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A Woman's Revenge - Pay Back Is A Bitch

Don't fuck with a woman scorned.
It all started out innocently enough. It was one of those long weekend Sundays where all our friends got together for an afternoon barbecue. The hosts were Julie and Dave Robson. They had a beautiful sheltered back yard with a huge pool, surrounded by an equally large patio. June and I were not all that close, to be honest with you, I really didn't like the way she was constantly trying to sink her hooks into my husband Jim. Jim pretended not to notice, but I know he was lapping up the attention like a dog in heat.

I was almost to the boiling point when that hussy slut came bouncing across the yard in her micro two piece swim suit and planted her ass right on my husbands lap as he sat by the pool. The bitch then wrapped her arms around his neck and mashed her silicone boobs into his hairy chest. Her supposed reason for this was to asked him if he would do the honors and cook the steaks. I had to fight back the urge to walk right over there and tear her top off so every one could see how silly those phony tits looked uncovered.

She finally got off Jim wiggling her boney ass on his prick as she did. When he stood up, it was obvious, judging by the lump in his swim suit, that he liked what her ass did to him. The whore then grabbed him by the arm, held it against those plastic tits and hearded him through the patio door and into the kitchen.

I was vibrating I was so upset. I went over to the pool side bar and asked Dave her husband to pour me a Grey Goose vodka straight up. He handed it to me with a quizzical look on his face. I threw it back swallowing the whole shot in one large gulp. I couldn't tell if the tears in my eyes were from the burning alcohol in my throat, or the betrayal I was feeling. I slammed the glass back down on the bar and demanded he hit me again.

"Gawd, I was sounding like a dance hall girl in an old western movie." I thought to myself.

"Woah little lady, better take it easy." Dave warned me.

"Hit me again." I demanded.

Dave carefully poured the same measure into my glass. Again I downed it in one gulp. Then, the tears really started to flow.

"Hey, don't let that bug you Darlene, she is like that with every one. She doesn't mean any thing by it." Dave said trying to console me." Julie has always been overly affectionate. But don't worry, she is harmless."

I don't know if it was the Gray Goose kicking in or, Dave's words of comfort but I suddenly began to feel a little more calm and rational.

"Jim would never screw around on me. He promised me to always be true. I trust him and she is just a slut." I thought trying to convince myself.

"Please, let me have another, but this time with water and a splash of cranberry." I asked now in better control of my emotions.

I sipped at the drink he handed me, feeling a little silly for the way I had reacted. I vowed to trust the man with who I had given my heart to eight years earlier. I knew that he would never cheat on me. He loved me.

The dinner went off with out a hitch. Jim proved his mastery at the grill and every one absolutely loved it. I felt a surge of pride at how every one complimented my man on his culinary skills. In fact, a few of the women there offered to take him if I wanted to trade him in. The rest of the evening turned to one crazy, wild party. Almost every one there was pretty well loaded by the time dinner was done. Myself included. Mr. Gray Goose certainly was having his effect on me.

"Isn't it funny how horny people get when they are drunk?"

It was still very warm out, so every one had remained in their swim suits. The lack of clothing and the amount of alcohol consumed had heightened the flirting that seemed to effect the entire group. It was beginning to become some what outrageous.

Celia, normally, a very reserved and highly respectable lady, was giving a lap dance to a wide eyed and very stimulated Jerry. Jerry was the quiet one of the group. The way she was so shamelessly grinding her barely covered pussy against his stiff cock caused roars of laughter and shouts of encouragement. Spurred on by the group, Celia wrapped her arms around Jerry's neck then started rubbing her titties back and forth across his face. Just when it looked like Jerry was about to explode, Celia jumped off her and yelled.

"I did it, I made Mr. Cool break out in a sweat."

The crowd again roared with laughter and applauded Jerry's reaction. I notice a big wet stain had appeared on the front of his bathing suit.

"Damn, she made him come." I said to myself in total amazement.

Jerry jumped up and B lined to the nearest bathroom. I noticed that Celia was not far behind. Mean while, Jerry's wife Barb was busy with Cliff in the pool. They were both leaning back against the pool wall slightly apart from one an other. However, one could clearly see that under the water their legs were entwined. Cliff was actually humping Barb's leg as they rocked back and forth. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.This party was as close to an orgy as you can get. As close as you can get while fully clothed that is.

