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A Valentine's Day to Remember

She couldn't believe her fantasy was about to come true...
When Jake and I were at dinner that night he asked me if I had given any thought to what I wanted to do for Valentines Day. I knew in my mind what I wanted but didn’t know how to say it. Jake had always said he fantasized about wanting to watch me with another man and I always brushed him off until he introduced me to Lush. At first I was reluctant to chat with anyone but once I started…. I couldn’t stop. Seeing how it turned Jake on by what these other men wanted to do to me, it began to really turn me on.

Then after about a year of chatting with men about sex on Lush my sexual desires started to grow and I knew what I wanted…… I wanted the fantasy!

As I walk into his bedroom I stand in the doorway and watch him sleep. He is lying on his side and I stand there awhile and watch him breathe. My mind races with all the things I want him to do to me. He has done them to me so many times through my computer but now I am here, standing in his bedroom. I was just steps away from making my fantasy come true. I am wearing a salmon colored men’s dress shirt and a white thong. I walk slowly over to his bed and climb in and move up close behind him and kiss his shoulder. He stirs from his sleep and rolls over on his back and looks at me.

He smiles and grabs me and pulls me on top of him, wrapping his arms around me and kisses me deeply. His kiss sends waves through my body. I have wanted him ever since we first chatted on line.

“What are you doing here?” he asks.

“It doesn’t matter how I got here, I am here and that is all that matters.” I reply.

I sit up and smile at him as I move my hands to the buttons on the shirt I am wearing.

I slowly unbutton the first one…..

Then the second one…..

His hands come up to help but I push them back down, he groans and rests them on my thighs. I know I am doing my job as I feel his grip tighten on my thighs as I undo the third button. I can see the lust in his eyes as my hands make their way down and unbutton the forth button.

The fire between my legs is quickly heading out of control and my wetness is growing with every move I make. I am quickly losing focus as I feel his cock growing hard under me.

I move my hands down and undo the fifth button…..

As I undo the final button….

he swallows hard and moans. His hands move over my thighs, up my stomach pushing the shirt open. As his hands move onto my breasts and he squeezes them I have to catch my breath. My head falls backwards and I close my eyes as he pinches and pulls my nipples between his fingers.

“Oh…. I love feel of your hands on me”, I let escape my lips.

He sits up and I wrap my legs around behind him. He pulls me closer and sucks my nipple into his mouth. As he sucks and pulls at my nipples with his mouth I quickly start to lose control. Every touch of his mouth I can feel shooting through my body ending at my hungry pussy and the feel of his hard cock rubbing against my ass make me lick my lips. I need to taste him! I push him back down on the bed and lean down and kiss him. I kiss across his cheek to his ear. I nibble on his ear lobe then move and blow my hot breath across his ear. I can feel the shudder run through his body as it does. I move my mouth close to his ear and whispers softly into it…

“I need your cock in my mouth”.

He groans loudly as I move my body and start to slide down his. I kiss down his chin to his chest, over his ribs to his stomach. I position myself between his legs and wrap my hand around his hard cock. I stroke it up and down enjoying the feel of it in my hand. I move my mouth over to the head of his cock and lick it. I swirl my tongue around enjoying the taste of his pre-cum. I slide my tongue down his shaft as I lift his cock up so I can lick his balls. He starts moaning as I suck one into my mouth and swirl my tongue around on it. I do this many times before I move to the other one. Then I do the same to the other one. I slide my tongue back up his shaft and move my mouth to the head of his cock. As I slowly suck him into my mouth he moans loudly. I slowly continue to suck him into my mouth inch by inch. I moan at the feeling of him filling my mouth. Oh, how I have dreamed of sucking his cock….and now it was happening!

I gag as I try to suck him completely into my throat. I continue moving my mouth up and down on his shaft until I can finally take all of him. I start to bob up and down on his cock until I feel his hips start to lift off the bed. I suck harder and faster while stroking the base of his cock with my hand. His hands come down and find each side of my head. I know he is close and my excitement builds at the thought of tasting him. He grabs my head and holds it steady as he begins to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. I continue sucking until I get what I have wanted for so long. I hear him grunt with such force, his body tenses and then I feel his hot cum hitting the back of my throat, filling my mouth. I suck him hungrily milking every last drop out of him on the verge of cumming myself. I climb back up him and kiss him with a passion that is almost un-controllable.

