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A Naughty Holiday - Part 4

Sophie and Alex go down the rabbit hole
It was mid-afternoon when Sophie and Alex arrived back on the private island’s fine white sand. It shifted under their feet as they strolled hand in hand, both deep in thought, as seagulls sailed overhead and turquoise waters lapped nearby. But Alex’s calm veneer hid a primeval agitation, bubbling away just below the surface.

The third day of their luxury Caribbean holiday had so far been a huge success. It had started with sweet love-making before breakfast, and then proceeded to another spectacular day of diving. But what had got Alex’s heart really racing, was the promise it still held.

For his gorgeous blonde wife had again taken every opportunity to tease him and their young diving guide, asking the handsome local to rub sun cream into her shoulders and upper back; letting her breasts accidently pop out of her bikini and pulling up the tiny orange briefs to show her camel toe. And, finally, allowing those same bikini bottoms to slide down her thighs while she was wriggling out of her wetsuit.

And far from being jealous, Alex had been hard most of the day, loving the interplay between his naughty wife and the poor lad, intrigued by the idea of where it might lead. But, were they ready to cross the Rubicon between exhibitionism, and something more serious?

The villa soon came into view over the dunes, and Alex’s body reacted with a will of its own. His pulse accelerated and his muscles grew taught, like an athlete before a race. His grip tightened around her delicate hand, leading her purposefully up the small rise, towards the appointment with pleasure that now beckoned.

Sand kicked up in their tracks as they navigated the swaying scrub and shadows, passing the spot where only the day before Alex had left his wife’s gaping pussy dripping in cum, with the lovely Kristen, and her large round melons, watching and masturbating nearby. And as if he wasn’t already horny enough, his craving started to boil over.

It was incredible how much younger and vigorous he felt without work and kids weighing him down. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt so liberated, so in touch with his body. It must have been a summer long past, not long after he had started dating Sophie. Borrowing her father’s beat up old Renault Cinq to drive up the sleepy west coast of France. No commitments, no schedule, no worries, and barely any money. Camping on beaches and in forests. Sneaking into hotels to use the facilities and steal food from buffet tables. Happy and carefree days, enjoying the simple things in life.

And the sex had been a revelation. Once, twice or even three times a day. In showers, on beaches, in the tent, in the car, and even being caught in public. Her father’s expression as they had tried to explain away the dent on the bonnet was unforgettable.

As soon as they were inside the villa, Sophie threw off her beach dress and bikini, much to her husband’s enjoyment. He devoured her delicious tanned body. A line of pale white ran along the edge of her crack and up to a small inverted triangle on the small of her back. Her tempting cheeks juggled just the right amount as she moved.

The blonde felt his gaze, and heard the rustle and thud of his polo as it hit the floor. Although she longed to feel him inside again, there was an appointment to keep at the resort's world famous spa.

“Pardon Cheri. My massage is in thirty minutes and I want to wash my hair. We don’t have time,” she called out, pausing to look over her shoulder.

Alex did a double take, unsure if she was joking, and was searching for his words when she beat him to it.

“No, not even for a quickie. But I promise to make it up to you tonight. Now, allez-y, go to the pool, and work on that six pack you keep promising me,” she joked, through a cheeky grin.

And, before he could mount a rebuttal, or she could change her mind, Sophie bobbed behind the dark wood door and clicked it shut.

I am going to get it good tonight, she thought with a tingle as she turned on the shower.

Alex prowled like a caged animal on the other side of the door, pacing the room.

"Bitch," he cursed in frustration.

His wife had him wound up and then left him high and dry. Glancing at his drawer, a deviant glint in his eye, he vowed that the cock tease was going to pay for her actions. Then he grabbed his goggles and stormed out of the villa to go and burn some energy.

Oh yes, you are going to make it up to me tonight…


Sophie’s robed silhouette emerged back into the silent room. Moving gracefully through the still air, she came to a stop under the spotlight in front of the full length mirror, pausing, as if waiting for a stage cue. Until, in a flurry of motion, the plush white robe slipped from her shoulders to reveal her glistening naked body.

Her piecing blue eyes critically assessed the woman staring back. The fine facial features, dirty blonde hair, B-cup breasts, slim waist, shaven innie pussy, and long toned legs. Her even tan was only broken by the white around the peaks of her chest, and the shallow triangle between her hips.

