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A Playful Conversation

Wife, possibly roleplaying, tells him to fuck her friend. He tells her her has how.
For some reason, Abby, my wife of seven years, had begun telling me about her girlfriend Kayla’s having a crush on me. Now, understand me here, I love my Abby. I’m very happy with her and always have been. And, while I’m as horny as the next guy in looking at other women, and yes, even envisioning them in bed with me, or us, I’ve never even thought about actually doing it.

So imagine my surprise, when one night at a neighbor’s get-together, Abby brought up Kayla just as our hostess was opening the second bottle of red saying, “I think you two would be great in bed together.”

My jaw almost hit the table. “What did you just say, dear?”

“I said you and Kayla would be great in bed together. Don’t you think?”

“I … I never gave it a thought until this moment,” I replied.

“Well, what do you think?”

“Ab, I don’t want Kayla. I want you,” I said, finding myself breathing hard. To prove my words I pulled her knee up onto my leg. The long tablecloth hid my action from the others dining with us.

“You wouldn’t fuck her?” she said sotto-voice.

“You’re joking, right?” I replied, pretending to wipe my mouth with a napkin.

“No, but … later we could pretend that I was her.”


“Just the once, baby, it’ll really spice things up.”

Now, we had role played all sorts of shit---had done so ever since we first jumped each other’s bones---in fact, we had pushed enough boundaries to last a long while, but this was different. The aforementioned Kayla was six feet away from us, and although she wasn’t looking at us, I thought Abby was bringing the subject much too close to home.

I shook my head and kissed my wife. not caring that the others saw us. I was hoping to change the subject, but Abby wasn’t having it.

“Come on,” she whispered. “Promise me you’ll call me Kayla as you fuck me. I want you to call me by her name; tell me how much better she is. Tell her I’m a stupid little whore and you’re in love with her. Tell her you want her more.”

Abby kept at it for the remainder of the evening, even pushing me into Kayla’s arms for a goodnight kiss as we were leaving our host and hostesses' home.

The weirdness continued the following weekend when Abby whispered in my ear during dinner at Club Jonny’s.

“That girl at the next table wants to fuck you. She told me the other day when her mouth was on my cunt.”

I smiled and pretended I don’t hear her, but when she moved her hand to my thigh and touched me, she knew her words had registered with a high C.

Abby looked around the room taking everything in before blithely resuming her previous line of conversation without missing a beat. “When was the last time you fucked my ass?” This with a Mona Lisa smile accompanying the words.

I don’t answer her, but I spent the next few minutes recalling that particular event while she sat there looking at me as if I’d said something incredibly funny.

Know this---It takes at least two to play any real game. I had been doing a lot of thinking since her remarks about Kayla the week before. She had been incredibly hot in bed that night, begging me to call her Kayla until I finally did so. Less than a minute later she’d had the first of two huge orgasms that left the both of us reeling senselessly.

Inasmuch as I had enjoyed the sex every bit as much as Abby, I decided to throw my hat in the ring as it were, and in as challenging a tone as I could muster up, I leaned over her and pretended to push a lock of hair behind her ear and said, “Speaking of your ass, I want you to take it into the powder room; pick an empty stall, bend over and lift your dress and wait for me. I’ll be joining you momentarily.”

Her blush was almost imperceptible. She mumbled something I didn’t understand and excused herself. I waited a full minute before standing. Looking down at her chair I saw the wet spot she’d left, and casually dried it with my napkin before following her into the powder room. 


 Later that night as I took her anally for the second time, she moaned, “I want you to do all the things
to her that you do to me.” “Caught off-guard, I asked, “Do what to who, Abby?”

“To Kayla, of course; those little things you do so well, like fucking me, making me cum so hard and so long. Anal, oral … you know.”

I rolled Abby onto her back and held her arms above her head with one hand. She was covered in sweat and both our bodies were near exhaustion. When I let her go, she knew well enough not to move. After two years I no longer had
to tie her up.

