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A Weekend in the Mountains - Day 3

Nathan's Story

After we had all agreed to swap partners for our last day on the mountain, I couldn't help but steal another look at my wife. Though it was only going to be for 24 hours, it felt as if we were going to be parting for much longer. I couldn't help but steal one final glance at her firm sexy body, and we quickly exchanged winks.

Suddenly I was brought back to the real world by a sharp slap on my naked ass. Leslie said "Remember me? I thought we had a date." Then she turned her back, giving me a view of her sexy ass, and began walking to my cabin. I could see her butt jiggling with each step, and I was suddenly drawn to her. I increased the speed of my steps, and when I caught up with her, reached out and grabbed her butt with both hands. "That's more like it. You were beginning to look like a schoolboy about to leave his mother for the first time."

"Guilty, I'm afraid" I responded. "I'm not used to leaving Kerri. We generally go everywhere together."

"Well, don't worry, I'll make you forget her in short order" Leslie promised. She turned around and wrapped her arms around Nathan, giving him a French kiss. Nathan reciprocated, and suddenly felt his cock beginning to grow. Leslie felt his hardening member, and directed it between her legs. She then wrapped her legs around Nathan's waist, and felt his cock lengthen, rubbing against her pussy lips as it did.

"Let's fuck right here, in the grass" she whispered. She laid down and began stroking her finger along her slit.

"May I?" inquired Nathan.

"I thought you'd never ask" said Leslie with a knowing grin. She spread her knees far apart, revealing her pussy to Nathan. He could see that she was already getting wet, and knelt between her legs. But rather than start with her pussy, he reached up to her B-cup boobs, and began fondling her nipples.

"MMMMMM, I love the way you touch me" she purred. Nathan leaned down and suckled one nipple, while still squeezing the other with his fingers. After a couple of minutes, he moved his mouth to the other nipple, and even gently used his teeth to bring her to a higher level of excitement. Shortly, he began kissing and licking down her body, momentarily stopping to lick her belly button, then moving further down toward her pussy. He moved a finger up and down her slit, feeling the wetness that had already seeped out of her cunt. As he moved down her body, he bypassed her pussy and began licking her thighs. Her inner cunt lips parted, and he inserted just the first part of his finger in her. After licking both thighs, he moved to her pussy, slowly licking just the lips, teasing Leslie with his talented tongue. At l1ast, he removed his fingertip and began licking between her cunt lips, taking long slow passes with just the tip of his tongue.

Leslie began breathing harder, trying to control her reactions, but knowing she would soon be giving in to them. As Nathan slowly licked toward her clit, Leslie could feel her ass involuntarily lifting off the grass, directing her pussy toward his mouth. Nathan took one quick lick with just the end of his tongue on her most sensitive of spots, causing her to inhale sharply. Another lick on her clit, this one longer and with the flat part of his tongue, and her ass raised up even more.

Nathan could detect her womanly smell, and knew that it was time. He sucked her cunt once more for good measure, sucking some of her female juices into his mouth. Putting his hands under her ass, feeling her twin butt cheeks in both hands, he supported her butt while he took aim with his cock and shoved it in all at once.

Leslie inhaled and held it for a few seconds as Nathan's cock drove deep into her pussy. She managed to take in most of his 7 inches with the first plunge, then he withdrew his cock almost all the way, and shoved it back in hard, completely burying himself to the hilt. When his body connected with her pussy, slamming her cunt with his pubic bone, Leslie came hard, coating Nathan's cock with her juices. With the additional lubrication, Nathan began repetitive in and out movements, and she quickly came again. Nathan watched his cock, slick with Leslie's cum,  move back and forth, and within a few more seconds, shot his cum deep into Leslie's cunt. He fell atop her, her boobs against his chest, her nipples as hard as they had ever been, and they both began regaining their breath.

"I have never cum that hard before, Nathan! God, that was good!" Leslie was smiling from ear to ear.

Nathan replied "I'm glad you liked it, Leslie. We'll just have to see what else we can come up with later. Sound good?"

"Sounds great! Now, let's go inside." She grabbed his hand and led him up the steps and through the door.

They walked into the cabin, and headed straight for Nathan's bed. Nathan got there first, and laid there with his cock already beginning to harden in anticipation of what was to come. Leslie climbed atop him, and immediately stuck his cock into her hungry mouth. The mixture of their cum coating his cock had a very special taste to her.

"Oohh, our cum tastes wonderful, Nathan. Do you want to try it?" Before he could answer, Leslie planted an open-mouthed kiss on his mouth, sticking her tongue into his oral cavity. "So, what do you think?" she asked.

