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A Timely Introduction Ch 3: Little Willie and the Exhibitionist

He would never know it, but we would henceforward refer to him fondly as Little Willie
About a week after our evening with Mark, Alicia got a call from her sister in St Louis. I was watching the baseball game when the call came and knew something was wrong by the sound of my wife’s replies. After a few moments she retreated to the bedroom with the phone and left me to watch the game. It was almost two hours later when she emerged from the bedroom and came to sit by me.

“Jim left Marcie,” she stated matter-of-factly.

“Why”, I asked, surprised.

Alicia shrugged.

“He has some bimbo on the side and decided to move in with her. Marcie is pretty torn up by it. She cried the whole time we were on the phone.”

We discussed this some more before getting ready for bed. Later, as we lay in bed cuddling, I asked Alicia if she wanted to arrange a long weekend and go to see her sister.

“Oh that would be great!” she said. “I am really worried about her.”

Marcie was ecstatic when Alicia announced the trip. We left about 1 am on Wednesday and told Marcie we would be at her place for a late breakfast on Thursday. We had barely hit the freeway before Alicia was asleep in the seat next to me. The last few days had been exhausting for her so I was glad to see her rest. I drove without incident for about 3 hours, but then began to have some trouble keeping my eyes open. I turned the radio on.

We often travel and I do most of the driving, so I have learned that these bouts of white-line fever come as much from boredom as from tiredness. The solution I have found is to keep your mind actively interested in something. Unfortunately for me, the radio wasn’t doing it. The sun had just dawned and the night time darkness had given way to what appeared to be a sunny day. We were traveling on a weekday so the traffic was mostly truckers ushering their rigs to yet another drop point.

As we passed one of these trucks I noticed the driver watching us, his attention focused on my wife. This intrigued me so I looked over at Alicia to see what was so interesting. She was wearing a light top that fit loosely and had a low neckline. Under the top she had on one of her lightweight lacy bras. These things are so thin that her nipples show when they harden. I looked at her as she slept facing forward with her head lying on her side. Her nipples did not show, but her top had slid down revealing a bra-covered breast. That must have been what interested the trucker. Big deal, I thought.

Then I got an idea. I reached over and gently pulled her left breast out from under the bra. Tucking the bra underneath I then pulled the top back over her. I did the same with the other breast, amazed that she didn’t wake up. Her nipples woke up however, hardening beneath the thin top and clearly visible.

We have double sunroofs on our car, so it was easy for me to see the truck drivers as we passed. The very next one saw us coming in the mirror and was paying close attention. As we passed, he turned toward us, nodded at me with a smile, and then stared at Alicia’s chest. A shiver ran up my spine as I realized this was turning me on.

The trucker picked up speed and stayed with us for a bit and during that time Alicia awoke. She looked at me, and then must have felt the difference in her chest wear. She looked down at the get-up, then back at me before looking to the right and seeing the smiling trucker. She smiled back at him, then lay back, letting him look.

“Having fun?” she chided me.

“Just trying to stay awake, “I replied.

She giggled, “Should I go back to sleep?”

“If you do I’m going to show them all’” I threatened.

She thought about that. “Might be fun, “she finally replied.

I needed no other encouragement. The truck had finally slowed and fallen behind us. Reaching over I exposed her entire chest, tucking the material from her top under her breasts. The result was incredible. Her breasts lifted from her chest before cascading over the top of her blouse, reaching toward her stomach, gently widening before tapering off like teardrops. Her nipples erupted from them standing firm, almost in a salute to anyone astute enough to look, her dark aureoles with their tiny milk nodules lending texture to the tautened skin around them. The contrast of the white skin on her blue blouse made the pink nipples stand out, bold and inviting. I’ve seen my wife naked and in all kinds of poses over the years, but she never looked more lovely than on that busy stretch of freeway on that spring day.