“I’ll fuck her tomorrow,” I whispered as I pushed two fingers inside her. Abby arched her back as I lifted her off the bed with my hand. I slammed into her, my hand a blur as I bit her neck.

After she came on my fingers, I whispered, “Maybe I’ll let you undress her and hold her down while I play with her. Maybe I’ll let you push her to her knees and hold her hair as she gets me hard.”

Abby started moaning louder, but only half her noises were because of what I was doing to her; the other half was her thinking about what I was telling her we might do to Kayla.

I was proven right about this when I added: “If you’re good I’ll let you slap her face before pulling her pretty lips to your cunt. Would you like that? Do you want to close your thighs around her head as I fuck her from behind?”

YES!” she moaned eagerly, “I DO want to kneel over her mouth and pull her hair.”

I hadn’t expected this forceful a reaction from her, and goaded by it, I added a third finger.

“UGH!” she grunted, and pressed down against my fingers.

Abby’s nipples were harder than I had ever seen them. “I want to bite her fingers and scratch her thighs,” she moaned between pig-like snorts. “I want to drown her in my cunt as I tell her she’s almost a good girl. I want to fuck her harder than you’ve ever fucked me.”

Abby was cumming before all the words were out of her mouth. I let my body weight pin her to the mattress and glanced into the bedside mirror and saw myself with one hand in her hair and the other in her snatch as she shook and screamed out her pleasure.

I kissed her and she moaned into my mouth. Then she was trembling for long minutes, her vagina clenching so tightly around my fingers I began wishing it was my cock inside her.

“I think she’s going to like us,” I said when Abby collapsed beneath me.

“You really mean what you said back them?” she asked before kissing me, and pulling my cock inside her.

She was in the kitchen when I came home the next day.

“You’re later than usual, honey,” Abby said, with pent-up excitement in her eyes. The dining room table was set, and there were flowers as a center-piece. The candles, already lit were burned down halfway.

“Why didn’t you call?”

“Sorry about that, Ab,” I answered, “I was caught up in something. I’ll tell you about it after I shower.”

She was standing by the sink, her cute derriere resting on the edge of the kitchen table.

“You’re going to shower? But everything’s ready … more than ready,” she whined.

"I wasn’t at work, Abby.”

“But …” a shocked expression came over her face. "Then where were you?”

"Don't worry," I said, "I'll tell you everything after I shower.”

“No,” she said and came up to me and sniffed my shoulder, then my hair. “You … you were with someone. A … woman!” she said accusingly, and her eyes filled with tears.

“I was going to tell you after I … washed her scent off me---Kayla’s scent,” I added.

Abby’s eyes went wide. The tears started coming and wouldn’t stop.

"I called her from work, basically invited myself over to her place.”

“You didn’t!” she said, but knew I had.

“I told her I had something to tell her; and that I'd rather tell her in private."

Shaking her head as if trying to clear it, Abby said, “Um, so what did you have to tell her?”

"Nothing," I said. "I lied."

Abby stared at me in disbelief. “You didn’t!”

“You’re repeating yourself, Abby. She met me at the entrance to her apartment and we started up the stairs.
She lives on the second floor, you know.”

Taking a big breath, Abby said slowly, “I know.”

"Well, I found myself staring at her ass. It really is a nice one, you know?”

Abby nodded her head, consciously or unconsciously I couldn’t tell, so I kept going.

“I was thinking of what you said last night, Ab.”

“Huh?” she said as if suddenly pulled from a deep dream.

“Remember? You said you wanted me to do all the things to Kayla that I’ve done with you.” Abby’s eyes closed as I went on. “Those little things … like fucking you, making you cum so hard and so long. Anal, oral … you know.”


“Remember what I said next, Abby?”

“Noooo!” It came out as a wail of denial.

“I told you I’d fuck her tomorrow.”

“You … you’re making this up!” Abby sniffed, and then wiped her arm across her nose, leaving a trail of slug-like mucus
on it.

