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A weekend at the cottage part 2

further to what happens when I dare my wife to go without underwear for a weekend at the cottage!
You really need to read part 1 first for any of this to make sense 

***Day 2***

“FUCK” I shouted in a whisper as my shin connected with the corner of the bedside table. I had jumped out of bed so fast when my
alarm went off that I totally forgot where I was. I shut it off and looked out the window. The sun was just beginning to turn the black sky a slightly lighter shade of blue and deep red.

Trying to be as quiet as possible so as not to wake the still slumbering Kim, I searched through my bag to find clothes for the day. After pulling out a pair of cargo pants and a T-shirt, I slipped into the washroom and got dressed. I could smell the coffee brewing by the time I got out and silently thanked Kim for setting it all up last night. My cock started to harden again at the memory of her sexy ass on display while she prepared the coffee.

I opened the door to the main hall and damn near walked face first into Phil as he was making his way towards the kitchen. Jim wasn’t far behind him. They both gave me a wry smile and asked how much sleep I got. “Enough to out-fish your sorry asses” was all I said in return as we found the coffee cups and filled them.

We sat there for a few minutes in almost complete silence sipping our coffee’s and let the caffeine work its magic on our fuzzy minds. I was just about to get up and start filling up the thermoses with the rest of the pot when Kim walked into the room still wearing the sexy nighty from the night before. Even with her short blonde hair all tussled and her eyes puffy from a good nights sleep she was still sexy as hell.

“You guys sit and discuss the best spots to cast your lines” Kim said with a still sleepy voice “I can make the coffee and lunch for you.”

We all watched as Kim rushed around the kitchen getting things together. Every once in a while we could see her ass as she reached for something up high or her tits as they spilled out of her top when ever she bent over. We even saw her in silhouette when she stood in front of the open door to the fridge. The dim light from within was just enough to shine through the filmy garment and everything was on display.

“OK. That should do you guys for a while” Kim said as she handed us the thermoses and the cooler that was overflowing with snacks and lunch “if you run out, it’s not my problem.”

We shook our heads to clear them of all the nasty thoughts that we were thinking and grabbed the pro-offered fixing’s. Jim grabbed a twelve pack of beer that was on ice out on the front porch and we headed towards the boat.

I prayed that the last user had left at least enough gas to get us through the mornings fishing before I would have to run to town to refill the jerry cans. I was in luck; the fuel gauge told us that the tank was at about three quarters.

We fished for a few hours, exploring some of the weed beds and coves that looked like they may hold a lunker bass or two. We had a bit of luck but it was obvious that our minds were not solely on the art of fishing but rather on Kim’s display last night and this morning.

Even as I reeled in a trophy size large mouth, my mind kept wandering back to what Kim might be doing and what she might be wearing as I had only packed very short mini-skirts and tank tops. And as per our dare arrangement she would not be wearing anything underneath. Just the thought of it had my sizable cock rock hard inside my loose pants.

Jim was the first to dig into the snacks and the cold beer and said “Damn, Kim sure does pack a good spread!”

The double meaning of his statement was not lost on anyone and we all nodded in agreement. It was great to hear all the positive comments about my sexy wife. It gave me an odd thrill knowing that they were lusting after Kim like this. I’ve never been the jealous type and I wasn’t about to start now.

We cast a few more times and then just settled back and had a few beers. The heat of the day was coming in full force and we determined that the fishing would be shitty till later on in the evening. We were all sweating in our long pants anyways, so we decided to head back in.

It was just after one in the afternoon when we finally pulled the boat along side the dock, just in time to see Kim come out of the cabin wearing a very short grey terry cloth miniskirt and a tight white tank top. Even at a hundred yards her nipples were very obvious beneath the light fabric.

By the time we had the boat tied off and some of our gear stowed, Kim was standing up on the dock looking down at us.

“Well? How did the happy warriors make out?” She asked “did you leave any fish for the next outing?”

“Yeah, we decided to leave a few for later on” Phil said, proudly holding up the stringer of seven good sized bass “but next time we ain’t showing any mercy.”

None of us could help but stare at Kim’s barely contained tits as she stood there chatting with us about our mornings adventures while we finished putting away all of our stuff for later. I grabbed the empty cooler and passed it up to her, but since she was that much higher than us on the dock she could only do one of two things to reach it. She could either bend way over and let her tits spill out of her top or she could crouch down and show us her naked pussy. I was kind of surprised when she chose to do the latter.

