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A Naughty Holiday - Part 1

Sophie and Alex go on Holiday
UA1465 to Providenciales is now boarding at gate C137…

Alex heard the announcement echo through the airport and looked up from the newspaper stand. The headlines were still dominated by analysis of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. He checked his watch, the flight was on time. Walking out of the bookshop he spotted a gorgeous blonde standing by the shelves of a nearby cosmetics store and advanced towards her. She appeared to be trying to make up her mind about which sunscreen to buy.

“That’s us darling, they just started boarding, are you ready?” he called out to his wife.

“So many choices,” Sophie complained, “allez, let’s get this one, protection 20. That way we don’t burn, but we can get a little colour. Also it’s French,” she added wryly, “so it is superior to the rest of this American junk.”

After paying at the till they walked hand in hand towards the gate.

“We should have done this a long time ago,” she said excitedly, kissing him on the cheek and squeezing his palm. 

Sophie could still remember her shock when Alex had surprised her with his plan just a fortnight before. He had secretly spoken to her mother and arranged for her to fly over from France for 2 weeks, and had booked a three night holiday for just the two of them. He had thought of everything. She would get to spend time with her mum, and then could relax knowing the kids were in good hands whilst they were away on their first romantic getaway since the kids were born.

Sophie had immediately started reading more about the hotel and thinking about what she would wear. She wanted to look her best as she suspected that her husband would be wanting lots of sex, which was just fine by her as she also missed that aspect of their lives. Studying her pale reflection in the mirror that evening she decided to book a few visits to a tanning salon to get a head start.


As the flight turned south and reached its cruising altitude above the clouds sunlight pored through the window. Alex lazily reached across and pulled down the blind. ‘That’s better,’ he told himself, as he settled back into the plush leather seat and continued to read the surprisingly good spy novel that had caught his attention at the airport bookstore.

“Champagne?” Came a voice in the background.

But it wasn’t enough to disturb him from his reading.

“Champagne before lunch Mr Marino?” The voice tried again.

This time Alex noticed the stewardess and the bottle in her hand. Usually condescending of people who actually drank the free champagne just because they were flying at the front of the plane, today he took an unusual delight in the crispy light bubbles as they danced across his palate.

The film playing on his wife’s personal monitor caught his attention. Alex recognized the handsome actor, who seemed to be in every French film which needed a troubled dad or husband. He decided to watch for a few minutes in order to guess the story. 

'50 year old man takes his 18 year old daughter and her hot best friend to a disco…the best friend obviously has a crush on him…he is drinking too much…so is it seems pretty obvious that they will hook up... and then it will lead to an existential crisis, and then someone will die of cancer and turn out to be an illegitimate child…typical French story line ...’ and then he paused.

On screen the very hot 18 year old best friend stripped on a beach and then, as he had predicted, forced herself on the old guy. But what Alex hadn't expected was that the airline would leave the movie uncensored, showing the girls incredible naked body and the passionate sex that followed. It was even obvious that she shaved (the film was called Un Moment D'égarement it turns out). Seeing the kinky sex on screen reminded him of one of the main reasons he was on the plane in the first place.

For a few weeks during the summer Alex had come close to having the perfect sex life. His wife had had a sort of sexual awakening, and had agreed to being tied up, blindfolded, fucked on camera, and even engaging in light anal play. And as a bonus their 19 year old babysitter had watched them do it all. It was pretty much the perfect porn fantasy setup. He had even dared to start wondering if there was a way to bring the babysitter into a threesome.

But unfortunately he lived in the real world, and not a porn movie or Lush story. And after the amazing night of sex that resulted from watching their first ever homemade sex tape, everything seemed to fizzle out. First he got food poisoning, and then Sophie’s period kicked in. When that finished the kids took turns being sick, he got swamped at work, and finally, to add insult to injury, their babysitter Louise had unexpectedly headed off early back to university, removing any kinky possibilities with her.

By the time school started again Sophie had lost her summertime joie de vive, and Alex had other things on his mind as well. Winter's approach was a constant reminder of how much their sex life had cooled, with vanilla sex a few times a month the only dish on the menu again.

Which is why Alex had had the brilliant idea of getting away. He figured a few days at an exclusive luxury resort without the kids would be just the trick to heat things back up.


“Welcome to Parrot Cay,” the smiling young lady said as they stepped off the speedboat. “I hope you had a good flight and transfer.”

