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A weekend at the cottage part 3

The last chapter of what happens when I dare my wife to go without undies at the cottage
Please read chapters 1 and 2 so that all of the following makes sense.

***Day 3***


It was almost like we had planned it or something. Shortly past seven, all three of us men walked into the kitchen of the cottage fully naked and grinning at each other. No attempt was even made to cover up or be bashful about our nakedness.

I was just getting the coffee ready when Kim walked into the room also gloriously naked, her healthy c-cup tits leading the way. She quickly told me to go and sit down and she would prepare everything for us. I sat at the table with Jim and Phil while Kim scurried about making the pot of coffee and fixing snacks for us to take out on the lake with us. There was not much to choose from as this was our last day and we only brought enough food for three days.

Kim poured three cups of coffee and brought them over to us at the table and then bent over and gave each of our cocks a squeeze and a kiss as a good morning gesture. I know that I was not the only one who had serious thoughts about spending the day fucking my wife instead of being out on the lake fishing for Bass but we were quickly ushered out and down to the dock. It wasn’t till we got the boat started and were getting ready to cast off that we realized that we were all still naked, including Kim who was sitting on the dock slightly above us with her legs dangling off the side.

“Wouldn’t you three be a sight for the Conservation officer if he pulled you over” Kim said with a chuckle “I can just see the headlines now...”

All of us bust out laughing and we piled back out of the boat to go find some clothes to wear. Kim found all of our shorts dry on the clothes line so she grabbed them and brought them down to us. I told her to help us get them on.

Kim knelt on the rough wood planks of the dock and held Jim’s shorts out for him to step into. As Kim slid the shorts up his legs she sucked the swollen head of his cock into her mouth and kept it there until she was ready to zip him up. Phil was next. Kim did the exact same thing to his cock as well.

When it was my turn, Kim held the shorts low to the deck and I stepped into them. As soon as she began to pull them up my legs she grabbed the base of my cock with one hand and sucked on the engorged head making my eyes roll into the back of my head. Before I could really get into it, Kim pulled off and finished dragging my shorts up and over my aching hard dick. She patted it lightly and told us to have a good time fishing.

We jumped grudgingly into the boat and fired it up. As we pulled away from the dock we all looked back to see Kim laying on the hard wooden surface with her legs spread and two fingers jammed inside her cunt. With her free hand she waved us goodbye and set about making herself cum. It took all the willpower that we had not to turn the boat around and go back, but somehow we managed to keep heading out all of us with massive bulges in our shorts.

Surprisingly, the fishing was fantastic in all of the weed beds that we cast our lines into. It was shortly before noon that we had caught our limit and sat back to have a beer or two before heading in. The conversation, of course, was centered on the escapades of the previous couple of days. I let them in on the dare that Kim and I had agreed upon and what it entailed. They were in total shock and disbelief when they learned that it was Kim’s idea to be dominated. But hey, it was working in their favor so neither of them was about to start complaining.

The more we all talked, the bigger the bulges got in our shorts. It was Phil who suggested that we show up back at the dock naked to surprise Kim. I shucked off my shorts to expose my raging hard on, started the boat and steered back towards the cottage. I looked over to the others to find them already nude with their own huge erections pointing straight up. As we neared the dock, I couldn’t see a sign of Kim anywhere.

We tied off the boat, collected all of our gear and carried it all to our respective trucks. I still couldn’t find Kim as the three of us cleaned up the boat while all still naked with our now limp dicks flagging in the breeze. I was getting a bit concerned now as I left Jim and Phil to gut and clean the fish so that I could find Kim.

I looked through the cottage and found all of our bags packed and stacked neatly by the door and the cabin cleaner than when we first arrived, but still no sign of Kim. I checked the generator shed but it too was devoid of my wife.

As I rounded a stand of trees going towards the wood shed, I thought I heard a noise. Thinking that it may be a raccoon or a skunk, I grabbed a handy length of fallen tree limb and crept around the corner. I was just about to go in swinging when a very sexy ankle caught my eye. I followed the ankle up and saw that it was attached to my very naked and very tied up wife. I don’t know how she did it but she had spread a blanket over the pile of wood and tied herself spread eagle so that both of her legs were as far apart as they could go and her arms were over her head tied to a post. I saw that there was even a large blue vibrator stuffed in her pussy held in by a thin red strap that went around her waist. The vibrator was humming away quite noisily and Kim’s breathing was deep and labored.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to go get the others and fuck me silly?” Kim forced out between clenched teeth “Or you can untie me and we can go home.”