“Hmm,” she purred.

There was a delicious tension building inside, and she cupped and pinched perky breasts and cute nipples, before moving down between her legs. The freshly shaved skin was silky smooth, and her finger playfully slid over the hooded clit, hooking underneath it. Rubbing gently. Making the blonde writhe and moan.

Looking at herself, Sophie appreciated the irony of what she had become. For it wasn’t that long ago that she condemned girls who were labelled as sluts or whores. And yet here she was. Shaving her pussy, performing lewd sex acts for her husband, and masturbating and fucking in public. Weren’t these the hallmarks of a world class whore? And flirting with that young black man all morning, wanting his body, didn’t that make her a total slut?

But, then again, what was so wrong about enjoying her new found sexuality? And, to prove her point, she slipped a finger between her moist folds.

“Oui ma salope,” she hissed. Yes my slut.

Her pussy was invitingly tight, warm, and wet, and she could understand her husband’s obsession with it. Flicking her erect clit, she marveled at the sensations it could create.

Control yourself, she thought, save it for tonight.

Sighing, she headed over to the large wardrobe to get ready. But the white beach dress that she was intent on wearing was nowhere to be found. Search as she may, it wasn’t in the drawer or hanging above, which was strange, as she was sure it had been packed.

“Maybe Alex accidentally put it with his things,” she wondered out loud.

Oening his drawer and ruffling through his pile of clothes, something else unexpectedly caught her eye.


As Sophie carefully removed the red plaid garment, a ball of white cotton that had been wrapped inside fell to the floor, and a black clothing label caught her eye.


“Oh my God,” she gasped, connecting the Velcro ends to form a tiny pleated skirt.

She bent to retrieve what had dropped, and immediately knew there was another piece of clothing which would complete the ensemble. Plunging back into the drawer she eventually found it, at the bottom of the pile. A short sleeve white shirt which she had been meaning to get rid of. One of those shirts that she'd bought on a whim, and then never worn because it was too tight fitting and had a girly Hello Kitty vibe. Pulling it out to examine, she smiled in delight, for underneath it was the dress she had been looking for.

Like a cop laying out contraband for official photographs, Sophie placed the guilty pieces side by side on the bed. A week ago she would have probably thrown them all away in abhorrence. But it hardly seemed scandalous after the last few days. And, besides, being a student seduced by a tutor had been one of her oldest fantasies. Had she told her husband? Or was he doing it to fulfill his own perverted fantasy? Her usually perfect memory couldn’t recall.

What do you think gorgeous, are you too old to pull off the look? she wondered.

The clock confirmed there was just enough time before the spa appointment. Quickly she returned to her wardrobe and dug through the lingerie. It was all La Perla or similarly sophisticated and expensive brands, nothing that looked remotely like something a schoolgirl would wear.

“Unless ,of course,” she giggled, “it was from a sugar daddy.”

Finally settling on full bottomed sheer white panties, she slipped into the uniform and returned to the mirror. Her eyes arched in surprise at the transformation. The long white socks finished just above the knee, leaving her sensual upper thighs completely exposed. The skirt was so short that her panties peeked out from under it. Then there was the tight white shirt without any bra underneath and unbuttoned at the top for good measure. She put a finger to her mouth and pouted like a spoiled brat, and proceeded to do a little provocative fashion show, changing position, turning around, and bending over.

Sophie had to concede that the schoolgirl staring back was just asking to be fucked, and fucked rough. If she had been a male tutor, she would definitely have made the little slut earn her A. But there was something missing, a piece de resistance. She took out her phone and Googled naughty schoolgirl.

The images set her imagination and pulse racing, and she felt compelled to click on some of the more pornographic ones, following the links into progressively harder material, as the throbbing between her legs grew stronger.


A little green box appeared, interrupted her smut surfing. And with a swipe the screen filled with a selfie from her best friend, looking dramatically sad and stuck in a work cubicle. The text beneath it read: 

Bored, pale and jealous...girls night Fri?

Sophie laughed heartily - and then stopped dead. Clouds parted in her mind to reveal the glorious sunshine of an idea, and her lips curled into a salacious smile.


