A Wife's Surprise

By Like2viewtoo

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A secret and surprise lead to a cuckolding relationship
I should know what my wife's pussy tastes like. After 9 years of marriage we almost never fuck anymore, rather she just insists on me eating her out, at least 3-4 times per week. My wife Amy and I have had sex only once in the last six months; it was on my birthday. She just says that sex with me is, frankly, not good. My cock is just too small. Since intimacy is important in a marriage she let's me eat her pussy to orgasm and, so she can sleep, I roll out of the bed and masturbate on the floor. We both get to cum this way: her into my mouth and me into my hand or a tissue. 

Over the last month or so, she'll get home late from work and immediately lay on the couch or bed and have me tongue deep in her. I have noticed an additional muskiness, that I hadn't before but shrugged it off to her having just come home from a full day at the office. She really gets into it; Amy will press my face into her warm wetness and shout at me, "Eat me! Eat me you tiny- dicked man" with a passion never heard during our, now infrequent, love making. I have often been so turned on that I have been known to cum even before I would've taken my position at the foot of the bed. 

One night after I brought her to orgasm, while I was wiping and licking the thick, creamy remnants of her cumming from my goatee, she said she had a surprise for me. "Clear your calendar for Friday. I have a treat for you that I am pretty sure you'll love and I know I will." Excited about the erotic potential that awaited at weeks' end, I slumped to the floor and quickly jerked myself to a wonderful little climax. 

Despite my begging repeatedly, she would not hint at what she has planned except to say she'll be ready when I get home from work. The week seemed to drag on forever. And while our routine cunnilingus was still deliciously amazing, I had a hard time thinking of anything else. I felt strangely more intimate with her as she held this secret over me. I couldn't wait. 

Friday at work was difficult, I walked around he office with a perpetual hard on. My diminutive size worked to my advantage as no one could see the erection I was boasting in my pleated pants. I started to get concerned that precum may soon soak through to my trouser front and thought a "release" was necessary. I went into the bathroom, closed a stall door behind me and wasted no time in getting my dick out. While my coworkers used the restroom all around me, I fantasized about what was now only hours away: would I get to fuck her? would she suck me off? would I get to masturbate over her, cumming on her face or chest? I quickly jerked myself to completion, dribbling my ejaculate into the toilet. 

I returned to my desk without event or apparent suspicion of my recent work distraction. I completed my work a little early and made some excuse for leaving before five o'clock and rushed home. I rounded the corner to my house and found a car other than my wife's in the drive. This car, a BMW, was not a repair or work truck and my mind was reeling. Did she invite friends over to dinner? Had she forgotten and made other plans with her girlfriends?

I opened the door to find my wife kneeling over the arm of our couch with a muscular black man standing naked behind her pounding away without mercy. When my wife saw me standing in the doorway, rather than scramble to cover up or explain why this horse cocked black man was plunging deep into her pussy, she smiled and motioned me over. Her lover didn't even turn to acknowledge me or break stride. In between her lustful grunts, she panted, "How do you like your surprise?" This is what she had planned for me all along. She wanted to make me a cuckold. She wanted me to see her fuck another man, a 11 inch dicked black man. 

At first I was surprised and angry, then I was surprised at how turned on I was. I was watching my wife receive a fucking like I've never thought possible. This cock had equally impressive balls that hung heavily below and slapped at her every time he bottomed out in her pussy. She continued, "Take your place down there and wait for Adam to finish." I scrambled to lay beneath her and was now only a couple of feet from the action. I could smell their collective sweat and some of it dripped from his balls onto my forehead. I saw each foot long thrust as he drew it out and back in fully each time. 

"It's gonna be fresh this time," Amy laughed. "When you eat me tonight, this won't be the first time you've had a mouthful of Adam's cum. He's been fucking me bareback for weeks."

It took me a few moments to fully process what she was saying. I was being cuckolded for months and maybe even longer and was learning to love my subservient role. I was getting used to doing whatever she commanded of me. I was ready to dive in as soon as he would withdraw from her and it appeared to be getting close. Adam was slowing his pace and increasing his depth of thrusts and I saw his heavy balls draw up close to his body.

Whether it was planned or impromptu, I was surprised to see him pull out. I started to ask why not cream pie and my question was literally interrupted when he stuffed the first fat 2 inches into my mouth and pumped ribbon after ribbon of semen straight down my throat. They both laughed as I tried to keep it all in but it dribbled out around my lips and I coughed some up as I tried to swallow that very familiar taste. This was absolutely the first time I'd sucked a cock but I'd swallowed a lot of this man's seed before. 

I thought I'd be fucking my wife that night but what happened instead I absolutely enjoyed. I looked down to find my tan trousers stained with my second load of the day.