My cock had risen to the occasion as I shouted for the others to come over. They both showed up as I was pulling the sticky vibrator out of Kim’s quivering pussy and replacing it with my pointed tongue. Jim and Phil wasted no time in getting their cocks hard. Phil quickly climbed up on the wood pile and slid his boner into my wife’s mouth where she sucked on it vigorously. Jim didn’t know what to do so I moved out of the way and let him ram his cock hard into Kim’s pussy. I, in the meantime, went up and pinched, sucked and played with Kim’s very sensitive nipples. With all of the attention, Kim began to cum almost instantly thoroughly soaking the blanket and Jim’s straining cock.

With a few more thrusts, Jim rammed deep and unloaded a huge load of spunk deep into Kim’s wanton cunt. Seeing all this was too much for Phil, as he fucked my wife’s face a few more times and unleashed his own torrent of hot cum for her to swallow.

I let Kim take a few minutes to catch her breath before I stuffed my hard eight inches of cock into her cum filled cunt and began to pound away at her like a man possessed. The others were watching as I added another deposit of cum to her already overflowing honey pot.

I sat back and caught my own breath this time as I looked at my sexy wife. Her cunt was red, swollen and leaking cum and even her mouth had a few stray drops of cum at the corners. But over and above all else, she had a huge smile on her gorgeous face. I could tell that she was pleased with herself that she was able to fulfill my fantasy as well as her own, even if she didn’t know she harbored this fantasy.

“OK. Lets get packed up and hit the road before the traffic starts getting shitty” I said as I carefully untied Kim’s hands and feet “But lets put this back in first. You can keep it in until we get to the truck.”

I gently slid the vibrator back into her wet pussy and fastened it in place the same way that she had done earlier with the red ribbon. I saw her smile widen as I bent over and turned it on. A soft buzz filled the woodshed and I allowed her to lead the way to the trucks.

I sat Kim on the tailgate while the rest of us went and got all the bags and put them in our respective trucks. With the toy still rattling away in her pussy, I told Kim to get on her knees and thank the others for cumming up for the weekend. Phil was first to let Kim pull his cock to her lips and suck on it till he came again. After swallowing and letting his prick slip from her mouth, Kim reached out and pulled Jim by the cock to her mouth. She opened wide and took all of him in right to the root no doubt getting a good taste of her own pussy juice from earlier. Kim bobbed her head franticly until Jim tensed up and spewed his load into her mouth. With out saying a word, I picked Kim up and put her into the truck.

I bid my farewells to the others and got in behind the wheel. Kim leaned over to give me an open mouth kiss, pushing some of Jim’s load onto my waiting tongue. We made out for a few minutes and let the others pull out first before I started the truck and headed for home.

It wasn’t until I got out to the main highway that I remembered that we were both still naked and Kim still had the buzzing toy buried deep in her well used pussy. I knew that my truck was tall enough that no one in cars could see in but if we were to pass a trucker they would be able to see everything. I told Kim to lean over and suck on my engorged cock which she gladly did. Kim had me ready to fill her mouth within seconds so I told her to stop and sit back up.

I knew there was a rest area only about five miles down the highway so I told Kim to lean back in her seat and play with her nipples and cunt till we got there but not to take the vibrator out. She looked so fucking hot with her legs spread wide, a toy buzzing away in her pussy, one hand rubbing her clit and the other hand pulling on her nipples.

“As soon as I get this truck parked” I began “I am going to lick your cunt till you orgasm all over my face.”

I saw the turn lane just ahead and quickly pulled off. I quickly parked in the first spot that I saw and turned to Kim. She already had her legs up on the seat and spread wide so it was easy for me just to turn and dive face first into her drooling pussy. I gently pulled the vibrator out of her cunt and handed it to her and told her to lick it clean. There was cum and pussy juice all over it as she sucked and licked it clean. I, in the meantime, set about licking her cum filled cunt till she rocked in another powerful orgasm.

After Kim calmed down, I started the truck and headed back onto the highway for home, neither one of us got dressed. Kim did manage to flash a few truckers on the way but other than that it was a relatively quiet ride but my cock stayed rock hard the whole time.

Just as we were hitting the city limits I told Kim that maybe we should stop by Brad’s to show him what he missed by not coming with us this weekend.

Kim had a huge smile plastered on her gorgeous face and said “I dare you…”

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