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A nude beach and then a nude resort

My wife gets more comfortable with sex, and it finally happens...she sleeps with another man
This is a sequel to ”I was so careful” where my wife discovered my reading erotica and watching ”dirty” pictures on the Internet.

I had been so afraid. I thought that this discovery would make her mad at me, or even worse – despise me. But instead it opened up a communication around our sex life that we had never had before.

We had sex more often, and she took initiative, which had not happened in years. She suggested bathing nude in the hot tub – only with her and me of course. We caressed each other and she had a small orgasm in the tub, just from my fingers. It was so nice.

On a holiday to Gran Canary, I suggested we go to a nude beach.

“Why would you want that?” she said.

“I hate it when I come up from the ocean, and my bathing shorts cling to my wet body. It makes me uncomfortable and cold down there. I think it would be so nice to let the wind and sun just dry me, and lie down on a beach towel and feel the sun all over my body. You could keep your suit on, if you are more comfortable with that.”

“Okay. I can join you at the beach. I may keep the suit on however, or maybe not. Let us see how this goes.”

We stayed in a nice hotel in Meloneras, just a short walk to the Maspalomas dunes. These dunes are quite famous for the nude beach. We decided to visit it the next day, but that was a disappointment. The beach was long, sandy and nice, the sun shining, but the people… The beach was the main walk between Maspalomas and Playa de Ingles. There was a continuous stream of fully clothed people using the beach as their walking trip for the day. You could spot a couple of naked people in between, but this seemed too uncomfortable for me. It would be like being on exhibition. And with all the Norwegians holidaying in Gran Canary, it might just be a neighbour or co-worker that strolled by.

We searched the net and found a small beach, Montana de arenas, some miles farther south. It was hard to find, there were no facilities, but it was very much worth the search. When we arrived, there were only two couples there, both without any textiles on. One of the couples was near our age and a little overweight. This made it less intimidating for me to drop my suit, and it did not take long before Mary felt overdressed as well. It was lovely to feel the sun and the wind. Even waking fully nude down to the sea in the sight of everybody felt so natural and good. We had a really wonderful day and being totally nude was just as it always should be on a beach in the sun. We both agreed on that. 

There was no overt sexual activity on the beach but a couple of men seemed to walk suspiciously slow past us, especially when Mary lay on her back. I whispered to her to spread her legs a little – and she did! My shy wife, who did not even want to look at herself nude in the mirror together with me, spread her legs to let them have a better look.

Back at the hotel, she wanted sex as soon as we entered our room.

“Did you like these men watching your nude body?” I said.

“Don’t be a fool. No one is interested in a middle-aged lady like me.”

“Well these men certainly seemed to be. Perhaps you will believe my word that you still are quite attractive?”

“Idiot – come here.”

And then she kissed me and pressed her body against me.

“Should we not take a shower together first? Get the sand out of our systems?” I said.

And then we showered together, washed away the sand, soaped each other and caressed each other all over in the process. It was so nice to feel her warm, soapy, slippery body against mine. After rinsing off, we towelled each other dry and headed for the bed.

The sex was quite standard procedure now: I caressed her slit and clitoris. She was always quite wet and she always orgasmed so easily – oh that was so nice for me, too. I entered her vagina with two fingers, pressing up to the g-spot, and lately I had started to massage the clitoris with my thumb as well. This invariably gave her a second orgasm. Then I went down on her. I really loved the smell and taste of her pussy. I licked the labia and soon concentrated on her clitoris. It was difficult to keep my fingers in her vagina – my forehead seemed to get in the way.

She had several small orgasms, or perhaps one long one. And then I put a finger or two slightly into her anus. This seemed to set her off, and she often squirted on a last powerful orgasm. She was fondling my half erect cock all the time, but now she started concentrating on a hand job while slightly massaging my anus. I had wondered what it would feel like to have a finger all the way in and massaging the prostate, but had not yet mastered the courage to ask. But I soon got a pretty good orgasm, even though I was not fully erect.

We both loved the nude beach and for our next holiday I researched into options for going to a clothing optional resort where we would not have to travel far from the hotel to be able to go naked. It seemed like all of these places lay on the other side of the Atlantic, in Jamaica or Mexico. I had always wanted to visit Mexico, and we decided on a two week holiday with sightseeing the first week and a beach resort the last week.

After some study on Internet and Trip Advisor, we chose Desire Resort in Cancun. The review said that guests usually were 40-60+ in age, so we felt that we would not be fully out of place there. The resort also catered to swingers, but most of the people writing Trip Advisor reviews said that this was no problem. More than 50% of the guests were not swingers, explicit sexual behaviour was confined to reserved areas, you could have a perfect relaxing and stimulating holiday and not be bothered by swinging activity.