Nathan tasted their mixture for a few seconds before replying. "It's wonderful, Leslie. But I prefer a woman's taste alone. Let me suck your pussy again." With that, Leslie moved into a 69 position, and reinserted his cock into her mouth. Nathan stuck his tongue deep into her cunt, licking all around her insides, savoring her uniquely female flavors and aromas. He could tell that she was already wet inside, and used his tongue to spread that wetness to her outer lips. He then sucked on her protruding inner lips, first one side, then the other, then both at once, before moving up to her clitoris.

Her wetness was already dripping onto his face, turning him on even more. He licked her clit back and forth, slowly, slowly, then a little faster before moving to an up and down motion. Leslie began moaning, and her pelvis began moving in ways she had no control over as Nathan drove her to the brink of insanity with his clit licking. When he paused for a moment, she stuck his cock into her mouth, using a hand to stroke the shaft to accompany her tongue as it worked all around the pink head of his dick. It wouldn't be long before the both of them would be in the throes of orgasm, and they both sensed that at once.

Leslie climbed off, turned around, and held Nathan's cock straight up in the air. She sank her pussy down until her pussy lips kissed his pubic bone again. His cock was immediately coated with her love juices as she moved back and forth, rubbing her clit and pussy lips against him. Nathan just laid back, watching her as she took over, reveling in her sexiness. Her B-cups were bouncing with her every movement, tits so firm, yet so soft. He reached up and squeezed both nipples between finger and thumb, then rubbed them back and forth with the palms of his hands, adding to her excitement.

"Keep that up, Nathan. I'm just about to cum. Just a little more...AAAAAAHHHH" and Nathan could feel her cum leak out around his cock, soaking his midsection. That sent him over the edge, and he panted, almost struggling for breath as he sent jets of his own cum deep into her cunt.

"I could feel you cum...AAAAHHH" Leslie said as she came again. She nearly passed out, falling onto Nathan's chest with his cock buried deep into her cunt. Now Nathan began moving his cock in and out of her pussy, and Leslie began moving her cunt up and down his cock, slapping against his body. Leslie's breathing was as rapid as Nathan's now, and as their movements synchronized, Leslie had one final cum before rolling off Nathan's body and collapsing beside him.

They didn't know how much time had elapsed, but they couldn't care less in the afterglow of their fucking. They both were exhausted, and both fell asleep without another word.

Kerri's Story

Unlike Nathan, Kerri suffered no guilt or hesitation about swapping partners tonight. Kerri knew that Leslie would be caring for Nathan quite well, thank you, and she intended to make sure that Chris was treated just as well.

When Nathan and Leslie began walking across the field, Kerri grabbed Chris' cock and began softly rubbing his quickly stiffening member. "Wow, you don't waste any time, do you?" asked Chris.

"Oh, do you want me to stop? Would you like me to wait a while before we get started?" joked Kerri.

"By all means, continue" said Chris. With that, Kerri pulled Chris to the back porch, where she sat down so that his cock was pointing directly at her face. She slowly licked the underside first, while fondling his balls at the same time. Then she sucked on the head, and licked the drops of pre-cum off as they formed. Finally, she inserted as much of his cock into her mouth as she could fit, bobbing her head back and forth, withdrawing it to the end, then reinserting it again.

Kerri could feel her pussy getting wet without it being touched. She knew that her inner lips had already drooped between her outer lips, and a few beads of moisture would be visible. She kept up the stimulation on Chris' cock, until finally, he pulled her up so that they were eye-to-eye. He kissed her mouth gently, before starting to work his way down her body.

Chris kissed behind her ears for a few moments, before moving down to her tits. Though Leslie's tits were bigger, Kerri's were somehow sexier, still firm, with long sensitive nipples that caused her to shiver when his lips came in contact with them. He pulled the nipples with his lips, stretching them as far as they would go without pain before releasing them. Kerri felt like electric jolts were being shot throughout her body, radiating down to her pussy each time he did this. As he moved lower, he reached around her body, grasping her ass firmly, kneading her buns, pulling them apart to stimulate her clit.

Finally, he reached her pussy lips, taking a long lick of her juices. He pulled her closer, spread her legs apart, and used his right hand to separate her pussy lips even further. Two fingers of his left hand dipped into her pussy, gliding in further and further, then he slowly pulled them back and out, taking a long lick of her nectar with his tongue. Chris then slid two fingers back into her pussy, and Kerri felt her knees begin to buckle as her orgasm began to build.