Phil, Jim and I got quite an eyeful as Kim hitched up her skirt a bit and squatted down, spreading her knee’s slightly. Her shaved beaver was on full display as she grabbed the cooler from my hands and then stood up again.

“How is the gas situation?” Kim asked as she re-adjusted her skirt so that it more or less covered her ass “I need to run into town anyways to get a few things. I can get more gas while I’m there.”

The other two were too tongue tied to say anything so I piped up that we could use a refill and that I would go with her. We all followed Kim’s sexy swaying ass to the cabin, put our stuff away and then followed her out to my truck. As I got into the drivers seat, Jim opened the passenger door for Kim. He got another good look at her charms as she sat down and swung her legs in.

I started the truck and pulled out onto the road in the direction on town. I had not gone more than a few hundred yards when Kim slid over beside me and fished my hard cock out of my pants. She stroked it a few times then bent over and took it into her mouth. I was just beginning to enjoy the oral talents of my wife when she pulled her mouth from my cock head and said:

“Pull this fucking truck over and lick my soaking wet cunt. I need to cum really bad.” Kim said, damn near panting “I might even let you fuck me after I cum all over your face.”

I quickly pulled the truck to the side of the road and had her lean back against her door. Her wide open and very wet pussy was on full display as I pulled her knees up and apart and dove into her cunt head first. My tongue had barely touched her clit and she began cumming. I held on to her thighs tightly as her powerful orgasm rocked her body. My tongue and mouth continued their assault on her most private area as her body continued to shake and convulse.

I managed to give her two more slightly smaller orgasms before she pushed my head away and breathlessly told me to stop and let her catch her breath. “Holy fuck… Stop, stop, stop. I can’t take anymore right now. Oh fuck, you’re awesome.”

“You just wait” I said as I pulled her mostly limp body flat onto the seat of the truck “I’m gonna fuck you so long and hard that your grandkids will feel it.”

I plunged my rock hard cock into her drooling pussy in one deep thrust. I didn’t stop penetration till I felt my cum laden balls resting on her ass. I heard her gasp in a deep breath and then one long exhale sounded out with a long guttural moan. I pushed my cock in and out of her at a rapid pace watching her eyes roll back into her head. Just as I was about to blow my nuts off, Kim looked me right in the eyes and pushed me off.

“Oh fuck babe, I can’t take anymore” Kim said almost breathlessly “Let me take care of that for you.”

Kim pushed me back into my seat and took my sticky dick back into her mouth and sucked ferociously until my cock was lodged firmly in the back of her throat. She bobbed her head a few times while massaging my swollen balls until I felt the telltale signs of an impending explosion. I pulled her head off my cock just so far so that I could see my cum spraying into her mouth. The first three jets landed squarely on her tongue but the last few fell short and drenched her chin.

Kim stared into my eyes as she wiped up the stray drops and then licked her fingers clean and swallowed hard. She came up and gave me a kiss so that I could taste my cum in her mouth.

“Oh damn baby” I said licking her lips “You are the fucking best at giving head.”

“You know it” Kim said as she tried to readjust her skirt “and the way you lick my pussy never fails to get me to cum. Now let’s get into town before I get you to bend me over the tailgate and fuck me properly.”

I love it when she talks dirty to me like that. My cock was beginning to harden again just at the thought of slamming into her from behind and making her cum again, but we had to get going.

“What is so damn important that we have to get into town for” I asked as I put the truck into drive “you better not be thinking of getting any underwear, you promised to fulfill your dare!”

“Don’t worry” she said, looking mischievous “everything that I need, I can get at the gas station. You did a good job packing my clothes for me but you forgot batteries for my toys.”

“Oh well. That certainly is important” I quipped “but we do need more gas for the boat anyways.”

“And besides, I really wanted to get you alone so that I could fuck you.” Kim said, winking at me “I hope it was worth dragging you away from your buddies for!”

“What do you think?” I asked grabbing my semi swollen cock “I don’t have a gun in my pocket, so I must be glad to see you!”

The rest of the trip to the gas station was more or less uneventful. Kim made sure that my dick never went soft by flashing me her gorgeous pussy or gently rubbing my engorged member. I must say that she turned a few heads as we pulled into the full serve station and she got out and went into the attached convenience store. Dressed only in an ultra short mini skirt and a tight white tank top that left her more exposed than not, even a few of the old codgers hanging around gabbing away about the weather couldn’t resist turning their heads and gawking at her sexy frame.

