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A Timely Introduction Chapter 5: Her Sister's Desire

She was ready for a real man....

I awoke to the feel of lips on the head of my cock. The memory of my sister-in-law getting naked and jumping into bed with me filled my thoughts suddenly. I looked down, half afraid it was her. But it was Alicia, my wife for almost 30 years. She was coaxing me awake in a way she had never done before. I groaned, letting her know it was working. She looked up at me, her eyes sparkling. She didn’t release me however, and in a few moments her hands and mouth had me ready to cum. I reared up when it started and she pulled her lips from me. Guiding my cock she pointed it at her bare chest. In moments I covered her with my seed. She dropped my withering cock and began to rub the stuff into her breasts, the creamy liquid glistening against her tanned body.

“Good Morning sleepy head,” she said finally.

I looked over at the clock. 11:15. I remembered the long night and remembered we had gotten home at 4 a.m.

“I can’t remember the last time I stayed out so late,” I commented ruefully.

“But we had sooo much fun,” she replied.

I studied her a moment. There’s little in this world I love more than this woman, but lately we’d been setting new heights. Her blonde hair was in disarray, her facial features relaxed and not at all tense. She was content I realized.

“Did you?” I asked

She gazed at me calmly, knowing what I asked.

“Yes. I was nervous, though. In fact, I almost broke the whole thing up when I saw you playing with her tits. But, honey, you gave me a gift when you brought Mark home, and I wanted to repay that.

“How did you get into the closet?”

“I snuck past while you were kissing Pamela. It wasn’t hard. You two weren’t exactly looking around,” she teased.

“How did you like the play action?” I wondered if she enjoyed it as much as I had.

“It’s funny, like I said, I was jealous at first. But after a while, I actually began to enjoy watching. “Her eyes twinkled, “especially the look on your face when Marcie got undressed. It was hilarious watching you trying not to look or touch.”

She came to me then, and cuddled up next to me. We didn’t talk for a while. Finally though, I had to ask.

“You planned that didn’t you?”

She giggled. “Yes. Marcie didn’t want to do it, but I invoked sister privileges. I’m glad I did too. She’s been hurt so bad and could use a safe haven.”

“And I am a safe haven?”

“Of course. I said I didn’t mind sharing, and I meant it.”

“Well, I wish she’d shave,” I said in a failed attempt at humor. She just slapped me lightly.

We got up later and Alicia made some sandwiches. Marcie came out when Alicia called and together we ate lunch. Marcie was quiet and moody, but Alicia would have none of it. She chattered on and on about the previous evening and soon had Marcie giggling when she role-played Jim’s entrance. Finally, Marcie asked what we planned to do today.

Alicia responded. “Bob is going to clean up the kitchen while you and I do some girl stuff. Then we’re going to put some tan on that pasty skin of yours." Marcie readily agreed and I thought maybe she realizes she’s been neglecting herself.

I cleaned the kitchen, then donned swim trunks and headed for the patio. By the time the girls came out I had arranged 3 lounge chairs and was filling the middle one with my large frame. They arrived wearing robes, giggling and with the ingredients for Bloody Mary’s in their arms. Alicia had me mix us each one. Then they removed the robes and settled down in the lounge chairs. Marcie had taken the center one that I had been sitting in. I sat to her left and Alicia to her right. The girls wore bikinis, one red and one white and I admired the view while they settled in. It reminded me of the peeper from yesterday and I wondered if Alicia was up to something again. I tanned for a while, but then decided to see if he was looking.

I really am not much of a tanning type and had brought a book along. I sat up now using the pretext that I was bored and wanted to read. I arranged the lounge for sitting, then settled in. Pretending to read, I watched until, about 5 minutes later, the drape moved and our man stood in the window. He apparently thought no one was watching because he had opened the drapes and stood fully in view. Just then Alicia asked if I would add some lotion to her. Both ladies were sunning their back sides and I willingly went to my wife to help out. I began rubbing the sun tan oil in at her ankles and worked up enjoying the feel of her sides and back. I reached beneath her bikini bottom when I got to it, rubbing her near her vagina but not actually touching it. I wanted the kid to watch me touch her there. After a bit of that, I continued upward. When I reached her bikini, she reached back and undid the string. I immediately smiled, thinking of what she was doing to the young man in the window. I continued rubbing lotion making sure to massage the side of her breasts.

When I was done, I began to go back to my seat.

“Hon,” she turned slightly onto her side, exposing her left breast. “Why don’t you do Marcie too?”

“Marcie looked up at that, a mixture of emotions on her face. I smiled at her and said,

“My pleasure.”

She let it go at that and I began to rub her in.

“Be sure to give her the same treatment you gave me,” my wife instructed.

I was working her thighs by this time and paused long enough to glance at my wife. She was smiling wickedly and I knew the game was on.