I was soon slipping into the same state as the rest. I was becoming so horny watching all the debauchery going on around me that soon my own pussy was tingling and moistening to beat the band. I had to go find my husband Jim, take him home and get him to fuck my brains out. Some thing we hadn't done in a long, long time. It seemed Jim was always too tired these days.

"Maybe tonight will be different." I secretly hoped.

The urge was becoming so intense that as soon as I turned my back to the crowd and stepped inside the patio door, my hand instinctively slid down the front of my swim suit and began titillating my sensitive, slippery clit.

"Gawd I need to fuck." I whispered under my breath. "Where the hell is he. I have to get his cock in my right away."

I searched through the house and then by total fluke I opened the attached garage door. What I saw totally knocked the wind out of me. There was that cunt, (yes, I used the word that I so despised.) that dirty whore cunt Julie, on her knees with my husband Jim's cock half way down her throat.

The sight caused me to retch like some one had just kicked me in the stomach. I felt the bile at the back of my throat and struggled to keep it down. Suddenly my vision cleared and my eyes became riveted to the spectacle before me. Jim's cock is not exceptionally long nor thick for that matter, but it was all I ever needed or wanted. Now here it was, my husbands cock, no, my cock, all coated with another woman's saliva. I was mortified, but yet transfixed by their actions.

He was hunched forward methodically squeezing her naked breasts. Lifting and shaking those store bought milk bags. He never went crazy over my C cup tits like that. It's like he couldn't get enough of that sluts double D's.

I did marvel however, at the expertise in how she blew him. Sucking him in and out with strong deep strokes. Julie skillfully pulled him completely out of her mouth then held his cock and licked it as if it were an ice cream cone. That ass hole husband of mine was in complete rapture. How could he do this to me.

His head was thrown back and he growled.

"Oh yes baby, suck that cock, take it deep. I am gonna cum in your mouth just like I did last time"

"Like I did last time?" I repeated to myself. "

So this obviously wasn't the first time I had been cheated on." I vowed right then and there that I was going to get my revenge.

Sure, maybe I didn't talk dirty while we had sex, or give him head as often as he wanted and I probably shouldn't have refused to play with myself when he asked me to. Perhaps I should have let him fuck me in the ass like he always pestering me for, but I just didn't feel right about all that stuff. It must have been my strict upbringing. You know, a cock is what a man pees with. Your back door is dirty and good girls don't say those kind of words out loud. It just wasn't part of my nature. I was however slowly conforming to Jim's way of making love but it would just take some time and understanding. Maybe he just had run out of patience and was why he was so taken by this slut.

I had enough. I was not going to be humiliated at this party by letting every one know that Jim was fucking around on me, so I quietly crept back and silently closed the door behind me. I had come to my senses and noticed that I was completely flushed. I was shocked as I realized what a heightened state of sexual arousal I was in.

"Oh gawd, what did I just witness and why am I even more fucking horny then before?" I screamed to myself. "I can't stand it. Gawd, I need to come"

I rushed to the vacant bathroom and hurried inside. I locked the door and quickly stripped off my bikini bottoms. My pussy was absolutely drenched. I sat back on the edge of the tub, spread my legs wide and began furiously rubbing at my aching clit. I quickly glanced around the room searching for some thing to penetrate my open pussy.

"There, this will do." I whispered picking up a long necked shampoo bottle that was sitting beside me.

I slid two of my fingers deep into my flowing gash and drew out some of my cream and liberally spread it over the bottle. Next, I slammed it into my pussy as hard and as deep as I could. The sensation was incredible. I caught a glimpse of myself in the large bathroom mirror. I looked like a thirty two year old horny slut as I attacked my clit and drove the bottle in and out of my leaking opening. It took no more the 20 strokes for me to explode with the most amazing self induced orgasm I had ever experienced. It was so intense that a milky liquid had actually erupted from my gapping hole and squirt on to the carpet.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck." I repeated over and over again as I continued poking myself with the shampoo bottle.

I was still spasming as I got up to clean both me and the mess I had made. Once I was straightened up, I hurried back outside. I was quite woozy from both the orgasm and the booze that I thought I better sit and collect myself.

Jim appeared first from inside the house. He came over to me and mumbled some stupid excuse that he had been helping clean up the kitchen. Julie was not far behind. Her hair was some what tussled from Jim holding her head as he fucked her mouth. They both gave each other a knowing glance as she stood beside her husband Dave.

"I have had a little too much to drink and would like to go home." I said to Jim in a mono tone voice.

