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A Random Encounter?

Who knows who you'll find when you're not looking
Charlie had been working like a fiend for the past three months, trying to bring in 3 new projects and listening to his staff bitch and whine like a kindergarten class waiting for Christmas break. He wasn't sleeping well, losing his temper all the time and knew he needed to blow off some steam. So he decided to stop off for a couple of drinks before heading home to keep on working. He knew he was working too much, with little time for his personal life, but these things went in cycles and he knew that when these projects were complete he was in for a couple of months of down time. Still, he had to finish, and the Rock Bottom was just down the street.

He walked to the bar, and ordered a bourbon and water. He drank that one quickly, and asked for another. As he waited for the second drink he looked around the club. It had been a very long time since he'd been out by himself, but not much had changed. A bunch of people eating and drinking, talking too loud, trying to impress each other. Looking over the crowd his eyes were suddenly drawn to the voluptuous redhead sitting a few seats down the bar. He thought she looked familiar, but couldn't place her. Picking up his drink he moved down the bar to see who it was.

As Charlie slid onto a stool next to her Donna was starting to wonder what she was doing here. It had been years since she'd been to a bar, and if she wasn't dedicated to trying out new things she wouldn't be in this one. It was slightly embarrassing to be here by herself, but the two fuzzy navels were helping to relax her a little bit. She heard the stool next to her scrape across the floor and turned to see who was going to bother her now.

As she turned her head to look at him Charlie was struck speechless. Fiery blue eyes, pouty, sensuous, glistening lips and cute, upturned nose, all framed by flaming red hair, simply the most stunning face he'd ever seen. His drink was stopped halfway to his mouth, and he knew he must look like a complete idiot, mouth hanging open, staring at this woman, but he couldn't help himself. How long he stared he couldn't know and didn't care, he was drowning in those eyes, lost in the aura of sensuality that surrounded her.

He must have stared too long because Donna was thinking "God, what a complete jerk!", and spun away from him, dismissing him from her thoughts and getting ready to leave. She picked up her purse and grabbed her jacket, turning to leave when Charlie finally gathered himself enough to speak. "Excuse me," he stammered, "Idon'tusuallydothis, infactIdon'tevengetout much, andI'msorryifthissoundslikealine, butIswearit'snot, youaresimplythemostbeautifulwoman I'veeverseen, andifIdon'tatleasttryandtalktoyouIwon'tsleepforaweek". It all seemed to just fall out of his mouth at once, and now it was Donna's turn to stare as she tried to figure out what it was he just said. Before any of it made sense she could see his embarrassment as he blushed a deep red, but still he stared.

As she looked Donna was struck by something she couldn't put her finger on. Was it his brown eyes, broad shoulders, or just the fact that he was so obviously bad at talking to women that she was intrigued? She also noted that her panties had become uncomfortably damp in the last few minutes. So she sat back down and watched him smile, but his eyes never left hers,and he noted that hers never left his.

Neither one of them was good at small talk, but they did manage to learn each others' names. Charlie suggested they move to a booth, and after finding one Donna made a quick stop in the ladies room to freshen up. When she returned to the booth and slid in next to him, their eyes quickly sought each other again. This time instead of speaking, Charlie leaned in to kiss her, betting everything on this one shot. Caressing her lips with his, massaging the liquor from them, he waited for her to pull back and storm off. Instead her mouth yielded to his, lips parting to admit his tongue and then greedily sucking it in. The bourbon tingled slightly, the taste of it mingling with her schnapps. Then she felt him suck her tongue and lips into his mouth and he chewed them lightly as his hand move to her thigh.

Breaking the kiss briefly to look around, noticing the booth was in dark part of the bar and not really caring anyway, Donna pulled his head to hers and opened her mouth to invite his kiss. When her hand dropped to his leg to squeeze his thigh Charlie nearly jumped up out of the booth in surprise. Instead he began to massage her leg under her skirt, slowly moving his hand up higher and higher under the table. When she didn't protest he kept on going and was shocked to find she had no panties on. She must have removed them when she went to the ladies room. Pulling his head back to look at her he could see the evil grin on her face and the pleasure she was taking from his shock and surprise. To answer her smirk Charlie drove two fingers deep into her wet pussy and watched her face flush with sudden pleasure. But Donna gave as good as she got, grabbing his growing hard on through his pants and squeezing it with a rhythm that would quickly cause problems if she didn't stop soon.