I directed the attendant to the two jerry cans and told him to also top up the fuel in the truck. Kim had found and paid for her fresh stash of AAA and C batteries and had rejoined me in the truck by the time the pimply faced teen had begun to wash the windows. I had a hell of a time stifling a chuckle as I watched his eyes bug out when he got a glimpse of what Kim had on under her skirt. I don’t think the passenger side windows have ever been so thoroughly cleaned. Kim didn’t help matters much either, opening and closing her legs to the beat of what ever music we had on at the time.

The pump finally clicked off and I handed the young man a fifty which paid for the fuel plus a bit of a tip for having to put up with Kim’s antics. I started the truck and put it into drive and headed back towards the cabin. We didn’t get five miles down the road before Kim unzipped my fly again and started stroking my rapidly expanding dick.

“It’s not fair” Kim whined as she gripped my cock even harder “You’re dare for me is lasting three days while mine only lasted not even an hour.”

“So, give me another one and I’ll see what I can do” I replied clenching my teeth so I wouldn’t cum in her hand “I’m always up for a challenge.”

“I can see that” she said as she lowered her mouth to the tip of my cock “Let me think on it for a while and I’ll get back to you.”

I put the truck on cruise control and let Kim’s mouth envelope my massive erection. She sucked me so hard that I really thought I was going to have to pull over to avoid going into the ditch. She slowed her pace a bit so that I wouldn’t end up killing us both until I turned onto the road to the cottage. The first rock that the truck hit she bounced so hard that my cock went all the way down her throat.

“I think you should give that up for a while before you strangle yourself on it” I said as I quickly avoided several more rocks that were taking aim on my oil pan.

“Yeah, probably a good idea” Kim replied grudgingly letting my pecker slip from between her lips “my teeth are way too sharp to trust on your cock on this road.”

“Have you thought of another dare for me” I asked while navigating around a washout and a few more football sized rocks “you’d better hurry; the cabin is only two minutes away.”

“I never thought that I would like this whole exhibitionist thing but as you can tell, it has gotten me so fucking horny I can’t stand it” Kim said with an unusual lilt to her voice “I think that was your plan all along… to get me to agree to a dare and see how far you can push it. Well… then your dare for the rest of the weekend is to totally dominate me. I will not do anything unless you tell me to do it. I will have to wear anything you say and do everything that is commanded of me. How does that sound to you?”

My cock grew another inch as I agreed to her dare. This is going to be a very, very interesting weekend.

We parked the truck as close to the dock as we could so that we wouldn’t have to carry the heavy gas cans too far. As I was unloading the fuel, I watched Kim as she teased me by sitting on the open tailgate of the truck and flashing me her pussy. Jim and Phil must have heard us drive up because it didn’t take them long to join us on the dock and took in the same view that I had been enjoying.

“We were just about to go for a swim to wash off a layer of stink” Jim said. I had just noticed that they were wearing their trunks and carrying towels. “But let us give you a hand with all of that first.”

“No. It’s ok. I can figure this out” I said as I poured enough fuel into the boats tank to fill it to the top “I’ll join you after I get changed, but Kim will join you right now. I’m sure the cold water will help cool her off.”

Kim started to say something but I cut her off. “It’s ok. You can go in dressed just like you are.”

I watched as Phil dipped a toe into the cold water as Jim shouted a banshee wail and went running past him and dove headfirst off the dock. Phil determined that he could do that too. He stepped back and stood still for a second, which gave Kim enough time to run past him and do a very graceful half pike into the water. As soon as she surfaced, Phil got a bit of a run going and did the ugliest cannonball that I have ever seen. Watching all of them splashing around and having fun got me going. Finally, I just stripped off my tee-shirt and shoes and jumped in wearing my pants.

We splashed around for about twenty minutes before I told Kim to go and get her and me some towels and to bring me something to wear. The three of us watched as Kim swam to the ladder at the end of the dock and proceeded to climb out. Every step higher she took forced the wet mini skirt to climb higher on her hips as well. We were all treated to her sexy naked ass as she finally made it to the top rung. In an effort of modesty, she tried to pull it down a bit but gave up after a while. The wet material clung to her body like a second skin and her dark nipples were plainly visible and very hard beneath the wet tank top.

Three sets of eyes followed her mostly naked ass all the way to the cabin. We waited with baited breath for her return. About a minute later and 30 minutes worth of small talk, we saw the door of the cabin open and Kim step out. She was still wearing the same outfit but had managed to pull the skirt down to cover her pussy. You could almost hear the collective disappointment echo across the lake.

One at a time, all three of us scaled the ladder and stood on the dock. Kim came to me and told me that she couldn’t find anything for me to wear. I guess in my haste of packing her clothes for the weekend, I had not done a very good job of packing for myself.