“Anyway, I grabbed her by the arm and made her stop on the stairwell.

"You screwed her on the stairs---in public?”

"Well first I asked her if she wanted to see it.”

“You … you really asked her that?”

I looked directly into Abby’s eyes and said, “Sure. Anyway, Kayla turned around and looked at me. And that's when I asked her if she wanted to see my cock."

"Oh, my God. I can't believe you really said that."

"Well, I did."

“And what did she say?" Abby said in a hoarse whisper.

"Oh, she just looked at me, then looked at my bulge and nodded.

"So … you showed it to her?” Abby said after licking her dry lips.

“Yeah … I did, Abby.”

“What … what did she do?”

“She watched me stroke it.”

“Was it hard?”

“Silly question, Ab, of course it was.”

Abby was silent for a while. She was still leaning against the kitchen table. Then she pressed her crotch into the pointed corner and asked, “Did you jerk off for her?”

Abby's neck was reddening, I could only imagine how flushed she was elsewhere. I didn’t reply just then, choosing to watch as her hips began to move in a very small circular way as ground her pussy against the table’s corner, trying to get off on my story.

“Did Kayla say anything during this time?”

"She certainly did. That's one nasty friend you've got there."

“OHHH!” Abby gasped involuntarily.

"That’s exactly what she said, Abby. You must know her really well.”

“Fuck you, you bastard!” Abby spat out. But I noticed she was putting even more pressure on her cunt with the corner of the table.

“Anyway, Kayla sat herself down on the steps and watched as I stroked my dick. Is this turning you on, Abby?”

"I … I don't want to hear this," Abby sobbed.

"Well, I don't think you have much of a choice in the matter, Ab. For that matter, I think you do want to hear about it. You do, don’t you, Ab?”

Abby didn’t respond verbally. But she kept touching the table top just in front of her where it was making an indentation in the crotch of her dress. She made a slight adjustment to her dress, but kept the corner of the table firmly pressed against her.

“I don’t mind if you need to touch yourself, Abby,” I said, not unkindly. She glanced into my eyes, and then at her hands and the corner of the table. She took several deep breaths, and managed to find a semblance of control.

After a short interval, Abby asked, "All right, you sick bastard. Then what happened?”

"Well," I told her, “I was almost there, you know?”

Abby nodded, she knew all right.

“But neither of us really wanted that, you know?”

“You fucked her on the stairs, didn’t you?” Abby said accusingly.

I decided to stall. “Well, I had her sitting on the stairs looking at my dick, Abby. And she is an attractive girl."

“You fucked her, didn’t you?”

“I told her to get down on all fours and show me her pussy."

"OH, CHRIST!” Abby sobbed and took a step back from the table.

“Abby?” I said, but she was somewhere else and didn’t hear me; at least not then.

Moments later, with trembling fingers, Abby pulled her dress up and brought her fingertips to bear on the gusset of her black panties.

“Abby?” I said again as her fingers began to move up and down, stroking her pussy through the fabric.

"It's okay," I whispered gently. "Touch yourself as much as you want."

Abby’s eyes were closed. She was panting with lust as her fingers slid past the black material and into her cunt.

“Should … should I go on about Kayla and me?”

“Yesssss,” she replied in a raspy, forlorn voice.

"So, Kayla got down on all fours on the steps in front of me, and I lifted up her skirt to see her pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties. She’d shaved her pussy. Did you know she did that?"

Abby didn’t dignify my question with an answer. I paused and watched as she masturbated. I had seen her do it before on several occasions. Fuck, we’d done it together at least twice.

“I put my face next to Kayla’s pussy and smelled her. She must have felt my breath on her or something, because she wriggled her ass just a little bit. So I asked her, “Do you want me to touch you?” Abby was panting raggedly as she rubbed her pussy at a faster pace.