It was as beautiful as Sophie had hoped it would be. The private island had white sand beaches, lush foliage, a bright blue sky and transparent water. Fish were swimming around the jetty legs and seagulls squawked in the distance as they glided on the light afternoon breeze.

Sophie paused to allow her skin to absorb the afternoon sun, feeling the vestiges of the colder weather back home burn away. She loved the smell of sea in the air, and immediately fell in love with the place. Three nights was not going to be long enough.

After a brief check-in and welcome cocktail they made their way to the 1 bedroom villa that would be their home for the next few days. The single story building was discretely located amongst trees towards the northwest of the Island. The interior design was beautiful, even if it did look a little like a pottery barn catalogue. The architect had obviously understood why people would be coming here, for if the doors between the bedroom and the living room were open, one could see straight from the four post bed out to sand dunes and the turquoise waters beyond. The sea couldn't have been more than 30 yards from their villa.

As soon as the hotel guide left them Sophie rushed over to hug her husband.

“Cheri,” she said, kissing him, “it's perfect. Did you know this is one of the hotels I have always wanted to stay at?”

“That's why I booked it, I remembered you mentioning it after you saw this place in a magazine,” he answered.

“And I thought you never listened to me,” she laughed. “Let’s unpack, put on swimmers and check out the beach,” she said excitedly.

“Let me help,” Alex said moving quickly towards the suitcase. And before Sophie knew what was happening he had removed his pile of folded clothes and carefully moved them into a drawer. She was impressed by his willingness to help, although if she had stopped to think about it she should have been a little suspicious too. But she had other things on her mind.

Alex was the first to get ready, and wondered onto the outside terrace to study the plunge pool and the sand dunes beyond it. The warm deck was comforting under his feet and he inhaled deeply, enjoying the salt tinged air.

After a few minutes absorbing the sun's rays, he finally heard footsteps coming from inside and turned back to see Sophie emerge into the sunlight. She was a vision. Despite being in her early thirties and having had two kids, her athletic 5’7 body was always something to behold.

“Wow!” Alex whistled as she approached. She was wearing a new bikini that was bright orange with a strapless top and low cut bottoms.

“You like?” She said coquettishly, swaying her hips suggestively.

“Wow,” was all he could respond again.

Sophie kept on walking past him towards the beach, knowing that her husband would be fully appreciating the tiny bikini bottom. She had ordered it from Victoria Secrets and it was called an ‘itsy’, because it didn’t cover much at all. Most people would probably have called it ‘Brazilian style’. She had never worn such a revealing bikini before, and certainly wouldn’t have worn it by the pool at their country club. But the emptiness of the resort made her feel less self-conscious, and she knew her husband would love it. And if she was being honest, she was looking forward to flaunting herself a little. 

As she stepped onto the fine white sand Sophie felt like a different person. Knowing there were no kids or house to think about for the next few days was a weight off her mind. And the free bandwidth quickly filled with thoughts of her husband and her longing to be more intimate with him. She recalled some of the naughty things they had done together over the summer, and hoped to reignite that passion and intensity.

The warm waters of the Caribbean were welcoming as they waded into the gently lapping waves. After swimming and splashing for a little they embraced. Alex could taste the salt on her lips as they kissed passionately. Sophie wrapped her legs around him and could feel his hard-on as it poked against her crotch. They kissed like teenagers.

Sophie broke off, “I know since the summer you have been frustrated honey,” she began, “me too. But I just haven’t been in the mood. I hope you can understand, it’s exhausting between the house, kids, and everything else. But we are here now, and I want to make it up to you. So let's go back to the villa and have sex.”

Alex was surprised that she was so forward, and Sophie could see his confusion.

“This place is so beautiful, and you really are the perfect husband for surprising me with this trip…and…the video I watched on the plane made me really horny,” she confessed, giggling.

“We can buy the DVD when we get back,” Alex joked, following his wife up the beach and adjusting his hard-on so that it was more comfortable. He couldn’t take his eyes off his wife’s ass and the way she looked in that bikini.

Their villa and terrace was flanked on both sides by a large hedge, with a few similar villas to the north. But it felt very private nonetheless. The only way someone could actually see their terrace was by walking along the dune directly in front of it.

Alex watched in lust as his wife approached the plunge pool and sexily removed her top, before leaning forward and slowly peeling her tiny bottoms down. Tossing them aside she jumped into the water.

