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A quiet night with Tina

A night with a dominant hotwife
The local pub on a Tuesday night is not exactly the place I imagined I would have found one of the dirtiest experiences of my life. A quiet, comfortable place with good beer and a friendly landlord it may well be; a cauldron of sex-craving women desperate for younger cock to show off in front of their husbands, well you just wouldn't believe it.

It was about 9pm and I was alone at the bar, nursing a pint and waiting for a friend who was already 30min late. I'd noticed a couple in the corner looking a little out of place for the establishment. He was dressed in a plain jeans and t-shirt, nothing out of the ordinary. On the other hand, she was dolled up as if she was going somewhere fancy, not just to the local. A slinky black, thigh length dress, nylons, fuck me heels, red lipstick and it was obvious that she'd taking some time to style her shoulder length, brunette hair. I assumed that she was waiting to head into town to meet up with friends or go to the theatre and he was just waiting with her.

Ten minutes had passed when I felt the vibration in my pocket indicating I'd received a text message. I dug my phone out and looked at the screen; it was my friend apologising profusely and saying he was stuck at work still and couldn't make it. I still had most of my pint left and I didn't plan on wasting a hard earned drink so I decided to stayed sat at the bar.

A few quiet minutes passed as I stared into my drink before I saw the woman from the corner sidle up next to me at the bar.

“Pint of Grolsh and a dry white wine please” she ordered of the barman, before turning and smiling at me. Our eyes met and I said hi casually before realising that she was really quite attractive. I had already turned my eyes away again before she put her hand on my shoulder.

“Friend let you down?” she asked me.

“Yep, I'm just going to finish my drink and head home” came my honest response.

“Why don't you join us, at least until closing?”

The thought of spending the rest of my evening with a couple of strangers wasn't really sounding great, especially as the ring on her finger clearly indicated they were married so my chances of scoring were significantly diminished.

The woman, sensing that I wasn't totally swayed rested her hand on my knee, leaned forward to whisper into my ear

“I promise we'll make it interesting for you.”

I nearly spat out my drink as I heard this and her hand wandered up my thigh.

“Sounds good” I agreed, hopping off my stool and walking back with her to their table.

“I'm James by the way”

“Nice to meet you James, I'm Tina and this is my husband Sean.”

As I sat down, Tina pulled her chair closer to mine and perched herself beside me making sure there was contact between us. I thought this was a little odd given that her husband was sat right there but Tina didn't seem bothered at all.

“Sean, why don't you get James a beer, he's nearly finished his” Tina's tone was firm, almost aggressive towards Sean but he wasn't phased or annoyed at all. With a quick “yes dear” he stood up and walked to the bar before I could even offer to pay.

I was keen to know why Tina was all dressed up so I came right out and asked her. The response I got was not what I expected at all. It turned out Tina wasn't going anywhere fancy at all.

“You noticed me though right?” Tina asked.

“I certainly did” I replied “you look fantastic if you don't mind me saying.

“I'm glad you like it, there's one more little surprise for you though”

My interest piqued “What's that then?”

Tina grabbed my hand, put it under the table and slid it up her leg to discover that she wasn't just wearing tights, but lace-topped stockings. My eyes widened as Tina looked up at me with a cheeky smile. She moved her hand back above the table but I left mine savouring the touch of the nylon and the lace on her firm thigh. This was almost too good to be true. What would Sean say when he got back to the table and found me with my hand up his wife's skirt? I was extremely excited but justifiably nervous at the same time.

The excitement was winning over any nerves though as I took a bold move and slid my hand further up Tina's thigh and onto her warm, smooth skin. I slipped just a little further until I was touching the fine lacy material of her underwear. After a couple of strokes with my little finger I spotted Sean coming back with my drink. Playing safety first, I removed my hand from Tina's skirt discretely and used it to take the cold drink from Sean, thanking him as I did.

With that, Tina stood up and announced that she was going outside for a cigarette and asked if I wanted to keep her company. I don't smoke but there was no way I was going to turn down the offer of being alone with Tina for a few minutes.

As it turned out, Tina doesn't smoke either. No sooner were we out the door, Tina took me by the hand and dragged me to a corner of the deserted pub garden, hopped up to sit on one of the bench tables and dragged me into a deep, passionate kiss.

“What about your husband?” I protested meekly.

“Don't worry about him, he's not allowed to do a thing.”

That sounded good enough for me as Tina's hands made their way to my waist line and started to loosen my belt. Slipping into my boxers with ease, Tina cooed as she felt my cock hardening to her exquisite touch.