“Ugh!” she grunted , seeking release. I continued talking in a low monotone so as not to disrupt my wife’s masturbating.

"So I licked my middle finger and slowly sent it into Kayla's pussy. Oh, she loved that, groaning aloud as I buried it in her pussy. Then I started fucking her with it, sliding it in and out, in and out..."

"Oh, God," Abby gasped, her eyeballs were rolled up in her head. Out of the blue, she asked, “Did she … did she have a tight pussy?”

“Yeah … she did, Ab. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting as I poked away at her. And I just had to pull my finger out and lick it to taste her juice."

"Like you do with me,” Abby moaned.

“Yeah, Abby, just like you.”

“How’d she taste? You did taste her, right?”

Abby’s fingers were flying by this time, surging in and out of her sodden cunt, squishy noises sounded with each and every thrust of her wrist as she sent her fingers flailing around in her gash.

“I found her kinda sweet. Have you ever tasted her?”

I learned a lot from her answer. “Noooo,” Abby groaned, and there was an undeniable longing in her drawn out protest.

"She's your best friend. You mean to tell me you never tasted her pussy?"

Abby shook her head: "No.... But I want ….” she stopped and began again. “No, I … haven’t.”

I filed her response away for the moment, and said, “I couldn't wait to feel my cock inside her."

Abby grabbed one of her breasts, tweaked the nipple with one hand, stroked her pussy with the other.

"Yeah," I said, "Keep going, honey. Make yourself cum."

Abby threw her head back and whimpered at my words.

I resumed my story, saying, “I pulled my finger out of Kayla's pussy only this time I offered it to her. She opened her mouth like a pond fish at feeding time---sucked it clean---really seemed to like it. Has she ever mentioned that kind of thing to you?”

Abby moaned. It was her loudest moan yet.

“I’d like to see Kayla lick your pussy, baby.”

Abby’s moans got even louder as she pummeled her pussy, and squeezed her left breast. The cords in her neck stood out. I saw drool trickling out of her mouth.

"Then," I whispered into Abby’s ear, “I had her turn around so that her ass was facing me and I slapped her on each cheek. I remember hearing a phone ringing in the apartment below and a female voice answering. I could smell Kayla’s arousal. God, it had a powerful pungent odor. I couldn’t remember being as hard as I was at that moment.”

“You bastard!” Abby whimpered as she started to shudder with her approaching climax while visualizing the scene I was depicting.

“You just cum, baby?” I inquired innocently.

“Fuck you!” Abby snarled, still fingering her sodden snatch.

“So, there I was with my cock at the mouth of her cunt, but she was so fucking tight I couldn’t get it in there.”

“You cocksucker!” Abby screamed at me as her orgasm swept over her, causing her knees to buckle and sink slowly to the floor. I knelt next to her and continued. “Kayla took me in one hand and used the other to spread herself apart for me. Jesus, it felt like a tight velvet glove, Ab. I really mean it.”

Abby didn’t wait for the orgasm to end, but renewed her frigging, grunting with renewed effort. I fished my cock out and lightly slapped Abby across the mouth with it. Her eyes shot open, and seeing what it was, yawed like a giant fish closing in on its prey. I kept talking about Kayla even as Abby began sucking the hell out of my dick.

Evidently the desire to hear what transpired between Kayla and me was too much for her and Abby took me from her mouth and asked, “Surely she said something when you entered her?”

"She kept saying 'fuck me,'" I answered, “And I just kept pounding it into her. She was loving every second of it, no lie.”

Abby kept stroking and sucking my dick. Her eyes riveted to the motion of her hand.

"I pulled out of her; had her sit down on one of the steps. We were still almost fully dressed, so I helped her take her clothes off. She’s the kind of woman that looks better naked than clothed, but I guess you must know that about her. “Anyway, she sat there waiting, liking the fact that I was devouring her with my eyes. She touched herself, pressing down on her clit.”

Taking me out of her mouth, Abby said, “I bet you loved that,"

“I did. I told her to spread her legs so I could see.”