“It’s heated,” she called out happily.

Sophie then watched as her husband removed his trunks. She glanced behind him, knowing that they were taking a small risk that someone might pass. But if anything, it added to the excitement. As his erect penis sprang into view it looked different to her, bigger and somehow tidier. But before she could dwell on it he slid into the water next to her.

Sophie didn’t waste any time and immediately embraced him. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she positioned herself so that his cock was rubbing against her clit. Strong sensations radiated through her body as she kissed him forcefully and ground her body into his.

“I missed this,” she said, reaching down and positioning his swollen head so that it was between the folds of her pussy.

Alex thrust up. The first few movements didn’t allow him to go very far as the friction was too great. He knew from experience that in the water her pussy juice would be deeper inside. So he pushed more forcefully, searching out her natural lubricant and enjoying how tight she felt.

“Ouch, easy,” Sophie groaned. Her hand instinctively reached down to his groin to slow him down and control how far he could push. That's when she realized that his pubic hair felt really short in her fingers.

“Wow, you seriously trimmed,” she said, now understanding why his cock had looked more appealing.

“I thought you might like it with less hair down there,” he replied, not mentioning that he also thought it would improve his chances of getting a blow job at some point during the holiday.

“Is that a hint?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Hint?” He responded, unsure of what she meant.

Sophie was quiet for a second, and then to Alex’s frustration pushed off him.

“I will be right back,” she promised, a cheeky smile on her lips.

He watched her wet body disappear back into the villa and waited. And after what felt like an eternity she finally emerged back on the terrace. She had put on a hotel robe and was carrying a few things in her hand. Alex watched with curiosity as his wife grabbed the cushion from the nearby sun chair and lay it by the corner of the plunge pool. Once it was in place she threw off her robe, sat down, leaned back, and spread her legs wide in front of him. She scooted to sit right on the edge of the pool facing him, and the dune.

“I was going to shave before we left, but I didn’t have the time, or the courage, or both. But everyone is shaving nowadays right? Even the girl in the film I just watched on the plane was shaven. So I figure we might as well do it now so that we can enjoy it for the entire holiday,” she explained, with more confidence than she had expected.

And that is when Alex noticed the small white towel, the can of shaving cream and his Mach3 razor. He also noticed that Sophie’s clit was standing to attention.

“So I researched it, and first I should put a hot towel to make my hairs soft and prevent ingrown hairs,” she explained.

Sophie inhaled deeply as she placed the small white towel over her crotch. It felt much warmer against her sensitive skin than she had expected, and she quickly removed it. After a few seconds she placed the towel back again and left her hand on it this time, moving it around a little as different parts became too warm. Her nipples hardened in response. Looking down at her husband she continued moving the towel, not unaware of the pleasant feeling the actions generated.

With his shoulders just out of the water Alex had an incredible view of his wife effectively masturbating less than a yard away. Sophie realized she needed to calm down. ‘First things first’ she reminded herself, and removed the towel from her hot and flushed skin.

“Probably easier if you do it honey,” she said, handing him the travel size shaving canister and razor.

This had always been a fantasy of his, and as he took the canister and shook it, he savoured every moment. Sophie was leaning back with her legs spread, unabashedly showing herself off and waiting for him to shave her. The hot pink of her vagina was just visible, and it was clear from how erect her clit was that she was horny as hell. He sprayed some white foam into his palm and then proceeded to liberally apply it with loving motions.

“Hmm,” Sophie moaned.

She reveled in the feeling of her husband’s fingers spreading the cool foam, and could tell that he was making every effort to rub her clit and slit. Her breathing accelerated and she couldn't help moving her hips every now and then.

“Please stop that,” Sophie pleaded, “I don’t want to cum like this. Please shave me now.”

So Alex began to carefully shave all of her blonde pubic hair, making sure not to miss a single strand, or to cut her either. Every now and then he would use the small towel to wipe an area, or shake the razor in the plunge pool to clean it out. He was taking the job very seriously and after a few minutes was finished. With a few final handfuls of water to rinse off all the residue, Alex leaned back to admire his handiwork. His wife's now innocent looking pussy was a work of art.