"Chris, I'm about to cum" she warned.

"Then cum all you want" he replied, as he began to increase the speed of his finger fucking. Kerri was having trouble standing as her orgasm approached. When she nearly collapsed, Chris sat her down on the porch with his fingers still buried in her cunt. Kerri spread her legs as wide as they could go, giving Chris all the access he could desire. He changed the position of his hand some to allow his mouth access to her clit, and began sucking it with abandon. He kept his fingers buried in her cunt, moving them around for added stimulation.

Kerri's cunt muscles suddenly began contractions, and she shouted "Don't stop, Chris, don't stop! I'm cuuuummmmminnnnggg!" Kerri was panting like she had been running a race, but she wasn't finished. Seconds later, she exclaimed "Ssssoooo gooooood" as her cum flowed from her pussy all over Chris' hand and forearm. She grabbed his wrist and held it still as yet another cum took over her body.

At last, Chris slowly pulled his fingers from Kerri's cunt. Even this simple movement nearly made her cum again, but not quite. She licked his arm clean, then took his hand and led him inside. As soon as the door was closed, Kerri leaned against the kitchen counter with her ass pointing directly at Chris. She spread her legs wide, and he took the hint, stepping up to her ass and spearing her cunt with his stiff cock. He quickly slid in to the hilt, and began piston-like motions in her pussy. He reached around her with both hands, and began massaging her little tits once more, which drew a soft "mmmmmm" from Kerri. After about a minute of slipping in and out of her pussy with his cock, he withdrew it completely, turned her around, and reinserted it. Kerri wrapped one leg around his waist for balance, and in seconds, Chris' orgasm began. He pulled his cock out quickly, and shot his load on Kerri's chest and stomach. She spread his jism all over with her hands, while Chris knelt before her. He sucked her clit directly between his lips, and her sensitivity was evident as she released more cum right into his mouth.

"How about a shower?" asked Chris.

"Good idea" replied Kerri. They headed up the stairs to the bathroom. Both of them reveled in the warm water as they washed each other from head to toe, paying special attention to each other's sex. Chris washed with one finger between Kerri's pussy lips, 'accidentally' brushing her clit as he did. Kerri washed all over Chris' cock and balls, getting the head of his cock especially clean. By the time they had finished, they were both horny again, and rushed out of the shower to the bed without drying first.

Kerri fell on the bed face-first. Chris took a few seconds to admire her gorgeous ass as she lay there. Kerri then raised her ass up with legs spread, offering her pussy to Chris yet again. Chris moved behind her, put his hands on her ass, and used his thumbs to spread her pussy wide apart. Her cunt, wet from his 'cleaning' just a few minutes ago, was there for the taking.

"Put it in me, Chris. I need it bad!" Kerri wasn't used to begging for sex, but this was a special occasion. In just a few hours, they would be parting company, and she wanted to make the most of the experience.

Chris was only happy to oblige, climbing on the bed behind her, and aiming his cock straight for her cunt hole. He slid in like he was greased, and didn't stop pushing until he slapped against her ass.

"God, Kerri, your pussy is so hot inside. I don't want this to stop, ever!" gushed Chris.

"Now fuck me, Chris" replied Kerri. "Don't stop until we've both come again!" Kerri began moving back and forth, matching Chris' movements, and within two minutes, both were cumming like it was their first time. Kerri could feel Chris' cum spray all over the inside of her cunt, then felt her own cum dripping down the inside of her legs. He wrapped his arms around his partner, squeezing her tits and nipples, and Kerri came again. She collapsed on the bed, and Chris pulled his cock from her cunt. It came to a rest between her ass cheeks, and he fell atop her back.

"I don't think I've had a night as passionate as this one" he said. "Don't get me wrong, Leslie is great in bed, but tonight was very special."

"I know what you're saying, Chris, and I agree completely." Kerri rolled onto her side, and snuggled her ass against Chris' cock as they moved into a spoon position. Chris wrapped his arm around her body, cupping her tit in one hand. They fell asleep in this position, and only awoke due to their spouses arriving the next morning.

As the couples reunited, there was a bit of unease as each knew (to some degree) what had happened the night before. But there was no jealousy, and both relationships were stronger for the experience. Kerri and Nathan returned home with a newfound love for each other, and Kerri began the less inhibited phase of her life. Bras were worn only at work, and their house turned into a clothing optional building. They kept in touch with Chris and Leslie, and plan another get-together soon.

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