“Did she?”

“Of course she did. Wouldn’t you have?”

“I don’t know … in public, you know?”

“You’re playing with yourself right now, Abby,” I said, and reminded her, “You had no problem handling my dick in the restaurant over the weekend. Anyway, we’re at home, not on a staircase.”

“It … it sounds so fuckin’ hot,’ she said breathing heavily.

“It was. I had to fuck her on the spot, and did.”

"Oh yeah," Abby whispered. "I bet you did."

“She was so wet, Abby … I was all the way in before I knew it. She wrapped those thighs around me and put her pelvis into overdrive. I swear to God I didn’t have to fuck at all. She did all the work.”

"Ohhhh, yeah ….” Abby purred, rubbing her pussy with renewed vigor. I think she came, but was never sure, but her little tuft of pubic hair was glistening with her juices. I really wanted to fuck my wife on the kitchen table then and there, but I had a story to tell, and so I continued.

"I looked down at Kayla's pussy as I fucked her; I saw her clean-shaven labia stretching around my wet, slippery cock. Oh, baby … I wish you'd have been there to see it, you'd have liked that, wouldn't you?"

Abby moaned, “Did you cum in her?”

“Not just then, no.”

“OHHH, YOU FUCK!” "Kayla dug her nails into my back, and I felt her tight sheath clenching my cock. She started to yell and I had to cover her mouth with my hand. I felt it was my turn and I began hammering it into her. Moments later she was cumming. She couldn’t form a coherent word, just babbled away.”

Abby came then, sitting on the floor, trembling all over as a pool of juices streamed out of her hole.

"OH, GOD!” Abby grunted and squirted again, this time I saw it all happen. I had never seen her do that before.

She started to laugh and giggle. “Look at me!” she croaked. “Look at me cum!”

“Yeah, you’re something else, Abby,” I said completely agreeing with her.

Abby stopped frigging herself, dropping her hands to her sides. I let about a minute pass. Abby continued sitting in place despite the fact that it now looked like she was sitting in a pool of her own urine. But we both knew what it was and neither of us commented on it. She smiled up at me, took note of my solid erection, and said, “I’ll bet you made her awfully sore with that big toy of yours. Tell me, how did she take it?”

“You know how she took it. I’ve already told you, Ab. I was already stroking myself. “I came inside her Abby. I didn’t use any protection. I might have impregnated her. Do you care?”

“No, not really.”

Her answer surprised me, but I kept whacking away and felt the semen churning up and out of my testicles.

“I’m gonna cum all over you, Abby!” I saw her eyes kind of glaze over as my orgasm hit.

"AHHHHHH!" I yelled as I started to ejaculate.

"FUCK YEAH!” The first rope of cum splattered off the bridge of her nose, a portion of which went directly into her right eye. She whimpered at the unwanted and slightly painful intrusion, but remained still as the remaining jets of cream hit her open mouth, tongue and chin, then slowly cascaded down to her left breast. I felt wonderful, totally elated and knelt down next to my wife and wiped some of the residue from her face while she rubbed her eye. Then I kissed her, tasting my semen in the process.

As I helped her to her feet, Abby asked, “So what happened next with you and Kayla?”

“We went into her apartment and fucked for about three hours."
"OHHH," Abby gasped, and started rubbing her pussy again. “I bet you fucked the hell out of her!”

“Oh yeah, I ate her out … just like this ….”

“Ohhh … Ohhh ...."

Forty minutes later --- “Wasn’t that fun, Abby?”

“Umm, it was, yeah ….”

“Well then, if you’re agreeable, let’s have her over.”


“Sure, let’s say, tomorrow night?”

Abby’s voice was subdued, but filled with excitement. “Okay.”

“And, I’d like to watch the two of you do it. Maybe I’ll join in, maybe I’ll just watch.”

“I’ll need a new outfit,” Abby said with a broad smile.
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