I thought about the jeans that I had worn on the trip up, but quickly dismissed them as they were full of dirt and grease from the shop. I next thought about the work shorts that Kim had given me yesterday before we got out of the truck. Then I realized that Kim had an ulterior motive in her actions.

“I guess that you will just have to wear a towel while your pants dry” Kim said with a twinkle in her hazel eyes “as a matter of fact, all of you can wear towels. I will put all of your clothes on the line so that they will be dry again for later.”

“Kim. Come and help me take off these wet clothes’ I told her “and then you can assist Jim and Phil.”

I stood still as Kim got onto her knees at my feet and expertly wrapped the towel around my waist and then reached under and undid my wet pants. As she pulled them down, I couldn’t help but start to get hard thinking that she will be giving the other two the same treatment shortly. When she had my pants on the ground, I stepped out of them and fastened the towel more securely so that it wouldn’t fall off. I nodded towards the others and she got the subtle hint.

Kim walked over to Phil and took the towel from his hands. She deftly wrapped him in the towel and began to pull his shorts down. Once she had them on the deck, she had him step out and he too wrapped the towel more securely around his waist. Next was Jim.

Jim had an odd smile on his face as Kim went and knelt at his feet. He let her take the towel from his hands and wrap it around his waist, but when it came time to pull his shorts down, she seemed to have a bit of trouble.

“Sorry Kim, but mine have a drawstring” was all he said, grinning from ear to ear “they may require a bit more work.”

Instead of trying to work blind, Kim pulled the towel from his waist and set to work trying to untie the knot. It was obvious that Jim had an erection but that did not seem to phase Kim as she went about her task.

Kim worked for a little while trying to get the knot undone and getting a few feels of his hard cock in the process. My cock was hard as stone and I could see that Phil was also sporting quite a boner beneath his towel. We both watched as Kim finally got the knot undone and pulled Jim’s shorts down. It would seem that in her triumphant state she completely forgot about the towel that was supposed to cover his nakedness. When she got his short pulled down past his cock, it sprang up and damn near smacked her in the chin.

“Oh shit!!!” Kim exclaimed “I forgot to put the towel back on.”

“No harm, no foul” Jim said as he picked up the towel and wrapped it around his waist “Thanks for the assistance, but I got it from here.”

“Now I think it’s time to get you out of those wet clothes” I said to Kim “before you catch a cold.”

I held her towel up and she walked into it so that I could wrap it around her body. When I had it secured just over her tits I reached under and pulled her miniskirt down and off. The towel only came to about an inch or so below her pussy so she would be showing everything if she moved in just the right way, not that she hadn’t already.

When it came time to take her wet top off, I slipped the towel slightly off and allowed her to pull her tank top off to expose her gorgeous breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and her areolas were dark and puffy. I could only assume that this was a result of her being turned on and not only from the cold water. When she had her top completely off, I wrapped her again in the towel but tied it in the front so that it would open right at her pussy. None of this was lost on Jim or Phil, who both watched in eager anticipation of what may come next and the both of them pitching some serious tents under their towels, as I am sure that I was also.

“OK Kim. You can collect all the wet stuff and hang it all up to dry and then we can have dinner” I told her “and I’m sure that you can wear just what you have on to sit down to eat with us.”

I saw the smile creep across her face as she hurried to pick up all the wet clothes off the dock. We all got a lot of pussy shots as she bent over to pick up the wet things and her towel nearly fell off once before she caught it and tied it tight again. We all watched as she walked to the clothes line and showed off her sexy ass while she set about hanging everything to dry.

Phil and I got busy in the kitchen preparing a feast of pan fried bass filets and potato wedges as Jim went to work building a fire. Soon enough the bass was sizzling in the pan and the fire was roaring in the fireplace and we all settled in for the night having already determined that the fishing would be better in the morning and why waste gas tonight.

It was kind of odd that no-one had even made a motion to get dressed so we all sat down for dinner in just our towels, but Kim was most definitely the center of attention. She could not make a move without all of our eyes riveted to her sumptuous body. Her tits threatened to fall out of her towel every time she reached for something and her ass was naked on the kitchen chair because the towel was way to short to cover it.

By the time we were done our feast of fresh bass there was not a soft cock in the house and Kim took great notice of this. She offered to clear the table even before I would have told her to as per her request to be dominated. The three of us watched in horny fascination as she flitted about collecting all of the dirty dishes and taking them to the kitchen sink. Her sexy ass was on display most if the time and we got a few glimpses of her pretty pussy too.