"There's a Ramada just down the street" Charlie managed to choke out, trying hard not to let the sensations in his balls get the best of him. Donna just looked at him and said "Okay". With no more conversation they left the bar to walk the two blocks down to the hotel. Once outside the club Charlie led them down a back alley between two office buildings, knowing the shortcut would get them there faster. Instead, halfway down the alley he stopped, pushed Donna up against the wall, fell to his knees between her legs, and buried his face in her sopping pussy. The cold air, quickly replaced by Charlie's hot mouth sent a shock through her entire body, and she thrilled to the possibility of being caught. But instead of stopping him Donna leaned back against the wall, threw one leg over Charlie's shoulder, and ground her mound into his face while pulling the back of his head hard into her gyrating cunt.

Charlie ran his tongue the entire length of her slit, from clit to asshole. He sucked her clit between his lips and drummed on it with his tongue. He could feel each wave of pleasure surge through her every time he flicked that magic button. He sucked her swollen pussy lips into his mouth and traced their outline while grasping them lightly with his teeth before letting them pull back out. He drove his hot probing tongue against her puckered asshole, causing a small scream to escape Donna's throat. He drank the juice that ran from her pussy and sank his tongue as deeply as he could into her, fucking her with it. Donna thrust herself against his face, the alternating cold of the air and the heat of his mouth assaulting her pussy with overwhelming pleasure. Between the action of Charlie's eating her out and the thrill of being in public, Donna reached her limit quickly. She grabbed his head and jammed it against her mound. Charlie drove his tongue as deep as he could then moved up, sucked her clit into his mouth, and using lips, tongue, and teeth drove her over the edge. He couldn't breathe as she clasped his head to her crotch, her hips rolling to mash her overheated pussy into his face. Wave after wave of orgasm washed over her, and floods of cum ran from her box over Charlie's lips and chin. He continued to massage her lips and clit, even as he felt the spasms beginning to subside. With another couple of licks Charlie made sure he cleaned up every drop of cum from her pussy. By now Donna had relaxed against the wall and Charlie stood up to kiss her. She greedily sucked the pussy juice from his lips and licked it from his chin. She was turned on by tasting herself on his mouth. Her tongue probed his mouth to get every last taste she could and just before she broke the kiss she reached down to grab his straining cock through his pants.

Charlie was eager now to get to the hotel and sink his rod deep into her. Donna had other ideas though. She was excited about the possibility of being seen from one of the office buildings, in fact she secretly hoped someone did see. She unzipped Charlie's pants and freed his throbbing cock. Not letting the cold air hit it she engulfed the entire shaft in one gulp. He felt it slam into the back of her throat and his knees buckled. If he hadn't been leaning against the building he'd probably have fallen over. He kept looking around to make sure they weren't seen, but as Donna drove the tip of her tongue into the slit of his dick he suddenly didn't care anymore. All he could think of was the sensations her mouth was creating on his cock. She sucked on the shaft, scraped the head with her teeth, and circled the head with her lips and tongue. He tangled his hands into her hair and pulled her to him, driving to the back of her throat. They both moaned when he hit bottom, and he could feel her throat close around him.

The heat of her mouth was unbearable and she sucked in her cheeks to completely enfold his straining cock in her hot, soft, wet, and hungry mouth. Charlie began thrusting into her throat, shuddering as he felt the length of his rod sliding over her lips and tongue. Then she grabbed the shaft with her hand, sucked the head into her mouth, and began pumping for all she was worth. Every inch of his dick was buried in her, and she was merciless in trying to make him shoot off. Her head was flying up and down, and her hand squeezed tighter and tighter. Every once in a while she'd move her hand and drive the length of his cock deep into her throat. Every time he hit bottom Charlie groaned in intense pleasure and he began to beg for release. Donna continued her incredible attack and he knew it was almost over. Grabbing her head he was literally fucking her mouth and Donna was more than keeping up. Her head and hand worked in perfect synchronization, urging him towards orgasm. Suddenly every muscle in Charlie's body tensed, his balls pulled up tight, and he thrust his cock as deep into Donna's mouth as he could. Cum erupted out of him and down her throat, she swallowed quickly to keep up. Still her hand pumped his rod and another jet of cum splattered on her tongue. A third spasm sent one more shot of white hot liquid into her mouth, and his orgasm began to subside. Not wanting to make a mess, Donna continued to milk his balls and lap up one or two more drops of his cum. She kept sucking his cock as it started to shrink, each lick causing him to shudder in pleasure. When his hard on was completely gone she tucked it back into his pants and then stood to gently kiss his mouth. The faint taste of his own cum kept the buzz going for another minute or so, and they relaxed in each other's arms up against the building.

"So I guess we should be going home now" said Charlie. Donna answered "yeah,the kids are probably waiting". Charlie looked at her one more time and spoke softly "I love being married to you." "Me too babe" Donna answered as they headed for their car.
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