Alex looked across the candle-lit table at his gorgeous wife with a carnal hunger as she finished the last of the chocolate fondant. She had flirted shamelessly all day, but had so far resisted his approaches to do something about it, always promising to make it up to him later. Even now she taunted him, curling her tongue round the silver spoon, sensuously cleaning the sweet sauce, her actions charged with innuendo.

Sophie’s suggestive behavior was in stark in contrast to her innocent appearance: simple white dress, a small solitaire around her neck and her hair up in a French braid. He could barely contain himself; he wanted her so much, and was counting the minutes until they would be returning to the villa.

Not helping matters were the butterflies in the pit of his stomach. Despite having been together for over a decade, he was as nervous as if it had been their first date. He had been planning to ask Sophie to role play since they had arrived, but had so far chickened out, fearing she would say, "No" and that it might ruin the holiday.

But, since it was their last night, his hand was being forced, and the moment of truth was fast approaching. Finishing his glass of red wine, tactics and strategy turned over in his mind as he calculated the best way to broach the subject.

“Do you like my hair?” Sophie asked out of the blue, idly flicking her braid to the side and running a hand over the interwoven locks.

“I love it when you put your hair up like that, it reminds me of when we first met. You should do it more often.”

“Maybe. But do you want to know why I stopped wearing it this way? Because I thought that whenever men saw me, they were imaging some sick perverted schoolgirl fantasy.” She paused, allowing the words to sink in. “Gross, right? I’m glad you’re not like that. It would really disappoint me.”

Alex should have seen the naughty twinkle in her eye. He should have guessed that there was something behind the remark. It was all too much of a coincidence. But, instead, his heart sank, and his fantasy shattered into a million pieces. Sophie suppressed a grin as she enjoyed her cruelty.

“Cheri, lets head over to the bar for a round of mojitos before we go back to the villa. I have to go to the toilet, and I think I left my sunglasses at the Spa earlier. So, go on ahead and get us a place, and I will join you shortly.”

Alex felt numb as his wife leaned over and gave him a kiss, before bouncing with a nervous energy out of the restaurant. Full of disappointment, he gradually made his way down towards the pool, and the circular bar annex.

It was much busier than the last time he was there, on that infamous night. And, whether by chance or fate, the only sofa available was the same one they had been sitting at when his wife had first pulled back her wet skirt, revealing her creamy inner thighs and newly shaven pussy.

“It is good to see you again, Sir. Will your wife be joining us as well?” came a voice by his side.

Alex looked up, recognizing the man immediately. It was the same bartender that had watched his wife’s sex show, and he didn’t know whether to be embarrassed, grateful, or angry.

“Yes, she will be shortly,” he managed, noticing the pleased expression on the bartender’s face.

“May I offer you two mojitos then, on the house?”

Other couples gaily chatted away whilst Alex finished his drink and soaked in the ambiance. His thoughts wandered back to that evening, and how erotic it had been to watch Sophie exposing and playing with herself, whilst other men had watched. Except, in his replay, the ending varied. Instead of taking her to the beach, he imagined them staying, and the other men…

“Alex.” A voice from nearby jolted him from his thoughts.


“Can I join you?” the handsome young dive instructor asked.

“Sure, why not? Sophie should be here in a minute.”

Like the bartender, Ben perked up at the mention of her name. They started talking about the dives they'd done that morning, and as a minute turned into two, and then into five, Alex began to wonder what had become of his wife.

Buzz… buzz…

A vibration in his pocket unexpectedly tickled his thigh. And it took him a second to remember that he had reluctantly brought his iPhone at Sophie’s request. Something about wanting to take photos on their last night, and hers being out of charge. Removing it from his pocket he held it casually out in front, entered his code, and then tapped the WhatsApp icon.

“Holy shit, nice photo!” Ben scoffed, as he caught sight of the screen.

Alex had to agree. It was a selfie of a hot body dressed as a naughty schoolgirl, the face being outside of the frame. He immediately assumed it was from his colleague Matt - photos like this always were from him. Single, and something of a Don Juan, Matt enjoyed teasing his married work mates with photos of the models and $1000 hookers that he regularly cavorted with.

“Can I see it?” Ben asked eagerly, holding out his hand.