"Yeah, sure. Let's go." he replied wanting to put this evening behind him.

We said our thank yous and good byes to our hosts. Then to top off the whole insult of the evening, that slut Julie actually kissed Jim fully on the lips. I pretended not to notice. The drive home was a long quiet one. It was even more quiet when we got home.Often after one of our parties, Jim and I would be in the mood for some great sex. Tonight was different. I feigned drunkenness and Jim didn't push it. I wondered if he thought I suspected some thing.

The next week went by with out much contact between us. He had meetings and clients and I had my ladies golf nights and fitness classes. Things were beginning to return to normal until the day I returned from my morning jog unexpectedly. I had slightly twisted my ankle and decided to cut the run short to go ice it. I came in through the back door and was taking off my shoes when I heard what sounded like mumbling coming from the den. I crept up just outside the open dens door and could clearly make out Jim's voice.

"I don't know. I can't really tell, but I don't think she suspects any thing. No, I don't think any one saw us. Yes of course I want to be with you again. I am thrilled by you. I can hardly wait to do it properly this time." said Jim as he conversed with Julie.

"He is making a date to go fuck her." I thought instantly.

"OK, I will tell her that I have to meet a client, she won't know any different. Come over to my office at seven o'clock tonight. I will leave the side door open for you. The janitors don't come in till ten o'clock, so that will give us plenty of time." Jim said setting the date. "Yes, me too baby. Hey, what are you wearing right now?" asked Jim as he reached into his shorts and began stroking his hardening cock.

I was clear in my mind that revenge was indeed the only thing that might help ease the devastating pain that bastard was causing me.

"Mmm, I like that. Are you wearing panties? he asked breathlessly. I continued to watch. It was if I couldn't tear my eyes away.

"Oh Julie, if I were there I would drop to my knees and lick you. Touch yourself for me baby. I am stroking my cock for you." Jim growled as he pulled his cock out from the confines of his shorts and began pumping it.

I could see the precum glistening at the end of my husbands cock while he had phone sex with the slut who pretended to be my friend. I watched with over powering lust as that pig of a husband of mine pleasured himself.

He had tried to get me to play with myself for him before, but I always felt that to be a personal and private thing. It's not like I didn't masturbate, hell, I fingered myself at least three or four times a week but to do it in front of him really didn't turn me on. Until now that is. I would have loved nothing more to tear off my clothes and finger myself till I squirt like I did in Julie's bathroom. Right in front of him. I Shuddered with excitement at the thought but there is no way I would give him the satisfaction.

I quietly slipped out the way I came in. As I got outside the back door which was well hidden by our shrubs, I felt the urge to come so severely that I thrust my hand into the front of my jogging pants and began frigging my tingling clit. I just had to ease that familiar sensation that was nipping at my sex.

"Fuck, that ass hole has me all horny again. I can't believe it." I thought scolding myself.

I shamelessly leaned back against the door and fingered myself to oblivion. I quickly pulled my sticky hand out of my pants the second after I reached my orgasm. That was very uncharacteristic of me. I always love to continue to lightly flick and some times squeeze my clit between my thumb and fore finger as my after orgasm spasms over take me. But this time it was different. Now it was pop a come then get on with it. It was like I was becoming a sex fiend.

After I composed myself, I went back into the kitchen announcing that I was home. I heard a stumbling in the den. Perhaps I interrupted him before he had a chance to come was my hope.

"Is that you?' Jim asked in a some what falsetto voice.

"He did come that pig." I thought. "His voice always tightens up after he reaches orgasms."

"Yes, I hurt my ankle." I replied as I sat at the kitchen and began rubbing the injury.

To be honest with you, the pain was totally gone. All the post climactic dopamine that was still coursing through my veins had numbed the injury.

Jim came into the kitchen and stood side ways trying to hide his still erect penis from my view. The tell tale sign of the wet spot on the front of his shorts confirmed my suspicion. He had come.What's worse, is the bastard didn't even take notice that I had injured myself. All he did was stammer some thing about having to meet a client and that he would be gone for a few hours. He then went up stairs, showed, shaved put on his favorite cologne. The same cologne that I bought him for our anniversary. With out even a good bye, he headed out the door.

I was pissed.

"If that ass hole thinks he can make a fool out of me, then he has another thing coming. Time for revenge." I vowed as I went upstairs to prepare. I dug out our video recorder and put in fresh batteries and a new memory card. I then got in my car and took the long route to Jim's office.

