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A New Life

A couple begin a journey into a new life ...
Rob and Bernice climbed out the pick-up. “Nice little town,” Rob said as he stretched. They had just arrived at the town where Rob had been transferred. Bernice brushed a lock of her long auburn hair from her face. “Quiet and peaceful,” Bernice replied. They had made the three hour drive to look at new homes. It was going to be a long day as they had made appoints to look at eight houses. The appointment to see the first house was for nine o’clock. They had planned the day carefully starting with the house that offered the cheapest rent and saved the most expensive, and probably out of their budget, for last. Then they had a three hour drive back home to look forward.

It was a warm autumn day. The maple tree leaves had turned a deep red and some were already turning that crisp golden brown colour. Rob opened the back of the pick-up and their eager Black Labrador leaped out and frantically began sniffing everything, his otter-like tail wagging madly. Rob took Bernice’s hand and pulled her close to him as he looked down the street to see if the agent was coming. He was late. 

Bernice had caught Rob’s attention the first time he saw her.

They were teenagers and at the time she was dancing on stage in a school play. She was a gymnast too and had small yet strong body. He knew that she was the only girl for him the moment he first laid eyes on her. Although Bernice was physically strong and had well defined muscles was also incredibly feminine. They started dating shortly after that and they were each other’s first kiss and first love. The years ticked by and still every time Rob looked at her he thought she was as beautiful as the first day he saw her.

Bernice was a little pocket rocket standing at 5’4”, with long golden blondish/auburn hair which was striking against her pale complexion. Her blue eyes captivated all and any who dared to look into them. Although Bernice had stopped doing gymnastic and dancing when she left school, she still kept in shape by doing aerobics and swimming. Her figure was stunning. All men looked twice when she walked past.

Max, the Labrador had picked up a stick and was carrying it to Bernice in his mouth. Rob admired her perfectly rounded bottom as she bent down to take stick from Max. She threw the stick for Max to fetch again. It would have surprised many how far she threw the stick, but Rob was mesmerised by the slight jiggle of her 36C breasts. They were not as firm as they were when she was still a teenager but, at 29, they were still full and she had no need to wear a bra, though she almost always did.

Bernice turned to her husband and caught him staring at her. A smiled lit up her face as she playfully punched him on his arm. Rob laughed and hugged Bernice. Just then, the happy couple heard a car approaching them and turned to see if it was the agent.

Sure enough an old Ford pulled up next to them and a middle aged man climbed out muttering apologies for being late. Rob smiled sarcastically and said, “Not to worry, we have the whole day.”

The agent looked at Rob for the first time. His gaze had been on Bernice from the moment he climbed out the old Ford. Bernice glared at Rob and mouthed, “Be nice,” from behind the agents back.

The agent stuck out his hand, “Walter, nice to finally meet you.”

Rob shook his hand with a little more force than he had intended. Walter turned his hand to Bernice, “Very nice to finally put a face to a voice. I could tell by your voice that you would be a stunner, and I wasn’t wrong.”

Rob was used to men giving his wife compliments so it didn’t bother him at all. She was beautiful after all.

Rob who was 33, was a total contrast to Walter. Where Walter was shorter than Bernice, Rob stood at 5’10”. Walter was grey and balding. Rob had a thick head of blonde-brown hair. Rob was muscular from spending time in the gym and well-tanned from the weekends he spent playing beach volleyball. Walter on the other hand looked like he spent little time outdoors and too much time in front of the television eating junk food. “Well … shall we get to it then,” Rob suggested.

The first three houses they looked at didn’t appeal to either Rob or Bernice as they had little or no garden whatsoever, totally unpractical for Max. The next two houses had nicer gardens, but the houses lacked warmth and natural light. The following two houses rent had gone up and out of their price range so they looked at the rather average houses and dismissed them.

The sun was heading for the horizon when Walter said goodbye to Rob and Bernice. “Let me know what you decide,” Walter said with his best smile.

Rob and Bernice look at each other. None of the houses matched their requirements. Well, there was one more house that they were to go look at. It was a joke more than anything. They had seen a picture of the house in the newspaper. There was little information about the house other than the picture and a caption that said, “To be sold to the best buyer.”

Rob had asked Bernice what she thought that meant, but she didn’t know either. They weren’t really considering buying a house at this stage anyway. But the house in the picture was everything that appealed to them. There was no contact number in the advert, just an address, so they punched the address into the GPS and followed the disembodied voice to the destination.

Bernice gasped as they pulled up to gate. A long driveway, lined with trees proudly showing off the colours of autumn, led to a stone house in the distance. They couldn’t see much of the house from this distance. “Shall we ring the bell and go look or are we just wasting our time?” Rob asked, “We still have a drive home to think about,” he reminded Bernice.

“We are here now, we might as well go have a look,” said Bernice.

Rob wound down his window and rang the bell. They waited for a minute with no answer. He rang it again. Still nothing, the tall iron gates didn’t move. Rob climbed out the car to see if there were any other bells to ring. He grabbed the bars of the gate and gave them a shake. To his surprise they were open. He looked at Bernice, still sitting in the passenger seat, and shrugged. He pushed the gates open and hopped back into the driver’s seat, drove into the large grounds, and then quickly closed the gates behind them again. Bernice looked worried when he climbed back into to the pick-up. “Isn’t this trespassing?” she asked.