Preoccupied with rueing what could have been, Alex didn’t think twice about handing over the phone. He was too busy being jealous of Matt, who was living out the very fantasy which his wife had just destroyed. And, now that he thought of it, not only was he pissed off about that, but also because she had mercilessly teased him all day, only to leave him nursing a painful case of blue balls. Not to mention the fact that she was now doing a no show, all over a pair of fucking sunglasses. Dark shadows of resentment and vengeance seeped into his mind.

“I’d love a little bit of that,” Ben whistled.

But Alex barely heard.

Where the fuck is she?” he cursed venomously under his breath, glancing back towards the bar entrance, hoping to catch a glimpse of the bitch.

Buzz… buzz…

Another photo arrived, but Ben still had the phone.

“Wow. If you don’t mind me saying, that is some woman you have,” Ben blurted out, barely containing his excitement.

Alex turned back to look at him, thinking he was referring to her earlier antics on the dive trip.

“Yeh, sorry about Sophie's behavior today, she can be... ”

“Sorry about what?” Ben interrupted. “I loved her attention. And I also thought... maybe... she… you guys...” and he paused, suddenly lost for words.

But he didn’t need to continue. The penny dropped. Alex understood exactly what he wanted to say, and realized that Ben showing up at the bar was no coincidence. And who could blame him? After all, Sophie had led him on all morning, and he, the husband, hadn’t done anything to stop her. Ben was a good looking and fit young man, so his ego probably put two and two together and concluded he was in with a shot.

Although many people might have taken offence, Alex actually empathized with him. After all, his tease of a wife had played them both. And, inexplicably, he found himself thinking in terms of them versus her. Boys versus girl.

Buzz… buzz…

Alex saw the glow of another photo arriving, and he reached out for the phone.

What the?

Blood rushed to his head as he took in the image. It was Sophie. There was no doubt. And she was wearing the same outfit he had seen moments earlier in the first photo, except this time it was her rear, and she was looking over her shoulder blowing a kiss.

 The text below read: 

Mr Marino, I am waiting for my lesson, are you cuming? ;-) 

Trembling in excitement he looked at the sender. It was definitely from his wife’s phone. Suddenly it all made sense.

“Fuck,” he whistled.

Through the fog of desire now clouding his tipsy mind, it all fit together. Her teasing behaviour, the comment at dinner, her hair, and why he was sitting alone in the bar. She must have found the costume and decided to have a little fun at his expense. Classic Sophie. And she had played him masterfully. He admired her deviousness, but would sooner have had his balls chopped off than let her get away with it.

Curious to see the first photo again, Alex swiped back, only to realize that she had sent several provocative selfies. He instantly looked up at Ben, who was flushed and sweating; whether in embarrassment, or desire, was hard to say.

Alex’s eyes closed, trying to make sense of the chaos swirling across the canvas of his mind. Infinite emotions and choices, some of which could change his life forever. And then, as if by divine intervention, it all fell into place, and a work of art spontaneously materialized, breathtaking in its perfection.

His blazing eyes burst open, appraising Ben, and then he typed. 

Coming now. And I intend to make you work for your A-level! 


Alex gripped the handle, took a deep breath, and swung the villa door open. The room was dimly lit, except for the table a few meters away, which was bathed in light from the ceiling spots. And there she was, sitting with her back towards the entrance, illuminated like a gift from God. The reverent silence of the hallowed space broken only by the scratching of her pencil.

“Mr Marino,” she called out in a sweet tone, not looking up from her work, “Could you please help me? I can’t afford to fail your course, and it’s really hard.”

Alex’s heart-rate accelerated as the magnitude of what was happening sunk in, and he pinched his arm to make sure it wasn’t all a dream. Steeling himself, he moved past the threshold of the door, and waited until a shadow had passed behind, before closing and locking it.

This was it. There would be no turning back.

“Now, now Sophie. We can’t have you failing,” he replied confidently, stalking towards his prey.

Knowing it was an abused cliché, but getting immense satisfaction from the famously overused plot nonetheless. Drawing closer, a primeval desire to dominate her took hold, and his whole focus was consumed by the exquisite creature that would soon be at his mercy.

“Oh!” she yelped, as strong hands clasped her shoulders.

