A wifes Secret

By nataliaanne

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Secret lovers meeting up

I started today with a petite sunbeam calling for me to creep out of bed and greet the day.   As I pulled the blankets back I could sense the rush of cool air across my body. I quickly made my way to the living room to turn the heat up a few degrees; then proceeded into the kitchen to start my morning ritual with a cup of coffee and a seat at my computer.   Upon checking my e-mails I came across a message from my secret lover asking for me to convene at noon in our usual place. I quickly felt my heart start to gallop and my body twinge for his touch, the touch I hadn’t been able to feel for a few weeks.   Just the thought that I would be standing before him soon put my body in the first stage of ecstasy; I could feel my pussy beginning to get damp and pulsate.  


Swiftly I proceeded to get dressed and anticipate his call watching the clock like a child wanting out of class.   It was time; time to pick up the one person who is a secret from most who know me, as I am a secret from most who know him, as I approach my destination to pick him up my body starts to quiver with the anticipation of what is to come.   Looking out of my passenger side window I see him walking towards me, all I can pay attention to is how good he looks, I start noticing the little details my eyes start at his head and slowly work their way down. Standing 6’5 or 6’6 with a slight muscular build and grayish blue eyes that seem to look deep into ones soul, Hands that are strong but yet soft to the touch and a walk that tells the world how he is confidant yet not conceded. As he gets in my vehicle our eyes meet and yet not a word is needed to say hello. We make small talk and enjoy each others company during the brief drive to the one place that is safe for us to be together without the hazard of being seen.    


 As we enter the house we both stop in the foyer so we can take off our shoes that are covered in the snow that feel just a few days prior.   As we make our way to the living room we continue with our conversation but now have the hunger to touch, kiss, hold hands, and flirt. And so the foreplay began, I gradually make my way over to him; he adjusts to allow me to straddle him, As I look into his eyes I can tell he has craved this moment as much as I have, wrapping his arms around my waist sends shivers through out my body and places small Goosebumps on the back of my neck, I tilt forward and start to kiss him, I can feel the ampleness and silkiness of his lips as they embrace mine and the small hairs from his goatee and mustache on my nose and chin.   As we continue   I delicately place my left hand on his neck and I can feel my clitoris becoming inflamed and my pussy becoming saturated and pulsating ,my heartbeat   quickening with every second that passes.   Pulling back I look into his eyes and can tell he is ready for more, not only by the gaze I receive but also by the bulge that can not be concealed.


We both ascend to our feet and make our way back the hall to the bedroom that has been our safe haven for the past couple months. I observe him removing his gray faded t-shirt and unfasten the clasp on his belt to unbutton his jeans to where they fall to the floor.   And what seemed like a blink of an eye he sat before me exposed and awaiting me to strip.   As I unfasten the button on my jeans I can feel him watching, watching as they fall to the floor only leaving a red silk thong.   Taking my hands and gently removing my panties he pulls me to him biting my nipples through my shirt causing my clit to become engorged.   As we start to kiss again I pull away letting my mouth run downward until I am on my knees.   Inserting his cock in my mouth I begin to suck, and consecutively stirring my tongue around the head. I can sense him growing as I increase the rate and pressure. I discontinue only for a second to eliminate my shirt and bra, letting him experience my breasts on the inside of his thighs as I continue to nourish my oral fixation.


Inserting my hand at the base of his cock pulling the skin tight I place my mouth over him so I can experience his hard throbbing cock running in and out of my throat as my hand fallows in unison , I run my tongue up the shaft of his cock   and back down where I can lay his testacies in my mouth making sure I neglect nothing, As I commence sucking on his tender cock a little more I hear   “that’s enough if you continue I won’t be able to last as long”     So I rise to my feet and sit on the edge of the bed appreciative he has thought of my needs, Kissing once again he stands , smoothly turning my shoulders I know he is wanting me on all fours, I twist offering my pussy to his desires, he proceeds by teasing my pussy with the tip of his cock,   my body yearns for the moment is has been waiting so long for as he enters me I gasp in pleasure and my pussy tightening around him, starting out slow but with every thrust becoming more forceful then the previous one, moaning in pleasure with a hint of pain; the louder   I moan the harder he gives it to me, feeling his cock thumping my cervix . I maneuver my hand to my clit I can feel how hot and swollen I am, I begin to fool around with myself letting my clit role among my two fingers, turning him on even more the thrust of his cock become harder and faster quickly sending me over the edge, my legs start to tremble and gasping I stand on my knees with him holding me up.   Wrapping his arm around my chest to tease my nipple and kissing me, he softly asks “are you alright?”


With a nod of my head I go back to all fours, again the thrust comes hard, knowing I am trying to pull away do to being so sensitive I tell him” Pull my hair!”   I can feel his hand become entangled in my hair and the force in which he is pulling only makes me want go over the edge once more.   Harder and harder he pushes into me until neither of us can hold back any longer, I can feel   the pulsing of his cock as he explodes into me filling my pussy up with his juices. Once again I rise to my knees and we kiss as he slowly cascades out of me. Feeling his warm fluids run down the inside of my thigh we both stop to catch our breath.   Hastily we clean up and dress so we can use the last few moments together lost in discussion and teasing.   As we depart from our safe haven we both know that it is uncertain when we will be able to enjoy each other again. For we both belong to another, and our time together is at a minimum but never taken for granted.