“You can go and get dressed for bed now” I told Kim after she had finished cleaning the kitchen “and wear the other nighty I packed for you.”

Jim volunteered to get more firewood while Phil went outside to refill the generator with fuel. It would seem that I was the only one who didn’t have a job to do at the time so I followed Kim to the bedroom to assist her getting changed.

She was rifling through her bag when I walked into the room not knowing exactly what I meant. I lovingly pulled her aside and reached out and grabbed a little bit of nothing and handed it to her.

“I can’t wear this” she said with wide eyes “it doesn’t cover anything at all.”

“Yes you can, and yes you will!” I said in the best matter-of-fact voice I could muster “I told you to, and you will.”

I watched as Kim slid the garment on. It consisted of only two triangles of thin mesh that barely covered her nipples and a thin piece of mesh that hung down like a loin cloth over her cunt. Her entire ass was fully exposed. I gave her the best wolf whistle I could and told her that she was the sexiest thing that I have ever seen. She blushed slightly as she adjusted the thin material over her tits. I reached down and slid a finger into her pussy and she was literally dripping wet.

“I don’t think that you are going to have a problem wearing this” I said as I added two more fingers to the probing I was giving her “By the feel of your cunt, you are enjoying showing off your sexy body.”

“And you’re pretty turned on too” Kim said to me pointing at my stiff cock jutting out from under the towel “you must really like what you see.”

“Fuckin’ right I do. Now let’s go and join the others. You can play the part of hostess for the rest of the night and cater to our needs.”

Kim raised an eyebrow at my last statement but allowed me to lead her out of the bedroom. Jim was just walking in the door with an armload of wood for the fireplace and Phil was right behind him. They were both still dressed only in their towels and looked like quite a sight. Both of them stopped dead in their tracks when they say Kim and what she was wearing.

“Go sit down boys” Kim stated “I’ll get you all a beer”

“It’s still a nice night out there” Jim said as he put the logs near the hearth “we should go for a swim before it chills off.”

“But I don’t think our suits will be dried yet, and I hate putting on cold wet shorts” Phil remarked.

“Well, we could go skinny dipping then” Jim shot back “we are all men here…. Well….. With one notable exception.”

We all agreed that an evening swim would feel great. The sun was just going behind the horizon as we headed out the door and walked down to the dock. Jim and Phil led the way as Kim and I walked a few paces behind. I could tell that Kim was nervous about this so I didn’t push her to do anything.

As soon as we got to the dock Phil pulled off his towel and ran bare ass naked to the end and jumped in. Jim did the same and then it was my turn. I told Kim to remove my towel and wait for me. She stroked my hard cock a few times and then I turned and ran off the dock to swim with the others. There was a groan of disappointment when the others realized that Kim was not going to join us but that evaporated quickly when we all started our usual horseplay.

The three of us goofed around for a few minutes, taking turns pushing each others head under water and just being grown up kids and acting stupid. When the sun had finally gone down and it was damn near fully dark, we decided to call it a night and head in. We raced to the ladder and I was the first one up and out.

Kim met me at the top of the stairs with my towel in her hand. I asked her to dry me off and then wrap me up. She did as she was told and then went over to the pile of towels and grabbed Jims at my direction. Jim just stood there looking goofy as Kim started at his ankles and dried her way up to the top of his head, she did seem to linger a bit longer in his crotch area.

Phil was next. Kim got his towel and started the same as she did with Jim but when she got to his dick, she actually lifted it up and made sure that it was all dry underneath including his heavy balls. It really looked to me like she was going to suck it but then she carried on with her task, drying her way up his body finally getting to the top of his head. She wrapped the towel loosely around his waist and returned to my side.

My cock was rock hard and sticking out of my towel by this point and it was noticed by Kim. She started to slowly stroke it while the others just stood there watching intently. It wasn’t long before two other cocks were hard and poking out of their towels. I suggested that we all go back to the cabin to warm up near the fire. We let Kim lead the way and we all watched her naked ass as she made her way across the lawn, up the steps and through the door.

“Kim, why don’t you go and get everyone a beer and get yourself a glass of wine.” I said as we all took our seats in the living room.

Kim didn’t say a word, she just went into the kitchen and got the beers out of the fridge and poured herself a wine. On her return she had to walk in front of the fire to get to us and we all got to see her sexy form in silhouette again. Her nipples were rock hard and I could see that her pussy lips were swollen and wet. After she passed the beers out, I patted the seat next to me and had her sit down and told her to carry on where she left off outside.