“Maybe if you put as much effort into your work as you did into flirting and teasing all the boys, you wouldn’t be failing. So, should we discuss ways for you to earn extra credit, or do I need to call your parents,” he threatened, leering over her.

“What? Oh, Mr Marino, please don’t do that,” she pleaded, turning to look at him with her most seductive eyes.

“Did I say you could stop writing and look up from your work?” he boomed, catching her off guard.


“Sorry, who?”

“Sorry, Mr Marino... Sir,” she added meekly, turning back around and hanging her head low.

“You lack respect and work ethic. And then you think you can use your looks and charm to make up for it. But I have news for you. If you want to pass my class, if you want those extra credits, then your body is finally going to cash those cheques. Am I making myself clear?” he whispered into her ear.

His warm breath sent a shiver down Sophie’s spine, and she nodded, startled by his aggression and dominance. Her heaving chest and the tingling in her loins betrayed her excitement, and she squirmed her damp panties against the lacquered wood chair.

Alex’s grip tightened and forced her up, before he violently kicked the chair away. She jerked in surprise, causing the short hem of her pleated skirt to bounce in midair. Moving close behind her, he pushed her collar out of the way and kissed the nape of her delicate exposed neck, his bulge pressing against the small of her back.

“Oh, Mr Marino, this is inappropriate,” she protested limply.

But her coquettish objection just served to excite him further, and he reached round and under her shirt, cupping her soft breast, and rolling the puckered nipple

“Hmm,” she moaned. 

Without warning, he grabbed her braid and whipped it back. “Don’t think you have any say in what happens, your future now depends on pleasing us. We own this hot body,” he rasped, squeezing and pulling her nipple hard, making her whimper under the duress.

And somewhere in the back of Sophie’s mind, the ‘us’ and ‘we’ registered. What did it mean? Was someone else with him? And there was something in his voice, a sinister edge, something that scared her. But that very feeling of vulnerability, that hint that he might not be alone, just served as an intense aphrodisiac.

“And you want to please us, don’t you?” he continued.“You want to be a good girl and earn that A-level.”

Sophie strained against his force, unable to nod, grunting her agreement. Then, just as suddenly as the pain had started, it subsided, replaced by a flood of relief and his loving caress. A bead of sweat trickled down her cheek as she breathed deeply, recovering.

But it was only the calm before the storm.


“Oh,” she exclaimed in shock.

White buttons went flying across the table as her shirt was savagely ripped open. Sophie’s reflex was to cover up, but the next thing she knew her hips were yanked back and her shoulders were driven down. Her quick reflexes saved her, extending her hands in time to avoid hitting the table.

Alex pressed on her lower back, forcing her rear to arch higher in the air, making her position very sexual. Then he took a step back and admired his petite ecoliere, wanting to savor every moment, to freeze every frame. Her toned legs in the white hot socks, her sensuous bare thighs, and how the red material of the tiny skirt draped over the two hills of her upturned cheeks.

Sophie smiled. The fantasy being played out was so much more intense than she had imagined. She didn’t even need to act, feeling truly dominated and at the mercy of an authoritarian figure against whom she was powerless to say no. A surge of adrenaline shot through her veins as she felt the hem of her skirt being deftly tucked inside the waistband, and the friction of her thin panties being pulled up her crack. The rush of cool air hinted at what was going to happen next, and she braced herself.

“You have been a very naughty girl,” came the haunting words.


“You’re a real cock tease.”


“Showing your hot body off to strangers over the last few days.”


“And then flirting shamelessly with Ben on the boat this morning.”


“Ouch,” Sophie finally cried out, unable to hold back any longer, wriggling her rose tinged bottom in the air, searching for relief from the throbbing pain.

“Now, don’t you dare move whilst I take off my clothing and get something,” he instructed.

Sophie didn’t have to stew for long before she heard his footsteps returning. His fingers quickly hooked into her panties, peeling them down, stopping only when they had reached the top of the hot socks.

“Those panties better not hit the floor Sophie, or I will use your virgin ass for my own personal pleasure,” he stated viciously. “Do you hear me?”

She nodded. “Yes sir, Mr Marino.”

Not really believing he would cross that red line, but worried that she might not stop him if he tried, she separated her legs enough to keep the panties stretched between her thighs. In doing so, her crack opened teasingly, flashing glimpses of her wrinkled brown flower and glistening pink slit. 