Jim was on the verge of being offered a partnership for the influential accounting firm that he worked for. This was a very large and renowned firm who's senior partner was quite religious and had very high moral standards. These people really looked down on debauchery and deceit. Their stellar reputation was built on being squeaky clean. With this in mind I commenced my pay back.

I pulled into the parking lot across the street from Jim's office and walked over to the side door which I knew would be unlocked. I slipped in and went down the long hall to my husbands office. Fortunately, in his haste to dip his prick into his whore, he failed to lock the office door. Luckily for me, it was also slightly ajar. I peeked in. There was my husband of eight years licking the shaved cunt of that bitch Julie. She was naked, sprawled across his desk holding her ankles up and spreading her thighs for him. Jim was face first in her crotch slurping and licking like a mad man.

I hit the record button on the cam and pointed it at the revolting sight before me. As I watched I recorded every movement, every moan and every dirty word. They were both so engrossed in what they were doing that they were oblivious to me witnessing them. As I stared at what he was doing to her wet and glistening pussy, I began to notice that once again my own cunt was absolutely leaking. I couldn't believe how disgusted yet totally horny I was from watching my husband eat out another woman.

Jim dropped his pants down around his ankles and began stroking his cock. I lowered my hand into the front of my jogging pants to be greeted by my warm, slippery juice that oozed out of my over stimulated pussy. I deftly slid two fingers inside me and matched his strokes with my own thrusting. I managed to line my thumb up to bump against my clit with every poke. It wasn't long before I was cumming like a shameless slut. I continued recording as my orgasm over took me.

"Fuck me lover. I can't wait to feel that cock in me." begged Julie.

Jim rose and shuffled closer to the desk. He took his cock in his right hand and presented it to her open and waiting gash. With one quick shove, he buried his five inch prick into her cunt.

"UGH!" was Julies response. She was unprepared for such a violent assault.

"Oh fuck yeah, do that again." she begged.

Jim pulled out, took his cock in his hand and once again gave a mighty stab at Julies sloppy cunt.

"Now the really juicy stuff started happening. As Jim fucked that whore Julie, all she could do was moan and talk dirty like the slut she really was. She was saying things like

"Fuck me with that cock." or "Bite my nipples, please bite my nipples."

Finally I just about fell over when that scum of a woman actually reached down around the bottom of her ass, took a hold of Jim's cock as he pulled out of her then aimed it at her ass hole.

"Fuck me in the ass." the bitch cried.

Well I knew that this was my pig of a husbands every wish. He had tried so many times to get me to accept his cock in my ass that I couldn't even begin to count. To be honest with you , I loved it when he licked me there or better yet fingered me there, but to slid his prick up my bum might be too uncomfortable. Now here he was slamming that whore Julie in the ass as easily as he had been when he was fucking her cunt.

I had recorded enough then quickly made my way out of the building and silently drove home. Jim returned about an hour later. He looked as though he had run a marathon. He mumbled some thing about having to be up early and headed straight to bed. I was unsettled. The emotions that had been going through me for the last couple weeks were beginning to take their toll. I was not in control of my feelings other then the one single most important motivator that kept me going. Revenge. Now to carefully set my plan into motion.

I went down stairs to the theater room and hooked the camcorder up to the sixty two inch plasma TV. I sat back on the padded reclining chair and hit play. Instantly the scene I had reordered filled the screen. I was impressed at how I managed to catch the right light at the most important parts of their bodies. I could see every thing perfectly clear. Right down to every detail. There was Jim lapping at his bitch slut. I noticed that my breathing rate had increased and I was feeling some what flushed again.

"Dammit.They are making me horny again." I whispered quietly.

I stood up and took off all my clothes then settled back on the recliner. I hooked each leg over the arms of the chair and opened my legs as wide as I could. I then separated the folds of my already moist cunt, exposing my hard little clit. I began batting it to and fro as I watch the dirty cheating sex that was going on before me. I slid a well lubricated finger into my ass as I frigged my clit. The sensation caused a shudder in me that brought on my first thundering orgasm.

I had come three times before my recording was finished. It was then when the idea on how to conclude my devious plan came to me. I got up, clean my womanly mess off the leather recliner and went to bed.

The next morning, Jim was gone before I even got out of bed. I laid there thinking about last evening. I masturbate twice, once with my fingers, then again with my purple, vibrating friend. I even made myself cum with the shower head. I was amazed at how I was so constantly horny now. I should have been sickened by all of this.

