised when she answered the door. She is 5' 5" and about 130 lbs. She has shoulder blade length dishwater blonde hair and very inviting breasts, 36 C's with large areola that were just dark enough to show through the sheer white teddy she was wearing when she answered the door.

Inviting me in, we hugged, and she asked if I wanted something to drink. When she turned to go to the kitchen her adorable ass, being shown off nicely because of the matching white thong she was wearing, mesmerized me. She made me a Tanquerey and tonic, then asked me to sit on the loveseat across a glass-topped table from a large overstuffed recliner. She looked small sitting in it.

She slowly played with her legs, running her fingernails up and down, going a little higher as we made small talk, mostly about what we had talked about and done online. As we talked I was beginning to get hard and had to adjust myself in my pants. She was pleased that she was having that effect on me. She began teasing me by asking me if I liked the way her titties looked in her teddy. She began stroking her nipples and pinching them through the translucent material. They were visibly getting harder as she played.

She could see that my dick was very hard now in my pants and I had placed my hand over my bulge a bit and was lightly stroking my hardness through my trousers. She untied her teddy and pulled it to the sides treating me to the sight of her wonderful breasts. She took hold of one in both hands and pulled it up to meet her tongue and flicked it over her nipple, then sucked her nipple between her lips. All wet from her mouth she continued to pinch and pull on her nipples all the while telling me how hot this was making her.

She pulled her legs so her feet were at the edge of each arm of the big chair. This caused her legs to spread revealing a nice little wet spot at the crotch of her panties. I wanted to pull my cock from my pants at that moment but, because this was our first time and we had agreed before we met not to touch, I left it in my pants.

While massaging her breasts with one hand her other hand slipped inside the front of her thong where she began rubbing her fingers up and down her slit. Her breathing became heavy and when it looked as though she had slipped a finger inside her pussy she moaned out loud.

Her hand came up from her pussy, out of her thong and she placed her fingers to her lips and slowly ran her wet fingers over her lips. Down her hand went again and disappeared inside her panties. This time she dipped immediately inside her sweet warm hole and withdrew. Her fingers went up and straight to her mouth where she sucked them clean. I looked down at my straining hardness and noticed a visible wet spot on my trousers where my pre-cum was soaking through. The head of my cock was aching for release... but it was so nice to just watch.

She asked if I wanted to see her pussy, to which I replied, "Yes, please."

She then took hold of her panties, lifted her ass off the chair and pulled her thong down past her knees. Sitting back down in the chair she pulled it the rest of the way off, spread her legs and began rubbing up and down her wet slit with her fingers. Now and then she would dip deep inside her pussy then either pinch her nipples or suck them clean.

She switched hands often and kept rubbing her little clit the whole time. She finally came, a finger inside her pussy as she frantically rubbed her clit. Her breasts bouncing she moaned as she humped against her fingers fucking her pussy.

Once done, it was time for me to get back to work, so we hugged and made plans for later that week. She let me taste her fingers as she let me out the door.

Just as I was going she touched the wet spot on my trousers and said, "We'll take care of that the next time."

I almost came when she touched the head of my dick through my pants. I changed clothes at home on the way back to work.

Visit 2 – She had my drink made for me when I showed up two days later as planned. Today she was wearing a man's dress shirt, the first three buttons undone. Her breasts felt so nice and firm as she hugged me at the door then handed me my drink. She led me to my place on the love seat and waited for me to sit down and get comfortable.

Standing in front of me she undid one more button, the shirt opened a bit more and she stretched, her hands well over her head, I could just barely see the point where her legs were coming together. She smiled when our eyes finally met, she knew I was trying to catch a glimpse of her pussy. She bent over to kiss me on the forehead, my dick was already beginning to stiffen. When she kissed my head I was looking straight down her shirt, as I'm sure she planned, at her wonderful breasts. Nice and full with those large suckable areola. I wanted to take them in my hands and suck her nipples, feeling them harden between my lips.

She stood, turned and walked back to her chair, unbuttoning the shirt as she went. Turning at the chair she pulled the shirt just a little off her shoulders, it opened completely in front revealing she had no panties. She had trimmed her pussy as well leaving just a inch thick line of short hair running three inches above the top of her slit. The rest was cleanly shaved, a surprise she did just for me she said. She asked if I were comfortable or needed anything else.