The corners of Kim’s mouth curled up in a slight smile as she let her hand creep up my thigh before she found my swollen cock. We all sat there trying to keep a conversation going as Kim gently stroked my erect dick. I took a last long pull on my beer and told Kim that we were ready for another round. She uncurled her fingers and went to the fridge for a refill.

On her return I told her to sit on each of the others laps as she handed out the beers. Kim went to Jim first and slid onto his lap as she handed him his beer. She wiggled a bit as Jim’s hard cock poked out from under his towel. When she got up and turned to Phil, he had a huge smile on his face. When Kim made a move to sit sideways on his lap, he quickly maneuvered her so that she was backed into him. I could see that his cock had made its way from under the towel and was now pressed firmly against Kim’s ass crack. The more that she wiggled the more of his cock she exposed and the more it rubbed up against her ass. My own cock was rock hard and pointing towards the ceiling.

Kim finally handed Phil his beer, got up and came to me. I told her that I wanted the same treatment that she had just given Phil so she turned her back to me and sat back on my lap. She slid back until my hard-on was firmly lodged in the tight crack of her ass. I put my knees under hers so that her feet were off the ground and let my knees drift apart ever so slightly. Kim turned and handed me the beer and reached for her wine which she rapidly chugged back, draining her glass.

I told her to go and get herself another glass of wine and then come back. Because her knees were on top of mine, she had to spread her legs so that she could climb off my lap. This afforded the others with an excellent view of her shaved cunt with only the scant bit of transparent fabric hanging down.

Kim went to the kitchen and Jim got up trying to hide his hard cock to stoke the fire and add a few more logs. We all felt the whoosh of heat as the renewed flames filled the fireplace. Jim still had the cast iron poker in his hand when he stood up and unfortunately it connected with Kim’s shin. She let out a bit of a squeal and dumped her wine all over the front of Jim and his towel. His cock went soft immediately as the cold wine made contact.

I made sure that Kim was ok then told her to go and fill her glass again. Kim apologized profusely to Jim and then took her glass back to get more wine. I told her to get a damp cloth while she was there to help clean up the mess.

Kim had a mischievous look in her eyes when she returned with the wet towel. She removed the wine soaked towel from Jim’s waist and wiped the wine from his chest trailing the towel down his chest to his belly and finally to his cock. I could see Jim’s dick getting hard again as I told Kim to get on her knees and make sure that she cleaned him off well.

My own cock was stone solid as I watched my wife kneel in front of my good friend and take his hard soldier in her hand. I must say that she was very thorough in her cleaning of the wine, not a stone was left unturned (literally). Kim had her left hand wrapped around Jim’s cock as her right was busy cleaning his generous sized balls. I am sure that no wine made it back there but Kim reached between his legs and gently pulled the wet towel down the crack of his ass. His cock gave an involuntary twitch and damn near poked Kim’s eye out.

I looked over at Phil on the other seat and his mouth was hanging open in disbelief and his towel was tented in his lap. I turned back to the action in front of the fireplace just in time to see Kim lick a big drop of pre-cum off the knob of Jim’s cock. I couldn’t believe it when she all of a sudden stood up and said “there, all nice and clean”. Jim looked ready to blow his nuts as Kim walked towards me with a huge smile on her face.

She sat back on my lap with her knees over mine again and I took no time in spreading mine open. Her pussy was on full wide open display again and she was dripping wet. I drained my beer and told Kim to go get us another round, but this time I deftly undid the ties that held her skimpy top on. As soon as she stood up, the filmy fabric fell away from her body and bared everything.

When Kim returned, I told her to kneel before each of the others when she gave them their beers. Jim was first and as he was still naked, Kim simply knelt between his legs and passed him his beer. He was a bit shy to open his legs wide to accommodate her but she forced her way in between. Once she had his legs spread open she grabbed his six inch cock by the base and swallowed it all in one fluid movement. Kim bobbed her head a few times taking Jim’s cock all the way to the base each and every time. Again, Jim looked like he was ready to blow his wad when Kim pulled back and let his over excited cock pop out of her mouth. She patted the head of his cock with her free hand and got up still holding two beers in her other hand.

Phil was next. He eagerly opened up his legs and let Kim slide in between them. She handed him a beer and then reached out and pulled the towel from his waist to reveal a thick seven inch stick of hard flesh. Just like she had done to Jim, she grabbed his cock by the root and took the head into her mouth. I could see her throat working as she tried to get as much of his boner down her gullet as possible, but there was no way. She had to resort to sucking on the top three or four inches and then using her free hand to jerk off the rest. And just like she had done to poor Jim, she let his cock slip from between her lips just as he was approaching orgasm.