I did my morning chores, then began the next step of my plan of revenge.

"So, the bastard thinks he can fuck around on me and get away with it? Has he got another thing coming." I said to myself as I went into the garage and tore off a piece of pink fiberglass insulation that had been left over from our renovation. You know, the stuff that when exposed to bare skin causes severe irritation?

I went up to our bedroom and into Jim's drawers. I took out each pair of briefs and rubbed the insulation into the crotch of his under ware. Once I had finished that, I also rubbed the insulation into the collars and arm pits of each of his expensive Ralph Kline dress shirts.

Over the next couple of days, it was evident that he was becoming very uncomfortable. When I asked him why he was scratching all the time, he just replied some thing about a heat rash. He was such a paranoid type of person that he was sure that he had caught an STD from his bitch. I knew it for a fact because I over heard him on the phone with her as he asked if she was feeling sick, or had any strange rashes.

His neck was red and raw from the irritation and I could only imagine his balls and arm pits. I chuckled every time I saw him scratching.

I really had him crapping himself when at dinner one night I added fuel to the fire by making up a little story. I told him that I had learned that Julie had contracted a severe form of herpes. This new strain attacked specific parts of the body and was incurable. Jim just about gagged on his desert.

"Phase One completed." I mused to myself. "Now time for phase two."

Before I could actually set phase two into play, I had to prepare for phase three. This was going to be the unthinkable for Jim. All his life, Jim had been an under dog to his older and uncontrollably wild brother. Jeff was always in trouble. Any thing he wanted, he just took. I will never forget at our wedding, Jeff came to me to kiss the bride. As he did, he actually grabbed my boobs and squeezed. Jim went crazy. He swore that if Jeff ever looked at me, let alone touched me again that he would kill him.

There had been a couple of other incidents that Jeff and Jim had been at odds over. Like Jeff stealing large amounts of money from his parents before they passed on. Or the time Jeff talked Jim into an investment that was nothing more the front money for a drug deal that went bad. Jim had to actually answer to the law for that one. It was safe to say that Jim absolutely hated Jeff.

I dug through Jim's contact list and found the last listed number for Jeff, then called him. Luckily enough, he hadn't changed his cell phone number. I arranged to have Jeff come over to the house while Jim was at work under the guise of trying to get them back together. I think Jeff agreed to come over not to get into Jim's good books, but more so to see if he could get into my good panties.

I was about to do some thing totally uncharacteristic for me. I was about to use my body to get what I wanted. One thing that helped me to allow myself to do this is the constant sexual itch in my cunt I had been feeling lately. I was so horny that now I was masturbating up to five times a day. I was about to let the man that Jim hated the most in the world to fuck his prim and proper little wife.

I set up the camera on the dresser facing the bed. I checked and double checked it to make sure that I had the best vantage point. It was all set. About an hour later the door bell rang. I had changed to a loose fitting tank top that I knew would droop well enough from my chest so that when I bent over you could clearly see my chocolate colored nipples. I also chose a pair of white, some what sheer daisy dukes that in the right light, you could see my dark patch of pubic hair. I knew that soon, Jeff would be like putty in my hands.

It didn't take long. One look and Jeff was pretty much all over me. He took me in his powerful arms and kissed me full on the lips.

"How ya doin' sis." Jeff blurted out as he still held me close.

"I'm fine." I said as I ran my hands up and down his chest feeling his taught pecs.

"You're looking pretty damned good there babe." said Jeff as he kissed me yet again.

"Woah there big boy. Hadn't you better buy me a drink first?" I said jokingly.

"If I could get into your panties, I would buy you a whole case." replied Jeff

""It might not take as much as you might think." I whispered to him, giving him encouragement.

Jim kissed me much more deeply, his tongue forcing my lips apart. As we kissed, his hands were drawn to my breasts like steel to a magnet. My nipples harden instantly. I felt an over whelming desire to fuck this man whom I used to despise. Not only did I want to fuck him to get back at my husband, but I sincerely wanted to fuck him, or any one for that matter. I just realized that I hadn't been laid in over three weeks. I had not let Jim touch me since the night of the barbecue.

"Follow me." I said as I pulled away from him.

I lead Jeff to ,our bedroom. As soon as I entered, he was at me like a wild man, lifting and pulling off my clothes. I had just enough time to maneuver him to the area of the bed that the camera was focused on, then hit the record button on the remote control.

