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A Wiggle of the Finger

It was Thursday and I couldn't wait for the weekend to arrive. After such a busy week it would be nice to do a little nothing. My wife called and said she was running a little late.

“I need you to pick up something for dinner on your way home.”
I acknowledged her request and said I would grab some Chinese.

I arrived home, toting dinner along, and placed it on the kitchen table. My wife peaked into the bag and, with a slight sigh, mumbled, “I guess that will have to do.”
I turned to get some plates from the cupboard then returned back to the table and took note that my wife had a very annoyed look upon her face. I asked if there was something wrong?

She replied with, “Yes, I want you to get under this table and make up for such a poor choice in dinners.”

A little stunned I replied with, “What?”

She retorted, "Get under the table now."

Not sure of what she was thinking, I played along. I got under the table which was always adorned with a lengthy table cloth and noticed my wife had hiked her skirt up and was not wearing panties.

She spread her legs wide, wiggled her finger in a 'come here' motion and said, “Start licking now! I will let you know when you are finished."

I took a long look at her clean, shaved pussy. I could see she was already a little wet and that made my cock start to rise. She slid herself a little forward and shouted, “EAT.” 

I began slowly licking at the outer lips of her pussy and gently crossing my tongue over her clit. I could hear her let out a slight moan and her body relaxed into the chair. I kept my licking paced slowly as it seemed she was enjoying the attention her pussy was getting. I could hear the sound of her fork clang against the plate as she went about eating her dinner. The phone suddenly rang. She shouted at me to get the phone for her and then get back under the table.

I answered the phone and it was one of her friends from work. As I handed the phone to my wife she gave me a stern look and pointed under the table. I resumed my position as her dinner time pussy toy and continued where I left off. As I licked and kissed her soft folds I could hear her joking with her friend as she ate.

Her conversation left me stunned. “Yes, right now he is under the table licking my pussy like a good little boy.” I was a bit embarrassed but getting hornier by the minute. The conversation moved in different direction with a lot of giggling and every so often a moan would escape her lips. I heard her mentioning a wine she would love to try and then the conversation ended.

I had been licking and kissing her pussy for a good half hour by now. The sweet smell of her pussy filled my nose and the chair glistened with wetness from her juices. Suddenly, the door bell rang.

She gave me a very hard look and said, "Don't you go anywhere. I am definitely not finished."

Her high-heel shoes clicked against the floor as she made her way to the door. I could hear voices and laughter as several foot steps made their way back to the dining table. My wife called her by name. It was the same friend she had been talking to on the phone and a man with her that she introduced as her husband.

I could hear them whispering and her friend's voice blurted out, “Really? Still?” I then heard a bottle of wine being opened and poured into glasses. My wife then repositioned her self back on the chair, lifted her skirt back up and spread her legs. I could not believe she was going to continue doing this with other people in the room.

She spread her pussy lips with two fingers and then slid them inside herself. She wiggled her finger at me again to come hither and I started back where I had left off. I could hear her two fingers pop out of her mouth as she tasted her own juices and let out a long, soft moan.

I was back to work on her swollen, wet clit, licking and sucking as the three of them talked and joked, drinking their wine.

It was a few moments later as my tongue worked fiercely on my wife's clit that her legs tensed up and she let out a gasp. She had the most polite orgasm I had ever heard. She reached under the table, pushed my head away and went about her conversation. I stayed there under the table, not daring to show my face. I know the couple at our table was well aware of what was happening but since I was not familiar with either of them, I thought it would be best that I just stay hidden. After all, this wasn't the first impression I would like to make when meeting new people. But, it seemed my wife had other ideas. 

My wife pushed back the chair and I could hear her heels click as she walked around the table. She stopped in between her two guests and the faint sound of whispering caught my attention.

A couple steps later, she bent down and slightly lifted the table cloth. I thought she was reaching to touch my face in a loving gesture rewarding me for a job well done when she grabbed me by the ear and pulled me towards an end of the table, as fast as I was moved, the cloth at the end was lifted and a chair slid forwards.

With her hand pulling my ear quite painfully, I suddenly found my face less than an inch away from a very large and hard cock. I could not see anything but this monster pressing against the front of my face. I was in disbelief of what my wife was doing. When she sensed my mouth had not opened, she twisted my ear and as I yelped in pain her hand fed his fat cock into my mouth. She pushed against the back of my head, forcing me to engulf as much as I could. I would pull my head back and she would force it back down. I gagged on this fat cock as light laughter floated across the table.
I heard my wife's friend ask, "Is he doing it?" And then she chuckled and said, “Really.”

My wife must have been shaking her head yes, letting her friend know that I had a mouthful of her husband's cock. Saliva dripped from the sides of my mouth as the man started slowly humping my face. This man's cock seemed to be getting bigger by the stroke, stretching my mouth open as my wife held my head in position. She suddenly released my head and I fell back trying to catch my breath, now getting a full view of what was just stuffed into my mouth.

It was huge and swollen, as fat as my wrist.

The two chairs slipped back away from the table and the man and his wife stood up. There was no way I was coming out from underneath the table now. I heard them move into the open room adjacent to the dining room. Though my breathing was still heavy I could hear a fiddling and ruffling going on.

Next thing I knew, my wife's skirt and blouse were thrown under the table to me along with a pair of men's trousers. I could hear my wife let out a gasp. A few moments later the sound of skin slapping and light grunts filled the room. I dared to slightly move the table cloth so I could peek and see what was going on. The man had taken position sitting on the couch and my wife was now bouncing up and down, driving his cock from the swollen fat head down the long, thick shaft. She was burying it deep inside her pussy. She would pull herself to the tip and then every time she slammed herself back down to the balls she would grind back and forth, making sure her pussy accepted every inch of his mass.

A pair of long, smooth legs stepped directly in front of me and blocked my view. I could no longer see anything that was going on, I could only hear the sounds of my wife grunting and the sounds of the bottom of her legs meeting the tops of his with a hard slapping sound.

My wife's grunts started to get louder and turned into a loud screaming. That long fat cock that was stuffed into my mouth just a short time ago was now stuffed deep into my wife's pussy. All I could hear was the sounds of flesh meeting flesh and her pussy so wet it made for a sloppy, squishing noise .

All of the sounds reached a peak as my wife started screaming over and over,

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. It's so big, I'm going to cum. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

She let out one last long cry and suddenly the sounds stopped.

As I sit there under the table, my heart beating out of my chest, I hadn't taken notice of how hard my cock had gotten, bulging in my pants, begging to get out. The long, tanned pair of legs that had blocked my view now bent over towards me and a hand lifted the table cloth. My wife's friend who was very attractive squatted down and reached for her husband's pants. As she squatted she spread her legs to show me a beautiful shaved pussy that was glistening wet with two fingers buried deep inside. She had been playing with herself the entire time. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and wiped them across my lips and then grabbed her husband's pants. She then gave me a wink as she dropped the tablecloth back down and stepped away. I heard the footsteps head across the room and the front door open and close.

I waited a few minutes before coming out from under the table. My wife was not in the same room any more. I went up the stairs toward the bedroom to see if she was there. I found her a moment later in the bathroom sitting on the toilet. As she sat there I could hear the trickling of her pee hitting the water in the toilet and then suddenly stop. She looked up at me with a very evil look and her eyes and said, "Get on your knees." I fell to my knees and she wiggled her finger to me again and sternly said, “Crawl over here now!”

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