My cock literally leaped. I quickly adjusted its angle as it soared toward hardness. We passed another truck a few moments later. Alicia had returned to her previous position and it was obvious from the face in the mirror that he saw us coming. I adjusted my speed so that we would pass by slowly, allowing him, it was a man, a good look. His eyes bugged out as we drove by. When we were directly across from him, Alicia looked over at him, offering a huge smile and a slight wave. I just nodded. Both of us were trembling with excitement.

We passed truck after truck that morning, giving each of them a private showing. Most saw us and responded in one way or another. Some were busy on the phone or talking with their passengers. We giggled together about what they were missing. Alicia kept count and soon reported that we had passed a total of 43 trucks. I commented to her that not one of those drivers lost control or did anything unsafe.

Around 5 am, with only a couple of hours to go, we stopped at a trucker’s stop for some breakfast. We were ahead of schedule despite the distractions so we decided to take our time and have a nice rest.

The restaurant was lightly populated with 4-5 tables being used. The big man behind the counter told us to sit wherever we wanted so we chose a booth at the back of the restaurant. A short chubby waitress took our order and before long, our food was in front of us, and we began to eat.

I was sitting across from Alicia and facing the door, so I saw him enter before she knew anything was up. He was one of the drivers we had passed earlier this morning. I remembered his bright yellow cap. I decided not to say anything and see how this went down.

He saw us and after a moment, sauntered over to our table.

“Excuse me,” he drawled, his southern accent readily apparent.

“I’m sorry to bother you folks, especially since you are eating, but I am looking for a little company and thought maybe we could work out some kind of deal. “

I was hesitant, not understanding what he wanted. He continued before I could say anything though.

“You see it gets kinda lonely sitting in the rig all day long, so I’d be willing to pay for your meals, just for the chance to chat with you for a while.”

I relaxed. I didn’t believe his line; he was certainly talking to us because of Alicia’s tits were vivid in his mind, but he wasn’t dangerous.

“Alright," is all I said.

He sat down next to Alicia, then motioned for the waitress to bring him some coffee.

“Aren’t you going to order breakfast?” Alicia asked.

“Naw, I have sandwiches packed in the truck. I just wanted a coffee break.

We talked while Alicia and I ate and he turned out to be a very entertaining conversationalist, regaling us with tales of his exploits on the road. Finally though, he came to where I knew he would.

“Those tits of yours are really something,” he told my wife.

Alicia smiled over her coffee cup.

“I know,” she replied.

“I sure was pleasantly surprised to see that those lovely orbs were out to play. I want you to know the CB radio has been buzzing all morning about the seat cover with no cover.”

We both smiled at the lingo.

“I was wondering,” he continued, “whether I might get a closer look at them.”

“You can even touch them,” my wife replied.

I was surprised. Obviously she had taken a liking to this guy. Right there, in the restaurant she pulled her breasts out of their confines and draped them over blouse once more. I glanced around the restaurant. No one had noticed yet, but they would I was sure. I began to get hard again.

Willie, our new trucker friend lost no time. He turned his body toward her, grasped a breast in each hand and began fondling them gently.

“Oh, they feel lovely! So nice and soft.”

He kept up the banter as he played, his body blocking Alicia from view to the rest of the patrons. Suddenly he leaned forward and put my wife’s right breast into his mouth. She moaned slightly as he sucked it. His other hand had disappeared beneath the table. Moments later I heard the distinct sound of a zipper opening. With me sitting there watching and without asking, he took Alicia’s hand and guided it below the table. Alicia confirmed later that he had indeed placed her hand on his exposed cock.

“Oh, that feels so good darling,” Willie moaned.

I had two issues at this point. First, I didn’t want all of the men in the restaurant to discover us and then decide to join in. Second, I wanted to join in. I glanced around again and this time caught sight of a sign on the other side of the restaurant. It read, sleeping rooms for rent. Hourly Rates. Alicia had her head back, eyes closed, but I was able to catch Willie’s eye.

“Be right back.”

He nodded.

I got up and went to the counter. The big guy sauntered over.

“Need a room please.”

He nodded as if to say, of course.