I worked upward until I was at her bottoms, then gently lifted the material and shoved my hands inside. She rose up, looking first at me, then at Alicia. Alicia smiled at her. I hadn’t touched her anywhere private, so she let it slide and settled back as I gently rubbed her cheeks.

I attacked her crack next. She was beginning to get into it and left me to it. I ran my forefinger back and forth along her, gently applying pressure to part her flesh. She clenched her muscles though and denied me entrance. Next, I moved up to just above her bottoms, gently rubbing the oil. Again I put my hands inside her bottom and when she didn’t stop me, I lowered them until the top of her cheeks were exposed. I rubbed her crack again and this time she spread her legs slightly so I could pass. I ran my finger to her asshole and rubbed the oil over the puckered skin. Her breathing quickened as she felt my finger on her opening and my oily hands gliding around her cheeks.

I was very interested now and tried to delve further, but again, she denied me, clenching her muscles suddenly. I gave up and moved up her back slowly and sensually I hoped, rubbing every inch of her. I would reach all the way down her sides until the lounge chair prevented me from going further. Then I would return to her back, lathering it and rubbing.

Alicia stirred just then. She got up, holding her top in place. She told us she needed to get something, but that we should keep going.

“You look hot!” she whispered to Marcie, as she went into the house.

I continued to massage Marcie. When I got to her bikini top, untied it and let it fall to the side. She seemed to sink further into the chair and her hands came up holding the top at her sides. I thought about last night and wondered if the liquor had given her courage. She sure had none today.

I kept going, occasionally challenging her by rubbing next to her hands, trying to get to those breasts. She relented somewhat and lowered them, letting me stroke the sides of her breasts but keeping her hands on the lounge in case I delved further. I ignored her and spent a good amount of time rubbing what I could access. Her breathing was ragged now, so I moved up and onward. I spent some time on her shoulder blades teasing the tenseness out of them. She was relaxing bit by bit now that I was past the good parts. I rubbed her neck and the back of her head to finish the job. As I did so, I glanced back up at the neighbors. The kid was there. His hand was inside his shorts as he watched me seduce my sister-in-law.

Alicia appeared in the window behind him suddenly. She was completely naked. She looked out at us a moment, then placed her hand softly onto the young man’s shoulder. He spun, his hand flying out of his shorts as he took a small step back. She faced him, smiled and took his hands into hers. She said something then and I imagined she had just introduced herself.

She placed his hands on her breasts. I could see the shock on his face. Then she began to undo his shorts. Soon his cock was hanging out and she was massaging him in the window. .

I leaned forward and nuzzled Marcie near her ears, my hands on her shoulder, trying to get her to turn over. She resisted. I leaned in more and stuck my tongue into her ear. She jerked her head away, then looked back at me.

“Bob, please, Wh-what if Alicia regrets letting us do this?”

I wasn’t aware she had spoken with Marcie about it but I went with it.

“Look at your neighbor’s window,” I said.

She looked over at the fence, then up as she searched for the window. Alicia was on her knees, her blonde hair flowing freely behind her, her lips surrounding the young man’s cock. Her hand was encircling his balls, squeezing. Marcie gasped as she watched him place his hands on her head.

“Let’s not spend all our time peeking,” I said gently pressuring her again to turn over. This time she let me turn her body. She settled onto her back, her breasts flattening onto her chest. I ignored them and gently massaged her temples. She began to relax again so I leaned down and kissed her. She parted her lips slightly but I resisted the urge to stick my tongue through concentrating on her lips instead. I began to alternate between massaging above her chin and kissing her.

After a few moments I gently place a hand on her right breast. I massaged her nipple, rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. She was perfectly docile now so I went to work on her chest. I love breasts and spend a great deal of time with my wife’s. I took my time with Marcie’s using both my hands and mouth to titillate and awaken the desires I knew she had. I realized that I had coveted this woman for years and I felt the excitement that accompanies forbidden fruit. Her nipples hardened quickly, their color deepening as she thrust them at me. She put her hands behind my head, gently directing the action, moaning as I nibbled and sucked. The seduction was clearly over and we stepped into the forbidden territory with a boldness borne of desire.

I felt her hand touch my inner thigh, then slide up into my swim trunks. She grabbed my balls, her fingers exploring, their coolness touching me here, then there. She finally grabbed the entire sack, then slid her fingers down and pinched my skin lightly. The pain, slight though it was caused an incredible reaction to my already swollen cock. It leaped against my suit, straining to get out. I stepped back and quickly removed them.

As I moved back to Marcie, I glanced to the neighbors again. They had switched places and Alicia was now being eaten by thoroughly smitten young man. She was so involved in him that she paid no attention to what I was doing to her sister. I turned back to Marcie, looking at her entire body for the first time. I smiled then as the “girl stuff” they had done earlier became obvious. Her pussy was completely and freshly shaven. It stood before me white and succulent and I had to have it.