Kim stood up and walked back to me and stood in between my legs. I slowly opened my towel to expose my eight and a half inch rock hard cock. Kim took the hint, handed me the last beer and knelt on the floor grabbing my cock and feeding most of it into her warm, wet mouth. Lightly grabbing my heavy balls, Kim mouthed my cock like never before.

I was just about to cum when I pulled Kim’s head off my cock and had her sit on my lap again. She reached over and grabbed her glass of wine and downed it in one big gulp. She spread her legs wide and allowed me to slide two fingers into her dripping wet cunt, much to the visual delight of the others. I quickly brought her to a powerful orgasm by rubbing hard on her g-spot with two fingers and strumming her clit with my thumb. Her body rocked and shivered in orgasmic bliss as she came down from her high and then slumped back onto my chest, crushing my cock between us and leaving her legs spread wide open.

Once Kim’s breathing returned to normal, I took a huge swig of beer and told Kim to go get herself another glass of wine and then to come back and finish what she had started. I saw that both Jim and Phil were still naked and slowly jerking their cocks watching the show that Kim and I had just put on.

On unsteady legs, Kim got up and attempted to go to the kitchen. She had almost made it past Phil when her legs gave out and she tipped over right onto Phil’s lap. In an attempt to catch her, Phil reached out and grabbed a handful of tit in his right hand while his left hand managed to get in between her legs and right into her pussy. As her momentum carried her further, she ended up lying across Phil with her head in Jim’s crotch. It took her a few moments to figure out where she was but once she did, she wasted no time in taking Jim’s cock back into her mouth. Phil didn’t hesitate to let a few of his fingers delve into the wetness that had thrust itself upon him.

I sat there watching my wife give head to one guy and get her pussy fingered by another while I had a beer in one hand and my granite hard cock in the other. Phil continued to massage the ass in his lap and finger Kim’s pussy until she screamed out in orgasm. This prompted Jim to tense up and let go a torrent of hot cum into Kim’s waiting and willing mouth. Kim kept sucking on Jim’s withering cock until it dropped from her mouth, but she stayed there for a moment collecting her composure.

Kim sat up and simply shifted her weight a bit so that her knees were on either side of Phil’s hips. She raised up a little, grabbed Phil’s cock and aimed it towards the wet lips of her pussy. Kim let her body drop as Phil’s hard on made its way into her depths. He was a bit thicker than me so she sat still for a moment letting her cunt adjust to the invasion. Once she was comfortable, Kim started bouncing heavily making sure to go all the way down each and every time.

Jim’s cock responded to the sight on the couch beside him by getting hard again and he started to jerk it off. Kim took notice of this and reached over and massaged his balls all the while never stopping the riding she was giving to the hot cock buried in her cunt. I watched in rapt fascination as Kim’s body racked in orgasm and she screamed out in ecstasy. It wasn’t too much longer that Phil grunted and let loose with a wail that signaled that he was flooding Kim’s pussy with his cum. Phil lurched his hips once, twice, three times before he slumped back into the couch and sighed heavily with a huge shit eating grin on his face.

Phil’s cum dripped from Kim’s cunt as she slid her body over to straddle Jim. It was only a matter of seconds before his cock was buried balls deep in her sweet and well used pussy. Since Jim was quite a bit smaller in the cock department, Kim had no problem or hesitation in taking all of his meat.

Jim let Kim bounce a few times on his pecker before he simply picked her up and repositioned her to be on her hands and knees on the couch. This new position left her ass up in the air and her face in Phil’s crotch. Jim wasted no time in sliding his cock back into Kim’s pussy from behind while she took Phil’s cock into her mouth to start sucking wildly. It didn’t take long for Kim to start coming as her pussy took a serious pounding from Jim and Phil’s cock was a good way down her throat.

Kim tensed up and let her orgasm rock her body. I could see that in the throes of her orgasm Kim clenched her cunt muscles around Jim’s staff, causing Jim to groan and fill her already cum drenched pussy with another load of hot spunk. All of this made Kim suck and stroke on the cock in her mouth even harder. It wasn’t long before Phil arched his back and let loose with enough cum to fill Kim’s mouth again that she greedily swallowed down.