“That’s 25 bucks

I paid, got a key and headed back to the booth.

“Hey guys. I got us a room.”

Alicia looked at me with bright eyes. Willie smiled. They tucked themselves up down below but when Alicia wanted to pull her top up I stopped her. “

“Why not let em out?”

Willie agreed.

“Yeah, we’ll make sure nobody molests you darling.”

So Willie and I stood on either side of Alicia as we crossed the restaurant. She took her first look around and blushed a little when she saw all the admiring eyes. I walked next to her, proudly. After all, no matter whom she flashed or fucked, at the end of the day I was the slob that got to take her home.

We made it to the little hallway without incident. We found our room and quickly closed the door behind us. I took Alicia in my arms as Willie watched. I kissed her deeply, my tongue darting in to play with hers. Then I turned her toward Willie and pulled her blouse over her head. Next, I undid her bra, letting it drop to the floor.

Willie stepped up and began to caress her breasts, his thumbs and lips moving from nipple to nipple. I undid her shorts from behind and pulled them, along with her thong, to the floor. She stepped out of them, then pulled back from Willie.

Okay, my turn to look. She instructed us to stand side by side, then strip. She watched as our shirts, then our pants fled. Watching her I saw a small frown appear. I still had my underwear on but when I looked at Willie, I saw he was already naked as newborn. Then I spotted what was making her frown. Willie was sporting the smallest penis I had ever seen. Fully hard as he was he couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 inches. Although he would never know it, from this moment on Alicia and I referred to him fondly as “Little Willie.”

He seemed to take it in stride though.

“I know,” he said smiling ruefully. “ I ain’t the biggest cat in town. But trust me love, I make up for it in other ways.”

Alicia smiled warmly at him while I wondered briefly how he planned to “make up for it.”

She laid on the bed, her tits stretching heavenward and each of us took a side. We began by sucking her breasts. She moaned as each nipple was captured in a different pair of lips. Then I took both breasts as Willie went exploring down under. I could feel her pulse quicken as he opened her and sucked her clit to fullness.

When I glance his way I saw his mouth and hands working swiftly and in concert on her. A finger in her vagina, then over to her anus while his mouth tongued. I have never seen any man coordinate his hands and mouth so well.

She quickly began moaning, then took my dick into her mouth. As she squirmed under Willie’s care she gently bit my penis, clamping her teeth onto the shaft just below the head, then quickly releasing and licking the tip. This was new and I wondered where she had learned it. It felt great and I was soon ready to cum. The last time I had announced the fact that I was ready, but this time I merely unloaded.

She swallowed quickly as she continued to moan loudly. Willie had entered her at some point and was now pounding her furiously. I watched as my cock went limp. With is penis inside her, his hands continued to massage and entertain. He had one thumb on her clit massaging it in time with his strokes. His other hand was on his member with a finger splayed on each side. As he entered her each time he ran his fingers up into her along with his cock.

It was the most unconventional fuck I’d ever seen. But it was working. Alicia began bucking, challenging him to stay with her as she rode out the orgasm. He was right behind, changing pace to adjust for the pressure release. With a loud cry, the two of them crossed the finish line, collapsing afterward.

Alicia lay there gasping, and I knew suddenly that Willie had done all he said he would. We have talked about Little Willie many times since that day and she still maintains that Willie was every bit as good as any other man….except me. She says I am sensational in bed. I don’t know if I believe that entirely, but I like adulation so I play along.

When we opened the room to peek out, the owner was waiting.

“Shouldn’t have made so much noise,” he said. “You got a roomful of men wanting to take turns. You’d best take the back way out.” He pointed to the door on the far side of the hall.

Willie bade us a quick farewell and headed out. I shook the manager’s hand thanking him for the heads up, but Alicia did me one up. Taking his big paw into her hand she shoved it down into her shorts. Then taking his other hand she placed it inside her top. She looked straight at him as he groped her for a few minutes. When she backed away, he reluctantly released her. Then she smiled sweetly at him and retreated down the hall with me.


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