My excitement was over taking me.

"How could I be so excited by this man that was such a pig." I wondered as Jeff began sucking and kissing my rock hard nipples.

"It's show time." I said to myself as I pushed him away from me. Before he could grab me again, I dropped to my knees. I twisted him side ways so the camera would capture what was to happen next. I unzipped Jeff's fly and pulled both his pants and boxers to the floor. My bare tits and hard nipples rubbing against his thighs as I did.

The second I dropped his pants his already rock hard cock sprung into view. I was stunned at the size of the monster. It had to be at lest seven if not eight inches long and thick enough that I could hardly wrap my fingers around it.

"Oh my gawd. You are huge." I exclaimed not only for the recordings sake but because of the utter surprise in seeing this gigantic cock. "I can't wait to get you in my mouth."

Suddenly, my years of reservations towards cock sucking flew right out the window. I wanted, no, I needed to place this mans prick in my mouth and suck him till he came. The idea took total control of me. I held it in my hand and began licking and kissing the huge, purple mushroomed knob. I rubbed his cock around my cheeks coating them with his precum. It felt so slutty, so dirty, I just had to have more.

"Oh Jeff, your cock is the biggest I have even seen. Way bigger then that little worm of your brothers." I said knowing full well that the camera was picking up the sound as well as the picture.

"It even tastes much better." I exclaimed as I slid it as deep into my mouth as I could.

"Fuck around on me and you will see who comes out on top." I said to myself as I turned to face the hidden camera. I smile my best smile with Jeff's cock still stuffed in my mouth.

"There, that ought to get him on edge."

It took only a few more wisps of my tongue and a couple of hard sucks and Jeff started cumming. I almost gagged on the steady flow of semen that he was shot down my throat.

"Holy fuck, this man comes in gallons!" I thought amaze at how loaded he was.

I swallowed as much cum as I could then Jeff pulled his cock out of my mouth and finished himself off by squirting the rest of his load all over my face and hair. At first I was shocked, but the sheer dirtiness of the act soon had me stealing some from my face and rubbing it into my breasts and nipples.

Now I pulled back to make sure the camera got a good clear shot of my sperm coated face.

I stood up ready to start act two. I laid back on the bed and began running my fingers up and down my wet slit. I wanted the camera to catch every bit of my masturbation movements. Jeff whistled.

"Yeah baby, finger that cunt of yours." he instructed.

"Oh Jeff, I love playing with my cunt for you." I had never used that word in front of Jim before and I knew him hearing me say it to his brother, would drive him insane.

"Come lick me." I gasped as my fingers whirled across my love button.

I quickly shuffled my ass side ways on the bed so the cam would record Jeff planting his lips on my vagina. The first touch of his mustache on my vulva and his tongue on my clit made me jump like I had been jolted by lightening.

I let out a loud, long moan as Jeff continued his ministrations. I cooed as I wound my fingers through his hair.

"Fuck me baby, please fuck me. I can't wait to feel that gigantic cock in my cunt." I cried.

Jeff got up on his knees as I spun to the side. From this vantage point, I knew that camera would capture his cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

"This will be an excellent shot for my targeted audience." I chuckled to myself.

I had managed to cum twice while Jeff slammed his fuck stick into my hole.

"Oh my gawd, no one has ever fucked me as good as you Jeff!" I screamed.

"Now for the icing on the cake." I said to myself.

"Jeff honey, please, please fuck me in my ass. I need you so badly in there." I begged.

I had made the decision that to hit Jim where it will hurt the most. I had to give myself anally to his brother Jeff. I was almost terrified. Considering the size of his member and my lack of experience, this could be a very painful undertaking.

"Please Jeff, go slow, I have never tried this before. I am afraid." I whispered in his ear so the camera wouldn't pick up my voice.

"Don't worry darlin, just relax. I will be very careful." Jeff promised. " Do you have any lube?"

I reached into my night stand and produced a tube of KY Super Slide. He took it and spread an enormous amount all over his still raging hard on. Next he lathered up my virgin asshole then presented the mushroomed knob of his enormous cock to my puckered back door.

"Open up for me Darlene." Jeff said in a low pleading voice.

"I'm trying, but I don't know how." I replied hoping for some divine intervention.

"Look, just do as you do when you are having a movement. It will help relax you." he offered.