I put my genitals back in reach and she immediately grabbed my cock. She began stroking me.

Placing one hand on her chest I massaged a breast while I moved lower with my mouth. Kissing my way down her taut stomach, feeling her muscles contract and release almost rhythmically as I approached the Promised Land. It was getting hard to keep myself in her grasp while hunting pussy so I asked her to move over. I lay next to her silently thanking Jim for buying such large and sturdy patio furniture. I put my head to her quivering lips. Lifting her leg over my head I opened her up. I inhaled deeply, reflecting as I smelled her that I could probably tell her and Alicia apart if blindfolded. They just didn’t smell the same.

She had hold of me again but this time I felt the softness of her lips as she just barely brushed the tip of my cock.

I spread her lips with my fingers, pausing a moment to look and her pink and twitching clit. Then I took it into my mouth sucking and licking.

Her lips finally touched my cock, their fullness felt as she took the head into her mouth, gently lathering it with her tongue.

She paused there, and I knew my attention to her clitoris was affecting her. She thrust her hips up urging me on. I lengthened the stroke of my tongue, now including the entrance to her vagina in my journey. She lay there still until I shoved the tip of my tongue into her vagina.

She spread her legs wide and took all of me into her mouth. Clamping down firmly she stroked me with her lips, then added her hand to the party. Her hand continued to stroke while she sucked my head. I was in delirium, wondering where in God’s name she had learned to suck cock so well. Alicia had only recently begun to like it.

I checked on her and found her leaning over, her face and hands pressed to the glass as the young man pumped her from behind. She smiled at me when I looked.

I attacked Marcie’s cunt with new zeal, sticking a finger up her ass for good measure. We were both breathing heavy now and my leisurely seduction became frantic as we headed to the final turn.

She released my cock, gasping as I shoved my tongue into her vagina while shoving my finger up her anus.

I took that moment to spin around placing myself into the missionary position. I set my cock against her lips but she grabbed it from me and began massaging herself with it. I could feel the juices mingling as the slick pre-cum oiled us down.

Finally, she put me at the opening. I moved forward slowly, allowing myself to fill her a little at a time.

Her eyes were closed and I stopped my head just past her tight lips. She opened her eyes, giving me a frustrated look. I smiled, then looked toward the neighbors.

They must have finished already for they stood facing us, completely naked, her hand stroking him and his playing with a breast. She smiled at me and waved. I took that to be her final word on the matter and turned to Marcie.

“I just want you to know, “I rasped, “that I love you. Next to your sister, you are the most sensual, sexy and vibrant woman I have ever known. He was a fool to let you go. “

She sobbed suddenly, and I took her. Pushing my entire length into her, I watched as her tear filled eyes turned to me appreciatively.

“I owe you guys so much…”

“Shh..I said. “Just fuck me, sister.”

I was buried deep inside her and she wrapped her legs around me drawing me in. Her arms followed as she drew me near and kissed me. I felt her tongue in my mouth and shared the kiss with her.

Then she pushed me back and grabbed my nipple with her hand. She used her fingers to massage it as I began to pull out. We quickly set up a rhythm, her hips raising to meet me each time I thrust into her.

The head of my cock was throbbing as we continued to mesh our bodies, our need for each other apparent to all who watched. She unfolded her legs and began to rub her lips against my groin. I acknowledged her increased urgency and began pounding into her.

I felt my own climax begin and knew we were both close. Leaning forward, I captured her right nipple into my mouth. I dispensed with gentleness and sucked hard.

She began to orgasm, bucking and writhing as it hit. She inhaled quickly, then let out a screeching moan. Her hips undulated and her lips clamped back onto mine, sticking her tongue into my mouth as she moaned. I grabbed her tongue with my lips and sucked it like I had her nipple.

She put her hands behind my head and held me there, her cunt rubbing wildly against me. Finally, she let out a sigh and went limp.

I had been doing my best to hold back and now drove into her with all my force, my cock spewing into her hot hole. I shortened my strokes but pumped hard, my balls slapping her ass as I unloaded into her. I released her mouth and reared up and as the final spurts came I grabbed her breasts squeezing hard. Finally, I was spent.

I released her, realizing too late she would probably bruise. Leaning down I kissed her on the lips gently, like a lover.

“Thank you lovely lady,” I whispered. “You were magnificent.”

She just smiled. For the first time in minutes I thought of my wife. I looked up to the window, but she was gone. The young lad stood there alone, his flaccid penis hanging free in front of him. I wondered if he knew he’d just fucked my wife. Probably, I decided, knowing Alicia. In fact, by this time tomorrow, as we drove home, he would probably be right here, anxious to ride the sister, trying to outdo the old man.

I nodded at him, an acknowledgement of his prowess. He smiled, and returned the nod. Some things are better left unsaid


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