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A Timely Introduction...Chapter 2

A Pleasant End to Monogamy
After what had just happened, I was amused at the shyness Alicia and Mark displayed as the greeted each other. I decided to move the conversation along.

“Mark, could you stand a beer?”


We had been in the hot tub for more than the recommended time already so we covered the tub and proceeded to the kitchen. Alicia led the way and when she bent over the lawn chair to pick up her clothes, she gave us premier look at her glistening vagina. I doubt she realized she was doing so and said nothing.

I got Mark a beer while Alicia went to the bedroom, holding her clothes in front of her. As I handed Mark the beer I noticed his attention was riveted to Alicia’s ass. I can’t say I was surprised either. That girl has an ass that is indescribably inviting. I’ve investigated every inch of it up close. Sometimes, when the morning sun shines in the window you can see the fine blonde hairs that coat the lower globes of her cheeks. Most times though her skin appears smooth with a healthy sheen. I love to spread her crack and gaze at the tan line that appears on each cheek. The abrupt skin color difference accents and enhances her dark anal entrance. Just thinking of the times I was allowed to linger and graze that landscape makes my cock jump.

Apparently Mark felt the same way. His cock which I noticed had not gone completely flaccid was now hard as stone once again. Even after Alicia disappeared into the bedroom his attention remained riveted to the open doorway. I nudged him with my beer.

“What you say we follow the view”

He just nodded. So, with both of us still naked, we entered the bedroom.

Alicia was standing in front of the mirror, brushing her long blonde hair. She had donned a robe that went to her knees, covering the exquisite view we had been enjoying. From the doorway we could see her reflection and the fact that she had the robe pulled tight. Her mother had given her that robe one Christmas and, as you can imagine, it was anything but sexy. Made of what appeared to be terry cloth the powder blue garment was far too thick to allow any suggestion that the person wearing was in fact, naked underneath.

My wife liked it because it kept her warm. However, I determined then and there that tonight she should be hot rather than merely warm. I put my hand out to halt Mark at the doorway, and proceeded into the room. Alicia noticed my presence when I approached from behind. As she watched in the mirror and Mark watched from the door way, I reached my arms around her and place my hands on her breasts. Mark was visible through the mirror but I wasn’t sure she had actually looked his way. I lingered only a moment before opening her robe and exposing her tits.

She turned to me and I bent to kiss her, knowing now that she could hardly have failed to see Mark. As we locked lips and tongues, I slipped the robe from her shoulders. She immediately broke the kiss.

“What are you doing,” she whispered, anxiously.

“Look at him, honey. He’s ready for more.”

She glanced into the mirror, her face registering that she had finally seen his hard cock. The tip glistened invitingly, as pre-cum began to spill from it.

She looked at me.

“Are you sure? You don’t mind?”

Instead of answering, I drew her hand to my own hardening member. At 50 it was not often that I went two in a row, but tonight was beginning to look like a night to remember. She smiled as she realized all of this. I think there was still some trepidation there though. After all, we both knew we were talking about another man, a stranger really, fucking my wife. It’s one thing to say you want to see that, but an entirely different thing to actually witness it. Or so it seemed to me at that moment anyway.

“Absolutely certain,” I replied.

She dropped her arms and the robe fell gloriously to the floor.

I kissed her again, letting her tongue between my lips. I thoroughly enjoy kissing my wife under any circumstances but knowing our audience was feasting his eyes on Alicia’s tush made me hold her tighter than normal. We kissed for a long moment, and then Alicia pulled back. Setting the brush on the dresser, she stood, waiting for me to direct her next moves. The experience was quickly becoming mind blowing.

I led her to our bed, pulled the covers back and instructed her to lie on her stomach. When she had positioned herself as I wanted, I looked to where Mark stood. I realized he had forgotten the beer in his hand. Virtually the entire bottle remained.

“Massage her legs, would ya pal?”

He needed no encouragement and quickly came over to the bed, setting the beer on the bedside table. I knew that he was probably wondering if we’d invite him to play and I figured now that we had he would quickly get bolder. But even I was taken aback when he began his “leg“ massage on her ass. His hands were smaller than mine, but as I watched he used them to great effect, gently a massaging her cheeks, opening and closing her crack.

I moved to a sitting position above my wife’s head so that I could continue to watch as I began my own massage of her. With a leg on each side of her head and my half-mast cock resting on her head, I leaned forward and began to massage her shoulders at the base of her neck. I had used this technique a few times before and knew that she loved it. In fact I was careful not to use it too often. I suppose that sounds mean, but remember, I was attempting to keep the passion in our marriage alive.

When she lay down she had modestly kept her legs together, but now she opened them slightly as Mark ran his fingers inside her thighs. She wouldn’t open enough to allow his hands to straddle her mound so he continued to work his way down her legs, his thumbs reaching as far inside her thighs as he could. When he reached her knees, he began to wind his way back, still not able to penetrate her defenses.