It sounded crazy, but it might work. I began to bare down as if having labor contractions. Suddenly Jeff's bulbous knob gained entrance. My sphincter had now relaxed even more allowing him to slide deeper into my never before penetrated anal cavern. Soon, Jeff was completely embedded in my ass and he began slow but steady stokes.

"Oh gawd!" I moaned out of sheer pleasure as the new and so very erotic sensations over took me.

"This is absolutely incredible. I love it. Oh baby, fuck me, fuck my ass. It's all for you." I screamed.

My first ass fucking was one of the most exciting things I had ever experienced in my life. I loved the sensation that my never before stimulated nerve endings were giving me. I came. Yes, never in a million years did I ever think I could have such an intense orgasm from stimulating my asshole of all things.

Jeff's poking of my ass continued and I could tell that he was getting close. Close enough that I disengaged myself. His cock making a loud popping sound as it came out of me. I then got up and ran into the en suite amidst his protests.

"Be patient honey, I will make this worth you while." I assured him.

As I soaped and wet a wash cloth, I reached around to feel my ravaged bum hole. I was astounded to feel how wide open it was. Stretched to the max by Jeff's fuck rod. Two fingers slid in with out resistance. I quickly dabbed a second wet cloth freshening myself.

I returned to the bed and carefully cleaned Jeff's hard cock. I crawled over him and squatted down on his face. My own face was in perfect line with the hidden camera as I slid my mouth around and down my fuck partners organ. I began bobbing my head allowing him to fuck me in the mouth.

In the mean time, Jeff had brought me to two more powerful orgasm's with the expert licking and sucking of my slobbering cunt. Each one, more intense then the other.

I really put on a show for the camera. First sucking his cock so hard that my cheeks puckered, then alternately licking the long, blue veined shaft and purple knob. I literally was in heaven, I had never before been so sexually satisfied.

Then it happened. Jeff let out a loud grunt, thrust hips forward and squirt his seed into my mouth. I knew like before that I wouldn't be able to contain the enormous amount of semen that this man produced, so I let it spill out of my mouth and pool around the base of his cock coating his thick, black pubic hair. I then rolled Jeff over on his side, took his cock in my hand and jerked off the rest of his sap onto my face and tits. Some thing Jim had always wished for me to do.

Jeff was spent. He quickly drifted off to a well deserved sleep. I got up and moved towards the camera stopping at the right distance so every thing from my face to my knees would be seen in the shot.

As I stood there, I could feel Jeff's cum dripping off my face and leaking down my tits leaving shiny streaks across my torso. I scooped some of the sticky cum and started pushing in and up my vagina. I wanted that pig of a husband of mine to see how much I wanted to return the hurt he had caused me because of his infidelity.

"See, see what you had here all along? All you had to do was coax it out of me. Instead of fucking me, you fucked that whores cunt. Pay back is a bitch, isn't it?" I said into the camera.

Two days after my sexual romp with Jim's brother Jeff, we were invited to Jeff's work for an executive get together. They were celebrating winning a national bid that Jim had put together. The wine and cheese party was to be held in the company board room.I was especially please to know that Jim's presentation was to be displayed at the party.The same presentation that was stored on Jim's personal lap top he brought home with him every night.

After dinner and with Jim in bed dead to the world, I sneaked down stairs to the den and silently loaded the video clip of Jim's screwing the bitch Julie at the very end of his presentation. I even managed to program in a block that would not allow the file to be closed unless either a password was entered or the unit was powered off. Thank goodness for adult ed basic computer programing course that I took at the community college last spring.

I had butterfly's in my stomach all day. The excitement of getting back at this man who had torn out my heart was so stimulating that I began to feel quite horny. I was so shameless that I even flashed the real estate appraiser whom I had hired to value the house. I was in the middle of a great masturbation session with my dildo deep in my pussy when he rang the door bell. I just had enough time to dislodge my purple friend and throw on a robe. I was feeling so slutty and horny that I let my loosely tied robe fall open as I answered the door The motion exposed my left breast complexly. He could hardly keep his eyes off my rock hard nipple.

He casually moved through out the house making notes as I followed him around flashing my tits and pussy to him. I bent over opening cupboards allowing him a good long look at my tight ass and blood engorged pussy lips still peeking out of my cunt. I heard him gasp several times.