I said, "No, I'm doing just fine" as I sipped on my Tanq.

She sat in the big chair and immediately placed her legs over the arms that spread her legs wide offering a wonderful view of her newly shaved pussy. Again, she began by massaging and caressing her breasts. My dick as could be expected was straining at my pants. She started asking if this was really turning me on, if it made me as horny as it did her.

I assured her it was definitely having that affect on me. She said she wanted to see what it was doing to me.

I confirmed, "You want to see my cock?" to which she just nodded, yes.

I began to undo my belt and she said, "You might as well stand up, I want you to pull your pants down a little. I want to see all of you."

So I stood and removed my pants down below my knees. She smiled as her hand went straight to her pussy, her fingers slipping up and down her slit as she moaned her approval. I took my cock in my hand and stroked it slowly for both our pleasure and to her delight a large drop of clear precum emerged at the tip.

I took my finger and smeared the slippery fluid all around the head of my dick, the feeling was so nice. My fingers glided easily over the ridge of the head as I stroked a little more before sitting back down.

With the fingers of one hand she was spreading her pussy lips to give me a nice look while the fingers of her other hand dipped inside her pink hole. With wet fingers she was pinching her little clit allowing it to slip from between her fingers.

She kept telling me, "Oh, this feels sooooooooooo nice, I love the feeling I get when I pinch my clit."

I was sitting back deep in the love seat slowly stroking, my precum flowing freely and I was afraid I would blow my load before she came. We were talking back and forth, telling each other what we liked and how hot it was making us. I had to slow my strokes down, even clamping tightly to the base of my cock from time to time to keep from cumming and her breathing kept getting deeper and faster.

Once again... as she was getting more and more aroused she began humping up to fuck her fingers. She told me she wanted to watch me cum, "Will you cum for me?"

I unbuttoned my shirt and opened it up and then I tightened my grip slightly and began stroking in earnest. She was really fucking her fingers now, moaning for me to cum. I felt my cock begin to swell, my balls were constricting... then... the first load erupted from my cock and shot all the way to my chest.

As soon as that happened she began to orgasm and was moaning very loudly, still begging for my cum. My second load hit just above my navel and then smaller shots and cum was all over my softening dick. Her eyes never lost focus on my cock and she said she was going to cum again and started furiously stroking her clit with her fingers. She bucked a few times and threw her ass in the air as she came.

We rested there for a bit; I watched as she softly petted her pussy as she regained her breath. Then she got up and brought me a warm wash cloth from the bathroom. I cleaned up; she put her shirt back on. We hugged again, and it was back to work. We did make plans to meet the next week.

Visit 3- We chatted on Monday and set a date to meet at her place again for lunch on Tuesday. She confessed during our chat that she had been so horny since our last lunch that she had to play with her pussy everyday while she thought about my cock shooting its load. We left our chat with her promising me a special thank you for helping her live out her fantasy.

She greeted me at the door in an oversized exercise tank top, her breasts showing nicely through the armholes. The fabric was a heavy satiny/nylon fabric that hung very nicely against her form. Giving me a hug after she closed the door she surprised me by immediately unbuckling my belt and undoing my pants.

As she zipped me down she went to her knees pulling my slacks with her. Although beginning to respond my cock was still small and soft as she pulled my underwear down. Wrapping her hand around my balls and cock she placed my soft cock in her mouth and began working me with her tongue.

It was all I could do to just moan, "Oh my god." My cock began hardening in her mouth. This was a most wonderful surprise; the feeling of my cock growing and getting hard as she sucked on me was intensely pleasurable. Feeling her tongue working around my soft... but hardening member, looking down and watching the transition as less and less of my cock would fit in her mouth.

She didn't let me slip from her mouth until she had me rock solid hard and began pumping up and down over the crown, her lips so sexy as they slipped over the ridge of my cockhead.

I asked her if this was my surprise.

She finally let my cock slip from her mouth and said, "We'll see, but I really wanted to just feel you get hard and knowing it was how I sucked on you that was making you hard has got my pussy very very wet."

With that she reached down between her legs, up under the tank for a short bit looking up at me she had this wild smile on her face. Then she brought her fingers up and they were obviously wet and slippery. With her other hand she pulled her top up to reveal her breasts and painted her nipples with her juices.