Moving forward he inhaled the smell of her sex, and then ran his tongue over her smooth skin. He had never experienced a hairless pussy before, and the feeling was incredible. It took cunilingus to another level. He lapped, licked and sucked with vigour. Sophie was enthralled by the site and sound of her husband feasting on her bold pussy and struggled to keep her eyes open under his sensorial assault.
And then suddenly it stopped and she heard her husband move in the water. Sophie’s eyes shot open, wondering if they had been caught. Her pulse was racing. But she could see no one. Between heart beats the only thing she could hear was the sea and the circulating water in the plunge pool. Instead her husband had simply backed away.

“Open yourself for me darling,” she heard him command.

Sophie obeyed. She lay completely back to rest on the cushion, closed her eyes and then reached forward between her open legs. She loved the feel of her bare skin and how smooth it was against her finger tips. Alex watched as she then spread her cunt. Its fleshy pink insides were calling out to him. He dived in, sticking his tongue as far as it would go, reaching for that deep musky taste that he loved so much.

Sophie withered on the floor. “I’m going to cum soon,” she cried out, “let’s go finish this on the bed, I want your big dick inside me,” she pleaded.

Alex lifted his head, “I have a better idea,” he replied, juice and saliva dripping down his chin, “show off your new pussy for me, and then I promise to fuck you afterwards.”

He loved the dirty talk and knew that Sophie only engaged in it when she was really close to climaxing. He took her hands in his and guided one finger into her pussy, and another to her clit. She understood what we wanted. And as much as Sophie wanted his cock, the exhibitionist inside her decided to put on a good show. Besides, she needed to release the tension that had started building with the video on the plane, and which was now almost unbearable.

Alex watched as his wife masturbated unashamedly. A wet finger plunging in and out whilst another rubbed her clit furiously. Her hips rose and fell more quickly and her moans got ever louder, building towards a crescendo. Sophie was so into herself that she stopped caring about the world around her. Even if the neighbors could hear, even if someone walked onto the dune, she wasn’t going to stop. Wriggling in ecstasy she cried out incomprehensively and came hard all over her fingers.

Her legs and hips convulsed as the orgasm ripped through her body. Alex watched enthralled as she tensed and relaxed her core in rapid succession. Each wave seemed to be less intense than the last, until finally Sophie lay there in post orgasmic bliss, recovering from the exertion.

Alex needed his own relief now, and hoped his wife was not going to be too sore to indulge him. Climbing out of the water he quickly toweled himself off using the robe that Sophie had cast aside earlier, and bent down beside his naked wife. Although part of him felt bad about disturbing her, it was not enough to stop him scoping her up into his arms.

Carrying her back inside Alex lay her gently on the bed. As desperate as he was, he hesitated for a moment whilst his inner angel and demon fought it out. Should he leave her in peace, or use her for his own pleasure? As if she could read his mind, Sophie opened her blue eyes and looked lovingly at him. She could see his uncertainty and desire, and wanted to be the good wife. Adjusting her position she spread her legs, and then reached down to open herself back up, offering her cunt and letting him know it was alright to use her.

Alex loved his wife more than ever at that moment and kneeled between her legs. He rubbed the tip of his cock against her wet lips, building up his anticipation before he would stick it into his first ever shaved pussy.

“Oh my God this looks amazing," he groaned, as he finally pushed into her. "Do you think you can come again?” He asked.

Sophie shook her head to say no. That being the case Alex decided that it wasn’t worth trying to hold back in the hope that she would climax again, and resolved to cum quickly, which wasn’t going to be hard. He pushed his wife’s knees back against her shoulders, making her vagina as tight as possible, and pushed deep and hard.

"I love fucking your tight pussy," he hissed.

Sophie grimaced in what seemed to be more pain than pleasure, but she didn’t ask him to stop. Alex could tell that she was uncomfortable, but he was too far gone to be a gentleman anymore. The animal in him was going to continue until it was satisfied, and in her current position the feeling for him was incredible. The sound of squishing flesh, bed springs, and the occasional fanny fart echoed around the room. His sweaty hips crashed against her as he fucked her with abandon. She started squirming under him, but he kept her legs firmly pinned back.

“Don’t…move…I’m….going…to…cum” he grunted, shooting a massive spurt deep inside her.

That was followed by another, and another, until he had emptied himself completely. Panting heavily he finally let go of her legs, before collapsing onto the bed. Sophie uncoiled herself and stretched her sore limbs and back. And like a professional having completed her business, she then got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself.

Returning from the bathroom Sophie turned off the lights and then joined her husband naked under the sheets for a well earned nap..

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