Trying a new approach, he used his fingers to spread her cheeks wide, and then began to run his tongue up and down her ass crease. My cock stiffened as I watched his pink tongue glide along her white skin. As he approached her anal entrance, my wife stiffened, then opened her legs a slight amount. She turned her face to the side, the movement dumping my cock off so that it now lay behind her head.

I moved to her upper back massaging with firmer strokes now, kneading the skin on her back sideways toward her breasts. With each pass I got closer and closer to the crease where her breasts met the bed cushion. Mark was trying to poke his tongue into her anus, alternately licking the surface and poking it with his tongue.

Aroused now, she turned her head back the other way, running into my cock as she did. I heard her sigh, and then felt her lick the tip of my cock. Her legs opened enough for Mark to access her mound. He wasted no time moving his tongue to the crease where her right leg met her mound. He was showing considerable restraint, only licking the crease, not once straying toward the ultimate prize.

Alicia was sucking on the head of my dick now, but I decided it was time to turn her over. I tugged gently on her shoulder. She resisted, but when I tugged a second time she released my dick and rolled over onto her back. Mark sensed her move and backed up. We both watched lustfully as her tits and cunt became available to us. She had apparently decided to see this through as she spread her legs wide, giving Mark his best view so far of her lovely pussy.

Mark immediately dipped his finger into that crevice. He explored for a moment, and then began to finger fuck her. Alicia groaned, her first since the hot tub. I watched for a bit, then moved to her side and began sucking her tits. I leaned far over her, gathered both tits in my hands and gently sucked both nipples at once. She moaned again. I leaned back so that I could watch Mark, but continued to roll her nipples with my thumb and forefinger.

Mark stopped the hand work and slipped down to place his tongue on my wife’s clit. I was hard now with pressure building as he lifted her bottom, and ran his tongue from her anus to her clit. After doing that twice, he spread her lips. As I watched, he tickled her clit with his tongue. Alicia was breathing heavily now as he toyed with her, licking her here, touching her there. Finally, he leaned in and shoved his tongue up her cunt. She lifted her hips off the bed, trying to take more of him.

She was so completely aroused now that her moans became continuous. Turning again toward me she took my cock inside her mouth and began sucking me. She was so far gone that she forgot the playing she usually did and swallowed my cock whole, her nose touching my groin as she hit bottom. She began moving up and down my cock rapidly, and I began to feel the load building.

Mark finally released her cunt as she began spiraling toward orgasm. Despite his youth, He seemed to know precisely when to change tactics. He went for gold now, placing his engorged cock at the entrance to her vagina. Alicia was too far gone to realize the momentous event that was to occur, but I was not. I watched enthralled, as he carefully and slowly penetrated her opening slowly stuffing his thick member into her. Her hips raised off the bed again, trying to absorb as much of him as she could.

He fed his entire length into her, stopping only when he could go no further. He paused, and then began to move in and out of her cunt. He used long strokes that quickly brought her to a fevered frenzy. She sucked hard on my cock and I felt the beginnings of release.

“I’m going to cum” I said.

She kept sucking my shaft.

“Alicia, I am going to cum any second.”

To my utter amazement, she kept her mouth in place as I shot wad after wad of cum into her. She gently sucked as I released, then began swallowing quickly to keep up with the volume of it. When I was done, she ran her tongue languorously over the head of my penis, licking the last of it from me.

I can count on one finger the number of times my wife has allowed me to cum in her mouth. It happened during our first year of marriage when we were still exploring each other’s limits. She blew me one night, swallowing my cum, then afterwards, calmly stated that she would not be doing that ever again. There was a message in her actions tonight, I was sure, but I was damned if I could figure out it right then. I tried to look into her blue eyes, but her concentration was now on the kid.

Mark had watched this entire scene without stopping his stroking. Now, with me out of the way, he leaned over Alicia and kissed her full on the lips. The kiss was long and I assumed their tongues were entwined. She put her arms around him, then lowered them to his ass, silently urging him to increase the tempo. She began moaning low and thrashing on the bed as Mark pounded her. He released her mouth and moved his lips to her left breast, sucking the hard nipple into his mouth as she began to climax. Her fingers clenched the sheets and her hips leapt up as she wrestled with the sensations. I honestly don’t recall the last time she had an orgasm like this. The first wave seemed to last forever, her contortions wild as she sought to take more of him.

Mark suddenly slowed in his stroking and I realized he was about to cum as well. He let out a long sigh and shoved his cock deep into my wife, releasing his seed into her. His mouth came off her breast exposing the blood engorged nipple to me. Her arms moved to his back and pulled him to her, hugging him as the last of the sensations left them. I quickly realized I had enjoyed watching this young man explode into Alicia and wanted it to happen over and over again. Monogamy, it occurred to me then, holds no advantages in a strong marriage.


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