Her nipples ordinarily just small bumps in the center of her large areola became stiff and hard as she smeared her sex around them. My cock still at full attention just inches from her face produced a large drop of clear pre-cum. She stuck out her tongue and the tip touched the little hole of my cock then slowly pulled away. My precum made a shiny silvery bridge from my cock to her tongue.

She smiled widely and the bridge broke. Making a little pouty look with her lips... she placed them right at the top of my cockhead, just enough to cover the tip, and she began lightly sucking... tasting my precum.

Pulling back she looked up and licked her lips... "mmmmmmmm", smiling she said, "your precum is really sweet... I want more."

She stood up, taking my hand in hers; I stepped out of my pants as she walked me over to her big chair. She sat and reclined saying she wanted me to stand right there beside her... and she began to play.

"Don't touch your cock", she instructed, "I want to see how much precum I can get you to come up with".

So there I stood, slightly leaning into the arm of her chair, my cock standing out over her body, and watched this incredibly turned on little erotic nymph... my little nymph... stretch the armholes of her tank out and over each breast making them stand out in her little makeshift bra. This caused her tank to ride up; her now exposed pussy revealing her swollen nether lips... her fingers lightly pulling on her nipples.

She spread her legs wider and asked, "You enjoy looking at my pussy, don't you?"

I didn't have to respond; my cock answered her question. With a slight flex I could feel a surge of precum move to the tip and drip in a slow stream down to her right breast. She touched her breast where my clear fluid had landed then moved her finger up toward my cock following the stream, increasing the quantity of slippery fluid on her fingers.

Once at the tip of my cock she swiped across the tip and captured an ample amount of my arousal then her fingers headed straight to her pussy. Placing my precum right at the top of her slit... she began slightly rubbing up and down... teasing her clit with her slippery fingers.

I had to grasp my hands behind my back to keep from grabbing hold of my hard cock. Involuntarily holding off touching myself produced an amazing amount of precum. The next large drop I produced she took from me with her free hand and sucked it from her fingers. This drew a moan from her as she arched her pelvis up towards the fingers of her other hand working on her clitoris. Then her fingers slipped easily inside her wet hot pussy and she began thrusting in regular motions... up and down she fucked her fingers.

I began telling her how much I wanted to taste her juices... wanted to feel her pussy pressed against my face as I fucked her juicy pussy with my tongue. This talk only increased her fingers movements as she reached down with her other hand... spreading her pussy lips wide... she dipped her other fingers deep inside her pink little hole... then up they came... dripping with her honey and she offered them to me to taste... to devour.

As I sucked on her fingers she began pulling her tank off, leaving the rest to me when I let go of her fingers.

My cock had softened just slightly, still turgid and thick, my precum flowed from the tip and had begun making little clear pools of slippery fluid on her right breast and ribs. "Your cock is making me so wet", she told me, "I can feel my juices dripping down over my asshole".

She reached down with her free hand... down below her pussy and began lightly teasing her ass with her slippery fingers. I told her I didn't think I could hold out much longer.

"You want to cum on me, do you?" she asked. "Stroke your hard cock... my god, my finger on my ass feels so good, I'm gonna cum. Oh I'm gonna cum... oh my god!"

I took hold of my shaft and began stroking slowly... feeling my fingers slide over the head of my cock and get slippery from my natural lubrication... then lightly over the ridge around my cockhead.

She looked straight at me and gasped... shoving her fingers one last time inside her pussy then back to her clit, rubbing furiously I could see her other hand moving slightly, lightly rubbing her fingertips over her tight little asshole. She exploded in orgasm, shouting out, "OH!... AH!.... Ummmph!"

With each gasp she thrust her pussy in the air... my cum just began to flow from my cock. An enormous amount landed right between her breasts the next shot landing on her right nipple and breast. Still breathing deeply she took hold of her right breast and pulled it up to her mouth where she licked my cum from her nipple.

My cock erupted in its last spasm of the afternoon and another load of my cum fell on her ribs and immediately began to drip down her side. She quickly scooped it up then sucked it from her fingers. I continued to slowly stroke my fingers over the head of my cock, enjoying the feel of slippery fingers over the sensitive velvety skin of my cockhead.