“For all we know, no-one lives here. There was no contact or reference on the advert,” Rob replied putting her at ease. “Besides, we will just take a quick look around and then head for home.”

The leaves and stone of the driveway crackled under the pick-up’s tyres as they drove up to the front of the house. Rob stopped the vehicle pulled up the park break and sighed as he took in the beauty of the house. “Is it real?” asked Bernice.

Rob kissed Bernice tenderly and replied, “Isn’t this our dream home?”

The house was built of grey stone, but instead of small windows which are typical of stone houses, most of the windows of the house started just above floor level and ended just below the ceiling giving the impression that some of the walls were made of glass. Rob snatched his Nikon DSLR camera, his most prized possession, off the back seat of the pick-up and both he and Bernice left the vehicle to have a look around. Rob let Max out of the back again and he disappeared into nearby shrubbery.

As they walked around the house Rob would take photos from different angles. It truly was the house that they had always dreamed about. Modern, yet rustic. As they rounded the side of the house Bernice gasped audibly. The back of the house looked out at the red, orange and golden sunset over a silver lake. A house on the water, they couldn’t ask for more. Rob guided Bernice forward with his hand in the small of her back to bring her out of her reverie. He wanted to get around and see the front of the house.

Bernice put out a hand across Rob’s chest to stop him going any further forward. They had both heard the noise. They peered around the corner of the house worried they about to be told-off and chased away for trespassing. What they saw surprised them both. On the deck, lying on a large wooden lounger with thick cushions, was a beautiful woman. She had long dark brown wavy hair, with the highlights of the sunset before her that cascaded down over her shoulders and partly covered her large naked breasts. Her head was tilted back in a picture of ecstasy.

Bernice took Rob’s hand and he turned to leave, not to disturb this goddess, only to find that Bernice was pulling him in the other direction. They looked at each other quizzically when Rob realised that Bern wanted to use the shadows of the sunset and the shrubbery to get closer, to get a better look. Rob didn’t resist and went with her, stepping quietly so as not to alert her to their presence, they crouched to the edge of the deck only to be greeted by another surprise.

The goddess was not alone, Rob and Bern could now see the reason for her expression of ecstasy. From their previous vantage point Rob and Bern could not see the man who was lying on his stomach his head buried between her thighs. The goddess was now moaning uncontrollably as the man continued to tease, lick and suck at her clitoris. They could see from his movement that he must have been fingering her at the same time sending wave after wave of pleasure through the goddess’s body.

The goddess reached down and grabbed the man’s dark hair and pushed her pelvis against him as she gave a long low moan. The Goddess then pulled the man up to her, he kissed her as he went. He kissed her pubic shaved mound, her stomach. Flicked his tongue into her bellybutton. Kissed the curve of the bottom of her left breast. He sucked her left nipple into his mouth as he gently tickled her right nipple with his fingers, clearly wet from fingering this goddess. He kissed her across her chest and over her collar bone. His tongue flicked across her neck. Finally he reached her mouth and they kissed each other deeply and passionately.

Rob and Bernice crouched lower in the bush as the passionate couple rolled on the lounger. Bernice had pressed back into Rob and gave him a wicked smile as she pressed against his very erect manhood. All Rob could do was blush and shrug.

The goddess rose up over the dark haired man. As she squatted over him she lovingly took his cock in her hands and tickled the head and jerked the shaft until he too had an enormous erection. His 8 inches was impressive. The goddess lifted her pelvis and slowly inserted the head of cock into its wet and warm destination.

From where they were hidden in the shrubbery they could clearly see the dark-haired man’s cock slid in an out of the goddess. We could see the lips of the goddess’s vagina tightly wrapped around the girth of his penis. Each time she raised her round butt it appeared that the dark-haired man’s cock glistened more and more in the light of the setting sun.

Occasionally, he would sit up and kiss and suck her nipples, but the goddess would push him back down again and ride him harder. The dark-haired man began thrusting up at the same time as the goddess would press down onto his cock. Both the goddess and the dark-haired man were muttering their pleasures, mixed with the occasional grunt and moan. The dark-haired man began to thrust more and more frantically and Rob and Bern could tell that he was getting ready to cum.

In one quick motion, the goddess turned around into the sixty-nine position and pressed her open wet vagina into the man’s face and he licked at it eagerly. After a brief moment she bent and took his cock in her mouth. She didn’t lick or tease. She knew what he wanted and she wanted him to cum too. Her head bobbed up and on his cock in a frenzy of lust and desire. When he slightly raised his butt of the lounger she stopped her sucking but kept the head of penis in her mouth and jerk on his cock with her hand.

The spasms were unmistakeable as he began to release his seed into her wanton mouth as she kept on working at his cock with her hand. Some of his cum spilt out of the corners of her mouth and back down over his penis, but she wasn’t about to let any escape. She licked and sucked at his penis until she cleaned off every drop of his and her own juices. It was then that Bernice noticed that the goddess had hypnotic green eyes and they were looking directly into her own.

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