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A Night at the Club

I take my girlfriend to a swinger's club and get to see her get pleasured by a big cock.
The first part of this story is true and happened a few months ago with my now-ex. The second part is what I hoped would have happened.


We got to the swingers’ club fairly early in the night. There were a few couples and quite a few single males. There were 2 women dancing on a stage, with a guy in a thong. Being one for attention, she wanted to join them on stage, and did. However, they were not interested so we moved on.

We walked around the club, me rubbing her ass. She saw a few men sitting around one of the other stages, so off we went.

Soon, she had stripped down to just a long shirt. Six men were now seated around the stage, as she danced on the pole, flashing her pierced nipples. I walked up to her and felt her pussy. It was wet (unbeknownst to the “audience”, I had fucked her about 20 minutes before, leaving a big load inside that was starting to leak out). I tasted my fingers and whispered that she should have fun and show them her pussy.

Having my approval (I think she would have done it even if I had objected!), she squatted and spread her legs, slowly rotating around the pole to give them all a look. The men bent down to get a good view of her long pussy lips and pierced hood. The guy next to me dropped his pants and was stroking his hard cock. Another guy soon followed.

She continued to dance, pulling her lips apart and occasionally sliding a finger inside herself. She pulled on her nipples.

Taking her foot, she ran it up one guys’ leg, rubbing his hard shaft with the sole of her foot. Then into another’s lap, rubbing the obvious bulge. I was hard and rubbing myself through my jeans, smiling at her whenever she made eye contact with me. She looked so beautiful and sexy, and I felt more love and respect for her at that moment than I had ever felt.

One of the guys with his dick out stood up and approached her. He held his hand out and she moved over so he could feel her pussy. She closed her eyes and I couldn’t tell if he slipped a finger inside her.

There was a large man watching. He was perhaps 6’4” and stocky. I was wondering if his cock was big. She looked at him and smiled, he raised a finger to “come here”. She leaned over and asked what he wanted. “I want you to suck my cock”, I heard him say.

She laughed and shook her head “no”. “I don’t even suck his cock”, she said, pointing towards me.


She reached down and felt his crotch, her eyes opening wide as she felt his thickness and length. She looked over at me with pleading eyes.

I walked to the stage and she came over. “Do you want him?” I asked.

“Yes, can I?”

I left the stage and approached the man. “I want to watch you fuck her. Is that ok?”

The stunned expression on his face didn’t last long. “Sure!”

I gathered her clothes and taking her hand, led her from the stage. “Follow us”

We found a room and the awkward silence ensued. There was a king-sized bed and a two way mirror so people could watch, but we could not see them.

“Kiss him”

Hesitantly, she approached and looking into his eyes, gave him a soft kiss on the lips. He reached out to grab her by the hips, pulling her body towards his. They kissed again, a little more passionately.

His hands slid around to cup her ass beneath the long shirt. Her hands roamed under his shirt, then down to the front of his pants. He was lifting her shirt and soon she was standing naked before him.

He kissed her neck, massaged her ass, and worked his lips down her body. She was softly moaning, her hands to her side. He stopped and began taking off his shirt. She helped by undoing his belt and unfastening his pants. As she pulled them down, she fell to her knees, eye level to what was an obvious sizable package.

Glancing at me, I’m not sure if it was for approval or fear, she bit her lower lip. I just smiled and mouthed “enjoy it….I love you”

She grabbed the waist band of his underwear and pulled down, looking him in the eyes. As the material descended, his cock popped out, hard, thick and demanding attention. She focused her eyes on it, licking her lips.

Completely out of character for her, she grabbed it, gave it a few strokes, then kissed the head. A drop of pre-cum appeared, and sucking in her breath for courage, she leaned forward and licked the shiny fluid of his red cock head. I gasped in surprise and lust, and swore that I heard an “ummmmm” escape her lips.

Tentatively, she opened her mouth and took him in. she sucked him, running her hand up and down his shaft. I had removed my clothes and was also stroking my painfully hard erection.

A minute or so later, he stopped her and pulled her to her feet. I could see the saliva (or was it his pre-cum) around her mouth, some of it running towards her chin. He wiped it with his finger and put it to her mouth. She licked it clean.

He laid her on the bed, and hovering over her, sucked her nipples. His hand traveled below and he was soon rubbing her pussy. She spread her legs wider.

He moved further down. When his lips kissed hers for the first time, she tensed and I could hear the breath leave her body. I moved to the bed, looked her in the eyes, and kissed her. I held her hand and she squeezed it tight.

He continued to lick, kiss, suck and finger her pussy. It was obvious that she was enjoying it. She raised her legs, putting them over his shoulders. I was rubbing her nipples and she still had a death grip on one hand. With the other, she reached down and pushed his head deeper into her pussy.

Her eyes rolled back in her head seconds before she closed her eyes and shuddered through her first orgasm. My cock was hard as nails, dripping with excitement.

He raised his head and climbed up, kissing her full on the mouth. I could see her licking her juices from his face.

“Do you want to fuck him?” I asked.

“Can I?” It was more than a plea, than a question.

His cock was long, thick and hard. Veins bulging. Perhaps 8-9 inches? It was the perfect size that I wanted to see her with.

I responded to her question/plea by reaching out and taking his cock in my hand, giving it a stroke or two to insure it was hard enough for her. I then lined it up with her pussy and pulled him closer, rubbing the head around her lips. It was my way of telling her it was ok.

She tensed again, biting her lip. I pulled him closer so the head was now rubbing just inside her opening.

“Fuck her”, I said, looking him in the eyes and releasing his cock.

I watched as he slid his length into her, occasionally watching her face as it registered the ecstasy of her tight pussy being fully filled for the first time in years.

I was holding her hand and he was picking up speed, pulling almost all the way out, then pushing all the way in. Her face was red and she seemed to be having a continuous orgasm.

“I love you”, was all I could say, whispering into her ear. She just squeezed my hand, unable to speak, but the reaction saying it all.

He fucked her for 5 or 10 minutes, then pulled out and turned her over. “Put it back in”, he ordered, and I obeyed, eager to give her as much pleasure as she could handle.

As he sunk back in her, she let out a deep moan. Her face in the pillow, I guided a hand to my cock. She held on, stroking in time to his pounding.

I reached beneath her and rubbed her clit and pulled on her pussy piercing. With the other, I alternated between playing with her sensitive nipples and pulling her hair. Occasionally I would slap her ass.

His breath was quickening and I knew he was getting close.

“Where do you want his cum?”

“In me. Please cum in me!!!”

He grunted and I could see his balls contract simultaneously with her scream. The fucking sounds turned from wet to sloppy. She was moaning something intelligible as he filled her with his cum.

Drained, he slowed his strokes, then laying down on top of her, forcing her flat. I noticed that her hand was covered with my cum.

They lay panting and I watched as his cock softened, still inside her. It came out and was followed by a flow of cum.

“Thanks”, he said. Standing he wiped his slimy cum-drenched cock on the sheets, dressed and left.

I lay next to her, holding her. She could have other men, but only my arms.

“Baby, that was incredible. I loved watching you enjoy yourself.”

“Ummmm” was all she could mutter, half asleep.

I held her as she drifted off, caressing her hair and back. A short time later, we were awaken by a knock on the door. We dressed, walked out holding hands, and drove home. No words were needed.

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