All she said was, "Oh my god... I haven't cum like that in years. I have to rest here a bit."

I too needed a bit of a rest, having stood beside her for so long. I plopped down in the loveseat, again watching her lightly pet her freshly fucked pussy. We both couldn't believe how turned on we had gotten.

I got dressed and as I left... I reached down and slipped my fingers between her pussy lips. Her warmth was amazing. Then I lightly teased her clit causing her to jump in spasm before placing my wet finger in my mouth.

"Damn you taste soooooooo nice." I promised to send her a message and left her relaxing in her overstuffed chair knowing we would both be thinking of this afternoon for sometime to come.

Visit 4 – Our last meeting – During our chats that followed we both had become more and more comfortable with each other but she had told me it would have to end. Her husband was being transferred and they were to move within the month. As much as she wanted to, she didn't think she could get free time as it got closer to her move date. Everything up to this point was pretty damn wild and neither of us would complain, but deep down we both wanted to see each other once more. That chance came almost two weeks later.

I knocked on the door and instead of her answering in some state of undress she just hollered, "Come on in".

A bit reluctant, I opened the door just a bit and hollered back, "Did you say come in?"

It was then I noticed her left arm on the arm of her overstuffed chair and I heard, "Yes, please." as she waived me in... "I've been sitting her relaxing, thinking of our last visits."

As I walked up to the back of the chair I was amazed at the sight. She was completely naked but for a pair of panties that barely hung around her left ankle. Her breasts hung softly to one side as she lightly caressed her nipples with one hand... her other hand was rhythmically fucking her pussy with a rather large rubber cock, complete with veins and balls.

She was just smiling up at me as I looked down. My cock immediately jumped to attention... I could feel it getting harder by the second, this flesh colored toy was all slippery and shiny from her juices and she never missed a stroke... just slowly in and slowly out.

Looking up at me she said, "I sat down here an hour ago and began thinking of the times we have gotten together and I couldn't' help but get a little horny. So... I went and got my little buddy here... and... ummmmm... I've been thinking of that nice cock of yours fucking me... just like this.", as she pumped the toy inside her pussy. "For over a half hour I've just been sitting here fucking my pussy thinking of your hard cock and I just keep getting wetter and wetter."

I told her she looked absolutely delicious and she didn't miss a beat. Her hand that had been stroking her nipples moved down and two fingers slipped down and around the toy as it pumped in and out coating her fingers in her honey. She then offered them to me... and oh my my my... she tasted wonderfully sexy... my cock getting a little stiffer from the aroma and taste of her sex.

She told me if I was thirsty I should make myself a drink... that she would be right here when I returned. That was the fastest drink I ever made and quickly returned, sitting on the edge of the coffee table right next to the arm of her chair.

Taking a sip from my drink, she made me almost spit it from my mouth when she asked, "do you wanna fuck my pussy... would you fuck my pussy?"

"Are you kidding", I stammered.

To which she replied... "Please... take this cock and fuck my hot little pussy.... Feel how smooth and easy it slips deep inside me... my pussy is sooooooooo so wet."

Pulling it slowly out till I saw her pussy lips open to accommodate the large head of the toy I was again amazed... this toy was at least 8 inches long and she had been slipping it all the way inside herself. I began pushing the rubber cock all the way inside... then pulling it all but completely out of her pussy. As I got closer to pulling it from her I could feel her muscles contract around it and almost pull it back from me.

Her juices were flowing freely and the wet noises caused by the fucking were driving me wild. She had made a little wet spot on the towel she was sitting on. With her hands now free she spread the fingers of her left hand making a V just above her clit and spread them, which made her little clitoris almost jump to attention.

Her other had slid up and down the toy as I pulled it from her pussy getting them nice and slippery. She then began to lightly rub her exposed button in a circular motion... my cock was already so hard it was aching for release from my pants. I started telling her how much I wanted to taste her sex, slip my tongue deep inside her juicy cunt and savoir her honey when she began to breath radically and her eyes rolled up in the top of her head.

She just let out this deep, deep groan as she obviously exploded in orgasm. I began to slow down on the dildo fucking I was giving her and she opened her eyes and said, "Please don't stop!"

She was now lightly meeting my thrusts as I continued to fuck her pussy. I reached down and adjusted myself in my pants and she apologized for making me uncomfortable.