I climb off the bed and stand next to it as he watches me move. I smile and ask him

“Do you want more?”

Then without warning he springs from the bed and grabs me. He moves me until I am against the wall. He pushes me hard against the wall as he presses his body against mine. I can see the lust in his eyes again as his lips move to my neck as he kiss it with such a powerful thirst. He starts kissing down my neck to my chest, down my ribs, then down my stomach. He grabs my thong and pulls it down quickly over my hips, past my thighs and then lets it fall to the floor. He lifts my leg and places it over his shoulder as his tongue licks up and down my swollen pussy lips. I moan as his tongue explores my pussy. He moans as he sucks my wetness from me. As he starts to focus his tongue on my clit I feel the waves of pleasure building in me. I place my foot on his shoulder to give him better access as I brace myself to cum.

My hands grab his head and hold him up against my clit as I cry out

“Oh yes, God yes, right there, please don’t stop!”

As he moans in approval to my screams he sucks harder on my clit but it is when he gently takes my clit between his teeth that I am sent over the edge. I scream out again as I flood his tongue with my nectar. He continues to suck my hot flow of juices from me until I finally get to the point where I can’t stand it any longer.

My animal desires takes hold of me and I pull him up and kiss him tasting myself on his lips. I can’t wait a second longer to have him inside of me. I take his face in my hands and look him directly in the eye and tell him…

“I NEED you to fuck me, I need to feel you inside of me!”

“Oh God, I want that, too”, he replies.

He takes me and lifts me off of my feet and I wrap my legs around him. He lifts me up as my hand reaches down and guides his cock to the entrance of my pussy. He slowly begins to lower me down onto his hard cock. We both moan out as his cock slides inside of me. I am pressed against the wall, his hands holding my ass lifting me up and down on his cock. I cry out with each thrust inside of me. As my hands are dig into his shoulders, my mind is thinking that I am in heaven.

“Oh God, you feel so good”, I say panting

“MMMMMMM”, was all he gets out.

With a swift motion he moves me off the wall and carries me to the bed. He sits down on the edge and slides back a little. He lays back never letting his cock leave me. I place my hands on his chest and begin moving my hips from front to back just enjoying the feeling of him so deep inside of me. I begin to lift myself up and down now riding his cock. My moans are deep and full of pleasure. My hands move up to my breasts and start pinching my nipples. I feel like my body is on fire until he moves his hand to my clit and begins circling it with his thumb. It is all I can do from passing out from the erotic state I am in.

“I want you to cum again for me, baby”, he says.

Hearing his words sends me to another level. I start to move my hips back and forth on him pushing my clit against his thumb. As he rubs harder my body begins to shake, I feel the waves start to roll over me again. I feel his hips start to move with mine. He moans as his hands come up and grab my hips. He holds me in place by my hips as he starts to thrust into me faster. He groans as my hand moves down and I start rubbing my clit. This makes him begin to thrust into my pussy harder. Feeling him deep inside of me over and over, hitting spots I didn’t know I had was taking me to places that I had forgot existed.

My body starts shaking; my stomach tenses up, as wave after wave of pleasure rolls over me. I can feel my pussy clench around his cock as I flood him with my hot juices. My reaction causes him to moan and increase his trusting and it isn’t long before I feel his hot load flood the inside of me.

I slump down on top of him. My breathing is heavy and I feel weak.

I feel his arm shake me and ask me if I am OK. I can’t move. I feel the shaking again, and hear Sheri are you alright?

I open my eyes and see my husband, Jake, looking at me.

“Are you alright, you were having quite a dream” he says.

“Yes, I am fine. It was quite a dream”, I reply.

“You want to tell me about it?” he asks.

I roll over and tell him the whole dream….

“So is that what you want for Valentine’s Day?” he asked.

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