My wife was a little hesitant, and I a bit intrigued, but I promised that it was not my intention to lure her into something she did not want. Based on our visit to the nude beach in Gran Canary, it could have an invigorating effect on our own sex life.

Mexico was wonderful; we enjoyed the sights and atmosphere of the first week, and were in very good mood when we came to Desire. We were very well received in the reception, received the wristband identifying us as All Inclusive guests of the resort. Then we were asked if we wanted the thin red wristband as well. I asked what that would be for; it would identify us as swingers. We politely declined, but thought that this was a quite nice arrangement, so we did not risk to be approached on false premises.

The rooms were okay, not magnificent but we were not here to stay in the room all day. The rest of the resort was stunning. The pool was clean, with plenty of sun beds, the beach and ocean only a few meters away. Everyone around the pool was nude, and there were bodies in all ages and shapes, so we did not feel uncomfortable shedding our own clothes. We had a nice relaxing day by the pool with occasional visits into the ocean.

In the restaurant afterwards, we sat at the same table as Bob and Carol from Austin, Texas. They were very nice people, in their late fifties, a little overweight, but not more than us. Bob was rugged and handsome. Carol was friendly, bubbly and always smiling, a very charming lady. Bob was an engineer in the oil industry and had visited Norway several times, even in the remote area where we lived. Both Carol and my wife are nurses.

The conversation flowed like we were lifelong friends. We talked about life, children, and work. We observed how happy they seemed to be with each other, lovingly touching and smiling, just like honeymooners. We had noticed their narrow red wristband, but this never became a subject in the conversation this evening.

After dinner we went dancing in the disco. They seemed to have other plans, but we agreed to meet again the next day.

“Are they really swingers?” Mary said to me after they had gone. “They seem so very normal and good people.”

“I would say that the red wristband must mean that they are – and who says that swingers cannot be normal and good people?”

“Well – you know, it is wrong - isn`t it? I think this attitude is deeply rooted in us. I do not think I could do it. Could you?”

“I do not think it is wrong. It did not seem to affect Bob and Carol’s love for each other. As for me – you know I would not dare to enter that scene with my little problem.”

“But would you like to?”

“As I have said before, I would be okay with you having sex with another man. I think you deserve it, if you want to. As for me, I will be content to be a passive participant.”

We danced and had fun, and had very nice sex when we came back to our room.

We spent a lot more time with Bob and Carol the next day. They were fun and comfortable to be around, and at last we broached the subject. Actually it was Mary who brought it up.

“I see you have this small red wristband. Do that mean that you are here to have sex with other people?”

“Yes it does, and yes we did, yesterday evening,” answered Bob. 

“Do you not get jealous when you see him with another woman?” Mary asked Carol.

“No. I don’t,” Carol answered. “Actually it is quite a turn on for me. I can see the pleasure he is getting, and the pleasure he gives. I can understand how the other woman feels in his arms. It makes me happy for him, and happy for them. And most of the time, I am having a good time too.”

“But what about love and emotions? Are you not afraid that he will fall in love with the other woman and leave you? Are you able to separate love and sex?”

“Our love for each other is so strong that I think nothing can rip us apart. I think our love is so strong that we can share it with others too. Having sex with others can be very fun without any emotions too. But emotions gives it a lift, makes it even better. I am not afraid of them. It is nice feeling the rush of falling in love again, and the loving comfort of a longstanding friendship. It enhances the sex – but it never threatens our marriage and love for each other. In fact, it gives love back to our marriage and makes it even stronger and happier. Has it not ever been in your mind the thought of having sex with others?”

“No!” Mary exclaimed, “well - Elling has said that he would be all right with it, if I ever wanted to. The heck – he even says I should do it, so I can have an experience he is not able to give me.”

“Well, how is that Elling?” Bob said.

I blushed. “I have been on blood pressure medications in many years, and I think it has affected my erections. I have not been able to have penetrative sex in many years, and I think Mary still deserve the feeling. But as you understand, I do not have much to offer on the swinging scene myself.”

“Well, do not be too sure,” Carol said, “There are many ways to stimulate and satisfy a lady.”

“I second that,” said Mary, and we let the subject rest.

In the evening we went to the disco and had a good time dancing. After a while Bob entered. He was alone, and asked if he could join us.

“Of course, that will be nice, but where is Carol?" "Well - she is otherwise occupied, if you know what I mean. I am sure she has a good time.”