“Aww,” she gasped, sucking in air, as cold massage oil dribbled onto her cheeks, tickling her as it trailed down her smooth skin. The warmth of Alex's hands enveloped her perfect peaches and began to lovingly knead them, working the massage oil into her skin, causing Sophie to moan in delight as he expertly rubbed away the lingering sting from the spanking he had just administered.

Once satisfied, Alex leaned forward, cupped her cheeks, and spread them wide apart. Her musk scent filled his nostrils as he inhaled deeply. And the sound and sight of her wet pussy opening before him was intoxicating. Like a bull seeing red, the animal inside him roared as he moved in to lick and probe her holes with gusto. 

Sophie bucked her hips, willing his tongue to work its dirty magic as he alternated between sticking it down her love tunnel and rimming her virgin ass. Shamelessly grounding back against him, her climax built. 

But Alex didn’t want her cuming too quickly. Instead, he wanted to keep her on the edge, to make her so horny and desperate that she would agree to anything. So he backed off, noisily wiping the juice and saliva from his chin, and moved to her side, leaving Sophie's provocative derriere searching in vain.

“Oui,” she moaned, as Mr Marino’s touch finally returned, his fingers tracing over her rosebud and down to the cleft of her feminine folds, sending pulsing sensations radiating through her.

The long foreplay had left her impatient to climax, and she closed her eyes, savoring the attention. Alex watched his wife give in to the pleasure that was taking her body hostage. And he removed his coated finger and reached round, offering it to her moaning lips. That she didn’t hesitate in sucking it like a lollipop confirmed she was well cooked and ready to serve.

“Tell me young lady,” he began, grabbing the massage oil and squirting it into the circular depression of her winking brown eye, “did you enjoy showing yourself off for Sam today?”

She nodded, feeling the excess oil dribble down her perineum and slit.

“I can’t hear you.”


“Louder please. Did you find him attractive?”

“Yes,” she said emphatically.

Alex motioned for Ben to strip and get ready, and then pushed his middle finger into the moist sheath of her pussy.

“Have you imagined his big black cock, and what it would feel like inside your tight little cunt?” Alex continued, emphasizing the last word for effect whilst forcing three fingers to join the one already inside her.

“Urgh,” Sophie cried out, “oui... yes.”

Ben stepped forward into the light, naked, and put a condom on his thick eight inch cock. Alex moved his four fingers slowly in and out of her stretched cunt, getting her nice and ready, and then positioned his thumb at the entrance of her lubricated star.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she winced, as his thumb pushed through her sphincter. Her initial reflex was to clamp down, to try and expel the foreign object that was moving deeper into her rectum. But, as she managed to relax, the fullness of having both holes used created an overwhelming sensation.

“Do you wish you could fuck Ben? To feel him stretch your pretty pink cunt,” Alex hissed.

“Yes,” she groaned deliriously.

And then, suddenly, it all stopped. Sophie felt a great emptiness as the fingers slid out of her with a pop, and her husband disappeared from her side.

“Please. Please put your dick in me, I need to feel it, I am so close,” she begged.

“Ask Ben to do it,” Alex commanded, somewhere behind her. “Ask Ben to fill your cunt with his big bad python. But only say it if you really mean it.”

“Fuck me Ben,” she implored, not hesitating for a second, “fuck me with your big dick.”

Even without looking over her shoulder, somehow she knew it really was going to be him because of the previous hints from her husband, the sound of clothes and multiple footsteps a moment earlier. And, whilst her conservative side was screaming for her to move, to cover herself up, to do anything, she remained rooted to the spot in anticipation.

And Ben was more than ready to demonstrate how real he was. With an arrogant smirk he separated her white butt cheeks and put his thick black meat against her inviting pink slit. Sophie was already pushing back, like a bitch in heat, trying desperately to get him inside. And he snarled at what an insatiable slut this woman was.

Then, for the first time ever, Alex watched another man fuck his wife. He moved in close and saw the young stud disappearing into her bucking rear, pulling and pushing her entire groin as her body struggled to cope with his girth.