"Pull your cock from your pants... I want to see it, no.... I want to feel it".

"Are you sure, I asked... I mean, we agreed right?"

We had agreed before our first meeting that we would only watch each other... but having watched and a little more it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain that distance.

"Pull 'em down", she said.

So I unbuckled my belt and opened up my trousers and let them drop to the floor. My cock sprang free and pointed to the ceiling and slightly to the left. It was very obvious from the wet tip of my cock head that I was extremely aroused.

She pulled the toy cock from her pussy and moved her ass down toward the edge of the chair, spreading her legs.

"Slip your cock inside my wet pussy." she demanded.

So bracing myself on the arms of the chair... I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her deliciously pink tunnel and with one hand she guided my cock right between her lips and at the entrance to her heat. I was amazed at how wet she truly was... my cock slipped inside like a hot knife to butter. I felt her fingers take hold of my ass cheeks and pull me in tighter... deeper into her heat.

Then... just as quick, she pushed back telling me, "I want to taste you, I want to taste my sex on your cock."

I slipped from her pussy and she took my balls in one hand and gently pulled me closer to her mouth. She then licked around the head and slowly started sucking on my hard cock. She was so hungry to taste her own sex... she didn't hesitate to suck her honey from my shaft. She then guided my cock back down to her pussy and she repeated this several times. Each time she got more and more vocal telling me how much she enjoyed tasting her sex from my cock.

This was going to make me explode if it kept up for any time at all, listening to her moan as she pulled my cock deep inside her... feeling her pussy tighten around my hardness, pulsing as she squeezed me... god I wanted to cum.

I let her know I didn't think I could hold off much longer... she just smiled at me as she pulled me from her pussy one more time and guided my cock to her mouth.

"Then... cum for me", she told me, placing her lips over the head she began lightly sucking me off.

I watched as she sucked my cockhead just beyond her lips, then back out to just the very tip of my cock, her tongue dancing around the crown... then sucking me back into her mouth but just past the ridge around the head and her tongue moving all over the velvety smooth skin of my cockhead in her mouth.

The fingers of one hand began rubbing her clitoris while her other hand found my balls and were massaging them as she sucked on my cock. This was way too much...

I warned her again..."I'm... gonna... cum.", to which she responded with a deep moan and sucked me deeper inside her mouth. I could feel the roof of her mouth... the back of her throat as she sucked me deeper and deeper.

I felt my orgasm build beyond control... my balls tightened... the head of my cock began to swell and I felt the rush of heat come over me... The first load felt huge as it exploded up my shaft and out of my cock... she hesitated just a split second and some of my cum began to dribble from the corner of her mouth.

Just then my second load erupted... and she began to swallow... however some of my cum had already escaped her mouth and she reached up and began stroking my slippery sticky shaft as she continued to suck me... draining me of every bit of cum I had built up.

About this time her second orgasm began to spread throughout her body... she was rocking back and forth fucking her pussy with her fingers and stroking my cock as she sucked hard on my cock she came in wave after wave of convulsive seizures.

Sweat was appearing on her forehead as she slowly began to relax, falling back down in the chair, her breathing deep but regular. My own knees very week, I stumbled back down to my place on the sofa... my cock soft but thick from just having the most erotic sucking of my life.

Recovering, I got up to get her a glass of ice water. As I handed her the glass she leaned forward and took my semi hard, freshly sucked dick into her mouth once more and rolled her tongue all around... god she had a sweet mouth. She let me plop out of her mouth then sat back in the chair and enjoyed her water.

Pausing between drinks, she said, "This has been a lot of fun hasn't it? Very sorry this is coming to an end, but is there anything you were hoping to do but we haven't yet?"

Mmmmmmmmm, I couldn't believe her sexuality... so intense. Not just minutes from having an explosive orgasm she wanted to know what else I would enjoy.

Taking just a minute to think over the possibilities, I told her it would be nice to take her from behind... watching from above my cock slipping in and out of her pussy then to pull out at just the last second and blow my load all over her ass while she rubbed her clit and pussy.

She just smiled saying, "We don't have time now... but if we get another chance to get together... we'll do just that."

Unfortunately that chance never came. We chatted once more before she moved and was lost... so very enjoyable while it lasted.

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