“So you're coming home with me tonight then, to make good use of this?” Tina asked.

I could only nod. Tina was calling the shots now! She stood up and took me by the arm, walking me around the side of the pub, back into the street outside and away.

“What about Sean?” I asked.

“Forget him, I'm having you” came Tina's blunt reply.

I wasn't in the mood for arguing as we set off down the street. Bathed in the orange glow of the street lamps, Tina looked even more mischievous and sexy. My cock was straining at the inside of my jeans and I couldn't wait to get to her place. Mercifully I didn't have to wait long as, after just a few short minutes we arrived at a terraced house on a quiet suburban street not far from my own. As Tina's key turned in the lock my heart was almost pumping out of my chest with excitement. I followed her in to the hallway, closing the sturdy door behind me.

No sooner had I done so, Tina was on me, pinning me against a wall, hitching a leg up against my side and kissing me passionately. I gripped her thigh and pulled her against me as our tongues met in delicious swirls. My free hand ran around her back and started to lower the zip of her dress. Tina let the dress fall over her breast revealing a lacy black bra shaping large but firm looking breasts into perfect cleavage. Tina's leg dropped from my side as she stepped out of the dress all together allowing me my first glimpses of her perfectly curved figure and a thong that magnificently accompanied a peachy, taut derrière.

Tina kicked off her heels and grabbed my hand as she ran up the stairs heading straight to the master bedroom. After switching a bed-side lamp on, Tina unclipped her bra and jumped onto the bed landing on her back. Kicking her legs into the air, she reached to her waistband and slowly peeled off her thong revealing a neat and tidy pussy with just a few wisps of hair.

I was slightly gob-smacked, staring in awe at the beauty that lay naked but for a pair of black hold ups in front of me.

“I want to see you to” prompted Tina as I shook myself out of my erotic daze.

I quickly pulled off my top, unbuttoned my jeans, whipped my socks off and placed myself on the bed with Tina. My cock was already stiffer than it had ever been, which seemed to please Tina as she took it in hand straight away and guided it towards her immaculate red lips. I could almost have cum straight away as her tongue met the head and swirled around the tip with delicate precision. I was lost in pleasure when she slowly took me into her mouth.

I didn't think it was fair that I should have all the fun though so I decided that I would love to have a taste of her delicious looking pussy. Laying down beside her, Tina knew what I wanted and with a swift movement, we were in a 69 position and her warm mound was pressed up against my face. Flicking out my tongue for the first time rewarded me with the first taste of her scrumptious juices. From then on, all I could do was to roll my tongue back and forth across her hole and to her clit, occasionally plunging it deep inside her. It appeared that my frantic lust was having the desired effect though as she ground her hips down on my face and took me deeper and deeper into her willing mouth.

Tina took leave of my cock in favour of sitting up and riding my eager tongue. Seconds later she was moaning hard and filling my mouth with her warm juices as her orgasm rocked her.

Tina rolled herself off me and started to playfully toy with my penis with her nylon clad toes. Staring me in the eyes and giggling a little, she started to grip my cock with both feet moving them up and down in a slow jerking motion. The feeling of nylon against my sensitive cock was ecstasy.

Sensing that I was getting close to coming. Tina leapt up and over on to all fours, wiggling her pert ass teasingly for me. I didn't need and invitation so without hesitation, I lined myself up and sank deep into her. I stayed still for a second, savouring the feel of this warm, tight pussy as it contracted around me. Slowly I pushed as deep as I could in and ground my hips to feel every part of her. I started to thrust, slowly at first but picking up speed. I leaned over Tina and, cupping her right breast, pulled her up to be closer to me. My left hand nestled down to work on her clit as I continued to pound her from behind.

She was so wet and felt so good that I knew I wasn't going to last long. I felt like I owed it to her to make her come again so I continued to work my fingers as she guided me with her moans. I knew she was close as her body started to buckle and she fell back to her hands. Her pussy contracted around my cock as I felt her cum again. This tipped me over the edge and I couldn't hold myself any longer.

“Cum wherever you want, Sean will tidy up later” said Tina

With that, I pulled out and seconds later released several streams of sticky white cum across Tina's thighs, as Tina ticked my cock again with her feet.

The pair of us collapsed onto the bed to regain our breath. I heard a click of the front door and it sounded like Sean was home. I got up to retrieve my clothes and put them back on, all of a sudden feeling slightly more awkward.

“Don't worry about him” Tina said “just make sure he gives you enough money to get a cab home, I want to make sure you get back safe and sound because I plan on doing this again some time!”

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