Sophie had never experienced anything like it, pleasure and pain perfectly balanced as her vagina was torn apart. Her clit was screaming out to be rubbed, but every time she tried, she would lose balance under Ben’s onslaught. She willed him to fuck her harder and deeper to compensate, as an unstoppable chain reaction started deep within.

“I’m going... to... cum,” she grunted, her hips flexing and shuddering as the orgasm ripped through her body. “Ah, ah... ah,” she panted.

Waves of joy enveloped her, and her legs began to buckle. It was only the hard cock skewering her, and strong hands at her hips, that stopped her from collapsing in bliss on the floor. And she was oblivious to the panties as they slid down her cotton covered legs.

As the climax faded, Sophie felt her strength and senses returning. The pounding had ceased, but the mystery lover was still inside. Drawing up all her courage, she slid forward, stood up, and turned around. And there he was. Beautiful black Ben, with his wide smile, gorgeous abs, hungry eyes, and a condom covered monster laced with sticky white pussy juice.

Although she had suspected it, her emotions still struggled to process the confirmation: that another man had just fucked her. And she looked at her husband; naked, hard and seemingly happy. It was confusing. So very confusing. It didn’t make sense, and yet somehow it did. It felt so wrong, yet seemed so right.

Unsure how to act, she remained rooted to the spot, like a deer caught in headlights. Ben stood still as well, suddenly less confident, also unsure about what to do. Luckily Alex knew exactly what to do and stepped forward to passionately kiss his wife.

“You were incredible, did you enjoy that?” he whispered lovingly.

Sophie was lost for words, but found herself nodding imperceptivity, her body unable to lie.

“Then come with me,” he said, taking her to the bed. “I promised Ben he could fuck you until he came. So lay down here and be a good girl.”

Trembling, Sophie obeyed. Her gaze never left Ben, her wild blue eyes drinking him in, leaving no doubt that she wanted more of his hot chocolate. She laid helplessly on the bed and waited.

“This won’t do, will it? We want to be able to see you as we fuck you,” Alex said, folding her red pleated skirt up and out of the way, and then pushing the ripped shirt either side of her heaving chest. It gave them a good view of her swollen pussy lips and beautiful erect nipples. A thin sheen of perspiration made her glow in the light, as the smell of sex filled the room.

“Now, open up your cunt and offer it to Ben,” Alex ordered vulgarly.

With a wanton expression, the blonde splayed her legs, ran fingers over her bare inner thighs, and then spread herself, letting them see deep into her fleshy vagina. Ben wasted no time in kneeling before her, rubbing his bulbous head against her gaping hole.

“Oh my God, you’re incredible," he groaned, as he plunged back in.

Sophie cried out, her eyes rolling back into her head as she struggled to remain conscious under Ben’s savage assault. White juice leaked out around his black cock as he thrust in and out. There was so much it looked like someone had already given her a cream pie. And he kept going, keeping her thighs apart, using his thumbs to spread her already stretched pink lips, and to diddle her erect clit.

"Do you like that blondie? Do you love me fucking your tight white cunt?" he grunted.

Sophie just grimaced and groaned.

 Alex looked at her bouncing tits and sexy mouth, and decided she had room for one more. Kneeling by her flushed cheeks, he started smacking his purple head against her lips. Being her first time with two men, Sophie was completely overwhelmed. She was neither responding to Ben’s thrusts, nor giving Alex the oral service he craved. Instead she just let herself be swept along by the torrent of sensation.

Impatient, Alex decided that if she wasn’t going to give it, he was going to take it. So he wrapped a hand around her tightly braided hair, turned her head to the side, and thrust forcefully into her mouth. Sophie instinctively clamped her luscious lips around his engorged head, and tried to control her gagging reflex.

Neither one of them cared if she was alright. The beasts in them were going to continue until they were satisfied, and the beauty was just a piece of meat to be used and discarded. Ben’s sweaty hips crashed against her, Alex roughly fucked her face, and they took it in turns to pinch and slap her protruding nipples and cute breasts. The sound of moans and grunts, squishing and slapping, bed springs, and the occasional fanny fart echoed around the room. The schoolgirl squirmed for relief, but they kept her legs and head firmly pinned, using her like a rag doll.

“Don’t move bitch. I’m going... to... cum,” Ben finally grunted.