"Oops, I wonder what he thinks of that?" I chuckled to myself as we walked into the bed room to the sight of my still glistening dildo laying on the bed. He pretended not to notice. By now I was a total basket case. The thought of showing all my intimate parts to a stranger coupled with the firm bulge in his pants had my pussy juice actually leaking down the inside of my thighs.

"I better not fuck any one else till the final divorce settlement has been reached." I warned myself. 'I really must protect my financial interests and not just my carnal interests.".

The appraiser then asked to go down to the basement. I showed him the door then hurried back to my bedroom. I put on foot up bed and stood facing the mirror so I could watch myself fuck my wet cunt with the purple dildo. I came in seconds but didn't stop. I needed more then one orgasm to tide myself over. I was almost there when I heard the agent call out for me. I stabbed furiously at my cunt with the plastic monster and managed to cum seconds before he rounded the corner into my room.

I had just pulled back on my robe and put the vibrator away as he came face to face with me. I knew he could smell my sexual activity. He wanted me, but I had too much at stake to allow any thing to happen. I politely thanked him for his help and showed him the door. The poor guy was so disappointed and so horny that I actually think he sat in his car and jacked off before he left.

The waiting was finally over. Jim and I arrived at the party. I was wearing a very modest knee length gray skirt with a white ruffled blouse that was topped by a matching gray blazer. It was true business attire. I didn't want Jim's partners to disapprove of my choice of fashion. I had always taken great care to be polite and respectful of their beliefs. In short, I wanted them on my side.

Once every one had done the obligatory socializing then they all settled back to watch the winning presentation. Slide after boring slide moved across the huge screen. Finally the moment I had been waiting for had arrived, the closing remarks.

As soon as the last credit was viewed, up flashed a full screen sized and perfectly clear picture of Jim fucking Julie the whores face as he told her how he was going to cum in her mouth.

There were first gasps of surprise, followed by angry protests and demands to stop the disgusting filth.

Jim ran over to his lap top and began furiously stabbing at buttons to try and shut of the outrageous spectacle. Nothing would stop it. Finally when it came to the part where he started squeezing her artificial tits, in desperation, Jim tore the cables from the lap top and slammed it to the floor send shards of plastic flying every where.

The look of total disbelief on my cheating husbands face was priceless. I played into the scam like I was as surprised and shocked as the rest of the crowd. I put my hands to my face and cried out in my best devastated act.

"How could you Jim? How could you betray me. I am disgusted." I said as I dropped to my knees holding my stomach. I began a series of fake retches as Jim's boss and the man who was about to take away an glimmer of hope for a partnership rushed to my side.

"It's OK Darlene. Agnes and I are here for you." he said trying to comfort me.

Both him and his wife Agnes helped me to my feet. I really turned on the tears while they both held me as they led me out of the room.

"This is an outrage Mr. Bradford. Not only have you devastated your poor wife, but you have embarrassed our whole company with your perversion. I will see you in the morning." Jim's boss said as we exited. "I will see you indeed."

Well, it's been a full year now. I finally agreed to the divorce settlement. Because of the high powered attorney that Jim's former boss had hired for poor little defenseless me, I ended up with, well let's just say that I got very well compensated for my anguish.

I sold the house and moved into a high end condo down town. I made some great investments that are earning me twenty five to thirty points per month, so I will never have any financial worries.

As soon as Jim got booted from his job, Julie also told him to pack sand. She is now screwing her pool man, or should I say pool kid. At least fifteen years her junior. Lucky bitch.

"Guess it wasn't love after all." I chuckled to myself.

The only time I heard from Jim was about two weeks after the final divorce settlement when I emailed him a copy of the video of his brother fucking me in my ass then cumming all over my face and tits. I emailed it to our old joint family email address that we once used for bill paying and family contacts. I knew he still checked it once in a while. I sent it with a request to notify me when the email was opened. As soon as I got the notification, I quickly logged on then deleted it for ever. No trace and no one would ever know that I had sent it too him. No one other then Jim, and myself had any knowledge that the video ever existed. I didn't have to worry about Jeff telling his brother about our tryst because Jeff knew full well that he would no longer be welcomed to keep fucking me three times a week like he currently was.

"Gawd, what a lovely cock he has." I sighed. "I just love the sex with that naughty boy."

So, I got my revenge. I made my husband pay for the deceit and especially the pain he caused me. I wonder if those silicone tits were really worth.

The moral of the story is. Don't fuck with a woman scorned and yes, Pay Back truly is a Bitch!!!

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