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A Sunny Day

She daydreams about sunshine, feeling good, sucking, and her pussy being licked
A Sunny Day

I have been hanging around all day, just daydreaming and not getting anything done. I have tons of work to do, but I just can’t seem to get started. It all started this morning when he was still home. It was one of those times when he gets up behind me against the kitchen counter, pressing himself against my back, nibbling the back of my neck and reaching around to feel my breasts, squeezing and fondling them.

But somehow, today has been different. Maybe it’s the sunlight streaming in everywhere and lighting up this house in the treetops, with all the windows open and all you can hear is the birds chirping and pecking, and singing.

Usually it makes me tense when he feels them, but somehow today it made me feel good. I think I started to feel like I wanted him to do more, even knowing that it always leads to intercourse (fucking, as he likes to call it), well almost always. Today I wanted more, I don’t know why.

I wish he’d come home and hold me close some more, just hold me tight. Yes, he can squeeze my breasts and press his cock into my backside. He sometimes feels my ass and my pussy, which is a strange conflict, because I like the sexual feelings but I hesitate to let it happen. He wants me to feel his cock through his pants, and I really like that a lot, too. It’s thick and warm, and hard for me. Why can’t I just forget the responsibilities and let it flow for once? Hmm, I’m really feeling good.

He said that after I go shopping and come home tired and need a nap, we’d take a nap together, and wake up and he’d take a Viagra, and we’d cuddle and caress, and that would lead to sex. It’s been very nice of late when we hug in bed and then he gets hard and we either do a partnered hand-job, or we’d put his cock in my pussy. I don’t mind the interruption for us to get all rinsed up, both of us, and use our mouths on each other.

Today, who knows, I might like to have my pussy licked! I sometimes get very excited when he licks me, putting his tongue deep into me, sucking the fleshy lips into his mouth, getting really warm and juicy. Once in a while I get very hot and I orgasm, with noise and waves of pleasure starting in my pussy and going to every part of my body! I get extra pleasure when he lets his semi-hard cock dangle against my ass and pussy while I’m rubbing with my fingers, and rides on my backside. I can feel his warm and furry balls in there too.

Last week he put his fingers into my pussy and then into my mouth, letting me taste the strange scents of my own juices, which made it even more special.

I know he wants me to put his penis in my mouth and suck it more, but that is not usually much enjoyment for me. It’s not a problem; I don’t dislike it or find it repulsive, I just don’t get a lot of pleasure out of it. Maybe if I think of it as an extension of him, his body, and let myself just taste it and roll it around in my mouth, I will enjoy it more. He says that I am “getting better” at sucking it, and I also know that if he comes, it will be something special for both of us, but it seems to take too long to get there. I do love it though when I get cum on me, especially on my breasts. That is a nice feeling. Imagine what it would be like to have it gush into my mouth, salty I think?

So, I am floating around the house waiting for him to come home, to take a nap, to the kissing we have been doing lately. The kissing has escalated to a high level of intimacy, with lips, tongues, and really intense feelings. I can’t wait to wake up from this nap, have a hug, making his cock hard, sliding his cock into me, and feeling the coming!
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