And seconds later, despite the condom, Sophie felt large spurts of cum smacking against her cervix.

“Ohh,” she whimpered in pain.

Only after he had emptied himself did Ben withdrew his deflating monster from her raw hole, leaving her physically spent, and emotionally conflicted. Her immediate relief at the cessation of the brutal fucking, was balanced against the frustration of being abandoned so close to a second climax. But she needn’t have worried, her husband was already a step ahead.

As she lay semi-conscious, breathing heavily and recovering, Alex reached across, grabbed some pillows, and stuffed them under her hips, propping up her rear. Then he moved between her legs and pushed them apart again, studying her enraged and used cunt.

“Please, cum in my mouth... I'm too sore,” she pleaded, offering him the tantalizing opportunity of deflowering her mouth.

But it was wasted breath. Alex had a different virgin hole in mind, and had already reached for the massage oil and was busy coating himself.

“Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on fucking your nasty cunt. You dropped the panties I had instructed you to keep around your thighs. And I warned you what the consequence would be. It ' time for me to give you your first A-level.”

“Ow,” Sophie cried out, as a lubricated finger made contact with her puckered anus.

“Just try and relax,” he soothed, inserting his middle finger whilst rubbing her erect clit with his thumb.

It dawned on Sophie what an A-level was, and there was no doubting his intentions now. But she didn’t protest. It almost seemed like a logical conclusion to the night. After all, her bucket list of outstanding sexual experiences was rapidly shrinking. And she knew that her husband had always dreamed of fucking her perfect ass. So she resolved to let it happen. And, surprisingly, the feeling of his finger combined with her throbbing clit started warming her back up.

“Hmm,” she purred.

Alex smiled, adding a second oiled finger alongside the first.

“Ow, easy,” she pleaded.


Alex turned around, and realized that in the heat of the moment he had completely forgotten about Ben. But the sound of the door closing confirmed that the young man was as good as his word, and had left quietly, as they had agreed.

After another minute of stretching, Alex decided she was ready. Removing his fingers, he placed his lubricated cock at the wrinkled entrance of his wife’s virgin hole.

“Slowly, slowly,” she huffed.

Alex’s yearning head was just passing through the tight entrance when Sophie’s hand flung to his groin and tried to stop the invasion. He relented and pulled back out, watching as her anus slowly closed, craving to push back in.

“Relax, baby,” he encouraged, before trying again.

After a few more attempts, her vice-like ass slowly yielded, and he tentatively began to thrust in and out, smiling whenever she lost control and clamped down.

“Try pushing out, like you need to poo,” he guided her, repeating what he had seen in porn videos.

Sophie still couldn’t believe she was letting her husband penetrate her dirty hole. It was a taboo she had always sworn she would never break. But here she was, lying with her ass in the air, after having just been fucked by a black man, being told to poo so that her husband could plug her butt. The words slut and whore seemed more appropriate than ever.

“Your ass is unbelievable,” Alex exclaimed.

He took a break from frigging her clit to peel her pussy lips apart. Because of the angle she was at, he could see the bump caused by his cock appearing through her fleshy insides. Like he was fucking her inside out. It was unbelievable how hot it looked, and he adjusted his position to make it even more pronounced.

“Oh my god, yes, I’m going to cum, don’t stop,” Sophie moaned, reaching down to rub her throbbing clit.

All that she could think about was how her body felt. She no longer cared why, who, or how. Just that she should reach another crescendo. Drool seeped from her mouth and she closed her eyes, as an almighty tremor started.

“Fuck, I am going to cum in your ass baby,” Alex grunted, with a final hard push.

“Ah, ah... ah,” she squealed. 

Sophie’s orgasm was explosive. Her hips convulsed as she lost control of her body. To their surprise, liquid suddenly gushed from her pussy, spraying all over her husband.

Alex had never seen or felt anything like it, as he basked in the tightness of her clenching rectum, and the warmth of her spraying liquid. The smells, feelings, sights and sounds were too much. They pushed him over the edge, and with goose bumps erupting down his spine, he unleased mighty spurts of cum deep into his wife’s deflowered ass.

Once empty, he withdrew his deflating cock and watched the blobs of cum slowly drip out of her gaping round bum hole.

Life was never going to be the same again.

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