Kim let the two cocks deflate entirely before she allowed them to drop out of her body. Once she was able to stand up, she carefully walked over to stand in front of me. I could plainly see a steady stream of cum dripping down her inner thighs and she has never looked sexier. She even had a few drops of white cum clinging to the corners of her mouth. I told her to sit down and I would get the next round of beers and wine as I didn’t trust her legs to carry her to and from the kitchen.

I walked back from the kitchen with a handful of beer and a glass of wine for Kim. I handed each of the others a beer and then went and sat beside Kim before handing the glass to her. All four of us were gloriously naked but I was the only one who still had an erection. Jim and Phil sat on the couch with their cocks hanging limply between their legs while mine still stood tall and proud. There was a puddle of cum forming on the couch beneath Kim’s puffy pussy.

I sat down beside Kim and dipped my fingers into her cum soaked wet cunt and found her g-spot. Kim gave an involuntary shiver as my thumb caressed her clit. I wiggled my fingers against her oversensitive g-spot and was rewarded shortly with another powerful orgasm that made her body go stiff and her well fucked pussy squeezed out my fingers followed by a huge dollop of cum from Jim and Phil. Then she said that she needed a break.

All four of us sat around drinking our beers and wine before Jim decided to get up and stoke the fire again. Amazingly, his cock was hard again and stood out proudly in front of him as he made his way to the fireplace. Kim took notice of this and crawled to him on her hands and knees and took his revived cock back into her mouth. Kim was able to suck his erection right down her throat until her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

She bobbed her head at an amazing pace until Jim cried out and filled her mouth with yet another load of salty cum. I could see her throat muscles working to swallow his load and she kept his spent cock in her mouth until it went soft again. Kim then crawled back and sat beside me on the loveseat, allowing Jim to carry on with his fire-stoking duties.

My own cock was still rock hard and throbbing so Kim gently stroked it. I looked over at Phil and saw that he was half asleep with his dick hanging limply over his left thigh and Jim was watching Kim and what she was doing with my cock but his cock, like Phil’s, was hanging noodle-limp in his crotch. Kim saw that Jim was watching so she slowly lowered her head until her mouth was poised over the engorged head of my dick. She gently licked the tip before she opened wide and sucked most of me in.

Kim applied just the right amount of suction to keep me from cumming until she wanted me to. Her right hand was still wrapped around the base of my cock gently stroking up and down while her left hand was busy massaging my cum laden balls. I told her softly to make me cum in her mouth.

With an almost imperceptible nod, Kim sped up the bobbing of her head and also added more suction. It wasn’t long before my back arched, my legs tensed and my fists clenched and I poured what seemed like a full cup of cum into my sexy wife’s mouth. I don’t even think that Kim was prepared for the amount of cum that I gushed because she gagged a few times before she started to swallow. But to her credit, she never spilled a drop and kept my cock in her mouth until it fully deflated and dropped out with a low pop.

I stole a glance at the clock in the kitchen and saw that it was damn near two in the fucking morning. If we had any hope of catching any more fish in the morning, we had best be getting to bed. I raised this point to the others and they agreed to set their alarms for seven so that we would have time to get in a few hours on the lake and still be able to pack and get on the road before traffic got stupid.

I told Kim to kiss each of the others good night so she got on her knees and allowed each man to slide his cock into her mouth where she sucked briefly and then gave each of their cock heads a kiss on the tip. Both Jim and Phil walked naked to their room while Kim and I made our way to ours.

I set my cell phone to wake me at seven and then slipped under the covers where Kim was waiting for me. I could tell that she wasn’t done yet as she slipped below and again took my cock into her mouth where it began to harden once more. Kim spun her body around at my urging and while never losing her lip lock on my prick, she planted her soaking wet pussy on my face. I snuck my tongue out and licked her cunt from top to bottom stopping briefly to suck gently on her clit. I could taste the salty deposits from the other two cocks that had been in her not too long ago and that only made me suck harder.

I was able to make Kim cum in near record time as my tongue zeroed in on her over stimulated love button. Kim had to stop sucking on me while her orgasm washed over her entire body. More cum dripped from her well used pussy which I eagerly lapped up. When she calmed down, Kim resumed her cock sucking. It wasn’t long before she had me gripping the sheets and cumming in her mouth for the second time that night.

When my cock finally deflated, Kim let it slide from her lips and she spun back around and gave me a huge open mouth kiss allowing some of my cum to slip onto my tongue. We swallowed simultaneously and continued kissing while my fingers found their way to massage her g-spot. I rubbed hard until Kim came all over my hand. It was only then that we kissed once more and promptly fell asleep.

Stay tuned for part 3
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