We had a good time too. Mary danced almost continuously, alternating between Bob and me. He was a good dancer, better that me. After a while it was mostly Mary and Bob who danced. I noticed that they got closer together in the slow dances and that his hands moved lower down her back. In a slow dance I saw him bend down and whisper in her ear. Mary blushed. When the dance ended, they came back to the table. Bob excused himself and went to the restroom.

“What was that?” I said. “I saw him whisper and you blush.”

“He said he want to have sex with me. These last dances I have felt his hard one pressed onto my abdomen.”

“And what did you answer?”

“I have not answered.”

“Why? Do you want to?”

“I get turned on, excited. Part of me want to, but I am scared. Scared of doing something wrong, scared that I will lose your love and respect. We did not come here to have sex with other people.”

“You know what I have said, and I meant it. Lose my love and respect? Bullshit. It will never happen. I think you shall do it. I will love for you to be able to have this experience – if you want to.”

In that moment Bob came back to the table, and Mary made a snap decision:

“Yes Bob, I will.” She rose and kissed him.

Bob and Carol’s room were occupied by Carol and whomever she was with, so we all went back to our room.

“Will you be embarrassed to have me there, Mary? Shall I find myself something else to do?”

“No stay with us. I want you there.”

In the room Bob started to kiss Mary, softly first, then more demanding. His hands wandered all over her body. He removed her clothes, turned her around and caressed her breasts and mound, standing behind her. She was so beautiful, blushing, smiling. I could see small drops on her outer vaginal lips.

She turned around and started to undress him. When she pulled down his boxers, his penis sprang to attention. It was bigger than mine, and not least important, very erect. Mary looked at it as if she admired it, touched it carefully, bent down and carefully put the tip in her mouth. She did not have much experience in giving oral, so she let it slip out, caressed it, pressed her body into Bob's and said, “Let`s go to bed.” 

They lay down. He kissed her and caressed her slit and clitoris, and she came almost immediately. He bent down and licked her pussy and clitoris; he put fingers in her vagina and stimulated her g-spot. She had several small orgasms, or maybe one semi-continuous. She had always been this hot and multi-orgasmic. I do not think she looked at me once; she was so focused on Bob.

“I want you inside me now. That was what my husband wanted me to experience,” she said, and then she glanced over to me. She caught me sitting with my dick out, slowly massaging it. It was erect, at least more erect than it had been in months. Looking at sex in real life was so much better than on the computer screen. And it was my wife – she was excited and obviously enjoying herself. It was a fabulous and exciting experience for me just to watch. I honestly must say that I did not feel a twinge of jealousy. I smiled at her and gave her thumbs up.

He put on a condom, and then he entered her. She let out a moan. He slowly moved in and out, then he gradually went faster and faster. She was obviously building up towards another orgasm, a bigger one. I did not think that she'd had vaginal orgasm before. Maybe size did matter, maybe it was the naughtiness and excitement of the whole situation, but she erupted in an orgasm the like of which I never had witnessed in her before. I saw Bob clench his buttocks, press further in, he grunted, and I understood that he had just filled his condom.

They lay together, holding each other in post orgasmic bliss, kissing and cuddling, until his condom covered penis slowly came out of her. He tied the condom, dropped it in the waste, and gently kissed Mary on the forehead and on the mouth.

“Thank you Mary. This was wonderful.”

“Oh Bob – for me too. You have no idea.”

“Well I think I have,” he said and smiled. “Now I think I leave you guys to yourselves, and go check on Carol.”

“Come here,” said Mary, and I lay down beside her and we held each other close. “Thank you for letting me do this. It was unbelievably. I loved it so much.” She kissed me deeply and let her hand go to my penis. “It seems like your little man enjoyed the show. I have not seen him this erect in years. See if you can get him inside me now.”

And I could! I loved the feeling of being inside her at last. I know that I was not as stimulating inside her as Bob was, but with some additional clitoris massage she had another orgasm. I orgasmed too and deposited my come inside her for the first time in years.

“This was very good,” I said. “Do you regret doing it with Bob.”

“It feels a little weird and very much out of character for me, but I do not regret it a bit. It was wonderful. I would like to do it again before we leave. Do you think Bob will let me? Will you let me? I may have developed a little crush on him. Does that scare you?”

“No it doesn’t, and of course you can, if Bob wants to. I am sure our love is sound enough to come strengthened out of this.”

“Did you hear Carol say that the erections was not all that important?” Mary said. “Would you like to be with her?”

“Oh that was just something she said.”

And then we fell asleep.

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